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Unidentified Aircraft Bombed Turkish-linked Oil Smugglers In Aleppo (Videos)

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Unidentified Aircraft Bombed Turkish-linked Oil Smugglers In Aleppo (Videos)

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Late on January 9, unidentified aircraft struck facilities and tankers of Turkish-linked oil smugglers in northern Aleppo. The strikes took place near the village of Tarhin destroying multiple tankers and causing large fires there.

This incident became the recent in a series of similar strikes that were purging Turkish-linked oil smuggling business in the area. Pro-militant sources claim that the strikes were carried out by some ‘mysterious drones’ and expectedly blame the ‘Assad regime’ and the ‘coward Russians’.


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  1. Jesus says:

    Russia, Iran and SAA are slowly dismantling the Turkish illegal network and operations in Syria.

    1. Frank says:

      Frankly, the Iranians had warned just two days ago against the oil theft and even showed their new long range loitering drones, so the headchopper morons should have expected this. There is more coming to the Zionist cowards too.

      1. Jesus says:

        Loitering drones make strikes more ambiguous and unexpected, while deadly. Don’t expect much from head choppers and sponsoring Turks.

  2. HiaNd says:


  3. Ford Fairlane says:

    My deepest condolences to the goat fuckers.

  4. farbat says:

    these turks should ask themselves who does use those drones who arent detectable and identifiable and after that they should ask themselves if they like to see these images inside turkey because even their s400 will be a waste of money for every missile shot and generally useless because of low quantity of systems

  5. Cromwell says:

    Great,this should be happening 24/7,i hope the drivers were barbecued. https://media2.giphy.com/media/cduveU7IaFWhzhApRe/giphy.gif

    1. Frank says:

      20 trucks were incinerated and many damaged.

      1. Volker says:

        They will probably raid and loot the next Toyota Dealership nearby [as learned/instructed by their handlers in the past] to fill the gap.

        1. Frank says:

          These were Turkish MIT trucks that smuggle the oil, and then sold to fund the terrorists. Iranians have live drone surveillance now and know when to hit. Just watch more fun soon. The Zionists will have diapers full.

          1. Volker says:

            They rolling probably of the production line as we speak and are on the way as replacement.

          2. Volker says:

            I got a serious case of ‘Déjà-vu‘, that is/was same criminal scheme before the Russians made an explosive end of it from above and the Son of Erdogan was heavily involved in the theft smuggling and selling of the stolen Syrian wealth.

          3. Frank says:

            BTW, this is what an unknown drone looks like, armed with a 12-15 kms range Almas missile. The Iranians captured a dozen Zionist Spike in Syria and upgraded and cloned them and now in deja vu are returning the favor is spades.


        2. Cromwell says:

          They don’t need to loot it Toyota probably have a great deal with them.

          1. Volker says:

            They got probably kind of a VIPPlatinum Card‘ provided by the US/UK-Deep-States.

        3. Frank says:

          German Intelligence analysis: US made a very serious error in judgement by assassinating General Soleimani

          Esmail Qaani, the new Qods force commander is a seasoned covert operations
          mastermind and was running the real operational side of Iran’s regional
          power projection, while the more amiable Soleimani was a diplomatic
          point man for softer power. Although there are few pictures of
          Soleimani and Qaani, the two worked together closely. Qaani has played a
          significant role in developments in the countries where the Quds Force
          is active. He was reportedly involved in the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, as well as during the 2008-09 Israeli assault on Gaza.

          Qaani has spent his whole life in the shadows and is a far more lethal
          adversary than Soleimani, having directed the Afghan operations for a
          decade and is fluent in Pashto, Arabic, Urdu and Kurdish.

          In accordance with Soleimani’s will, Esmail Qaani,who was largely unknown
          to people inside and outside Iran, was appointed to lead the Quds Force.
          Qaani was close to Soleimani and fought alongside him with distinction in the Iran-Iraq war

          1. Volker says:

            It’s obvious and crystal clear the ZioNAZIs of IsraeHELL conned scammed the stupid AmeriCunts into the assassination with their usual oceans of fabricated lies + falsified/forged evidences like always and the AmeriCunt soldiers at those Invader/Occupier Bases in Iraq paid the price in the kind of ‘Lukewarm’ retaliatory answer from Iran as expected the ZioNAZIs kept quiet because they give a total fuck if some AmeriCunt soldiers are sacrificed because of them.

          2. Frank says:

            This is far from over. Just have patience. Iranians are masters of chess, they are totally freaking the Zionists out and a decision has been made to strike.

          3. Volker says:

            At the same time the head chopping wahhabi terrorist-sponsoring sickfuck mafia-clans at KSA + UAE are literally pissing their pants, they are always on board creating problems and quagmires for neighboring Iran, but a full blown War with Iran? Their Oil Export Facilities which are their economic lifelines would be destroyed in a jiffy and they are finished. Who would benefit? Russia Venezuela and maybe Iran.

  6. cechas vodobenikov says:

    amerikan thieves paying huge sums to their mercenaries to steal Syrian oil—probably corrupt insurance association (CIA) will reimburse with used amerikan car w 30 day guarantee

    1. Frank says:

      $40 million worth of Syrian is being stolen every month by CIA and Erodogan family to fund the headchoppers. Iranian chief of staff Bagheri, who is quiet serious man had just warned that it will be stopped and it did. Expect more unknown loitering munitions exploding on Zionist heads too.

  7. Brother Ma says:

    Fcuk those Turks, Nato-handlers and Kurd proxies helping them get that oil.

  8. Volker says:

    Pro-militant sources claim that the strikes were carried out by some
    ‘mysterious drones’ and expectedly blame the ‘Assad regime’ and the
    ‘coward Russians’.

    That’s really rich, the Terrorist Thiefs…Blame the ‘Syrian Arab Army‘ and their Allies, preventing further stealing looting plundering of Syrian resources and destroying their equipement – Hypocrisy at its best, they must learned that from their AmeriCunt ZioNAZI + Turds Masters because that’s ‘Their’ 24/7 criminal MO.

  9. Aww and all they wanted was just to steal some oil :(((

  10. Potato Man says:

    blame the ‘Assad regime’ and the ‘coward Russians’.

    I’m sorry…what? Do these rats know what they are doing?

    1. Black Waters says:

      No they don’t, that’s why they are already dead.

  11. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Oh look pretty fireworks, I love pretty fire works, thanks president Assad, or whoever it was.

  12. Black Waters says:

    Nice, every thief piece of shit taking resources from the Syrian people should suffer, invaders don’t deserve nothing but lead.

    1. Cromwell says:

      Well if they have this drone capability they should be covering all the border crossings and incinerating anything crossing the borders.

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