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UNICEF: 12000 Children Killed Or Injured In Syrian War

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UNICEF: 12000 Children Killed Or Injured In Syrian War

Fig.3 Children of Mosul play on ruins

Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

The UNICEF issued a report stating that nearly 12,000 children were killed and wounded during the 10 years of the Syrian war.

The report indicated that this number has been verified, and indicates an average of more than 3 children per day, with more than 5700 recruited children, some of whom are under the age of seven.

The report indicated that after ten years of conflict in Syria, 90% of children need support, as violence, the economic crisis and the Covid 19 pandemic push families to the brink.

The report added that the war in Syria had left the life and future of children hanging on a thread. The situation of many children and families remains precarious, as about 90% of children need humanitarian assistance, a 20% increase since the past year alone.

The report also spoke of the increase in the price of the average food basket last year by more than 230%, and more than half a million children under the age of five in Syria suffer from stunting as a result of chronic malnutrition.

The report also noted that about 2.45 million children in Syria and 750 Syrian children in neighboring countries do not attend school, 40% of them are girls.

The report pointed out the situation in northern Syria, describing it as worrying, especially since there are still a huge number of displaced children in northwestern Syria after many families have fled the violence many times.

Regarding the conditions for children in the Al-Hol camp, the report indicated that 27,500 children of at least 60 nationalities live there. Thousands of Syrian children suspected of being involved in armed conflict are languishing in the camps and detention centers.

The report also talked about the increase in the number of refugees among children in neighboring countries that continue to generously host 83% of the total number of Syrian refugees globally, as the increase is more than tenfold, reaching 2.5 million refugees since 2012, putting additional strain on already overstretched communities.

UNICEF ended its report by listing several solutions, the first of which was appealing that humanitarian organizations are in dire need of the support and funding in order to provide assistance to Syrian children, appealing for $ 1.4 billion for its response inside Syria and the neighboring countries for 2021. UNICEF also called for the reintegration of children suspected of being involved in armed conflict into local communities, especially northeastern Syria. Children of foreign nationals must be repatriated safely to their countries of origin, and the conflict parties must also avoid attacks on civilian infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, clinics, and water points.


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Hasbara Hunter

Yeah thank you UNICEF, UN, NATO, USA, Great Britain, ISraHell, European Union, WHO, Big Tech…etcetera… etcetera…Thank you all very much for the Death & Destruction that YOU have Brought….You are All Guilty of Warcrimes, Crimes against Humanity, Genocides, Ethnic Cleansings, Toppling Legal Governments, Biological & Chemical Warfare, Childtrafficking, Childraping and so on…The Empire of Evil will Go Down!


Less than Albright’s 500000 IRAK children!


CIA created Failed Future for children in Failed States. This makes all Deep State war criminals automatically exempt from any right to trial. They get only military tribunal and summary execution and burning, just like Beria.

Ivan Freely

Interesting that UNICEF didn’t suggest that Western nations stop sponsoring the war against Syria.

khaled iskef

non of the ” human right ” organizations did

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