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UN Sends Humanitarian Aid To Idlib, Turkey Allegedly Follows Suit

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UN Sends Humanitarian Aid To Idlib, Turkey Allegedly Follows Suit

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On February 19th, the UN send a convoy of humanitarian trucks to Idlib, Syria.

According to Anadolu Agency, the world body sent 42 trucks, while other outlets claim they were 46.

The trucks, with supplies to be distributed among residents in urban areas of Idlib, as well as the surrounding countryside, passed through the Cilvegozu border gate in Turkey’s southern Hatay province.

The convoy reached Reyhanli district, Hatay state, in southern Turkey, before passing through the Gilo Gozo border gate towards Syrian territory.

Turkey too, reportedly sent humanitarian aid trucks to Idlib, 10 of them.

Turkey’s National Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) along with the Turkish Red Crescent, Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) and charity organizations provided basic needs including food, coal, tents, heaters and cleaning materials.

It is also unclear if Turkey sent some more of its usual humanitarian aid that it sends to the “moderate opposition” in Idlib, such as howitzers, armored vehicles, ATGMs, and smaller arms.

According to Turkey, the civilians in Idlib are in dire need of its humanitarian aid and the protection of the Turkish-backed militants, as well as the Turkish Armed Forces.

Anadolu Agency reported that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government is subjecting the civilians to “severe bombardment.”

Turkey refuses to acknowledge that in the 4 days since the entire western Aleppo countryside was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, highways have been cleared, the Aleppo International Airport was opened for business, and people even celebrated on the streets that the “regime” forces have come out victorious, allegedly, against those that “care” the most about their well-being.

Potentially part of Turkey’s “humanitarian aid,” a new military column also entered Idlib on February 19th via Kafr Losin border crossing, north of Idlib, consisting of more than 140 military vehicles, personnel carriers, armored vehicles, tanks and heavy vehicles.

It is doubtful how welcome Turkey’s help is, if Afrin is any example of the possible scenario that could transpire. Two years after Turkey “liberated” Afrin, constant and large-scale violations of all sorts are continuing to take place against the local population.

Meanwhile, the US said that it would coordinate with Turkey on Idlib.

Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting in New York, Craft said Washington “unequivocally” rejects statements by Russian officials “falsely blaming Turkey for the escalation of the violence” in northwest Syria.

“The United States will continue to coordinate with Turkey on diplomatic approaches to restore a cease-fire to the Idlib de-escalation zone and achieve a pullback of Assad regime forces to 2018 Sochi ceasefire,” said Craft. “There is no doubt that the Assad regime and Russia, not Turkey, are responsible for orchestrating and executing this military offensive.”

No mention was made of the US reportedly arming militants with weapons, who subsequently use said weapons against civilians and the Turkish Armed Forces themselves in northeastern Syria.

In addition, along with the U.S. the envoys for the U.K. and Germany called for end to “Syrian regime attacks” on Turkey’s observation posts in Idlib. Again, no mention was made about the around 24 additional “observation posts” established by Turkey entirely outside of the Sochi agreements.


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klove and light

opps here we go…..

U.N. = Zionist tool

Duc Palatine

Fu_king Turks, invaders, warmongers, thieves. Why the fu_ck can’t they just stay at home and watch TV?

Xoli Xoli

UN USA, France and Britain terroristterian aid. Why is UN not worried about people who suffers in Somalia,Yemen,Turkey,France,HongKong ?Iraq by inciting violence by NATO.
Or Wuhhan.

Mustafa Mehmet

Clueless idiot

Xoli Xoli

Rape your mom and chop off her head.

Concrete Mike

Why is your governement supporting jabhat al nusrah?

Dont give.me refugee bullshit, turkey has weaponized refugees and it creates and uses them as it pleases, either to mess with eu or to send new recruits to jabhat al nusrah.

Turkey can bring peace, but it does not, all it does is cockblock on behalf of israel. Your no better than the saudi pigs invading yemen.


War has always been a dirty business, BUT the US,UK,Israel and Turkey have taken their cowardly and despicable methods of waging war to levels of depravity that plumb the depths of maniacal and callous brutality.


Something not right with UN and Turkey offering aid; must be for the ‘poor moderate rebels’.


UN Aid has always been selective and the ‘Trojan Horse’ cargoes should always be examined with care.


UN sends nothing to suffering Syrians rhroughout the US-NATO-Gulf war imposed upon them but as soon as the invading terrorists are taking a pummelling they’re rolling out the aid like it’s Christmas.

Shameless doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Concrete Mike

Agreed, ita just another supposedly objective international org that has been comprimised, just like OPCW.

Simplekindof Man

The Useless Nerd beurocrats are at it again.


Wide ranging US/UN?etc. sanctions on Syrian government and its people – no sanctions on Al Qaeda and its people;
No western aid sent to Syrian government areas – western aid frequently sent to Al Qaeda areas.
Humanitarian aid and military aid have different definitions in international law (and no, legally military aid is not about weapons);
Humanitarian aid is given to everyone in need;
military aid is given to only one side of a conflict and the aid does not need to be military in nature. Even medical aid to civilians of one side only can be interpreted as providing military aid!!! (Sometimes it may be that civilians on one side are suffering more than the on the other, and that does not make it necessarily military aid.)
BUT, with the prevailing sanctions against Syrian government and its people, it is consequently logical to conclude that in international law UN is providing one-sided military aid to the jihadist areas.


I see the NATO cabal are working like mad in the UN to prevent the Syrian Government from liberating “Idlib terrortary” from their trained and paid genocidal manaics who were supposed to smash up Syria so the Jews would get to keep Golan and be able to incorporate other areas of Syria in Greater IsraHell. They have also launched their Propaganda Extravaganza “The Cave”, through National Geographic directed by a man who claims he was tortured by the Bucher Assads’ henchmen, Feras Fayyad. This documentary beats the living shit out of anything Dr. Joseph Gobbels managed to make. Evil Fantasy at its very best, out hollywooding Hollywood. I’m surprised they couldn’t manage to gas a few hundred babies in their incubators. Just wait for all those bleeding heart lib/dems demanding WAR WAR whatever the cost. What a discusting reprehensible piece of crap, everyone involved in its production will have to be held to account when this diabolical war is brought to its conclusion by the SAA and its allies


Turkey is about to find out that Russia is not Greece and the US is about to find out that Russia is not Serbia. :)

Simplekindof Man

For the sake of humanity I hope you’re wrong.
On the other hand you are correct -Greece is governed by (elected) family clans and pussy opportunistic assholes who are elected by voters who care more about Sundays match and what some whore wore or said than the country itself.


Trivia and hedonism in the media is the Western drug of choice in the 21st century and has a messianic effect on the masses.

Unlike other established religious cults , the current ‘Trivia and Hedonism’ congregations can all immerse themselves in their selected cult teachings, sport, climate emergency, spy thrillers,LGBTQ ,race tensions etc etc.

The Trivia and Hedonism congregations willingly enslave their own minds with the ‘need to belong’.
The ‘need to belong’ has of course been a proven method of population control for millennia. The better educated of the congregations enjoy quiz programmes and the Archers.


the only difference is that Greece and Serbia were sitting on their own land, NATO will never try to harass Russia in their own land but in ME NATO is 100x stronger than Russia

Peter Jennings

Syrian or Russian forces could always take a page from the isreali regime book of stopping humanitarian deliveries to Palestine.

Can what these deliveries contain be trusted? For the past 8 years western gov’t proxies have been trying to poison the people of Syria whilst the UN has tried to first, blame the Syrian admin, and when that failed, cover it all up.
We don’t need no filthy badges.


When Allepo was surrounded by head choppers except for one road out of Aleppo the UN were most noticeable by their absence.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

How about some real facts about the current UN and Syrian relationship SF, for the last few months and right up until the the start of that insane Aleppo campaign the UN has actually been helping Assad, forget about the last 9 years that they’ve been trying to help destroy Assad, the last 3 or 4 months they’ve been doing the opposite.

I think SF should do a few stories on the UN’s recent interactions with Assad, explain to us all exactly what’s happened over the last 18 months, especially the last 3 or 4.
They should do an in depth comparison between the old Russian/Iranian/Turkish resolution 2254 and the new amended UN version, explain to us exactly why it is Assad refused to accept the deal the Russians and Iranians made for him for nearly 5 years, but instead accepted the new deal the UN made the very same day it was offered. And also explain just exactly how the Russians and Chinese managed to con the UN into agreeing to end all humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Idlib within a 6 months time frame, why did the UN agree to let the civilian population in Idlib starve in 6 months time, that’s not something they usually do, why did they agree to do that after talking to the Chinese and Russians, I know why but other don’t, I think it’s SF’s job to explain why and how.

Assad has to play all his available cards now while he still can, the UN and the Arab League are still the wildcards he can use if he plays his hand right, and Arab League [AL] peacekeepers on a UN mandate sounds about right for the opening bet.
Would Russia be happy about it, maybe they would, would Iran be happy, definitely not, and what about Turkey, how would they react to AL peacekeepers, Erdogan would probably have a heart attack if AL peacekeepers were deployed as a buffer force between the SAA and the Turks.
Assad hasn’t liked the idea of the AL deploying peacekeepers in Idlib but if the Turks start taking back territory he may change his mind, because NATO won’t help the Turks if they attack AL forces that are providing a demilitarized zone, they’ll protect them from the Turks aggression.
Will the Russians and Iranians directly confront the Turks to protect SAA forces, I’m not sure they would, would the AL forces, 100% they would.
We’ve upset the UN by doing the one thing they didn’t want us to, by attacking heavily populated areas in the middle of a freezing winter we’ve sadly burned a few of those bridges we just built with the UN, hopefully we haven’t burnt them all and still retain their support, especially now we’ve slowed down to a snails pace.
Come on Assad, swallow your pride, the past is the past and can’t be undone, only remade, it’s time to do something now before it’s too late, 15 broken Astana agreements says as much about Putin’s resolve as it does about Erdogan’s, so don’t put all your eggs in the one basket, we all know that’s a recipe for disaster.
Start talking to the AL right now, and then start quickly shipping in the men and equipment you need, so that if and when the Turks do attack you can just announce the new deal and have the assets in place to implement the new strategy, and if you don’t need them you can always just send them home again.
But just before you do, try to take back as much of Hama and southern Idlib as you can, just a few more days of intense operations and then stop altogether, let the AL peacekeepers deploy, and try to keep the new border lines static.
Does it sound like I’m giving up the fight, it might to some of you, but it’s a fight we can’t win, only lose, so I think it’s best to avoid the fight altogether, there are other ways to skin a cat as the old saying goes, Assad just has to learn how to skin cats now.
We attacked Aleppo when we shouldn’t have so now we’re getting exactly what we deserve for being so stupid, all we can do now is try to avoid the consequences of our idiotic actions, but we do deserve this, we did the wrong thing and brought it on ourselves. And I don’t mean we haven’t got the right to take back Aleppo or Idlib from the Turkish aggressors, we do, but it’s never wise to antagonise a robber when he’s got a big gun pointing in your direction, wait until he’s not looking at you and then do what you can to make the situation better, but telling him to go F himself while the guns pointing at you is pure stupidity, and that’s exactly what we did when we attacked Aleppo.
Salvage what we can and then bide our time, because if UN humanitarian aid for Idlib does end in 6 months as they’ve agreed to end it, we’ll have another opportunity to get back even more of Idlib then.

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