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UN Blames ‘Male-Dominated World’ For Failure Of COVID-19 Hysteria

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UN Blames ‘Male-Dominated World’ For Failure Of COVID-19 Hysteria


The United Nations bureaucracy has finally found whom to blame for the failure of the COVID-19 hysteria. Now we know that “millennia of patriarchy” and a “male-dominated world” are guilty.

Such a reaction of the United Nations in Twitter is not a surprise as the developments around the world demonstrate that at least some conservative governments around the world have rejected the neo-liberal-imposed agenda of wide-scale unconditional restrictions and surveillance under the pretext of the COVID-19 outbreak.

While the COVID-19 issue should not be underestimated, the initial wide-scale push to politicize it and exploit in the interests of the neo-liberal agenda has nothing with the real care about people’s health and security. Therefore, it seems that particular forces are very unhappy with the recent developments.


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Assad must stay

what a crock of bullshit

J Roderet

Exactly. And these freaky, anti-male propagandists want us to forget two key facts:

1. Half of the members of the super-rich, oligarchical families that rule the West are female. 2. Half of the world’s most impoverished workers are male.

Assad must stay

they must be SCHTOPPED!

Jens Holm


Max 10 of 40, and Your beloved Putin is there.

Jens Holm


Tommy Jensen

All right. Let me show you the Danish method: A Danish customer has kr.100 in his wallet to buy for. Danish suppliers are now competing on who can get the most out of this kr.100.

The water company says if I deliver half water to my customer, I get kr. 200. The baker says, if I deliever half size bread to my customer, I get kr. 200. The train company, I confuse travellers with 42 discounts on tickets, I get kr.200.

Thats how Denmark got the worlds most expensive consumer prices for water, electricity, heat, sewage and public transport.

Jens Holm

GDP pr person or by country is a complicated thing.

But You are wrong. The high prices are made by high productivity from which we subtract, what we all work and benefit for by decissions by Our Parlament and Goverment.

I have written the list many times. Kindergarden half price, school free, education free, hospital free, healt by medical care almost free, pension free. Childrens money.

Those are free becauise we all pay socalled income tax. The lowpaid pays less then the ones witha high salery.

By that low and high pay different in but get exact the same treatment at the hospital and the other mentioned services – and thats 0. That includes that we by that dont pay insurrence.

Its very simple. No one knows who gets canser or are hit by a car. None of us would like that and do in on purpose. So we all pay. If we are hit its free in solidarity.

If we are alive after that but fx cant work the rest of our life or partly cant or fx need medication, we are paid the same securad pension and by that need no insurrence for millions or billions and mainly most of it never go to courts.

The main thing for us is, that we are safe and by that work better and are more productive having a good time.

And the motivation of course is very visible, because even high tax its very much about, whats left for home, food, clothe, cars, travel and like that.

The Netto is Plus.

So very high tax makes makes level for living standards are in “harmony plus”. We dont order steak if we only can effort a corner of a chicken and some potatoes.

The magic part is what we all get back. We do GET BACK.

Denmark for the moment also is number one in low corruption. Unfortunatly its not zero.

We are in top trusting Our Goverments whatever the majority is. That includes the police.

We started that system in 1976. A lot of paying here there and anywhere and paperwork by bureacrasy were replaced with much higher tax.

Today we also use much less paper because so much of that is digitalized and optimized. Unfortunatly we get hacked by computers as anybody else.


F off UN, this is why no one likes you anymore. It’s just a globalist shill organisation spewing neo-Marxist talking points.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism, Feminism, Materialism etc, etc are all created by the Jew cunts to destroy the world by fostering endless conflicts as they profit and Jew banks fleece the braindead sheeple. The UN is a collection of fuckwits and this fat dumpy Portuguese clown is the hand picked Zionist ring master.

Jens Holm

Thats right. they wrote the Choran, so muslisms would keep themselves low.

And they wrote Muhammed economics too, so they didnt have to work and financed themselves by robbery and many other kinds of crime.

Turkey was the last to take slavery out of the Ottoman Constitution. That was in 1923. But You still sell and buy Your females and learn women manly are free target if they are not guarded by men being just like Yourself.

Raptar Driver

A great argument for a male dominated world as it should be. Women base their decisions Too much on emotion and not enough on a reason That is a bad world.


Women are wired differently, specifically DYKES!

Jens Holm

I prefare women too. Nothing wrong in that.

Davide Herzog

That’ s bacause you compare them with you but any kind of animal compared to you is preferible as more intelligent.

Jens Holm

We see none of that where I live. You live in a country where men all are small in minds and thereforee dont dare to compete with women.

No wonder they are more stupid then You, when they not even are able toread their very limited rights in You Chorans. Old men decides whats in there as well as Haddits and the 100 years old Sharia.

Reading all the cry about jews and maricans do this and that – and You lazy bums do nothing apart from sitting onYour hands always nice to everybidy make You to the emotionel ones.

If the women is more then that, I can understand why they always are home and kept safe among the walls as Muhammed told You. The wealthy men even has a funtain in the middle of the garden as a bidet.


What the fuck are you talking about? Did you miss the medication again?

Jens Holm

Too much on emotion and not enough on a reason is not divided like that in my part of the world.

Obvious You have raised women to that and we did. But things are not like that here anymore.

Its the same for men. We have changed too.

Somebody has tricked You by making You into sheep for the Holy Choran to keep any devellopments down.

Where I live, the people decided already in 1536 that the church should have all text in Danish as well as most prayers. They also decided more and more should be able to read the latin and partly greek Chritians bibles.

We also replaced vital religios things into flexicirity, which made us more able to change what was here.

By that the church didnt have the same overwhelming dominance as we too often see in Islam. I has been a long journey since that, but it works very well.

We dont divide men and women as much as before, because we know we are not above each other. I will say technology has helped that too. Machines and computers has made 100% equality and w dont need women onlt making food and children in the kitchen – So to speak.

cechas vodobenikov

for u Equality means money—idiot females and males should be different and respected for their differences, not expected to be the same

Jens Holm

We dont expect men and women being the same. We look at, whats actually is the same. You look at, whats not.

Brainzeise also is no option. Most people know brain is not about seize. A whale or an elefant is not brighter then a human being.

And yes, I have had several Intel and AMD computers. They make same reliable results fast and very well. If there is difference it in marginal things and maybee in 1%.

And yes. Muslim women as well as other are dimmer then their men. Thats because they go less to school and a lot of things are denied them in learning. Theycant see the world as they wish. Odten they cant even walk free in the streets. They also cant be in jobs with mens below, with them and certainly not above – even papers, education, skills and IQ says so.

We dont have that waste.

And we do test and see the gernnders has the same IQ score even there are small differences. SMALL and UNIMPORTANT.

…And You even deny facts, which You can see everyday in countries semilar to mine.

In EU 3 vomen are frontpersons and all are chosen among many in a dirty mix of political and talent. They are tuff. No tears as Beatrix potter says to the rabbit.


But men also sometimes cry, when noone knows.

And You do know Merkel. We also has a female premiereminister. She is not chosen for here nice hair and sense of humor.

Mette Frederiksen so far has only made Our parlament laughing once. She told them that the state were forced to buy 4 elefants because of big animals in cirkus are not allowed anymore – but one of the elefants had a camel as a friend, so they had to buy that one too.

Raptar Driver

Yeah you don’t really Understand where I live and the people here. I don’t live in a big city. I was born in Milwaukee but I left 20 years ago. Here in the small towns it is still male-dominated.


West is so much decadent and so much fucked up in EVERY possible meaning of that word that I would love that Eastern Europe cuts any kind of relations with Western Europe. I would love that Eastern Europe creates its own union of the Central and East European countries and separates from feminized perverted sick fucks from the West totally invaded by non-European emigrants!

Porc Halal

Well said…

Davide Herzog

You are perfectly right .


thanks !

cechas vodobenikov

100 prominent females in a letter to Le Monde, described the USA “me too” movement as “puritanism”


UN needs money

Jens Holm

Thats right. Its West being the biggest contributors because its about GDP and like that. Some do delay parts of it. USA has stopped paying many things.

We do wonder why we should pay for people, which want us dead or gone in 50 seconds.

We also allow us to wonder whats wrong, when 50% of the refugees and emmigrants are muslims even muslims only are 1of 7 in the world. And we not only wonder. We propose those parts of the world should copy the parts of us, they can use – And they say NO WAY and expect us to pay for them doing nothing and no change.

UN was created to make stability after WW2 made by Europeans themself. There was many things to solve after that war. So UN was a good try and had great succes. Many new countries also was made even many did not do well.

So the question might be if UN is outdated.

I would say if people given money only use it for being more and more by our food and healthcare let them starve to death as they used ro before we came with our strange ideas.

So its about common sense. I woul like almopst asopting countries and regions, which ask for it and are motivated for the needed – and sometimes hard – changes.

Why the F… should I feed Palestinian children from long time before I was born. I dint accept that anymore reading whats written here. Im a stupisist being pundred by my enemies. Some temporary help is a good option, but not this anymore.

Vaccinations moght be a must, because we dont want Your infections, but we see muslims denying to be vaccinated. Why dont You kill the bad ones among You. They are the ones kiling Your children.

And about we are killing millions, we see muslims and othe populations has grown and grown. Egyptioans are about 10 times more within 100 years. Our help by health is not done for 100 million skinny ones in stead of 10 millions. Those were meant so the common egyption mainly was in good shape and lived many more years.

EU try to change Our part of help to real help. Today I trust EU more then UN. If I nilling nullingworth decided anything I would let EU use most parts of Our UN contribution.

None should decide for or against me in UN as long as they cant even pay their own airticket and home again. Maybee Skype could make me more mild in that.

Tommy Jensen

Women are CEO’s for the 4 biggest military arm corporations in US. A proof on how men brutalizes women.

Abu Ghraib torture prison was also lead by a female boss. CIA one of the most destructive secret services are also lead by a woman. This is more proofs on how evil men are.

The most stupid US Mayors and US Governors and US Ministers are also women. A proof on how men stupified politics!

Jens Holm

Thats unfortunatly partly true. But those are employed by the their Goverment and Parlaments. So there is a big lack in control there.


In percent: – How many women work in the mines? – How many women work on construction? – How many women work in sawmills? – How many women work in ironworks? – How many women work in, God know, how many hard works? Do you stand for equality? Okay, they can take 50% of the chairs, but only when I see them fill 50% of the above jobs, but not in administration but in the field / production. They are physically weaker so they can’t do those jobs? Then why the fight for equality? Want to make them bosses? For what purpose? To give them command, and on the other hand they can’t, because they’re the weaker sex, do hard work, right? If your woman commands you in the house, and only in that way you are used to functioning, it does not mean that all the men of this world will turn into slippers just to make you feel equal to the others. Forget it, you’re gay and there’s no help for you.

Антон С

“The most stupid US Mayors…” Like in Chicago. Check the EU ministers of defense: almost all are women. In the US, China and Russia – men. If you want to weaken your opponent, just put wrong people at wrong place. German army now is a joke after management of ex-minister (gynecologist). In other hand average men’s life is shorter than average woman’s. Patriarchal society has tendency to defend women, kids and seniors. If to recruit women in army, they will die more frequently. Is that how feminists want to protect women?

Porc Halal

Now tell me that this whole covid-19 bullshit is not politically motivated!… it probably has to do with global warming, racial inequity, islamophobia, transgender-ism/homosexuality oppression, social injustice and other progressive/islam-ist crap as well, right?


Muslim, Orthodox, Hindus and many traditional societies are against feminism created by Jews.


Jews also support MASSIVE Muslim illegal immigration in Europe !! But if I or anybody else say that DOUBLE FACED CUNTS like you will down vote that immediately !! Because you are probably Muslim emigrant (maybe even illegal emigrant) in Europe ! So by your DOUBLE STANDARDS Europeans does not have right to preserve their countries and traditions and should become heterogenous societies and slaves of super rich Jews? Huh you filthy poisonous snake? Rules ONLY APPLY when in Muslim interest ONLY huh?



It may not be all blamed. On Jews. But the Jewish elite. Is surely not. Innocent.


Exactly…but also many Jews adhere to despising of other non Jews…considering them LOWER RACE.

That is something that is well hidden from ordinary people – non Jews.

Jens Holm

Thats very much among others too and no Jewish thing at all. I have heard very much about classifications for muslims too. Somalis, Palestinians and many Pakistanis are low ranks close to trash for the rest of the muslims unless they have a lot of real money such as dollars.

You probatly is one of those, which name European Jews as having no connections to Palestine as well and look at the color. If they are lighter in skin its not because of lack of sun.

cechas vodobenikov

u r finally correct…there are vary degrees of racism in most societies…I recently spoke to a black amerikan—he reported he experiences no racism in Russia, but a great amount in USA

Albert Pike

Since you had the Fiihrer – you might speak German:


interessting from min 1:50 on wards. If you dont like the voice switch him off – it’s interesting even without voice:

Ashok Varma

The Bilderberg/Souros agenda is to push gender wars and societal destruction, even in traditional cultures.

Jens Holm

And here we see the newest muslim ingration with Zorros for men. Its written by the newest versions of Islam. Bilderberg write it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66b60b2a613f8898685f0feba9b2f65822d7d05ae4940aa07634b38bb9a86955.jpg

Seeing women with no clothe is allowed too. But there are limitations. It has to be by a mirror and no pictures. Thats why I cant add one….

Lazy Gamer

Wow. The UN is the number one instigator for division. Man and woman complete each other and are one unit. Men are strong in some areas while women excel in others. The strength of one should be cause for celebration by the other. Somebody has to counter all this runaway liberal shittery.

Jens Holm

You really dont get the point. 80 to 90% is exact the same. Therefore it makes no sense we divide the work 50:50.

Even if – as I once heard from some muslim boys – the women were only 90% in Iq as men are, the 90% can do what men does. So why should they be forbidden or even laughed at.

And many technics has replaced fysical strengt too. We see many women driving 60 ton double trucks as well as any man. We also see it in advanced jobs. The problems here still are too much is selected by males nepotisme and women should be overbright to handle “mens job”.

And we do have the same for traditional womens jobs such as nurses and childcare in centers the opposit way around. Most men are as good as any in those jobs.

And the changes are there. The men are not laughed at anymore, if they say they are a nurse.

And back to muslims boys. We see many muslim boys try to avoid listening to our many good female teachers. Those boys even pr definition are much clever then any fermale teacher. And when they leave school they cant get an education even after testing, because they se the gender more then what teaching and learning is all about. So its very much about expectations by own traditions.

About 65% of Our teachers are women. Great parts of the ones I have to pay extra for are such boyes and also girls, which are denied education.

Our Sunni is all works and equal rights and possibilities. I give nothing for unimployed men keeping their wife at home and often with treats, so those dumy men dont get humaniliated. Nothing.

Its partly as You say. If married together men and women help asch other. I dont want to pay for both of them as well as their children. No way.




You of course prefer global Erdogan which is same peace of SHIT as “global Jew” you sleazy asshole !




Someone is allowing. The illegal Mooslims. In the EU. Who is?

Whoever it is. They want to destroy the EU. Its culture, its people, etc, etc.

Same thing is happening in the US now. With the BLM savages.


Rich Jew banker elites with Sorors as representative are paying all this and European elites are ACCEPTING that plan for enslavement of the European population !

They do not want to “destroy” EU but they want to destroy NATIONS and RELIGIOUS and CULTURAL UNITY and TRADITION. Everything that unites people in one block against oppressors ! So they want to dilute European national, ethnic, religious, racial and ANY other IDENTITY with very simple objective: To dominate nations and people more easily! They also want to destroy family by giving alemost limitless rights to women and even children now. Modern family is falling apart

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

I dont see it like that. The entrence should only be for the ones we need. And do we get real refugees, we should limit the incommers, which just need jobs very much.

Those shoukld noit be our problem, so I partly agree about the lack of limitations.´

I am also a kind of proud. The emmigration also say we are doing better then most. But true, we has to absorbe, ehat we can and have no destruction.

I see it in 2 levels. Many muslims are, where we were 100 years ago in so many things. Our changes from that has been a little by little and 5 step forwatd and 3 back. Its a quamire we shall integrate those, which think they should remain 100 years behind or take Our 100 years in 50.

People are welcome if they become 50% in first generation, 25% in the next and 12,5% non europeans in third – and for that matter non americans as well . USA is very big and in those matters more complicated then we are.


I hear you, but.. What’s been happening to the EU.. With the past years massive influx of migrants.. [Which doesn’t go through a selection.] Isn’t the typical natural migration.. It serves an agenda for the elite.

Jens Holm

It very complicated to write about.

We have a very complicated and advanced system, which work relative well by all are enegaged, which says we get our kind of freedom and wellfare by high responsability and high tax. The tax egualize a lot of things for all and its very very expensive.

So We are like a car. We can put 10 in it, but if we load more and more its not only about how many we´are or we are thick and thin. Its very muich about its constructed to a seize – and overload makes it break down.

So its about be all contribute so Our children are raised well learning to take over and later on pay for the old ones and the ones, which cant support themself. Its abput the old ones, which has paid for them and then are rewarded by a good pension for the rest of their lives.

Its the same for healthcare and hospitals. So the system works if we add contributers for that system.

It might be selfish. I dont think so, but migrations is for places, where You are needed or can find Your old goldmine or fx farming starting ffrom nothing taken from others. So those many migrants are wrong. We dont need them. We already has our own which comes first and we already has too many emmigrants extra for jpbs for integration by an income.

Its very visible. 50% of muslims incommers being here legal – even we NEVER asked them to come – dont suppport themself. They deny to fit in even we give them free hpusing, free food, free clothe, free school, free healtcare, free ecucation. Even its free they deny to try and more or less prefare to live as they did, where they came from.

Sorry for my bad language. But this system dont work if Our system has to have a lot of minus addictions of non productive systems, they came from. Ots like addding stones to bread, which had worked very hard to clean.

Today 2019 is cost us extra in estimate about 3 nbillion dollars. And thats not it. A lot of danes cannot see those diffferences in culture can or should fit in. THEY COME HERE. Our past and what we build on is Vikings, WW1 and WW2. Theirs often are Muhammed, Saladin and the Osmans.

We have taken away the old family and tribesystems making all people equal as well as it goes. 80% of them gas worked for ineffectiv family business but 80% of us work for stockholder companies. We by that are paid for, what we do – and if we dont by being lazy or not bright enough for the job – we are repalced for sonmeine better. In the other hand we also can go up in level and by doing oour jobs better getmpre advanced and better poaid jobs.

We mainly dont see that. So many muslims here prefare their girtls and women by tradtions has to be kept stupid. We do the opposite. They contribute to the family just as the men and boys and has the same limitations as the boyes and men in the streets, in school and also work under equal or are Leaders for random men not being relatives at all.

SO THATS WHY I AND SO MANY HERE SAYS: You have to solve Your own wellfare problems, where You come from and by Your way. But You has to cange. If things were fine, You would not come here…

And we do give a lot of advices from here. Maybee they are bad. Fx I many times has written: Butat least You can copy Our good parts and implement that. But we hardly see notne of that as well as own innovations. ……………………………………………………………………………..

Your way of using “ELITE” is typical for systems far äway from Ours. It says You dont have develloped that vital very important middleclass we have as well as the income tax system.

We are not plundred by the elite as You are. We do have too rich people which has stolen half of, what they have. We try to tax them and have some succes.

But in all debates You always mention poor and rich. Every time You mention USA. Every time You forget the 165 million americans middleclasses, which are the base for the USA economy, are doing fine.

Its very strange for me, if You cant see the rich dont plunder the poor, beacuse there is nothing to plunder.

Many many poor in USA are poor for 2 good reasons. One is USA dont reward incommers, so they remain poor, if they dont find a job. By that the salery for poor paid pr hour goes down. Many want to work(Adam Smidt). But this part is only in the uneducated sector, which is a very small income part for any. Its day to day meal, where people remain, beacuse they are not fit for anything else unless they fight hard and sometimes has oppertunities.

USA is pay by income and tax. So if You have no income, Your children and You often are kept low.

The other part are the ones, which from Africa and other places has no traditons for being integrated in USA even they are born there i many generations. I would say half of them are their own fault. If You instead of their lousy school system go into their trrations and makes children before they can support them and by that has no time for education and getting a better income, I dont think they should blame the ones, which dont do like that.

I also think I understand why so many americans wont pay much for those miserable people doing absolutly nothing the rest of their life. I really do.

So I reduce the USA poor to the ones, which should be helped, because they want something else. Here USA suffer a lot ´because they do have the many incommers as well. the Trump, Obama, Clinton “incommers”.

The only ways to effort change are none unneeded insommers and a systematic upgrade of that part of the rest, which really want to change.

As for 50% of the muslims here, they are fine people, but the rest might be nice and polite, but why should we pay anything to them.

So go and make a middleclass. Those are the ones, which produce and the center for Our wellfare and Your “elite” is there but much more unimportant.

If I was in USA,I would be “Sanders” but they will get Biden.

And all those migrants comming here should go home and change their infantile systems and at least only make infants, they can feed.

Right now a Danish Maersh ships is parked outside Malta. It has 27 random emmigrants from Somalia, Eritrea, Niger and Sudan. Those nations are known here in Denmark for being the non changeable ones, which we has to feed the rest of their lives. Sevaral of them also will complain the rest of their lived for, we dont do as if we were those countries and we also having verý intollerant danes, which we also by that has to neutralize.

About 90% of them are non criminals. The rest of us are 95% non criminals. So most of them are fine in that.

But we see sevral of those people exact from there fill up half of our jails and half of our women protection centers even they only are a few % of Our responsabilities.

People cant be become danes or at least being integrated well, if they dont want to. I cannot see we have responsabilities for people doing nothing and even worse. If they behave as guests and even critical for not enough sugar in the tea or too small bed blankets, they should go home.

But they dont. Those countries wont take them back even we pay them and their goverments much more then the tickets home.

Albert Pike

Global War from the Super Rich organized via WEF/Club of Rome/Golden Dawn…

johnny rotten

This earns some points even for the US outlaw empire, which covers lies with other lies, the UN does better and more: covers bullshit with other bullshit, the all-time high of idiocy.


It looks like these international organizations are having some kind of internal competition, who can come up with more stupid statement!


Antonio Guterres is US puppet and big cunt !

Nothing normal or decent can come from that Portuguese peace of shit !

Smith Ricky

umm what about Hellary Clinton?

Porc Halal

You mean Killary Clinton??

Porc Halal

I’ve heard of a more deadly contagious disease than even the famous politically-correct covid-19 virus called the Clinton Foundation … that is, whoever comes in contact with it dies 100% …


A small time criminal, has turned into a big time criminal.

(63) WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Should be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yD3o6_QGJI&feature=youtu.be


Good. God.

Is there anything the UN. Does not weaponize. For its elite?

Divide. And. Conquer.

Jens Holm

NEON liberales has to be blamed. Haha.

Honey bees are the only neoliberals in the whole world :) Here its true the semifemales makes the job, and when they cannot any more, they got killed or gets removed and dumped.

Rob Centros

Antonio Guterres is (presumably) a male. Shouldn’t he resign immediately to help fix the “problem?”

Jens Holm

The main problem is not reading, what he writes. He propose a change to the better because a lot of other things has changed by the Covid.

People here below kind of expect or hope women and themselves suddenly should run with no clothe in the streets.

cechas vodobenikov

infected your thinking apparently–what “things” Jenny?


He is “she” now or whichever of 60 genders that fits the bill

Davide Herzog

Si ! The gender is…fluid ! Today he is a man tomorrow a woman , then upper part of the body male and the lower female , another day left part of the body female and the right part male , another he can have the ass male gay and the mouth female , straight till midday and lesbian till midnight , and so on till their infinite madness….


Nicely explained …luckily it is difficult to remember what was all that about :-)

Антон С

He can cut his testicles off and change the orientation to please all feminists. But anyway they would count this is not enough.

Jens Holm

The main problem for this Forum is people pr defination expect women are very low and a majority should be raised for buyand sales going home as their private cook, waiters and birth machine for at least one boy.

Most here also hardly know women, because they are not even allowed to be with them and never see them doing a great work maybee better then them ans most men, and learn to be able to only be friends and colleges with them.

cechas vodobenikov

please Jenny—your insecurity and stupidity increases by the week

Jens Holm

Well its for Russia too. I heard less vodka has changed it some and most Russian machomen at least are sober.

Davide Herzog

Sure did you take your daily black dick in your ass ?


Not enough obviously, Jenny the Viking wants more :-)

Антон С

Hormonal therapy. Now he’s Jenny, I got it.)

Porc Halal

Covid-19 is not about viruses, science or medicine, but about politics and the control of the world’s population by a very small “elite” …

Porc Halal

the first political born virus ever…


I can’t believe it is this a true news ? !?!????!??


What idiots came up with this idea?

Black Waters

UN tool trying to create more conflict between people, if there’s something real about the bullshit that the UN just spilled is that… maybe the UN want more woman? i dunno, because they are submissive? Every invader the first thing it does is to kill the men.

cechas vodobenikov

I suspect these idiots believe that if sadists like Nina haspel, killary Clinton or some tattoed amerikan transgender prostitute managed covid there would be less HIV and syphillus

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