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UN Peacekeepers To The Donbass?


UN Peacekeepers To The Donbass?


During a press availability at conclusion of the BRICS summit in China on September 5, 2017, President Vladimir Putin announced he instructed Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to advance the idea of making the OSCE monitoring mission on the Donbass more effective through the introduction of armed UN peacekeepers. Lavrov was reportedly instructed to introduce an appropriate UN Security Council project resolution. Only a few hours after President Putin’s remarks, Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vasiliy Nebenzya echoed his words, adding that a resolution draft to that effect had already been forward to the UNSC chair and will be distributed among UNSC members.

The idea of UN peacekeepers on the Donbass is not new, and on principle is not opposed by any of the interested parties.  But from the outset each of the parties promoted their own idea of what the peacekeeping on the Donbass ought to look like, and these ideas have been mutually exclusive. The current rulers in Kiev long-standing position on peacekeepers may be summed up as follows: the peacekeepers ought not to only protect the OSCE mission and enforce the line of separation but be positioned on the border between Russia and Novorossia. Since Kiev also insists on the peacekeepers to be drawn from NATO countries, that would be tantamount to an economic strangulation of Novorossia, as a prelude to the inevitable invasion. Kiev’s sponsors, though not actively pushing the idea of peacekeeping, nevertheless tended to embrace Kiev’s concept.

What is new in Putin’s new initiative is that Russia appears to be promoting its own and quite different version of what Kiev has been arguing in favor of for years. That President Putin’s words were the beginning of a carefully prepared diplomatic offensive rather than a trial balloon or an attempt to score rhetorical points at the UN is also suggested by the response by Western powers, which left considerable room for interpretation implying the existence of room for maneuver. EU officials, including the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel welcomed Putin’s idea, stating it was consistent with Chancellor Merkel’s position and that it offered a chance for reducing tensions in the region. Gabriel’s statement was sufficiently vague to make it impossible to determine whether he was endorsing Moscow’s or Kiev’s idea of peacekeeping.

The US State Department commentary emphasized that the peacekeepers could save Ukrainian lives and preserve Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Here, too, it’s not entirely obvious in which direction Washington is leaning, since the preservation of Ukraine’s integrity is also Russia’s aim–there are no active plans to either absorb LPR/DPR into Russia proper or carve out an independent sovereign state. To the extent an armed UN mission prevents Ukrainian forces from attacking the republics, it would facilitate progress in implementing the political dimension of Minsk Agreements which clearly specify an extensive autonomy for the Donbass, but with an ability to weigh in on Kiev’s foreign policy.

The ambiguity of these statements prompted Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin to issue a nervous statement to the effect that voicing support for President Putin’s proposal represented cozying up to Moscow, suggesting that either Klimkin was the last to learn of this initiative or that his foreign sponsors informed him the game was coming to a close. For indeed, Sigmar Gabriel went so far as to say that EU sanctions on Russia could be lifted as soon as some progress toward peace is visible, rather than waiting for the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements which, Gabriel noted, will take a lot more time for Kiev to fully implement.

Klimkin is right to worry, because if the UN Security Council actually authorizes a peacekeeping operation along the lines proposed by Russia, it would represent a watershed event in Ukraine’s political history. Placing peacekeepers on the border with Russia would greatly strengthen Kiev, both as an international and a domestic political actor. However, if they are placed to protect OSCE and enforce the military aspects of Minsk Agreements, it would send the message Kiev no longer exercises sovereignty over its own territory, because whenever UN peacekeepers are deployed to address internal problems of a country, it is done because that government is no longer seen as viable. Poroshenko and his clique are likely to oppose this move but, again, the impetus with which Putin’s initiative was launched, cautious Western responses, and Kiev’s nervousness suggest this initiative was not launched without extensive preparatory consultations with other UNSC permanent members.

It is also possible Kiev has been informed of what is being considered. A few days after Putin’s announcement, the Rada Deputy Speaker Oksana Syroyed stated that the UAF troops’ presence on the Donbass is a violation of Ukraine’s Constitution, a statement that is wholly consistent with the idea of UN peacekeepers policing the Donbass line of separation. Finally, in what may be an effort to sweeten this obviously bitter pill, Russia’s Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said Russia may continue natural gas transit through Ukraine even after North Stream 2 and Turkish Stream are complete after 2019.

So now all eyes are on the UN Security Council. Will the resolution introduced by Russia pass, thus ushering in a new phase in Ukraine’s politics and in the Russia-West relations, or will the anti-Russia lobby once again demonstrate its enormous influence on Western politics?



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  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    Zionist United Nations.

  • Tudor Miron

    This is very interesting development. Let see what comes out of it.

    • Nick

      Nothing good for the DONBS

      • Tudor Miron

        Would you give us more details if you indeed know more than we do? Why it is nothing good for Donbas?

  • Mikronos

    Kyiv would like the UN peacekeepers deployed to protect western Ukraine from the Putinic invasion. Unless those peacekeepers were from some ‘coloured’ nation – in which case ‘the east’ should have them.

    • Why would their money not be paid into their own, normal bank accounts in whatever country they are from?

  • Serb from Krajina

    My dear Russians..are you insane? You make the same mistake that Serbian president Milosevic was made in 1992. in Republic of Srpska Krajina (Krajina means Ukraine in russian, same word, same meaning,,means Border Land-Military Border Land). Republic of Srpska Krajina was a territory populated by Serbs in today Croatia under the protection of UN and Blue Helmets, and under the protection of UN armed forces. In 1995. Croatian occupying forces committed the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe after the WW2, expelling 500.000 and killing more than 5000 domicile Serbs from Repubic of Srpska Krajina, with military support of the USA and EU. UN and Blue Helmets did not move a finger to stop that criminal act. They just move aside. Milosevic thought he was securing Serbian population and he was helping to stop a war in former Yugoslavia by letting the armed “peacekeepers” from UN inside, because he believed in international law. Stupid, ha? During whole war they were arming Jihadi Muslims and Nazi Croats and they were spying Serbian military positions.
    Do you really believe in UN forces formed by NATO and The West? I thought Serbs were crazy and stupid..

    • Arthur Smith

      They will just escort OSCE observers, it won’t affect capability of Donbass to fend off banderites.

      • Nick

        Ah c’mon with “escort the OSCE”.
        And WhoTF is that OSCE? NOT Western-Europe? NOT NATO? NOT THE PUNKS that arm and train Porosenko’s a++holes and apply SANCTIONS to Russia?
        Since when is a REFEREE a BELIGERANT PART ??
        And WTF is the whole hypocritical BS with “Peace-Keeping UN-troops”?

        That is a TROJAN HORSE for the NATO to bring TROOPS there.
        And then A FALSE FLAG and NATO has “a reason” to push its nose in Donbas to help that Kosher-bandit with double citizenship Ukrainian-ISRAELI .Porosenko.
        (Victoria Nuland’s pawn, near Yats /Yatsenciuk, yet another Jewish-Zionist maggot)
        His wife is Ukrainian and he took her NAME. But he is an ISRAELI, his son even lives in Israel.
        THAT IS ALL ABOUT that show with the OSCE-crap.

        THEY WILL SPY for Porosenko, The Donbas-warriors got them once with WEAPONS-supplies in their vehicles.
        So was by Saddam: “the UN-inspectors”… with CIA-agents among them.=>
        UN inspectors in Iraq helped spy for the CIA __By Martin McLaughlin _7 January 1999

        “United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq served as a cover for US
        intelligence-gathering, including efforts to track the movements of
        Saddam Hussein and other key Iraqi officials, according to reports
        published Wednesday by the Boston Globe and the Washington Post.

        The intelligence provided by the weapons inspectors was later used to
        target US air strikes during Operation Desert Fox, the US-British assault on Iraq last month, with the aim of killing the Iraqi president.

        These reports vindicate the denunciations of UNSCOM over the past several
        years by Iraqi spokesmen, who have pointed to the close links between the UN inspectorate and American and Israeli intelligence agencies. Both the Globe and the Post confirmed that UNSCOM collaborated extensively with the Israeli Aman (military intelligence), the CIA and British intelligence.”

        Putin still believes that he is in DRESDEN and plays KGB-smart-a++ that deals with the Western SWAMP and crap coming from Western-Germany, that he hired there,

        Stops &goes by Aleppo, now hesitations and “poker-tactiks” with DONBAS..
        With the Zionist-BILDERBERG-Rockefeller -garbage there is only ONE WAY => the Crimea-style of resolving the issue.

        • Brother Ma

          What a disgrace regarding weapon inspectors.that yats, what is his real surname then?

        • Brother Ma

          Nick.yats in google statea his fathers surname was also yats.so how then did yats take on his wifes surname?

        • I hear you Nick and everything you say is correct – and will be done here too.
          BUT: Won’t peacekeepers stop the shelling of the Donbas, of the people, their homes and places of work?

          As, it seems, Russia has no intention of invading, occupying or annexing the Donbas, wouldn’t peacekeepers at least save more live than Kiev will otherwise kill? The NATO risk is to Russia – but it’s the Donbas that is dying for it.

      • Serb from Krajina

        Hahaha. That is very naive, my friend! OSCE observers are there to spy for NATO and to protect Nazi scum like before. Anything they can, they will use against Russians and Ukranians to make more blood between them (the same people, btw). We have them here, them observers from UN before NATO aggression against Serbia 1999. They just observed what to hit first during the bomb campaign. In Iraq also!

    • pet

      Russians passed every anti-Serbian resolution and supplied Ustasha (Croats) with weapons.
      So Donbass be careful what you wish. Don’t you see that Russia doesn’t care for its nationals who are left stranded all over former Soviet Union. The main goal of today’s Russian government is the protection of the Oligharcy, not the salvation of the nation.

      • Serb from Krajina

        That is true about resolutions. About weapons I do not know, I think that is not the same Russia as today. And, btw, Kozirev, Berezovsky, Cubais, etc..I am not sure that you can call them Russians. Regards

    • EmilyEnso

      Extremely good points.
      The ethnic cleansing of the Krajina Serbs from their own ancestral lands was a war crime on a par with those of WW2.
      But not only was it then and still is ignored – not one Croat killer or Commander faced much real actual punishment by the ICC.
      Rapped knuckles- not much more.
      Lets have a good look at what happened to the Serbs.
      The USA imported the islamic mujahideen.
      Take a look.
      And I wonder how many know that Slobodan Milosevic has been declared an innocent man by the ICC and the Serbs cleared of ethnic cleansing and mass graves etc.
      All lies.
      This from a real journalist – John Pilger – one of the best of the best

      • Brother Ma

        Well done Emily. All true. Milosevic being innocent has been buried news.

      • Serb from Krajina

        Thank you for the links. Some adding by me. Nazi Croats killed 1.500.000 to 2.000.000 Serbs during the WW2 across today Croatia and Bosnia. Most of them in concentration camps in today Bosnia and Croatia, with blessing, open support and direct involvement in killing by the Catholic Church.The last ethnic cleansing in 1995.was just finishing job from WW2. Today, in modern Croatia, orthodox Serbs are statistical error, and they do not have any human rights whatsoever, with knowing by the super progressive modern EU. And, for the irony, huge, majority number of Nazi Croats were and today they are, by ancestors, former orthodox Serbs or Serbs of different religion, who convert to Roman catholicism and became Croats. Most of Muslims in today Bosnia are also ethnic Serbs but, in the past, they convert to Islam and became Turks, Muslims and modern Bosniaks. They became Muslims in 1963 buy the Constitution act of Former Yugoslavia, then Bosniaks in 1993. by there own proclamation. Just imagine, you have a brother from same parents who accept some other foreign religion or ideology and he became a part of different nation, or some “new” nation who never existed before. The blood is the same, ancestors, language, everything is the same like you, but he claims that he is something special. This phenomenon, to convert, is also present in today Ukraine, where, from the same people, Russians (Ukranians), the same people, the same blood they make different nations. Kiev is the Mother city of whole Russia. First Russia, in 9th and 10th century existed in today Ukraine, Kiev was a capitol. Btw, nation is a new term, from XIX century. People, blood connections are much much older Old rule – Divide et impera!!!

        • EmilyEnso

          Thank you for replying and my best wishes to you.
          All those who are seeing the terrible USA/UK/NATO attacks on Syria.
          The destruction of Iraq, and Libya, not least to forward those nation’s islamic fundamentalist terrorist friends and creations, should note that the destruction of Yugoslavia and the attack on Serbia was the precursor and blueprint for what is happening now.
          One camp you describe above is Jasenovac.
          I urge anyone reading this to check out Jasenovac.
          It was a death camp.
          Not a concentration camp.
          A death camp run by the Nazi Croatian Ustashe.
          It was so so vile and so cruel that it sickened the German gestapo.
          Hundreds of thousands of allied Serbs died at Nazi Croatian hands and we rewarded their loyalty and sacrifice by ‘bombing them back to the stoneage’ quote US General WACO Wesley Clark and comitting the worst war crime in Europe since 1945 by the illegal attack on the Serbs on behalf of a US created earlier version of AlQaeda and ISIS – the KLA.
          A wahhabe alligned islamic terrorist group whose speciality was keeping captured Serbs in cages and selling their organs on the world market and slaughtering them to order when their DNA was matched.

          We repaid the wartime loyalty of the Serbs by watching NATO and its allies ethnically cleanse some 600,000 to 700,000 Serbs from Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo – never compensated – having lost all.
          The Serbs have been cleared of any charge of ethnic cleansing by the ICC.
          Infamous day when without warning well over 200 German bombers attacked Belgrade killing and injuring tens of thousands – in retaliation for Yugoslav declaration in support of the allies.
          Here is NATO doing the same on behalf of islamic terrorists
          More on the Krajina
          Serbia finally hitting back
          And now!

          Macedonia facing USA /UK/NATO threat – to force them into a Greater islamic Albania.
          The current destruction of Syria is the result of good men doing nothing in the 1990’s as Yugoslavia was attacked, dismembered and the Serbs betrayed and slaughtered.
          The islamic narco/criminal./terrorist state of Kosovo is the inheritance.
          The processing and distribution centre for the CIA’s poppy crop from Afghanistan and home of US base ‘Bondsteel’.

          • Garry Compton

            I knew Jim “Buddha” Bondsteel and he is rolling over in his grave in Alaska by now – He would have received another M o H if he could clean out that viper den in Kosovo.

          • Serb from Krajina

            Thank you for better definition! Jasenovac is one of many death camps in occupied Kingdom of Yugoslavia during the WW2. Best regards!

        • pet

          I’m a Serb from Krajina too. My friend I don’t give a s…. about Russians any more. My previous comment has been deleted (that much for democracy at this site, while it complains about Youtube ) so I repeat again: whatever was done to our people, and such things can be done only by the animals like Ustasa (which is approximately 95% of Croats) was done (to us) with Russian complicity. Almost all western policies against us were covered by UN resolutions. Russians allowed the passage of every single one. Besides, Russia even supplied weapons, and I specifically remember them giving Ustasa some helicopters in early 90-is. That’s the whole truth. To me any Serb that still looks east is a fool. For any true Serb a brother who betrays him is much, much worse than the worst enemy.

          • Fair points – and it’s not the first time I’ve seen comments that point in the wrong way removed on SF……. And SF, if you’re reading this: goingbrokes.

          • Serb from Krajina

            Sorry, my friend but I care about Russian (Ukranian) people. They, the people, did not allowed any resolution against us, and I do not blame them for criminal Jeltzin government, Liberals and “We-rob-them-with-our-western-partners” oligarch. They sucked out 700 billion dollars in natural resources, and riches from Russian people and state during the Jeltzin rule. Russia was only step away from total disaster and disintegration as a independent state. Almost every time, when I talk to any ordinary Russian, in the second sentence he or she says to me “We are sorry for Jeltzin, we are guilty for not helping Serbia and Serbs” Try to understand, in that period they could not help themselves. And one thing more..they did not bomb us, they did not poisoned us with depleted uranium and God knows with what else..God be with you. All the best!

      • James Bucan

        The Krajina Serbs had no army, the NAF has a powerful one. And let’s not forget Putin warned that if Trump arms Ukraine, the rebels may counter-attack.
        The Ukrop army is crippled with corruption, bad leaders and extremist elements. Only 50.000-70.000 soldiers are properly equipped, the rest (180.000???) are badly equipped cannon fodder with matching uniforms.
        The Blue Helmets will stand by if the movement war starts again, but will only witness the defeat if the Ukrops and Novorussian victory.

        • EmilyEnso

          I trust you are right.

    • Brother Ma

      Same thing happened in Cyprus 1974.UN is not to be trusted when it cones ro sending soldiers.Always spies or soldiers for the world hegwmon U’merikiyya.

    • Langaniso Mhlobo

      This is 100% true UN is USA,Israel,NATO organization never support small countries or other countries.UN is Lucifer tool run on Judas Iscariot Principal.UN in its existence gave never stop USA/NATO from any war it only impose USA sanctions.

    • James Bucan

      I would agree with you, but the Donbass Republics are being asked to disarm. The NAF could still field 60.000 men if the war starts again, and if that happened, then I’m sure Putin would either let the NAF advance to Kiev or even intervene himself.
      The Blue Helmets would stand aside and do nothing if the Ukrops attack, but neither would they stop the NAF from resisting. The Serbian Genocide was caused because the Serbs had no real army to fight with. The NAF does, and it has proven to be very efficient.
      And finally, I seriously doubt that the Blue Helmets would be composed of NATO countries. Putin isn’t stupid.
      I would even bet that Putin knows his proposal will be refused. He is just placing his pieces, and is proposing a solution to the conflict that even the Germans find reasonable. He is making Kiev look like the agressor more and more. Maybe his plan is to make them look like warmongers (even more) so that he may intervene in the future, with the agenda of restoring peace, and popular opinion would be more on his side.
      Anyway, I trust Putin. I know he knows what he is doing.

  • Sergio Mitini

    This site is sponsored by Russian ministry of propaganda.

  • SOF

    Don’t know what the hell the Kremlin is up to, but Alex Jones himself has talked about the role of the UN and Dynacorp in child trafficking, organ harvesting, white women slave trade, etc. Expect that to come to Donbass and the usual ‘non-profit’ institutions to carry out the above.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Why is there no I N humanitarian aid to North Korea.When there was conflict in Ukraine UN wanted to run everything until expose.

  • pet:-
    “Russians passed every anti-Serbian resolution and supplied Ustasha (Croats) with weapons. So
    Donbass be careful what you wish. Don’t you see that Russia doesn’t care for its nationals who are left stranded all over former Soviet Union. The main goal of today’s Russian government is the protection of
    the Oligharcy, not the salvation of the nation.”

    Why is this comment blocked for moderation?
    It doesn’t have a foul language block because it went thru’ here and it went thru’ before (there’s a reply to it.)

    Does SF do for Russia what western MSM does for the US?
    Censor the “wrong” point of view?