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JUNE 2021

UN: It’s Time for the Syrian Rebels to Admit Defeat and Face Reality

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Written by Darius Shahtahmasebi; Originally appeared at theantimedia.org

As the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues to make significant gains in strategic areas of Syria, the U.N. has declared that the Syrian opposition groups fighting inside Syria have essentially lost the six-and-a-half-year conflict.

According to U.N. Special Envoy for Syria and U.N. peace talks mediator Staffan de Mistura, Syria’s opposition must accept that they have lost the war.

UN: It’s Time for the Syrian Rebels to Admit Defeat and Face Reality

“For the opposition, the message is very clear: if they were planning to win the war, facts are proving that is not the case. So now it’s time to win the peace,” de Mistura told reporters, as quoted by Reuters.

Asked if this meant the Syrian government had effectively won the war, de Mistura acknowledged the significant military advancements of the SAA but stated that no one can actually claim to have won the war:

“Victory can only be if there is a sustainable political long-term solution. Otherwise instead of war, God forbid, we may see plenty of low intensity guerrilla (conflicts) going on for the next 10 years, and you will see no reconstruction, which is a very sad outcome of winning a war.”

While the Syrian government will not be able to claim an outright victory over Syria anytime soon, the SAA has certainly retaken some key parts of the country recently. These advancements have arguably enabled hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to return home. President Trump’s decision to rely mainly on the Kurdish-dominated elements inside Syria and discontinue Barack Obama’s covert CIA training program has also signaled that the so-called rebels operating inside Syria are facing imminent defeat.

According to de Mistura, the war is almost over because many countries became involved principally to defeat ISIS. He expects a national ceasefire to follow shortly after this goal is achieved. Next week, de Mistura plans to join the ceasefire talks in Kazakhstan, where he hopes to resolve the issue of Idlib, a city home to two million people currently held by terrorist forces.

Interestingly enough, the Reuters report acknowledges that the U.N. had designated the groups operating in Idlib as terrorist forces but still refers to them as mere “rebels.”

De Mistura also made reference to ISIS’ pending defeats in Raqqa and in Deir ez-Zor, stating that the liberation of the latter was to take place in “a matter now of a few hours.”

According to de Mistura, the issue following ISIS’ downfall is whether or not the government is prepared to negotiate with the parties that are left and “not simply announce victory, which we all know, and they know too, cannot be announced because it won’t be sustainable without a political process.”

“Will the opposition be able to be unified and realistic enough to realise they did not win the war?” he added.

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Rebels in Idlib, incl HTS, have now three choices :

Become the turkish mercenaries many of them are already
Reconcile with Assad
Join the SDF.

As they are divided, I do not expect a uniform choice.

Rationally they should reconcile with Assad. In practice, I think some of them will, more will become Turkish mercenaries and a few will try to join SDF.

As HTS cannot choose for Assad nor for SDF, they will most likely join up with Erdogan. Imo they will first gamble on a final offensive to break Assad and, when that fails, humble themselves for Erdogan.

John Whitehot

the fourth choice, which in the current scenario is the most likable, is to lay down arms and get extracted to Saudi Arabia, where they are sorely needed, since it can be stated that most of their jihadist mercenary army has been destroyed and their patron may need them for other ventures.

SDF? Not a chance. The SDF is the kurds, no matter what the media tell us. Kurds don’t fight with jihadists, they fight against them. And don”t expect the US to be able to unite them, because they couldn’t even train 10 rebels without them passing to ISIS or Nusra.


I did not consider this one. Agreed. Seems a bit unlikely but as far as Syria goes, everything can happen. Were KSA an option, they could also go to Qatar.

As for the SDF, there are still a few small FSA brigades that remain secular. It is known JAT partly originated in Idlib, they claim to have sleeper cells and connections there. But I agree it will not be many. However, even in the Azaz colony small factions have defected to SDF.

Shy Talk

Most will do as they are told by their commanders, who will do as told by their handlers whether it be CIA Mossad MI6 Istakhbarat MIT DGSE


Of course. Sunnis are just loosers. Sunnis loose everywhere because they are stupid. Even USA can’t make them win.


That’s a rather sweeping statement even from you.
The USA fails to win much as well these days, apart of course being the Number 1 nation for government debt, much of which has literally been blown up in violent wars.


Pay attention to sunnis. They are very very stupid people. They can’t win because they are very hypocritical and they don’t care about people even their own people. Who want to be rueld by people that don’t give a f… about them ???? Nobody. Sunnis want just power. Otherwise, they want nothing.


UN is a joke.
US doesn’t care what the UN thinks.
US would prefer Syria to be in a endless war (just like Afghanistan)


All of the regime change forces are paid mercenaries, probably most of whom are foreigners. They’re proxies for state actors and the Jew world order. They’l stop fighting when they’re killed, injured, surrender or stop getting paid. Winning or losing the war doesn’t have much effect on them. They fight because that’s what they’re paid to do. It’s the people paying them that are the problem.


If I give you money to kill your neighboor, do you do it ????

The problem is the ones that are holding the guns.


Personally you couldn’t pay me enough to risk my life to fight someone else’s war. The problem with any mercenary’s business model is that those you get paid to fight have a nasty habit of shooting back at you. And sometimes do even worse things.

Historically the biggest draw for people to become mercenary has not been the pay, no mercenary ever got rich from the pay, but the opportunity to loot. Mercenary armies were like locusts as they moved through the land plundering and pillaging everything that wasn’t nailed to the ground.


Do you think that they’d be fighting if the Jew world order wasn’t paying them? I don’t.

Carol Binkley

I agree with Monsieur de Mistura. The political arrangements are now in play.

Carol Binkley

“The soldiers will fight, and God will give the victory!”


Aleppo is never safe if the frontlines are frozen now.

Idlib needs to be taken, at least half of it.

The pockets north of Homs, east of Damascus, and the gap between Deraa and suweida all need to be cleared. How this is going to happen without foreign intervention is hard to conceive.


Rebels Already Know They Are Defeated
Let Them Choose To Stand And Fight Until They’re All Rubbed Out

Note To World:
I Apologize For The Petulant Child With Delusions Of Being An Historic Figure
His Arab Spring Is The Cause Of All This Mayhem Across The Arab World
And His Backing The Wrong Pony In Every Case,
The Primary Cause Of The Troubles We Endure Today


and for the US to GO HOME~!


UN is controlled by jews. After accusing Syria of using chemical, now they are seying that ISIS-Daesh-Nustra must surrender to SAA. Hypocriticals, the want to keep them alive to keep creating problems.


So now UN is encouraging the “rebels” (internationally recognised terrorists) to win the peace! Unbelievable! First all the foreigners must be ousted. Secondly the insurgents are horrible at administration and have established a dismal track record of summary justice and economic mis-management – which is why everybody hates them. Thirdly, while Syrian government allows a get-out-clause with the amnesty, many of the insurgents have committed crimes against the local population. Fourthly, the infrastructure is vastly damaged due to the insurgency – Syria needs some war-reparations from all the countries that have been implicated in aiding in the destruction of its facilities. (US, UK, France, Germany, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, Jordan etc.) That is what UN should be talking about, and implementing. All this “winning the peace” talk is bullshit.

Tudor Miron

This BS is coming from same people that were sending aid to terrorist part of Aleppo while perfectly knowing that it goes directly into terrorists hands. They (and their aid) were nowhere to be found when Aleppo was liberated and there were no more jihadists in there. The fact that civilians desperately needed help didn’t cross their mind because their only agenda was propping terrorists for “regime change” agenda.

Zainab Ali

u.n. is such a useless entity/true blue zio lapdog

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