UN Removes Charges Against Russia & Syria Regarding Air Strike on Humanitarian Convoy in Syria


Photo: AFP / Omar Haj Kadour

The UN has revised its recently released statement regarding the humanitarian convoy affected by an attack in Syria. The phrase “air strikes” were replaced with references to unspecified “attacks.” Change of the text of the statement came after explanations of the Russian side.

Earlier, the UN reported that the convoy was damaged “as a result of an airstrike.” In response, the Russian delegation noted that that neither the Russian Aerospace Forces, nor the Syrian Air Forces have attacked the convoy with humanitarian aid.

Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said that after studying a video, no signs of aircraft ammunition’s hits on the humanitarian convoy on the outskirts of Aleppo have been identified. He also reminded that on Monday, terrorists of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the Jabhat al-Nusra or the Al-Nusra Front) group began their offensive on Aleppo precisely in this direction, using “powerful artillery fire from tanks, cannon gunnery and various multiple rocket launchers.”

According to Konashenkov, the photos show that there are no relevant funnels, and vehicles do not have hull damages and fractures of its structures from the blast wave of the aero-ammunition. He also added that Russia had used drones to monitor the convoy but only to a certain point.

“Around 13:40 Moscow time (10:40 GMT), the aid convoy has successfully reached the destination. The Russian side did not monitor the convoy after this, and its movements were only known to militants, who were controlled the area,” Konashenkov said.

The spokesman also noted that a pickup truck with a large-caliber mortar, used by terrorists, can be clearly seen in the footage. “The video clearly shows how terrorists are relocating a pickup truck with a large-caliber mortar,” he said.

After this, the UN has decided to modify the text of the statement. The new wording states that the convoy suffered “as a result of an unknown attack.”

“We are not in a position to determine whether these were in fact airstrikes. We are in a position to say that the convoy was attacked,” a representative of the UN for Humanitarian Affairs, Jens Laerke, said. According to his words, mention of the air strike in the early edition of the UN document is a result of a drafting error.

According to UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Stephen O’Brien, the attack may be considered a war crime, if intentionally directing attacks against volunteers of the humanitarian organization is proved.

However, despite the new UN statement, the US continues to believe that Russia is responsible for the incident.

US President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, said that all indications are “that this was an airstrike.”

“There only could have been two entities responsible: either the Syrian regime or the Russian government. In any event, we hold the Russian government responsible,” he said.

On Monday evening, a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Red Crescent came under an air attack on the Castello Highway. As a result of the attack, at least 18 vehicles were destroyed, and 12 people were killed.

Photo: AFP / Omar Haj Kadour

Photo: AFP / Omar Haj Kadour

Photo: AFP / Omar Haj Kadour


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  • Doom Sternz

    It is time for the United States of Atrocities et al to be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity. This UN cargo that was food and medicines went BOOM while being escorted by Terrorists. How can the UN allow its organisation to be used like this? It is time for the UN to be disbanded.

  • chris chuba

    The U.S. military is still calling it a Russian airstrike and U.S. regime media is repeating it as a fact.
    My country’s press is now equivalent to Pravda during the Joe Stalin era.

    • farplay

      sad thing

    • Mike from Ramsbottom

      As is the BBC.

    • JDESQ

      Pravda was more truthful, this is Goebbel style media. Bad under Bush, worse under Obama.

    • Brennan Young

      The difference is that nobody believed anything published in Pravda, not even the party members.

      • Skeptikc

        And the millions of brain-dead Americans, being the majority, WILL believe puppet Obama while the House of Rothschilds & Illuminati laugh all the way to the bank while reveling in the human sacrifice to their Babylonian gods (demons).

    • Jim Allen

      Your right, isn’t it embarrassing ?

  • Henry

    This was just to cover up the attack in Deir-Ezzor it seems.

    • Brennan Young

      that was my first thought, too

  • wimroffel

    I am looking for details. Take this article:
    Airstrikes Monday night on the town of Urem al-Kubra just outside the city of Aleppo destroyed 18 of the 31 trucks in the convoy andkilled about 20 people accompanying them. The U.S. on Tuesday blamed the attack on Russia, the Syrian regime’s key international ally.
    A U.N. official said Tuesday that the convoy came from the government-held side of the divided city of Aleppo and a day earlier officials said the regime had approved it, making the airstrike on the aid trucks all the more perplexing.

    If you look on the map Urem al-Kubra is South-West of Aleppo. So the article says that the convoy had been in the government held part of Aleppo and was now moving in the direction of Idlib. I can’t match that with an attack on the Castello Road. Two different convoys?

    • farplay

      i will not sign wsj

      can you copy here te most important part?

      • wimroffel

        I assume they made an error in the article and gave it the wrong direction.

        It is easy to read articles from WSJ without having a subscription. Just throw the title into Google and click on the resulting link. Works with many other newspapers too.

        • farplay

          thank you for answer

  • gogrrrl

    Groundhog hasbara – the Israeli version is “We hold Hamas responsible”…. expect to hear it every day from now until the US openly declares its mandatory election war


    It was obviously a stunt by the U.S to distract attention away from the deliberate https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7980faa29e4a7f8aa9805d4949f138b54d32db152ac8b534b259e44265801fb.jpg massacre they committed at Deir ez Zor.

  • Jeremy Buchanan

    All eyewitness accounts say it was airstrikes and the Russians had fighters in the air over the convoy during the two hour long assault where over 20 missiles were fired at the convoy, plenty of time for them to come to the convoy’s aid if it was a terrorist attack or at least capture some kind of evidence. The Russians also first tried to claim that the convoy had spontaneously combusted and it was just fire damage before attempting to rebrand it as a terrorist attack.

    The UN still did the right thing, as they lack evidence to prove it was an airstrike pending further investigation, but Russia’s behaviour both here, and in not collaborating with the U.S. leading to the Deir Ez Zor attack to warn them of Syrian Troop activity in he area they had told Russia they were going to bomb speak poorly of Russia. I’m just glad the U.S. is continuing their peace efforts despite these scandals and not letting Russia provoke them.

    • ASA

      the un said first that some rockets had hit the convoy, then there were “activists” as “eye witnesses” who saw air attack aircrafts, others saw helicopter dropped “barrel bombs” …
      and I’m sure you’ll find “activists” who swear putin and assad personally dropped barrel bombs with anthrax, phosphorus and rusted nails from hot air balloon

    • Catfish

      It’s not Russia’s responsibility to protect the convoys from terrorists as far as I’m aware and also said they nor Syria had any planes nearby. If this is false then let the us coalition release radar data showing otherwise. If it was in “moderate” territory they should have helped if they weren’t behind it.The us peace efforts? What peace efforts? They invaded Syria and are there in violation of international law. There is also documented evidence of their support of terrorism. Not only in the middle east but south america as well as in europe. As disgusting as it is, the us is a state sponsor of terrorism and has been since the 1960’s at the latest. Operation ajax, the Iran contra scandal, operation gladio, and others all are examples of them doing so.

      • Jim Allen

        The Russian/Syrian forces were a little busy putting a stop to US proxy ground forces at the time to assist, or they just may have.
        You don’t notice the Russian assistance rendered to other countries. The only dependable ice breakers in the North, are the 2 Russian ships. Russia doesn’t care who’s ship it is calling for assistance it responds breaking the ship(s) out, and a trail out of the ice.
        The Russian ships stay on station throughout the season. They don’t return to port, being nuclear powered, and large enough to handle whatever ice they encounter, they’re the “go to guy’s” when assistance is required. This must arrive quickly, the ice can crush the hull of a ship in a very short time.
        The US Coast Guard has one small, and old icebreaker on station, when it’s not in port resupplying, or under repair.
        The US, and it’s allies don’t think twice to take out it’s own forces, aid, etc., when it suits it’s purpose. This time it’s purpose was to distract attention from what it was really doing, and to give plausibility to the lie it told to vilify Russia/Syria. Their silly-ass accusations that no one except themselves believe, named Russia, but didn’t mention Syria in pointing it’s finger at who it was blaming for doing the thing it had done. A recurring theme in US actions. Lame ass excuses, about just why there was no one at the designated phone when Russia called about the US treachery. The us has a long history of doing this worldwide. False Flag attacks are it’s specialty, along with it’s trademark, and ever popular game, “regime change”.
        Russia has zero history of attacking humanitarian aid convoys, hospitals, or any related kind of aid.
        While the US is the country that committed the biggest act of terror in world history. Just after it, and it’s allies razed both Germany, and Japan to the ground. Incendiary bombing civilian targets, day, and night.
        There were 4 mid-size cities left untouched, just prior to the US dropping the 2 nukes on Japan. Leaving just 2.
        Killing millions of civilians in the incendiary bombing raids. The 2 nukes only killed a few hundred thousand civilians. Bombing non-combatants is a war crime.
        Not even the US could claim Russian bombing in Syria caused enough civilian casualties to mention. Or, it wouldve beeb screaming bloody murder about it.
        There’s always collateral damage when bombing, and Russia, I’m sure had some of it in operations in Syria.
        No country is howling about this about Russia. Instead they’re howling about the collateral damage the US, and allies are causing. This happens in every operation the US, and allies carries out.
        Remember ‘Nam ? Korea, maybe, Panama ? A completely illegal action. US invaded a sovereign nation, mined a harbor, bombed an elementary school, and kidnapped the elected President, and carried him to the US. Where he was given a fair trial and imprisoned, until pigs fly. He may have died in prison.
        People that believe the US is the “good guy’s”, hero’s, saviors of freedom, and helpers of old ladies crossing the street, have cognitive issues. US is zero’s, not hero’s. I’m embarrassed to say.

    • Pat from New Zealand

      wow you are waaaay off the mark….the un has cleared russia and syria of any air strikes, yet the US still says it was an airstrike lol as for US peace negotiations….they hit Deir Ez Zor on purpose co-ordinated by western intelligence…the US broke the cease fire…so much for US peaceful intentions…and the world knows what the US is up to.

    • Jim Allen

      This is a lie. The US has no intention of “protecting” anything.
      Obummer requested the “cease-fire”, for the purpose of rearming, resupplying, and to stage the sorry assed attempt at a “Blitzkrieg” attack. it so poorly demonstrated when it broke the cease-fire agreement. (crossed finger held behind back)
      The US never intended to honor this agreement, it hasn’t honored a single agreement with Russia/Syria, and Ukraine.
      The Russians are NOT the aggressor here. The US is.
      You are a fool. Specifically, Imbecile.


    The White House is determined to kill this agreement, as it immediately blamed Russia for the attack, even though the evidence points elsewhere as the trucks were destroyed by a fire sparked by aetillery shelling, not bombs. Yesterday a raving display of an unhinged Obama at the UN attacking Russia and China. How long will Americans tolerate this ?

  • Abdul Majeed

    the US must have lost a very valuable asset in that strike. …who was in that truck, who did they lost?

  • Wulver

    Washington refuses to release the terms of the pseudo ceasefire. Russia monitored the aid convoy until it entered an area said to be under “moderate rebel” control. Any bets as to whether this very scenario is covered in the unreleased documentation?

  • Skeptikc

    All this chatter while real people die, an ancient culture gets demolished and it keeps on going…any Americans here? When will you & your mind-controlled, brain-dead countrymen rise up and impeach your government ?

    • Jim Allen

      Are you, and your Gov’t. doing the things that you’re disparaging we the people for not doing ?
      Are you busy going head to head with Groupe Rothschild, puppet master to a world superpower ?
      The ME did, can you see how that’s turned out so far ?
      Yes, I’m American, and I can say this a most embarrassing position our esteemed leaders have put the people in. I don’t know if the people, (in sufficient numbers) will wake, and take necessary action.
      I think it’s doubtful the number of civilians to deal with trained troops will awaken execpt by gunfire.
      To attempt to stand too soon, and in insufficient numbers to have a snowballs chance in Hell of making it not worth the cost of continuing to prosecute war against it’s own people, is to find out what happened to Hess.
      Or, if you like stupid.
      I find I’m unwilling to simply give what life remaining to me performing an excercise in futility. Instead, I prefer to sell it at as high a cost as possible.
      I’m thinkin’ I’ve probably got one good fight left, I’ve no intention to simply piss it away for naught. Have I made my position clear to you ?
      If you’re not doing the things you’re disparaging we the people are not currently doing,
      then shut the fuck up.
      If you actually are, then please carry on. Either way your words offer no help to us.

      • Skeptikc

        I do what I can to inform people, yes- I find that local newspapers are the best forum for those who read at all. Post tidbits, not too complicated that hit hard and shock people. If what you say surprises them with its impunity, they WILL talk to their friends. This way, the truth gets passed along. The following issue is one I post a lot. People are waking up to it!

        Example: In 1976, Pierre Trudeau prime minister of Canada signed a bill in the Canadian parliament to stop borrowing money from the Bank of Canada (set up in the 30s to lend to government for the payment of infrastructure projects, the lending was at 0% interest, as it should be for any public (for the people) bank.

        Mr. Pierre Trudeau, a true Canadian traitor, was coerced by Rothschild agents to sign the bill (perhaps under duress, but he was a lifelong Jesuit, so he was already an insider) to stop the BoC lending at 0% interest, and to start borrowing from international banks headed by the International Bank of Settlements in Zurich, at interest. Today, 40 years later, Canada’s total provincial- federal debt is Cdn$1.1 trillion almost all of it in interest to international and local banks! This means that several generations of Cdns are debt slaves to banks beholden to the House of Rothschild!

        Bank of Canada Lawsuit

        -Most Cdns haven’t a clue about this betrayal of their country
        -Most Cdns do know that Pierre’s oldest son, Justin Trudeau is now prime-minister of Canada
        -Most Cdns don’t believe for a second that Justin will shelve the bill and the accumulating interest behind it and rejuvenate the main role of the Bank of Canada since he seems to be an Illuminati man, not unlike his father, trying to force the Europe-Canada free-trade agreement almost exact to the TTIP, called CETA. It seems that Canada will be the Trojan horse that will route the goods to the USA, even if Congress denies TTIP, and bypass all the US regulations through CETA-NAFTA.
        -Posting in local newspapers pushes crucial information along to a local population that will understand this stuff, if they see it enough times
        -The economy is something that most people take keen notice of

        Good luck informing your countrymen about the New World Order agenda coming out of all govts. around the world, but particularly from the US which is currently the world military and policeman, bombing the world into the AGENDA, and therefore needs serious curtailing!

        • Jim Allen

          Yes, it’s the same here.
          Kennedy was an insider, possibly family. Didn’t stop them from killing him, his brother, and son.


    Will Obama apologize for the unfounded accusations? Don’t hold your breath, he knew all along but was to busy protecting the Saudis from the american people by vetoing the JASTA bill.