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Unideitified Aircraft Carried Out First Airstrike On ‘Iranian-backed Forces’ In Iraq

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On July 19, an udentified airraft carried out an airstrike on positions of some Iranian-backed unit of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units in the Iraqi province of Salah ad DinAl-Arabiya reported.

According to the report, several Iranian-backed fighters and members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed or injured in the attack.

The media outlet further claimed that the targeted positions were used to store Iranian-delivered rockets, which had been delivered by some trucks.

Pro-Israeli srources claimed that the strike killed several IRGC members and at least 2 Hezbollah members. Nonetheless, no evidence to confirm these claims was provided.

These sources also speculated that the supposed airstrike was delivered by the Israeli Air Force.


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Vince Dhimos

If Russia ever gets a foothold in Lebanon, where the Israeli fighters fly with impunity, things will change.

Toronto Tonto

Russia only picks on weak helpless countries .


Yeah! Like Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syr..Oh, wait!


Don’t miss my favourite, the formidable Grenada.


They even made a Clint Eastwood movie about how the brave US marines successfully invaded the country without an army. The only casualties were flag waving American students, shot by the brave US marines.


“the country without an army.”

Not entirely true. Grenada was defended by up to 100 Cuban construction workers who were working on airport upgrades at the time. I believe they managed to “shoot down” a US helicopter although the way some tell it the helo just crashed on it’s own but the pilot swore he saw a muzzle flash from a Cuban air nailer right before they crashed.

I believe the USA lost 2 navy divers due to exposure in a botched raid against some undefended asset.

Everyone got a medal …. and a healthy snack. I believe Capt. Will Rodgers of the USS Vincennes also got a medal at the same ceremony for bravely defending his ship by shooting down an Iranian airliner.

Lena Jones

And terrorist jews pick on unarmed civilians.


Nope thats US practice – they havent fought a real enemy since WW2. All their regime changes wars have been against 3rd rate powers like Iraq or Afghanistan.


Like Germany twice in 20 years, Napoleon, Great Britain at the peak of the Empire, The mongols. Sweden, Poland and Turkey a number of times.

Alberto Garza

grenada and panama such a powerful armies !

Abtin Do

… and don’t forget to say goood mooooorniiiing to… Vietnam. Except that these ones were trained and motivated nationalists augmented by massive loads of Russian arms. Guess what happened then : Their Migs even took on Phantoms and B-52s head-on,and the US war machine lost close to 4000 aircraft.


Why? The S-400 already covers Lebanon and most of Israel. The Russians aren’t going to war with Israel. The Russians would prefer the Israeli’s didn’t attack Syria or anywhere else but they aren’t going to risk war to stop them. Russia isn’t in a strong position in Syria and they have neither the military might or money to do much other than defend Russia. They certainly aren’t going to sacrifice the Russian state to save Syria.

Iran’s a different story. They won’t let the USA get anywhere near the Caspian Sea. You can bet there is a steady stream of military specialists and equipment going to Iran via the Caspian. Syria is stable, Iran is the next one to fall.

Abtin Do

Their subsurface and surface cruise missile arsenal + ballistic Iskanders already deployed around Kheimim + a 24-hour deploymet of 60+ fighters + Tu-xx bombers is enough of a deterrent for the IdF to never breach a certain line with Russia either. Get real ,a hot war scenario between Russia and Israel would mean instant devastation of their main airbases and namely all-important Hatzerim,along witht the sinking of 90% of their quite tiny (though advanced)navy. Furthermore full s-400 activation would mean interdiction of anything remaining with flyworthiness,let alone jamming options. Short of the nuclear option there wouldn’t be much Israel could do in return. Russia is no Arab state,and it’s like the world’s second military power, with all the projection capabilities needed to take on a near-zero strategic depth micro-state with the strategic and tactical assets they have at their disposal,no matter how limited compared to say the USN. Rest assured.


What does Russia gain from destroying Israel …. a country with millions of Russian emigrates and retirees, with whom Russia has a trading relationship and partners with in defence and research projects? And what do they have to lose?

And the USA will just sit back and allow Russia to destroy Israel without responding?

First off the Russians don’t have 60+ “fighters” in Syria …. they have only have 6 modern strike aircraft (SU-34) and 4 air superiority fighters (SU-35) in Syria. The rest are 1970’s vintage SU-24’s that would have a difficult time operating without complete Russian air superiority and SU-25’s CAS fighters which are not suited to defending airspace or operating in heavily defended airspace at all.

Israel OTOH has 58 air superiority fighters and 250 strike aircraft.

That’s just Israel. If it comes to a fight you would also see US, Jordanian and Saudi air forces join in. They could easily overwhelm Russian air defences just on numbers alone …. send in drones and sead attacks until the Russians run out of missiles.

Then what? Russia attacks Israel and allied air bases with strategic aviation and sea launched missiles?

How do you think President Trump will respond to that? Think he’s just going to take it when Russia destroys hundreds of billions in assets and thousands of Israeli and US lives? No it’s WW3 my friend.

Russians are not that stupid. They aren’t going to self destruct so a few arm chair generals and S-400 fan boys can claim glorious victory.

Abtin Do

I don’t recall saying it made any sense. I simply adressed the overconfidence you seemed to have in your Israeli-bent bias when it came to a theoretical show of force between those unlikely foes,that’s two different thingsn Of course Putin counts on the Russian-speaking Jewish diaspora in Israel as well as his own community at home, no need to remind me of those basic facts. Now for yput figures :At the peak of their deployment and according tobopen-source publications I went through, the Russian had close to 10 Su-30s, 5 Su-35s, 10 Mig-29s and 15-10 Su-24MKs (no vintage at all,those you speak of are being phased out and the Syrian war was precisely an example of that evolution) along with a helo force and a handful of Tupolev bombers of various types. You are talking about TODAY,where the bulk of their deployment is off and the conflict in Idlib is a protracted,low-intensity and highly politicized one,hence the fewer assets needed in a permanent deployment capacity,don’t mix everything. I said the “would”deploy much more “should” a hypothetical war occur with Israel,don’t get words out of my mouth,I know what i said and my wording was chosen carefully. I say again :Russia does not need to deploy its airfoce in a parity with the Israel AF nor is it stuoid enough to start such a conflcit withtout a serious air-defense deployment :if things went Armeggedon, Russian would mobilize the full might of its navy first and pound the hell of everything they could in major Israeli air-critical infrastructure from stand-ff ranges as to soften the IDF’s air branch that wouldn’t even have anything to throw at it then, would it be in a SEAD or any other capacity for that matter…. you actually take the reverse order of battle, it’s just plain wrong i’m afraid. Just like the US would do against say Iran or any other foe,the airforce comes last. Then full-spectrum jamming of their GPS and Radars would kick in,latest top-notch S-400 apparatus be turned up in huge numbers deployed beforehand along with its self-defense Shorads.And yeah,optionally Iskanders would be ready for a double tap if need be for hardened targets. Their air-superiority fighters and fighter-bombers would not have much to fear from such a diminished Israeli enemy. You’re just counting numbers and comparing inventories ,classical mistake when it comes to force comparisons,never made any sense. Finally if you are adding the US and Jordan in the Mix then why write off Iran and China for thzt matter ? since we’re delving into totally ludicrous international game of alliances, then why not go all the way gor both sides ?


“your Israeli-bent bias”

I don’t have an”israeli-bent bias” I’m just in touch with reality.

The Russians aren’t going to start shooting down Israeli aircraft unless Israeli aircraft attacks Russian assets in Syria …. which is a highly unlikely scenario and not a good one for either country.

In the video game version Russia can destroy israel without consequence. In the real world it would be a disaster for Russia, Israel, the Syrian people and the odds of getting through such a campaign without the USA getting being in direct confrontation with Russian forces is slim to none.

Except for a few commenters on this site no one wants this to happen. Not the Israeli’s, not the USA and certainly not the Russians. It ain’t gonna happen.

Abtin Do

if that’s your bottom line then yes, we’re in total agreement. My comment above is self-explanatory as to my response angle. And indeed,such a ludicrous and idiotic,deadly conflict of epic proportions wouldn’t ever cross the Call of Duty frontier,and that’s fine by me. Even a quasi-equally unthinkable flare-up inTaiwan is statistically more likely at this point tbh. In a world of impossibles, I mean.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

I bet it is the UK. They have started to get involved with a tanker the other week and want to showcase for the EU Army.

If tories win power again we will have a self confessed modern conservative PM in bojo. and portillo on newsnight other day claimed tories were centrist


Israel thinks they have free reign to bomb their neighbors. Their cup of wrath is almost full now.


the squatters of course and that tells me and you the paramount need to wipe them off the face of the earth – once and for all. and then the fifth columns around the world lending support to the filth. wipe them out.

Lena Jones

You need to read the link below – best news of the year: The Yinon Plan is Dead, Long Live the Persian Cat: https://platosguns.com/2019/07/19/the-yinon-plan-is-dead-long-live-the-persian-cat/


Its the zionists.

Rhodium 10

Hezbollah has denied that his members or IRGC have die in that base..

“UNIDENTIFIED AIRCRAFT” lol. I’ll identify them for you right now. They were flying Jews in Goyim made F-35’s. Israel is back to genociding the Iraqi people again. Iraq needs some top tier anti-air defenses. Both Russia and Iran need to leap to the aerial defense of Iraq.


Great way to force Iraq to buy AD system, probably a S-300/400 system from Russia

Eskandar Black

Not enough information is available for effective analysis. Thus we are forced to rely on speculation.

Its possible that Israel hit Iranian missiles in Iraq.

Another scenario is that the bombing involved an attempt at an important iranian/proxy military figure present at the facility.

It is possible Israel was not involved and the attack was related to US protection of Kurdish forces in northern Iraq.

Other agents must be considered like Turkey, or Iraqi government, as well as internal power-plays, and local criminal disputes involving state figures.

Concrete Mike

With all the lies around, could just be an ammo depot that blew up, and the media army comes out and bleats we hitt em with f35!!!! Just a hypothesis of course ;)).

Right now it could be anything.

But I agree with you , too early and not enough good info.a


Yeah, not only do we have HasbaRats, dumb f…. wankeees, and then we have the bran spanking new, what to call em, Ruskies, to boring, Tjurtskaja, hehe, sound sooo much better, pure manure like the rest, ISISrael is alowed to do whatever they want because Russians are rotten to their bone marrow, and exuses is their new game, like the other two, blames everything else, whines and lame exuses for been rotten to their core, and on top of it, of course you cant blame the Joohos, right, just ask Lavrov the Meek, 15 years on the slammer of you say anything even remotely conected to critics of the terror state, ISISrael, so it solves it self, right Tjurtskayas.

Hurmf, why is it, so impossible to just shoot them down, huh, Tjurtskayas, oh…. I forgot, Russia have no responcebility, even to do something against an nation wacking your generals on top of it, if it wasnt Putin wiping our bothersome persons whom tells them the real deal, and Russians like the Imperial banana republic likes to double tapp, and claim its suicide, right, Putin.

And as the idiots in Britain, try to go on/to an nation like the banana republic, when aporatching the state sea border, and switch of the trasponder and whatch what happens, if you ride an 300 meter long ship, even the Norwegain shitheads knows this perfectly well, you simply dont trun of the transponder, like airplains etc, this system is also on the sea. And no matter what, I consider this to be pre-planed provos, and never ever trust the Khazarian inbreeds like the so called eh….. vikings, whom suddenly gets an serious case of colective demetia regarding how to behave in open sea, huh, vikings. Etc, etc, etc. And on top of it, Norwegians wants an war against Iran, why, eh….. we stil dont know, apart from one mayore factore, this MSM and politicians are all rightwinged or Jewish, like Sweden, all mayore MSMs in Sweden is owned by One family, the Bonier clan, where ArsleBerg is the one inheriting it all, our very own uh…. troll hunter, they all want to kill Iranians, and why, because the Jews wants it, what else, do enlighten an infidel like me, on whys, do you know anything, I dont, apart from doing what ISISrael wants, never even debate the facts, like other jews, one of the oldest on the world, is living inside Iran, and yet they all scream about Kill em All, yeah, and they whine about me been an anti-semit, hehe, sometimes, I wounder is it someting in the water when people gets more and more insane. And its like one have to spell if word by word to an western world whom have become so f…. stupid its epic.

Apart from that, Iraqis should by now know one thing, you are on your own, Iran, is probably the only one you can trust, the rest, incl Russia, f… em, did nothing before, will do nothing into the future. Its of course an pitty, but reality never agrees with idiotic memes and political bullshitting, when facts are smack into our faces, like the charte blanch ISISrael have.


Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

Mazel Tov IDF eagles!


Where is your evidence?

Abtin Do

The “Wraith” does not need evidence, as fanboys do not require reality to have stupidity rounds to fire at every turn, no matter their “side”.


True. You’d have to be delusional to call yourself the Wraith. What a jerk.

Hasbara Hunter

Filthy Rat…

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

Amazing work to the Israeli Airforce once again! roast those shia terrorists


and protect those Sunni jihadist rats and ISIS-affiliates sub-humans when they shelter in the Israeli-occupied Golan until the Russians finally came in and “convinced” them to let the SAA clear them out in 2017. Yeah, way to go, Am Yisrael Chai !!!

Hasbara Hunter

Go Fuck your IDF-Kidkillers…That they soon may be obliterated…Screaming like the Psychopathic bitches they are…

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl


Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

IDF F-35s snuck past Syrian air defenses and SMASHED IRANIAN militias in Iraq!

Concrete Mike

Your a dumb cunt wohl, obviously they flew over jordan.


He’s not dumb, he’s just a fanboy. Fanboys don’t need facts to brag.


they saw it all the way from the moment they took-off their bases kid, they simply do not have permission or willingness to fire and so with reason : they can’t open up a front with Israel at this point, knowing that it’s exactly what Bibi is begging for so hard with his countless pinprick provocations. That’s called pragmatism, and all sides know it full well. Why do you think the IDF got its habit of striking Syria at will exactly when the civil war reached its all-time high and the regime+army were at the brink of collapse in 2012, and instead kept quiet with it for more than 10 years prior except a single incident ? Get a grip.

Shock City

motherfucker israel will burn to ashes as soon as WW3 starts. after the jews are gone there wont be a reason for war, you piece of shit.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

in your dreams, antisemite

Shock City

go back to poland and stop provoking wars in the world. Greater Syria will be reunited from Antioch to the Sinai desert. do u have any guilt army dumb ass sunnis to fight for Israel?

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

Israel can strike its enemies anytime anywhere! They are not a regional power but a world power :-]


You mean like they struck deep into Iran despite Bibi saying he will do this next month for the last… 19 years ? Like they managed to reconquer South of Lebanon that didn’t even have an air-force when they went all-in against it (and failed) ? Or maybe you meant smashing third-world territories like Palestine and devastated/exhausted countries still reeling from internal strife like Syria ? Then, yeah, a true “world power” there, my apologies, didn’t get you right on first look.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

IDF F-35s completely bypassed Syrian S-300s and flew into Iraq UNDETECTED :-]


For sure… and pissing their flight suites while doing so.

Lena Jones

But that’s alright cuz since 2006, all israeli military personal are given standard issued diapers to wear when on a mission. True story.


you mean those batteries left deactivated and forbidden to take on the IAF by Vladimir Putin, and still controlled by Russian crews “training” Syrian ones endlessly ?

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

No one messes with the Israeli Air Force!


I remember some bird strike…


Last time somebody did, they fared pretty well, it was some time in ’73, and it was a people called Egyptians. Look up the Al-Mansourah air battle. Or the Suez crossing catastrophe when 45 IAF aircraft were taken down in ONE sweep. I recall PM Golda Meir literally crying on the phone begging then Secretary Kissinger to save her country’s ass. You’re too young to know that I guess :-)

Lena Jones

Why don’t they bomb hezbollah in Lebanon then? Scared shitless, that’s why lol!

Hasbara Hunter

That they may be obliterated…and their remains scattered in the Wind…

Alberto Garza


Xoli Xoli

Most evil and racist Israel and British bomb Iranian forces.Jews killed Jesus Christ.Moses killed Egyptian, Dawid killed Goliath, Israelis kill Sampson.Israel has killing history.All Middle East wars plan and Ordered by Israel and two dogs France and Britain.Trump is blowing his evil alien Trumpet and financing Israel bulshit wars with his squad Pompeo and witchdocter Bolton.


And the tit for tat continues, strike in idlib on unidentified targets by unidentified assailants. Echoes of the strike in Iraq.


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