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UN Suggests No Longer Using “Husband/Wife”

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UN Suggests No Longer Using "Husband/Wife"

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The United Nations has begun working towards creating a “more equal world.”

And it does so in the most arbitrary way possible: stop people from saying “husband/wife” and “boyfriend/girlfriend”.

“What you say matters. Help create a more equal world by using gender-neutral language if you’re unsure about someone’s gender or are referring to a group,” states the tweet.

People on Twitter, of course, weren’t happy.

The global bureaucratic body with no actual authority, as it has become apparent in conflicts all around the world is trying to fight quite insignificant fights, hoping to score a victory.

In addition, some of the proposals are just simply absurd.

Also, using “gender neutral” language doesn’t stop the UN from specifically tweeting “@UN_Women” and the website being called unwomen.org.

Some even questioned whether the UN would also suggest that any language around the world that incorporates grammatical should be entirely remade, in an exercise in futility.

Those who have read 1984, George Orwell’s novel, written back in 1949, might recall “Newspeak.”

For those who don’t recall it, Newspeak is the language of Oceania, a totalitarian superstate, in which the novel is set.

In “The Principles of Newspeak”, the appendix to the novel, Orwell explains that Newspeak follows most of the rules of English grammar, yet is a language characterised by a continually diminishing vocabulary; complete thoughts reduced to simple terms of simplistic meaning.

To meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism in Oceania, the ruling Party created Newspeak, a controlled language of simplified grammar and restricted vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought—personal identity, self-expression, free will—that threatens the ideology of the régime of Big Brother and the Party, who have criminalized such concepts into thoughtcrime as contradictions of Ingsoc orthodoxy.


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Stop this planet, I want to get off. I for one can’t wait until Islam takes over the Western world. Then at least we will be spared this nonsense.


Actually, the Muslims have their share of crazies, but like the Orthodox have a strong concept of family, traditions and conservative values. This LGBTIQ or whatever is a Zionist construct to destroy Islamic and Orthodox societies as they pose a challenge to the one world government. It does not take a Rhodes scholar to figure out that Bolsheviks, Communism, Kibutz, materialism, feminism, consumerism, and now this sickness of gayism and Lesbianism are Jew constructs that have already destroyed western societies. Only Islam and Russian Orthodoxy poses a challenge. The Canadians, British and Australians recently flew gay rainbow flags over their embassies in Baghdad to undermine and corrupt Arab societies, but that has not gone done too well.

Jens Holm

Facts are, that up to 10% from down to the Faroes are sexual minorities and it remains like that because we as human beings are like that.

Actually most animals are like that too.

So why fight it, when You can include in peace and acceptance. You even are learned vomen cant take over much, when the parentd die. But of course Your women from the start also are made by clay and men by Allah.

Its not like that in Christianity. Here women are a part taken from the whole named Asam, so we see marrige as getting complet again. And because You women pr definitiand is made by clay like pot pans and for briks, You keep them stupid and often as prisoners in their own homes.

We just have has several cases here about it in Denmark and Sweden. The men also whipped and caned not only the wife but also the children, bacuse the allowed themselves to try to be more danish instaed of being supported by a man, which hardly had job.

Is that honor. I dont see that. Is that repsect for women and children and the onther way sround too. I dont see that. Parts might be needed many years ago and might be too many polaces, but the reasons is bad inviroments and often based on non devellopment because the allsystematicly are jekp in the dark.

and men in Denmark are more happy then many other men. We never pay money in the divoerses because our women are educated and therefore pay for themselves already having their own bankaccount.

Well we do share making a good life for the children, so they have a chance in our version of Sunni traditions.

I like Gays a lot. They make no children but often work more and therefore pay tax to the poor stupidist making too many of them.

Your problem is You as man pr definition being born with a tiny but amputated dildo will loose Your rights. No women need that control, when they lear to control themselves. You should try to be raised for random sale Yourself and stay home unless Your are followed by family men, which knows other men are like themselves raised for rape of vomen walking alone in te streets.

So watch Your behind. You already is in trouble having so much dirt and hay comming out.

Here You of course put in Gays and even in Bagdad. Thats very low. Look at the 90% not being sexual minorities. You dont see their problems being killed for things, which are very normal.

You start blinfolding Yourself for the rest of us.

Jimmy Jim


Liberal guy

Everything you said is the truth. Don’t worry pal they have already lost the war. These zios hv became so weak that they can’t even defeat the Venezuelans who are right near the American backyard. Its all finish for them. They are not so much powerfull as these cowards bastards show. And only the wahhabis and the zios followers including the insane hasbara trolls believes in their big talks.

Jens Holm

The Islamic world is even worse and hypocritic then west in those matters, where You even kill people because You have handcoffed them to something they never asked for and has to remain like that the rest of their miserable lives.

We allow us to name it killing honor. Too often its throwing acid on women too. Sometimes its stoning and mainly the women mainly are the bad ones. Muslim can say: We are not married anymore. You also make women being isolated, so they after a divorse has to be remarried or being prostitudes, because normal work we see here is forbidden. To insist in that You keep most women stupid, so they never can get an own income.

So the problems are big and are there in Your perfect stupidisme world too and better solutions should be an oppertunity for parts of it. Its not about moving some commas here and there.

Zionism = EVIL

Jew cunts have turned the western fruitcakes into raging faggots who are scared of women and don’t even know which hole is for screwing and which for shitting, sick perverts like Epstein are there heroes. Western women have grown balls while the “men” are all faggots.
comment image

Jens Holm

This is for the 90% socalled normal ones. Where are their problems with the system of today. Go and “honor and respect” kill Yourself.

Al Jews in Your world probatly has curley hair and are zionist too. They are not.

You even blame them for learning from birth and they in warfare kill You in 1 to 100 because You keep Yoirself stupid and insist.

Ashok Varma

It is so sick what western men have become.


The most effective way to destroy a culture is to destroy the traditional family structure. The gender wars promoted by feminists and #Metoo movement is aimed at turning western men into eunuchs subservient to aggressive women.

Concrete Mike

Try being a woman for a change, you would notice they get tugged between the “beauty” industry and what they ” should” look like, and the militant feminism, that just alienates decent men.

Its a tough place to be, so before we get all pointing fingers one needs to think carefully.

I know these things because im a decent husband that listens to his wife, occasionnally LOL.

Harry Smith

Destroying the traditional family is one of the dogmas of Marxism. Marx’s “partner” Engels in his book says that demolition of the traditional family is the only way to free woman.

V. Mecki

you are so right! I am so tired of this everyday bullshit. When I was a teenager boys were interested in girls and motorbikes. Nowadays boys are interested in hairstyle, clothes and other boys…comment image


His analysis is blunt but factual, this gender confusion in the west is castrating boys both mentally and physically as they are deprived of traditional role models and male behaviour. Boys are now told not to play with toy guns, cars or even climb trees as that may offend girls. They are supposed to cry and show sensitivity. It is unnatural PC insanity. It is time to send women back to the kitchens.

Peter Jennings

The advertisers of this world, working closely with gov’t ‘think-tanks’ it seems, also share some blame for pushed this nonsense onto the public. Using social buzzwords and signalling in their adverts because they are either too lazy or lacking in talent to create anything original.

Peter Jennings

Western women have grown balls and the boys have grown tits. Probably because of all the prescribed medication they take and/or the soy and tofu they consume.

Ashok Varma

Even in tradition societies like India this gay sickness is being pushed by the NWO forces.


The western nations are on s self-destruct path with moral and spiritual decay. The active promotion of perverse homosexuality is the ultimate degenerate act by UN and the forces pushing the global government agenda.

Lone Ranger

Comminazi bastards.

Jens Holm

This is very muslim too and here in west being “non marriged”. We see many incommers not married for real but pretending they are. We also see marriges for socalled protection, where girls are married to be safe!!!

We also see muslims having left hand marriges, when they for periods live far from home and only comes home to make a new child. Its NEEDs FOR THE MAN. Where is the comen and the many often very poor forever choildren in this.

And thats ordered by Islam and often because divorse is not accepted or worse. So why did they get married in the first place?

Zionism = EVIL

Quit spamming you stupid cunt!

Jens Holm

So whats not true. It seemes I know the islamic world much better then You.

And I have written the Choran in Danish as well. O stopped reading all the Hadits.

I also know whats in the 100 years old Sharia and how different its used aming You and even here.

Seeing me as cunt? What the matter with You. You are just forbidden to debate things and so many are tabus and harams in Your higly reduced little world, where old men prefasre to grow better hay for cars.

But I dont think You should blame us but someone from Mecca not far away from Medina.


FRANKLY SPEAKING COMMUNISTS ARE STRAIGHT,CHRIST TAUGHT COMMUNIST UNITED PRINCIPLES,THE FAKE COMMYAKA BRAINWASHED USA LOW IQ NAZIS ARE THE KWEERS AS ARE THEIR CAPITALIST UP DE ASSED SOCIETYS OF TODAYS and lets face it soros/nwo/eu-epp/demoncrapic/facist socialists/uncommunists kweers are the incest spawned seed of satans/aka far reight sects of hitlers,so for the sake of reality lets get this straight.communist systems are not kweer infact they are truly supreme bear in account space travel,technology,modest living where like it were in cccp present ccp atleast can hourse all ntheir peoples and beyonf,unlike fake commy all too obvious try to frame all on christs teachings
Either way the west gone all fkd up,and the more they complain,they more they will perish,in the end the un is a vile utterly evil corporation run by satan in guise of peace,they all need nuking,
reset the debt,kickoff proven communist goivernance,reward for all they did nothing to save freedom,too bad they reap what they sow usa can only become a 2 world nation at bestmthen let see if someday they will ever truly make it and land on the moon,to date fo hardcore evidence!
Just saying:

Tommy Jensen

Its called semantic manipulation. Semantic, the teaching about words influence and importance.

Words influence your senses. Sweet words in your fiance’s ears hit the senses and can make her happy or horny.
Sarcasm can according to the bible kill, or can be like barbed wire in peoples emotional areas.

By changing true words with empty words and give them opposite meaning, positive or negative, you can influence peoples senses and feelings and make them do the opposite of what is natural and good for themselves.

All philosophers and religions point our the importance of truth and correct gramma, to develop intelligence, soul, personality and strong connection to natural law and mental resistance.
Correct gramma and truth are extremely delightful and comfortable for ear and our senses, like beautiful poetry.

Thats why the bloodsuckers are trying to destroy the language.

Jens Holm

I think I agree in this. Living together shiuld be a contract aboujt children, property and land and by that an official registration for help as well as taxing.

The rest and all its promises and responsabilities should be a private matter – But inside the consitution.

So man are not married even living together and people are getting divorsed for economical reasons too. So equal to the law the same.

A Daniosh example is pension. If You are married ots is seen as a unit. By that You dont get pension for 3 because they save money having only one home, making food for both at the same time by the same pots and pans.

But the not married gets twice single pensin, which is much more.

Thats unfair.

So living together whoever You are and for that matter gender as well, should be the same amount of help.

If You not are a couple just living together one should pay rent to the registrated having the appartment. By that the one having the appartment has an extra income and by that should have lowered the pension at least some.

Thats what I think about it and it should be arranged like that from child to death.

Its about other things too. My Grandparents at my fáthers side was very poor and therefore lived in one very small room having only a bed and carosine for cooking.

BUT they got a very cheep appartment, when they got pregnant. Is that fair being rewarded for a new mouth to feed instead of have normal comon sense and wait. Is it fair to those, which cant or wint have children or it takes Year to make that kind of succes.

Tempting to compare with poor countries. Why is it rewarded to have even more babies to feed, go to school, educate a.s.o. Here I see “many” is no plus in itself but a minus.

Its just reflexions, but I see many plusses in making another kind of financiels structure for pairs, families and like that.

Lazy Gamer

Nah. 1. States/Govts were inexistent when the first families were formed. Now somebody is determined to destroy this fundamental block of community and the individual self. What will be left of the poor individual but to reference itself as to the govt or to another power.

2. This is simply runaway liberalism. If we take this to its full application, nothing is stopping the individual to do all the basest things provided there is “consent”. lol And we know how easy it is to obtain consent.

3. There is harm to self, to the other, and to society even if there is “pleasure” derived.
What we have are generations of fools only bent in seeking pleasure. And somebody wants to sell it to them. lol

4. Fuck the UN. It destroys states and now it destroys the family. It should not exist if it is sabotaging its members and is disloyal to its charter.

Christian S

Rainbow maffia at work

Zionism = EVIL

Jew cunts global agenda. Mafia has real men who kill faggots.

Zionism = EVIL

comment image

Jens Holm

Thats nice, but only up to 10% of the populations including Yours are the sexual minorities of that kind .

The real problems are among the 90% married ones handcuffed as they are in boxes with nice paper on to cover the many misseries.

Here so many even are killed or punished for life for something, which they never should be.


more like 0.5 % unless ones in califiornicating land!


Not their colours to steal,but gods (period)
Their colour ought be brown,like mardi gras just brown,seens they have a thing for sht n taste
brown tougued shit likers they are these days,nothing colourfull about over 1 million deaths by aids each year,but hey if it eventually wipes out the queers,do be it,un must be the first to go!

Lazy Gamer

It is written, that it is an abomination. lol

Jens Holm

So what is it. Do You have a fatherland or a motherland.

I see no problem in trying to make wider definitions for this too.

You ignore this is for the 90% others where millions and millions too often has big problems too, which even gives honor by killing family members being raised bad, beacse they dont act like sold slaves beding themselves in hypocrosy ignoring the real world over more then they do on fridays.


See,this is what happens give a p00f or feminist and inch and they try to take the lot,away from our existence,well I think it’s high tide to decimate the nwo/un,they are not the un of old but nowadays far too kweer and vile for manking to prosper as ought,nuke their building get it over with,move forward folks!

Peter Bozich

The West needs to be cleaned up and rid of its sickness. A good place to start is by focusing on the psychopath and sociopaths that have helped create this situation. Look at Nancy Pelosi, what a wierd and totally out of touch person who holds a powerful position.
And people like the Clintons, they should be thrown to the lions, they deserve no less. Start by cleaning up these people and we might improve the place.

Tommy Jensen

NYC, Washington and London is a good start. But the road is long and the corpus is infected everywhere.

Peter Jennings

Perhaps i could offer a suggestion?
That we call the UN incompetent, duplicitous and no longer fit for purpose.

One day, when the people of the world finally see what the UN truly is, the UN are going to have a real problem on their hands.


Years back they burnt witches alive,maybe back then luciferian selfie feminists were indeed witches,
today you know by these single dirty low iq tards put in by corporate p00fs to fail everyone do the poof does its masters will in order to facvilitate to a supreme new white race shall we say only of skeletons?
These people are truly sick,freedom of religion or destruction of civilisation for mass skeletor equality?


I wonder if they realise the perceptive irony of naming their site ‘unwomen’? Unwomen, unlife, untruth.


Zionist bullshit at its peak.


Globohomo needs deracinated, atomized, interchangeable worker-consumer units in order to maximize production/consumption and their own social conditioning program ; on the other hand, traditional families informed by *gasp* ‘patriarchy’ remove nearly half of the population (women) from the pool of workers, aside from the increasing likelihood of raising and educating their own children at home instead of a state-run indoctrination camp (i.e., school) or gaycare facility.

What will it be, people? An organic, familial way of life or a materialistic, consumerist one?


comment image


“Landlord = owner”, status segregation here we come.

Ivan Freely

Useless organization. Time to stop all funding.


Man oh man! That’s bzarre.!

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