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UN Secretary-General Concerned about Reports of ‘Atrocities’ in Aleppo


The UN Secretary-General expressed his concern about “atrocities” against civilians in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

UN Secretary-General Concerned about Reports of ‘Atrocities’ in Aleppo

Soldiers of the Syrian Army and civilians in one of the areas of Aleppo, liberated from militants, December 12, 2016 (Photo: AFP 2016 / Stringer)

The UN has expressed its concern about the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo – Secretary-General of the international organization, Ban Ki-moon, has instructed his special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, to contact with the sides of the conflict.

“The Secretary-General is alarmed over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians, including women and children, in recent hours in Aleppo,” the UN press service noted, adding that the organization “is not able to independently verify these reports.”

The organization did not specify, which exactly incidents it has in mind.

The UN also reminded that all the sides of the conflict are obliged to “to protect civilians and abide by international humanitarian and human rights law.”

Earlier, it was reported that the Syrian Army and militias have started a clearing operation against the last stronghold of militants, who continue to resist. Civilians of Aleppo have gotten out on the streets and are waiting for an official statement on the liberation of the eastern part of the city.

It looks a bit strange that the UN Secretary-General has never expressed its concern about the presence of al Qaeda in Aleppo, but now, when the city is practically liberated from militants, Ban Ki-moon has suddenly became worried about some “atrocities,” which cannot be specified by him exactly.



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