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UN Security Council Passed Resolution On Syria Ceasefire

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UN Security Council Passed Resolution On Syria Ceasefire

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On February 24, the United Nation (UN) Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution proposing a 30-day humanitarian ceasefire in Syria. The resolution was presented by Kuwait and Sweden in order to de-escalate the violence in Syria, mainly in the East Ghouta pocket.

Beside the 30days ceasefire, the UN resolution will allow the delivery of emergency aid and the evacuation of the wounded in East Ghouta and many other areas all over Syria. However, the resolution exuded the areas controlled by ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) from the humanitarian ceasefire.

Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia welcomed the resolution, but noted that it is impossible to be imposed “without agreement from warring parties,” according to the Russian state-run TV network RT. The ambassador also stressed that Russia is worried of the US-led coalition “occupational ambitions” in Syria.

“It would be naïve to think that internal Syrian questions can be solved by a resolution,” Nebenzia said during the UN Security Council session, according to RT.

From her side, Nikky Haley, U.S. ambassador to the UN said that the Washington is “deeply skeptical” that the Damascus government will comply with the UN resolution and accused Russia of delaying the vote on the humanitarian ceasefire.

“The Syrian people should not have to die waiting for Russia to organize instructions from Moscow or discuss it with the Syrians,” said Haley.

Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s ambassador to the UN, welcomed the resolution and confirmed that Damascus government will comply with it. However, Jaafari pointed out that the opposition militants have never respected any ceasefire agreement upon orders from their foreign backers.

On the other side, the main opposition forces in the East Ghouta pocket, Jaysh al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman and the Ahrar al-Sham Movement are yet to announce their position from the new UN resolution. These forces broke a similar ceasefire agreement, which was agreed upon during the Vienna talks on January 26.

Observers believe that the UN resolution will eventually fail, as many similar humanitarian ceasefires had failed before, due to the lack of discipline among the ranks of the opposition forces that include many radical elements.

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As long as Jihadist shells hit Damascus every day, there is no ceasefire.
Time to take out E Ghouta !


True … and Nikki should tell that to her terrorists proxies.

One thing .. they got to save their western operatives in there and have one month to get out.


Better take over.

Johan 54

All these people from the UN should be in jail. It’s because of them that this war keeps going for already 7 years. Now the rebels have time to organise again and again and again. And these foreign governments have time to poor in more weapons.


True these UN people only cry foul when the terrorists are in big trouble like now when Assad is massing massive forces backed by more powerful Russian air power to deter the US from interfering.

The UN never said anything when Assad was about to fall to the terrorists. Gleefully observing from their office waiting for jihadists to take over Syria.

Shameful UN…. siding terrorists using humanitarian for their agenda.


Many of these UN people & All Phony Politicians will have to appear in the Hague some day…. for War Crimes & Crimes against Humanity, Theft & Robbery for 72 years on Row…..they just come to steal your Gold, Commodities, Destroy your Country & Implement “Their Democracy” ..! A system of Imperialistic Worldwide Organised Crime….that is what it is….nothing more….



Give Back What You Have Stolen!!!!!


Israeli terrorists, Washington, UK and France don’t care of UN resolution they just care of their own interest. For them UN is like a drawing room or a place of deception.


Nothing really changes with the resolution. Food convoys used to get in Ghouta on daily basis for last 7 years – and that’s according to pro-government, anti-government and western media and local UN officials in Damascus. And according to common sense – otherwise you would have 400K odd people starving to death in a matter of weeks. Now taking out 10-20K militants armed with tanks and artillery using civilians as a human shield is a risky, bloody and long process – just ask Iraqis and Americans about Mosul and Raqqa – so I don’t think that neither SAA nor the Russians are really looking forward to initiating it. Just keep the perimeter nice and tight, don’t let any contraband in and maybe let Russian diplomacy use the political momentum to turn the tables on US and arrange another green bus evacuation to Idlib. And then turkey shoot the bastards on the Idlib plane like a couple weeks ago…


Move Headchoppers in Busses from Pocket to Pocket until there is only one Pocket Stuffed with Headchoppers Left…… sounds like a strategy to me….all Headchoppers in one Pocket…..how nice…..


This resolution only benefits Erdogan that despite his talk he yet behaves like the best US ally. UN Security Council is a theater of Western hypocrisy: neither Afrin nor Yemen were considered.


UN Security Council is a theater of Western hypocrisy: neither Palestine, nor Afrin nor Yemen were considered.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Palestinians are the real Israelis and have the highest DNA connection to them, Khazar are converts to Judaism and don’t follow the true path of G-d they follow their Baal God happens with Pagans.

Денис Черкасов

Omg… Why r they passing these resolutions? Haven’t they learned anything? Now they won’t be any ceasefire and everyone will blame Assad and Russia about violation of UN resolution. This is so dumb. I don’t get it at all.


Watch here how Zionist America, UK and Israel justifying their invasion, brutality by their propaganda Media and making our world a fire hell. They are not so many in numbers. They are so scaring from death that one cannot imagine because they know the conclusion of their own crimes. They are hiding behind terrorists and then proclaim that they are fighting terrorists.


Ceasefire…? Just clear them pockets of Headchoppers…..until no Headchopper is left…. or they’ll return some day….


IsraHell on Earth [Original Documentary]

According to holly scripture Torah, Palestine will become free and whole Israel will be annihilated. Israel have broken the God commandments several times and then God have annihilated them. Israelis are liars, they deceive nations and bear wrong witnesses against others. They kidnapping and butchering small kids. Their videos of brutality are available online. Many of their brutalities have not caught on cameras due to Israeli pressure.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

The US failed in its attempt at protecting their client terrorists in East Ghouta. They will continue being attacked until they are destroyed or lay down their weapons.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They West needs the ceasefire because they are unable to protect their proxies there and this all recently came out in a communique from a UK ambassador in the middle east. Talks all about this current situation and then some, they are trying to make invasion plans of Syria and being stoppered in their current attempts so far. Their plan is doomed to fail they don’t seem to know when to give up.

leon mc pilibin

The zionists will do everything to save their terrorists and cover up the obvious evidence of their support in Ghouta.The only solution for the trapped civilians is to free them from the zionist head choppers once and for all.The sneaky zionists will somehow try to make a case for attacking Syria for their right to fight against terrorism.Russia ,Iran,Hezbollah need to pick up their game plan because nothing good is going to come out of this for anyone except the terrorists and their puppet masters.


It is high time for western Euphrates forces to take over Tabaqa city to clearly mark the de-conflict borders as US wants.

Langaniso Mhlobo

How is it possible to imposed a ceasefire while the government and terrorist never agreed on anything.Terrorist are shelling 8 million plus people everyday with or without cease-fire.Palestinian men,women and children are kill Israel no UN Security Council actions.
Yemeni people are starve by USA/NATO and get killed everyday No UN Security Council actions.Dozens of Russian soldiers were killed by USA no UN Security Council action.Israel violates Syrian air space no UN Security Council action.Recognition of Jerusalem were turn down in UN Security Council meeting yet no action or implementation of rule.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Now you know why the UN wins the Booby Bird Prize they continue to make themselves irrelevant, Kuwaiti should be replaced as President and Sweden should never be allowed to run in the UN for 2 terms also. They are both in violation of the principles of the UN so guess that’s why they were picked to make the presentation from the US.

Langaniso Mhlobo

So precise you got a well informed source.Thanks.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Niki is not white just a foreigner from India she know nothing just want to be in good books.She is fat fuck Trumps tea maker.

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