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Uncovering Reason Preventing Daraa Al-Balad Agreement

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Uncovering Reason Preventing Daraa Al-Balad Agreement

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Written by Khaled Iskef.

ISIS armed group, holed up in the outskirts of Daraa al-Balad, refused to implement the agreement concluded between the Central Committee with the Syrian state.

The sources indicated that the deployed armed groups in Daraa Al-Balad had agreed to implement the terms of the agreement, which stipulated to temporarily stop the Syrian army operations in the region, and return to negotiation in exchange for the release of two wanted men, one of them is called Hafu and another Moa’ed Harfouche, who are both leaders of an ISIS group.

The Syrian Security and Military Committee gave the central committee of Daraa a deadline till August 2nd to release the wanted, otherwise they’ll return to the military option, while the residents of Daraa Al-Balad demanded to release them and avoid new clashes.

The sources described the situation in Daraa as unstable, in light of the militants’ delay to agree on the settlement that includes the handling over arms to the Syrian state, setting the situation of the wanted, deportation of those who reject the settlement to the north of Syria, and deploying security and military points in Daraa al-Balad to restore stability there.

It was pointed out that the governorate was currently living in a state of cautious calm, as people fear the confrontations similar to those happened last Thursday, while the time limit for implementing the agreement was not clear.

The Syrian army has recently sent its reinforcements to Daraa in order to extend full control over Daraa Al-Balad and all areas in the countryside, noting that Daraa Al-Balad was the main area where the militants gather. Ending the escalation there is an essential step in restoring stability to the governorate, which has not reached calm since the implementation of the reconciliation and settlement agreements in 2018, amid continuous demands from civilians to restore security and safety in their governorate.


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Stupid foreign backed dogshit should have listened to the legitimate Syrian Government. Now you can be destroyed for your ignorant behavior.


Kill the Wahabbis. All of them.

Problem solved.

Icarus Tanović

Absolutely agreed. And burn them too.


Touch these muzlim lower caste semites with a 10′ pole Iran………don’t dirty yourself…….

Icarus Tanović

It is very clear who is behind this in Daraa al balad. They’re trying, now after year and half of stalemate to reinstigate same scenario thatxwas been used in the beginning of the War. Ne bis in idem. Says old Latin sentence. But stupid ones who are behind this aren’t very clever.


Bomb the fuckers clean that shit of filth.


This is the chance now for the SAA to completly wiped out this terriost from daraa governate. tell all civilian to get out in 24 hours. if SAA lose this chance they will never get them back.

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