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Unguided Bombs And Indiscriminate Strikes: Russian Aerial Campaign In Syria

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A recent series of Russian strikes on positions of militant groups in the Syrian province of Idlib has once again caused a wave of mainstream media reports regarding civilian casualties caused by Russian bombings. According to “local activists” quoted by media, the Idlib strikes led to tens of civilian casualties. There are no MSM reports about casualties among members of militant groups or destruction of their infrastructure.

Since the very start of the Russian military operation in Syria, Russia has been under fire over its usage of unguided weapons – missiles and bombs – as a main mean of engagement. The key idea repeated by Western diplomats, military officials and media in various formats is the following:

While the US-led coalition carries out pinpoint strikes with precision weaponry, the Russian Aerospace Forces employ indiscriminate strikes with unguided bombs, which are often being dropped from high altitudes.

Both the US and Russia accuse each other in causing civilian casualties and humanitarian crises in Syria on a constant basis. Besides this, Washington and its allies have a much wider understanding of the term “moderate opposition” than Moscow has ever had.

A significant difference can also be observed on the level of employed weapon systems and munitions.

A guided bomb or a “smart bomb” is the type of bombs with guidance and control systems. Some versions even have small rocket engines increasing their range and control over their flight.

Guided weapons cost much more than their unguided counterparts, but supposedly allow to put fewer air crews at risk, spent less ordnance and reduce collateral damage. The creation of precision-guided munitions resulted in the retroactive renaming of older bombs as unguided bombs or “dumb bombs”; with these “dumb bombs” actively being used by Russia.

In August 2017, Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff Lieutenant General Igor Makushev revealed that 50% of basic missions for wiping out militant facilities by airstrikes in Syria were performed by Su-24M bombers and Su-25SM attack aircraft. These aircrafts were designed to provide a fire support for ground forces and were using unguided weapons massively. Besides them, 250kg and 500kg unguided munitions were actively employed against infrastructure belonging to ISIS in eastern Syria by Tu-22M3 strategic bombers.

What mainstream media does not cover is that while the Russian Aerospace Forces massively used “dumb bombs”, the strikes themselves were “smart”. Russian warplanes employ specialized computer sub-system SVP-24 Gefest, which allows the use of unguided munitions as high-precision weapons.

Prior SVP-24 modernization of guidance systems were focused on the targets positioning. This is a road to the further increase the complexity and cost of employed weapons. The system incorporates a difference concept; it focused on the positioning of weapon carriers.

SVP-24 analyzes data of the GLONASS satellite navigation grouping on the mutual location of the aircraft and the target, takes into account the level of atmospheric pressure, air humidity, wind speed, the flight velocity, and some other factors to calculate the route, speed and altitude of dropping air-launched munitions, after which the warplane reaches a pre-determined position and conducts the strike in almost an automatic mode.

SVP-24 receives additional data from airborne early warning and control aircraft, like the A-50, other warplanes, and ground detection stations.

According to the Russian military, the usage of the SVP-24 ensured the efficiency of striking enemy installations with unguided bombs comparable with the accuracy of using smart bombs. The bombing accuracy is 4-7m from the altitude of 5-6km. Furthermore, aircraft with SVP-24 are capable of conducting strikes in free maneuver, out of the range of enemy’s local air defense.

Besides the obvious economic advantage of this approach, the SV-24 became one of the factors which allowed the Russian air group in Syria to increase the number of combat sorties per aircraft.

In one of the hottest years of the conflict – 2016, the Russians had about 70 aircraft deployed for operations (46-48 at Hmeimim and 32-36 from Admiral Kuznetsov). This group was conducting approximately 70-80 combat sorties per day. Therefore, one Russian combat aircraft was involved in at least one combat sortie per day.

At the same time, according to the Pentagon’s data, aircraft of the US-led coalition made about 19.68 combat sorties per day. Taking into account that the coalition had about 180 aircraft deployed for operations, one coalition aircraft was involved in 0.1 combat sortie per day.

These numbers lead to expected questions: Who was really fighting terrorists in Syria? And who was making money and perceiving its own political interests?

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There is another huge difference between Russia and the USA, the former are invited by the government while the latter again is yetagain there on illegal grounds. The USA is a maffia state..

Toronto Tonto

Assad does not want the USA and media to see what his campaign is all about and we know its killing , hanging whatever if you are NOT on the killers side .


That coming from a lame USA stooge country that is helping in te eradicating of Yemen childeren.The True killers are the regimes in Canada, USA, Turkey, Saudi -Arabia and Britain.

Toronto Tonto

Good luck chump .


Cya immigrant.


Couldn’t rebut elthar from your shitty country’s support of the Saudi genocide in Yemen. I’m not surprised Canada like any midget Anglo country has a pathetic history of supporting and being at the beck and call of whatever fiasco the empire calls upon it, weather it was the British or now its new master the Americans.

Ceasar Polar

Canada is the Dominion of the Queen of England, they will always do as England wants, as they always did, by law they are forced too. Head of State in canuckistan is the Queen of england. The US took independance in 1776, canadians kept the british power in place and the worst they are happy about it.

Ceasar Polar

How old are you 12 ? Before even trying to discuss with the big boys, Canada should cut ties with the Queen of England and regain sovereignty of their own country, instead having the head of state living in a different continent on an island. What a shame to be Canadian, your constitution says it all.


Assad has never done any mass killings, hangings etc after the fall of any rebel enclave. He’s put them on air conditioned coaches, under red Cross supervision, and sent them to other rebel-held areas – even with their weapons. Idlib is the last enclave.

Toronto Tonto

Your funny mang .


Lol little brainwashed troll, as of you Canadians or Americunts care about any lives, tell me ,more about the genocide in Yemen with help of your cuck leader Trudeau?

Ceasar Polar

Well under Canadian constitution he is only the first advisor to the head of state. And the Canadian head of state is the Queen of England. Canada is a Dominion of the Queen. They didnt have their independance yet and celebrate the Queen yearly. Canucks —-> manginas locked in a frozen wasteland

Peter Williams

At least get it right, HM Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada. There is no Queen of England, she is the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Ceasar Polar

Sure Queen of Canada that lives in a different continent overseas on a island. What a shame. Trudeau is joke, Canadian gov is a joke, canada is all about the zionists, jesuits, and the freemasons. Queen of Canada but still that old lizard Elizabeth. Canuckistan should wake up and cut the ties, and stop loving them lizards.

Peter Williams

Well argued reason wins debates, You’re just as ignorant as Toronto Tom.


Because you got nothing to reply with, brain dead canuck.

Len Zegelink

bla bla.you talk bullshit .leftie rat


You are brainwashed by Western propaganda. It’s sad that you have google at your fingertips to allow you to research the history of Amercian foreign policy. From Korea to Vietnam to Iraq, yet still you let your mind be manipulated.


His name says it all: tonto = fool.


I just checked and yes it does mean crazy in Portuguese and fool in Spanish.
But strangely I can’t find it in Hebrew?


I believe in Hebrew, ,’Tonto’ means ‘Kiddy Fiddler’.


How is Trudeau and Canada’s support of the becon of progress, illegal wars, genocide and mass execution know as Saudi Arabia and Israel going.

Ceasar Polar

He is not the head of state the Queen of england is. Trudeau is only the 1st advisor to the queen. Check their constitution, it in on their 1st page


Lookie lookie , everyone, The shill is dancing again! Shill tonto, shill…good dog. Lmao

Ceasar Polar

Dude quit the tap water. The killing is done by saudi-turkish US proxies. Assad is defending his nation against a 5th generation warfare attack (proxy war). The US media is a propaganda machine of lies. Manufacturing fake news all day everyday.

Toronto Tonto

Russia and Assad use gas to kill all opposition in Syria along with the banned barrel bombs .

Basu Deb



What’s the difference between a barrel bomb and any other kind? Other than one has ballistic shaping, standardized blast effect, a frragmentation shroud and is made,possibly, in a ‘union shop’? And who said they’re banned?

John Hanson

Wouldn’t want to be killed by gas, being killed by a guided bomb is so much more humane SARC.


What about you Zionist Israeli master using white phosphorus and cluster munitions on the Palestinians, you stupid canuck.

Ceasar Polar

Troll detected. Lies lies lies. White helmets aka US/Nato terrorist proxies have been caught times and times times again with chemical weapons, they have been caught staging a scene for media coverage, acting up, lies. The fluorure have totally destroyed your brain, Canada is taking your soul and brain you should move back to Portugal.

Toronto Tonto

Still better than the Russian wasteland , do you have a flush toilet .

Ceasar Polar

Canada —-> frozen wasteland, being there, done that. Canadian men are manginas. Canadian females are frigid praying mantis. I wish to be Russian but im not at least they have Putin as the head of state ruling them from Russia, and not from a different continent. KYS Canada is nothing.


You do realize you’re talking to people who already know all cases of gas to date were done by anti-Assad forces, probably with US connivance, as false flag operations, right? This kind of crap only works on low-information marks.

Dušan Mirić

US “smart” bombs are deliberately killing civilians in Iraq (air raid shelter hit with penetration bomb), Serbia (passenger train, Serbian TV, ‘Dr Dragisa Misovic’ hospital)…

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Speaking in engineering terms the Russian system would be more accurate and easier to validate and the target information. In contrast the NATO method allows mis-use of their so called precision weapons. The Russian system prevents illegal use of weapons where NATO is known for bombing civilian targets as in hospitals and schools. The US also gives bombs to Saudi Arabia who’s mercenary pilots bomb school buses in Yemen. The NATO history of bombing civilian targets in Yugoslavia is a matter of record. The Chinese embassy for one and civilian residences. The US also supplies Israel who bombs civilian targets and has killed more than 500 children. Actually since the US mainstream media lie all the time, it is unnecessary to recite their false claims against Russia.


Using the same munition Russian aerospace force helped SAA to liberate a lot of cities, towns and villages against heavy ISIS and other Salafist defence, ans as a result we can see the population centers are minimally damaged but terrorists are defeated: Dumb munition used in smart ways and by smart people.

At the same time, we can see the ruins which some day used to be known as Raqqa and Musol, more than %80 of the city is ruined but the terrorists (assets) live to be shipped someplace else: Smart munition used in dumb ways and by dumb people.

Seriously, is there a noticeable difference between the result of bombing Raqqa, Musol and elsewhere using shiny smart bombs and the bombings of Hamburg, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Vietnamese cities, using WW2 or 1960’s dumb bombs?

It’s the mentality that makes a difference, not just tools. Western hypocrite governments, their puppets and MSM will continue to whine and accuse while they close their eyes to the atrocities done by their hearties. Sooner or later we have to accept the reality and stop trying to explain or justify our actions to them or worry about it.

Toronto Tonto

Whats this Russia AEROSPACE force bullshitt all about lol.


They’re difficult words. Nothing for your tiny brain to worry about.

Toronto Tonto

ha ha dumbazz ha ha Aerospace force ha ha ha ha .


Wow what reply, Canada’s education system for all to see here.


Thanks for proving my point.

Kire Stojanovski

It is its Air force with incorporated satellites, satellite-killers and airplanes which are able to fly in near space.

Toronto Tonto

You a comedian aren’t you , brainwashed troll .


Nope most Canadians are ignorant and pathetic brainwashed slaves, especially the Anglo Canadians.

Ceasar Polar

Aerospace —-> air force combined with space force. You should ask the Queen to order her 1st advisor Trudeau to lessen fluoridated water and gmo food. Canuck Mangina detected.


Coming from a cuck country Canada lol.


What aerospace does Canuckistan even have.

Prince Teutonic

What else would you expect of Cowboys from Wild West?…


America and Britain immediately call their forces from Idlib otherwise they will be waisted.


John Bolton will react rather strongly while Donald Trump warns Russia and allies to not be reckless about attacking Idlib terrorists.


Syria or any other nation even under the UN Charter has the legitimate right to expel all invading forces, US has set up a illegal squat camp at Al-Tanf that needs to be attacked and so do Turkish terrorist forces in Idlib and Eastern Euphrates. It is a duty of SAA to liberate their lands, including Golan.


Well said, Garga.


The US has killed more civilians in the world, than rest of all nations combined. Just last month, even a biased pro-US whitewashed UN report stated that US bombing has killed more civilians in Syria and Afghanistan than by actual combat ground operations. US has blatant disregard for humanity.


The only innocents left in idlib by now, would be considered ‘human shields’ by western forces.




local activist my arse…run run run forest run

You can call me Al

If true (hahaha) – Ah well.

Stinky Man

I thank the Russians for doing the heavy lifting in Syria killing the USA supported head choppers.
Signed Another US vet.


Air support. The guys on the ground doing the heavy lifting were not Ruskies.
That being said, without Russia this could have taken a greater amount of time.

Stinky Man

I think it was a mistake for the US to provide both Air support and troops on the ground to support the terrorist head choppers. The US has no problem sending their children to die for others for no strategic reason unless unless you consider Israel’s strategic interests in this case.
Take Vietnam as an example American Kids were drafted at 18 and sent to fight there. But Vietnamese kids weren’t drafted until 21. I don’t know which country values their children the most Russia, Vietnam or USA but I do know who values them the least.

Stinky Man

I question how many of the US sorties were directly supporting the terrorist overthrow of the freely elected government of Syria? Why would the USA put its 17-21 year old kids in harms why to protect Israel? Why aren’t there any Israeli kids in the fight?
Signed another US vet

Gregory Casey

Why does the US do this? ‘cos that is the deal they have with Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. BiBi says run? we run. BiBi says “Fire”? we Fire. Simple really. The Pentagon is subservient to Jerusalem. The Commander in Chief in the Middle East is BiBi. Not Trump.


Simple. The dual citizens selected to perform within certain, if not all, depts of US gov…Israel 1sters. Sorry for your service turning out to be an illusion, truly.
Thank you for your service to our nation, not theirs.

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