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UN Report Finds Missiles In Last Year’s Aramco Attack Came From Iran

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

It feels like ages ago, but will no doubt become front and center the next time Washington inches toward war with Iran as happened last January in the wake of the Qassem Soleimani assassination.

The contents of a high level United Nations investigative report was leaked days ago, which details that last year’s (Sept. 14) major attack on Saudi Aramco facilities in the country’s east included missiles of “Iranian origin”.

Tehran officials promptly slammed the report as only too “convenient” given it curiously comes at a sensitive and crucial moment “when the United States is working to draft a dangerous resolution to extend an arms embargo against Iran,” according to an official Iranian statement.

UN Report Finds Missiles In Last Year's Aramco Attack Came From Iran

Sept. 14 attack aftermath on Aramco facilities, AFP screenshot.

And yet UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ statements the Security Council still made some interesting qualifications which brings Washington’s “Iran ordered the attack” narrative into question:

Some have design characteristics similar to those also produced by a commercial entity in Iran, or bear Farsi markings, Guterres said, and some were delivered to the country between February 2016 and April 2018.

He said that “these items may have been transferred in a manner inconsistent” with a 2015 Security Council resolution that enshrines Tehran’s deal with world powers to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

Iran slammed the UN findings as ultimately put together “under political pressure from the U.S. and Saudi regimes,” according to Iran’s rebuttal by the foreign ministry.

Last week Iran began urging Russia and China to reject US efforts at persuading the Security Council to extend a UN arms embargo set to expire in October.

The end of the embargo had been negotiated as part of the 2015 nuclear deal (JCOPA), which the Trump administration has since pulled out of.

Recall that when the September 2019 attacks likely out of Yemen temporarily halted Saudi oil output in a major jolt to global markets, the US had laid immediate blame on Tehran. After Yemen’s Shia Houthi rebels took responsibility, Western pundits focused on the fact they are “Iran-backed” – and concluded such a massive operation came under the direction of the IRGC.

“Tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia while Rouhani and Zarif pretend to engage in diplomacy. Amid all the calls for de-escalation, Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the time. “There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.”

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Gary Sellars

Who gives a fuck? Loyalist Yemenis are fighting against foreign-backed usurpers and have every right to be able to strike back at the goddamned Wahhabi Takfiri medieval goat-raping nutcases who are engaging in outright genocide in Yemen.

I couldn’t give a toss if their missiles comes from Iran, or Russia, or China, North Buttfuckistan or from the aliens of Delta Cephei III. As long as they get adequate weapons and keep blowing up shit in Wahhabi Arabia its all good.

Icarus Tanović

Hahaha, yes, that’s right.

Free man

The build up towards extending the sanctions against the sell of arms to Iran began.

Brother Ma

So what ? The us routinely has armed groups all over the world with ex- Soviet Kalashnikov and we all know it. Does that mean Russia is aware or responsible for those groups using them ? Shut up vassal guttirez and burn Yankees!

Ivan Freely

This isn’t looking good for Iran if they have to urge both China and Russia to reject US efforts in extending the UN arms embargo.


Why did Iran only take out half their output? Iran would have taken out 100% of their output..

Tommy Jensen

Toilet paper to all of UN’s institutions Gender bathrooms also comes from Iran.

Concrete Mike

LOL the richest people in the world are getting their asses kicked daily by the poorest people in the world!

Now they have to cry at the UN.

Al Nasr Yemen!!!


I just wounder whom the bloody hell gives an rats ass about that UN says or reports, nobody, and how and by what is that even if it was true an “problem” UN, do enlighten us infidels, since even nations as Norway is making an killing in Yemen but somehow the focus is on Iran, while the same ZATO/UssA is not saying an word about bombing weddings, funerals, marked packed with civilians, even schools for disableled children, hostpital and unlike the Syrian idiot propaganda, in Yemen its confirmed and you say nothing mofo, all this is what makes this entire report to an joke, and on top of it we all know you are just an Vassal of the Empire of chaos, stupid bitches whom thinks we are dumber than what you are, and what do this report signify, nothing what so ever.
Jesus they are an instult to everything even remotely conected to intellegence, truth and sanity, why can everybody else sell whatever to Saudi-barbarians and when the SB are sobbing about been hurt, the entire issue is twisted to be about Yemen and Iran.

With all due respect scumbags in the UN, and do the world an favour, go an hang your self.


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