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The Saker: Uncle Shmuel Is Truly Brain Dead…

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The Saker: Uncle Shmuel Is Truly Brain Dead…


Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

By now, you have all heard it. Here is the official transcript:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Director of National Intelligence came out with a report today saying that Vladimir Putin authorized operations during the election to under — denigrate you, support President Trump, undermine our elections, divide our society. What price must he pay?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: He will pay a price. I, we had a long talk, he and I, when we — I know him relatively well. And I– the conversation started off, I said, “I know you and you know me. If I establish this occurred, then be prepared.”

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You said you know he doesn’t have a soul.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I did say that to him, yes. And — and his response was, “We understand one another.” It was– I wasn’t being a wise guy. I was alone with him in his office. And that — that’s how it came about. It was when President Bush had said, “I looked in his eyes and saw his soul.” I said, “Looked in your eyes and I don’t think you have a soul.” And looked back and he said, “We understand each other.” Look, most important thing dealing with foreign leaders in my experience, and I’ve dealt with an awful lot of ’em over my career, is just know the other guy. Don’t expect somethin’ that you’re– that — don’t expect him to– or her to– voluntarily appear in the second editions of Profiles in Courage.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So you know Vladimir Putin. You think he’s a killer?


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So what price must he pay?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: The price he’s gonna pay we’ll– you’ll see shortly.

This is truly a historic interview and a watershed moment in US-Russia relations. Let’s deconstruct what is happening here:

“Director of National Intelligence came out with a report”: Ever since 9/11, the US intel community has been under huge pressure to produce not intelligence, but to serve as a kind of criterion of truth, a substitute for any rules of evidence. For example, if tomorrow Biden’s handlers want to accuse Putin of eating newborn babies for breakfast, all they have to do is get the US intel community to produce a report which will say with “great confidence” that it is “highly likely” that Putin does, indeed, like to start his days by snaking on babies. The “logic” here works like this: “since we (the West) are the good guys, our intelligence community is objective, non-political and trustworthy”. QED. And the fact that the history of both the CIA and the FBI prove beyond any reasonable doubt that both of these agencies were totally politicized for decades does not matter. Why? Because the also “objective, non-political and trustworthy” US media says that the intel community must be trusted because it is, you guessed it, “objective, non-political and trustworthy”. Oh the beauty of circular logic….


“What price must he pay?”. This one is so important that Stephanopoulos asks this twice and Biden “reassures” him twice. The message here is that it is not Stephanopoulos who demands a retaliation, it is the vox populi, the outraged people of the United States. And why would the people of the US hate Putin and Russia and demand retaliation? Why – because the objective, non-political and trustworthy US media fully endorses the claims of the objective, non-political and trustworthy US intel community! How can anybody possibly doubt these two paragons of honesty?! Only a “Putin agent” would doubt their word, right?


“Putin does not have a soul”. This is pretty pathetic, since Stephanopoulos comes from a Greek Orthodox family he should know that all humans have a soul and to suggest otherwise is, actually, a total and categorical rejection of everything Christianity stands for. It is also a clear case of dehumanization, something which all politicians do before they turn to violence and war. It is unlikely that Biden has any idea what he did or did not tell Putin when they met, but even if we assume that Biden did actually tell Putin that he had no soul, I can just imagine the true amazement (and inner giggle) of Putin hearing that. By the way, the “official” response of Putin was “we understand each other” which makes absolutely no logical sense. So what we have is a basically brain dead pseudo “President” who is programmed by his handlers to tell the US public that Putin has no soul and that Biden told him that face to face. What actual purpose such a statement would pursue is neither asked nor answered.


“Is Putin a killer”. First, what a fantastically stupid thing to ask. Why? Because this question has no objective meaning unless the context or scope is specified. It could mean “did he commit murder?“, that is illegal manslaughter, a crime under Russian law. Or it could mean “did he, the President of Russia, order Russian special services to kill Litvinenko, Skripal, Navalnyii and others?“. This would be legal under Russian law and, in fact, the Russians have never denied ordering the execution of, say, Wahabi terrorists (both in Russia and outside). That would be a policy decision similar to one the US used to (putatively) execute Osama Bin-Laden or General Soleimani. Finally, that question could also mean “did Putin as the commander in chief of the Russian armed forces order military operations which resulted in the loss of human life, including possible innocent human life?“. This would also be a policy decision which any commander in chief has to make. These are all completely different questions, but for micro-brains like Stephanopoulos or Biden, the purpose of questions is not to elicit answers, it is to set an emotional tone, a kind of “mental background” which Orwell very aptly called the “two minutes of hate“.

Yes, all of the above is completely unprecedented: not even in the worst hours of the Cold War did western politicians use that kind of language. What we witness today is not only truly extremely dangerous, it is also the end of diplomacy. Yes, I know, ever since the Obama administration, US “diplomats” were mostly unprofessional political appointees with a fantastically low level of education, fully compensated by an fantastically high level of arrogance and hypocrisy. But while the likes of Psaki would spew any idiocy imaginable, US Presidents have never sunk to the level of Biden.

You might wonder what the Russian reaction to all that is?

First, the Russian media immediately picked up on this and posted key excerpts of this interview with Russian voice-over, as did the Russian Internet. The goal here is simple: to show each and every Russian how much the West hates Russia and everything Russia. Furthermore, it does not take a genius to understand the implications of the combination of the two following two facts:

  1. Putin is by far the most popular Russian politician, at least since Stalin
  2. The West sees Putin as some kind of devil incarnate
  3. Ergo: the West hates all the Russian people for regularly voting for Putin

Simple and quite undeniable. In fact, an increasing number of Russians are saying “we are the Jews of the 21st century” and, frankly, I cannot disagree with this. The big difference here is that 20th century Jews did not have thousands of nuclear weapons to defend themselves. Russians do.

I wonder of Stephanopoulos and the rest of them understand this? I don’t think so. There is a culture of total impunity in the US which stems from the fact that the US never fought a war in defense of the US mainland in its history and from the fact that the US used to be protected by two oceans and two absolutely peaceful neighbors.

In sharp contrast, Russia has no natural borders and 1000 years experience of war, most of them existential and most fought on Russian soil.

I would also add that the other comment many Russian officials are making is that Biden simply lacks even basic manners. To make clear: they are not only saying that Biden has zero understanding of diplomacy, they are saying that Biden simply has no basic manners which any semi-educated person ought to have. On the main Russian TV channel reporters were even asking today whether Russia ought to completely break diplomatic relations with the US! That would be a very dangerous mistake and I don’t think that the Kremlin will go so far, at least officially, but there is a clear understanding amongst Russian officials while officially the two countries still have diplomatic relations, in reality the US basically terminated them.

Do I really have to spell out here how insanely dangerous this is?

The Saker: Uncle Shmuel Is Truly Brain Dead…

While it is absolutely normal for some tribes still living in the bronze-age to play out ritual threats and displays of macho prowess in order to impress an adversary, to see the (nominal) leader of a nuclear superpower acting like such a bronze-age tribal leader is perplexing to say the least.

And just like the Sentinelese tribesmen believe that their bows and arrows can scare away metal ships and even helicopters, so do the “Biden tribesmen” (let’s call them that) hope that sanctions or US military capabilities will scare Russia into complete submission.

Furthermore, at no time does Stephanopoulos question the moral and legal right of the US President to “punish” Russia and/or Putin. In fact, by repeating this question, he strongly suggests that punishing Russia and/or Putin is not only the right of the US President, but his moral and, possibly, even legal obligation. This is exactly what Dr John Marciano calls “empire as a way of life” (see here and here for details). This ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, messianic and terminally delusional belief that the US is some kind of “collective messiah” tasked by nature or some god with policing the planet. The Sentinelese try to “defend” their own shores and land and they don’t have millions of members in an organization called “Veterans of Foreign Wars” (have they really no shame at all?) and they don’t spend on “defense” more than the rest of the planet combined.

Finally, we can rest assured that whoever is in command of the Sentinelese he (or she) is a much smarter and honest leader than the brain-dead vegetable that the theft of the US 2020 election put into power.

In Hans Christian Andersen’s wonderful tale the breaking moment comes when an innocent child explains “he hasn’t got anything on!“, while the rest of the people are under the spell of what is called “pluralistic ignorance“.

In conclusion, let me ask you: how soon do you think that declaring, say, “Uncle Shmuel is truly brain dead…” will become a criminal offense in the so-called “the land of the free and the home of the brave“?


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Lone Ranger

Aka Neo-trotskyism.


I’m just glad that Biden has FINALLY listened to the advizes and logiks of our mutual friend Tommy VIZ the implementation of policy vis a vis the Great Putin Danger

Lone Ranger

They are going beyond full retard…
Even the Eisenhower era seems like rational geniuses compared to these trolls.


Actually, HE was OK…in fact, long visit of the Soviet leader to USA was good, even if it was Kruschev, also peace/truce in Korea was good… Above Ground nuke tests declined in his last 2 y…all good indications. According to CIA archives, visas given to Nazi cooperator S. Bandera (“Popol”) stopped with Ike along with the truman oun support… cf. Zakarpaty!

Assad must stay

no I agree, putin is a killer, a terrorist killer hahahahahha ;)


whereas the disunited states of insufferable fools (biden being the foremost) just kills willy nilly women and children and been at it, together with the jews in palestine, for about 130 years and before then you had the slaughter of the indigenous people, the indians. all in all I would estimate that the yankee-twats have killed more than 700 million people in wars no one asked for, except the american military industrial complex (much older than eisenhover)


Great assessment. I would like to share with the Russian People. Many of us Americans are not in agreement with our Government. Trump was suppose to get us out of these Wars. We don’t approve of what is happening to Syria. Brain dead Senate, State Dept, and other factions want to achieve their goals. Reminds me of the British Govt in history of pressuring Russia out of the Market. The goody Western Euro Countries are still ruling. Pres. Putin has publicly stated the New Cold War. Greater Israel. Watch out for the Pharisees. Want to rule. Build the 3rd Temple.


Provocations, provocations and again provocations. Time for counter measures. Imo there has to be a sufficient punishment that teaches this Demonrats manners.

Simplekindof Man

Why wasn’t this condemned as “hate speech”?
Oh yes *maybe* because it’s NOT the truth…
I’m not saying Putin is an angel,but come on,some honor between thieves (I mean politicians) ok?

Raptar Driver

It is common demonic policy to accuse others of what you are clearly guilty of.

Trap Is Not Gay

The lies from USA against others are compliments as coming from them.

How many wars Putin has started?


Tommy Jensen

Putin challenged an American when he robbed Crimea just under our nose after we invested $5 billion bucks in the shethole.
After that Putin poured gasoline all over ME threatening our values and interests with his secret Kalibr missiles jeopardizing the peace of this planet.
If this is not war starting, people dont know what war starting is. Only because US and the free and civilised world wanted peace, this planet survived with Sun Tzu steps and our strategic manoeuvring.

Pave Way IV

I’m pretty sure this guy is a vampire. Is he someone famous in Russia or just a random vampire?
comment image

Tommy Jensen



“..An increasing number of Russians are saying “we are the Jews of the 21st century” and, frankly, I cannot disagree with this. The big difference here is that 20th century Jews did not have thousands of nuclear weapons to defend themselves. Russians do..”



When will Saker address the issue of the Russian collusion and collaboration with “partners” from the time of Gorbachev to approximately 2014 i.e., the coup in Ukraine, mostly to the detriment of the longstanding allies and historical friends?
When will Saker understand that the so called Russian “elites” ((as opposed to the average Russian husbandman or a farmer who, I am sure, posses much more healthy brains and common sense then the Russian “elites”)) have given away, mostly for free, to the detriment of the Russian people and nation,
everything that they had been asked for by the “partners” and that simply there is not much left to give any more except the Russia itself.
When will Saker understand that those who sleep with dogs wake up with flees?

comment image comment image comment image

Tommy Jensen

Rome was not build in one day. Admit 1 man cannot change everything into perfect in 1 day. Politics are give and take, and what you should do is looking at the bigger picture.
Compare it with your healthy normal daily life you wish to improve, you wish to grow, you wish to progress.
One day you get ill enough for an ambulance to bring you to a bed in hospital. After 2 weeks in hospital you pray to the Lord that if you ever get your normal life back again, you will never ever cry for more!


wise and appropriate words indeed.
can’t agree more with everything you say.

johnny rotten

Come on buddy, this is what the Yankees have always been since they landed on the coasts of North America, what amazes me most is the amazement of those who discover it half a millennium late, it is not the Yankees who have changed nor their speeches, the facts have always been clear about it and those who believed their propaganda did it because they were naive, at least, what is changing in these increasingly dark times is that even for the most stupid it is difficult to keep the veil over one’s eyes, there is also a lot of opportunism around, because opening your eyes when the monster that has always been there in plain sight and you didn’t want to see is convenient and comfortable, but only for those who pretended not to see.


The lying Jew media that Stephanopoulos works for who ordered and paid for this rubbish is inherently obnoxious. This latest offense is simply same o same o par for the course insanity for which Jews are hated and famous for.


comment image

Pave Way IV

“Putin does not have a soul” – This is Biden, the (Irish) Roman Catholic saying this. Who the hell is he to publicly mock the teachings of the church? Jesus is going to come back down here and kick his ass. Funny not ONE person in the church expressed horror at his remark. This is the fucker who carries around the nuclear briefcase. FFS, what kind of psychopath would even make such a statement?

“Is Putin a killer” First of all, fuck off Stephanopoulos – killer of journalism. Second of all, I guess Putin IS kind of a killer. He’s killed people that represent a threat to Russians or the Russian State, like head-choppers. This is confusing to Americans because 1) we don’t kill such people. Instead, we elect people that represent a threat to Americans and the U.S. (not sure why), and 2) we only kill people that represent a threat to Israelis or the Israeli State. It’s in our Constitution – look it up.


The American people are not outraged against Russia or the Russian people.

Biden is manifestly senile.

Putin will not over react. He plays the long game. He won’t take the bait. Wishing Biden good health was the perfect response.

There is an epistemological crisis in US, and frankly throughout the internet connected world. No one with the smallest amount of good sense “believes” anything said in MSM. It’s all propaganda. But there is no reliable alternative source, and chillingly, big tech and MSM are collaborating to shut down alternative platforms.

This war paradigm is a sickness. The zero sum game mentality is a sickness. Ironically, the Chinese, who play the longest game, know this and will probably once again be the global “Middle Kingdom”.

As individuals we need to strive to avoid being manipulated and instead to develop our love for our fellow man, and seek his peace and comfort, because if we ever beat our swords into plowshares, we could bring peace and comfort throughout the world.

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