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Undercover ISIS Cell Apprehended By Syrian, Iranian Forces In Deir Ezzor

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Undercover ISIS Cell Apprehended By Syrian, Iranian Forces In Deir Ezzor

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On September 5, Syrian and Iranian forces apprehended and undercovered ISIS cell in Deir Ezzor’s southern countryside, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The cell’s members were wearing Iranian military uniforms and driving a vehicle with pro-Iranian slogans in the city of al-Mayadin when they were arrested by a joint force of the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate, the National Defense Forces and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The joint force arrested five members of the cell after stymieing them in al-Mayadin’s market. The terrorists didn’t show any resistance.

“There were an ISIS cell that came from al-Badiya [the Homs desert] disguised with the uniforms of the Iranian IRGC to buy food and some supplies from the market,” the SOHR’s report reads.

According to the SOHR, the same terrorists entered al-Mayadin before to buy supplies for their comrades in the Homs desert.

The Homs desert, which lays between Deir Ezzor and Homs, became a stronghold for ISIS cells in central Syria in the last few years. Hundreds of terrorists are reportedly taking shelter there.

Over the last few months, ISIS terrorists launched dozens of attacks on government forces in Homs, Deir Ezzor, Hama and Raqqa from their hideouts in the Homs desert. The Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Aerospace Forces are now taking measures to contain the group’s threat.


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King Cliff

Why spread this news,those people should interrogate and team should be assemble with air backing and go wipe these devil worshippers out.

Jens Holm

They dont have troops educated for that at all. So this is what we see. Now minus 5, which is better then we saw the other day according medias here.

Lone Ranger

How many CIA black ops were amongst them?


Lots I hope :)

Jens Holm

200% none.

Jens Holm

Another stupidisme like bad stomach and throat. You only ad dirt so no one can see whats really going on there.

Lone Ranger

Ok Isis troll…

Jens Holm

Its already well descriebed who is who during time about ISIS and You deny that too.
..Or You could be in a timezone years ago maybee in mars delay.

Do You have color TV.

Lone Ranger

You get your info from the TV?
Oh boy…

Lone Ranger

Salty isis tears detected…

Icarus Tanović



Good News. No doubt SAA and IRG intel units had been closing the net on these vipers. Imagine vipers being drained of their venom while revealing vital intel. SAA Mongoose units to reek havoc over the coming days and week on ISIS vipers


“disguised with the uniforms of the Iranian IRGC to buy food and some
supplies from the market,”

So much about that stupid myth of Americunts supplying terrorists from the air !!
While they were strolling around and buying food from local market !!??!!
Commanding officers responsible for the security of the region should all immediately resign for total incompetence !

Jens Holm

HiaNd even has satelite pictures showing ISIS soldiers in 1000s lying with open mouth. Isis divede themself in football field formations.

Sometime the american soldiers have fun giving them buorbon and beer.

But the result s there. When the soldiers hardly can find their caves the walk around and around and Assads cant track them wel and find the caves.

Lazy Gamer

Im sure missiles, bullets, uniforms, and equipment are also purchasable from the local market. lol


No they are not “purchasable” of course !

They can have tons of weapons and ammunition hidden in different hideouts already.

Because they can stay properly stored for VERY long time!

But food and water is completely another matter in desert conditions and needs regular supplying.

The fact that these killers could buy their fresh food and have water under the nose all those SAA and pro Iranian security forces in the middle of the war is very far from joking matter.
And shows huge incompetence of their commanders responsible for security above all.
Explains also how ISSI could set up those traps so easily and kill so many SAA soldiers without them being killed ever.

But than what can one do… if you think that you sound intelligent with your stupid jokes; go on and have your fun. I do not expect to hear anything intelligent from you anyways.


Ali I do not know who are the officers responsible for the security of the region
( if they are Iranians or Syrians).
I am sorry but mistakes of that size and for such long time
(in war time situation) can only be called “incompetence”.
As far as Russian “incompetence” is concerned.
I don’t know if those 2 situations are comparable at all.
Apart from few irregular patrols Russians have no access in the areas where the IED’s bombs were planted. So if one wants to put label of incompetence than that should most definitely goes to Turks.
And should be seen as sign of their weakness in control of their own proxy terrorists.
Because they pretend to control that territory and those terrorists.

Why Russians reapate patrol’s (that you call “mistake”)?
But you know the answer already.

Because that is obviously purely political decision of Putin and Erdogan to have some kind of line of separation in Idlib controlled by their soldiers.
I think that in this situation Russian command is perfectly aware of their soldiers being easy targets. But this situation is not some kind of situation that will repeat forever without Russian adequate reaction.

Jens Holm

There is water in that desert as long as You only need for people and no plants and goats.

I will remind You and others, that ISIS systematicly confiscated all kinds of grain they could and stored it.

Crap naming their weapons as “already” too. Those weapons has been out there even before any fightimgs began. ut we see their limitations. They dont have advanced ones.

Incometence – Maybee. Its more Assads and Iranians has no support there and by that get no informations or maybee often the opposite.

Before the conflict started Assads partly had the “modern” parts of the population as supporters. All those are now refugees in Turkey apart from a few handfulls in the SDF. The ones being there are people which hoped ISIS at least was better then Assads. They as Shammars never has liked Assads very much.

There is or was some few emmigrants from the SDFs “nortrth” which settled there when the dams made more irrigable land. Those are or were few. Those might be the only once, which might support the Assads – but sure they has fleed too.

And Lazer gamer is correct. If You find or trade things and need it hard – and the locals do – the local markets with grey corners has a lot of stuff, if You have anything the locals need. I see no stupid joke in that lol. To me it says You dont know how things can be.

You probatly can rent or buy a new Grandmother, if You lost one of ours by Corona…

Shy Talk

“according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).” enough said

Jens Holm

SOHR is one of the most reliable sources for the whole region.

A hospital has upgraded Shy Chalk. The first many years most people named him as “Stop it”.


They should get some good intel out of those bastards such as what connection Al Tanf has to them,then they can be taken out and shot,any enemy force captured in the uniform of the other side is classed as a spy this is what happened to some SS Commandos captured in US uniforms in Belgium.lookat the vid from 9m 18


“After World War II, Skorzeny was tried as a war criminal at the Dachau Trials in 1947 for allegedly violating the laws of war during the Battle of the Bulge. He and nine officers of the Panzerbrigade 150 were charged with improperly using American uniforms by entering into combat disguised therewith. Acquitting all defendants, the military tribunal drew a distinction between using enemy uniforms during combat and for other purposes including deception; it could not be shown that Skorzeny had actually given any orders to fight in U.S. uniforms. Skorzeny said that he was told by German legal experts that as long he doesn’t order his men to fight in combat while wearing U.S. uniforms, such a tactic was a legitimate ruse of war.”
But the Commandos where a different story, because they where behind the US front lines.

Ivan Freely

I never took any stock in these “rules”. There is only one rule in war, kill or be killed. Of course, the victor writes history and the rules.

Jens Holm

There are many other rules in war. Very strange You dont know them.

Tommy Jensen

Smoking without permission from the Commander is another rule in war.

Jens Holm

You can let the ones fight fight and when they have killed each other, You are the winner or easy can kill the last one standing of them.

I also wonder if all the one fighting in Syria and for that matter Iraq are winners or loosers. All of them write the history and sometimes its not evenpossible to compare.

That of course includes Russia and USA.

Some also can be tempted to UK was a war but lost an Empire.

Jens Holm

A lot of Yours above is far out. According uniforms its very much a matter of clothe or not and not what it is. Clothe in wars has to be replaced often.

And Assads and their dirty little ¨helpers onvious dot have the capasity, You say they should have. Stop dreaming. Facts are they are sending what they got everytime they are attacked. Anmd the result often is as You predict. They loose a lot because they are not educated and equipoed with all facilities.

USA and SDF are much better equipped but are few. They have their problems too.

So see it as a longtime job eroding down ISIS a little by little by own big losses.

And they dont care if You or I name them as spy or anything else.

Walter White

So we now know how they are surviving in the desert by re supplying themselves with water and food disguised as militia. If you break these cells down you will cut off their supplies.


It’s the Amazon Prime delivery operatives for the Syrian Deir Ezzor region.
Amazon are testing delivery drones in the area, I suppose as well. :)

Jens Holm

Thats right doktor Watson. They are hands to mouth and might be in weapons as well. But we dont know how bad it is for them.

Jens Holm

You probatly prefare they run around naked:)

Assad must stay

nice job guys how did they get IRGC uniforms tho?


Wow, these guys are in a world of hurt right now, probably being liberated of various body parts by Safavid torturemasters. Hopefully they spill all the beans quickly. I am not a fan of torture but these ISIS hideouts need to be extirpated.

Icarus Tanović

Great catch.

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