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UN Calls for Humanitarian Caeasefire in Aleppo

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The UN urgently called for a humanitarian ceasefire in Aleppo to enable immediate access to repair the electricity and water networks. However, if the pro-government forces take such a pause, it could be a fatal mistake in the battle for Aleppo.

UN Calls for Humanitarian Caeasefire in Aleppo

Photo: Sputnik / Michael Alayeddin

On Monday, the United Nations urged to take an immediate 48-hour ceasefire in the fighting in Aleppo for conducting humanitarian operations, which will include the repairing of the damaged electrical systems and the water supply system of the city.

According to UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria, Yacoub El Hillo, and Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis, Kevin Kennedy, more than 2 million people remain without electricity and water in Aleppo. This figure, by the way, indicates that the Russian-Syrian humanitarian operation has not brought the expected results. As of today, only tens of thousands of people have left the city through the humanitarian corridors. This is a small part of the total civilian population. So far there is no reason to speak about the success of the operation. Of course, except its PR part. In real, the Sunni part of the Aleppo’s population is in no hurry to go out of the city, fearing of reprisals and covering Sunni militants.

In this connection, it is impossible to talk about the ceasefire. Those, who suffer without food and water, can go out of the city and get all that they need for free. If it is necessary, the UN representatives could be present in these camps. Cessation of the operations against militants in Aleppo and in their rear would be a big mistake. This would lead only to a regrouping of the terrorists and the beginning of a new phase of the jihadists’ offensive. Currently, the process of wearing down the militants is underway. The Syrian Army and its popular allies are seeking to deplete the reserves of the terrorists. if this is done, the militants will be forced to retreat from Aleppo in order to take a pause for reconstruction of their combat potential.

We also should not put have high hopes for an agreement on the termination of the Turkey’s material and technical support to terrorists that can supposedly be achieved during the visit of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accompanied by chief of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT), Hakan Fidan, in Russia. This support will likely continue to be carried out despite of any public agreements between Moscow and Ankara. Turkey considers ‘the opposition’ as its own tool of influence in Syria and is not going to stop to support it.

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ONU = ”Estados Unidos” y Estados Unidos = ” patrocinador en jefe de la coalición de los rebeldes terroristas”. ”Más tiempo de tregua” = ”más tiempo a salvos de los bombardeos y ataques de Rusia y Siria”, suficiente tiempo para que los marionetas terroristas de Estados Unidos se reorganicen y fortalezcan sus posiciones con suficientes armas y refuerzos proveniente de Turquía, Arabia Saudita y Jordania. Si de verdad les importaría el pueblo sirio mejor dejarían de apoyar el terrorismo con dinero y armas para desestabilizar una nación entera con tal de lograr sus planes ocultos egoístas tal como arruinaron a Libia, a Iraq y Afganistán, quienes están en caos total y sus habitantes con una vida muchísimo peor que cuando les gobernaban sus lideres disque tiranos, dictadores y autoritarios. !!Vaya demagogia e hipocresía occidental¡¡

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