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UNICEF denounces high rates of Palestinian children killed by the Israeli Forces

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The organization denounced that there are not legal processes against the responsible for several doubtful deaths.

UNICEF denounces high rates of Palestinian children killed by the Israeli Forces

An Israeli officer captures a kid during demonstration in Ramallah


25 Palestinian children and teenagers died in the last three months of 2015 amidst the escalation of knife attacks against Israeli military and civilians, according to a report released by UNICEF on Saturday.

UNICEF informed of its concern in regards to the amount of underage Palestinian detainees by the Israeli regime, amount that has already reached its highest rate of the last seven years.

During the last three months of 2015, “25 Palestinian kids, 5 girls among them, died and 1300 were injured in the Palestinian state”, the report reads.

“23 children (19 boys and 4 girls) died in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and 2 in the Gaza Strip”, as it was informed on the report made by the UN’s agency.

In the same period, 3 Israeli kids were wounded near the colonies of the West Bank and East Jerusalem in Israel, the report added.

UNICEF also claimed their worries due to the excessive use of force, especially in the cases of Palestinian kids who were contained by the Israeli Security Forces under accusations and suppositions of having stabbed Israeli citizens.

The organization also denounced that no legal processes are being carried out against the responsible of doubtful deaths.

UNICEF mentioned the case of a seventeen- year-old girl who was killed with at least five gunshots after been registered in an army checkpoint near Hebron, in the south of the West Bank.

“Israeli authorities claim that the girl tried to stab a police officer, but an eyewitness assures that she didn’t depict such thing as a threat when she was shot dead after shouting she didn’t have a knife with her”, the report states.

Also, UNICEF informed that till the end of 2015, 422 kids from 12 to 17 years old, 8 women among them were detained in Israeli military facilities.

“This is the highest rate since 2009”, UNICEF informed.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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And still..no one cares the beast of the middle east has destroyed these children’s lives for over 70 years.. They will never be held accountable for their war crimes against the Palestinians!!


No mention that all of these kids either tried to stab Israelis to death or took part in violent demonstrations. meanwhile, in Syria, thousands of Pal kids are dying. But wait, no Jews! Ok, now I get it.

Lisbeth Mechter


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