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UK’s Future “Super” Weapons Which Should Make It 2nd World Military Power (Video)

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UK's Future "Super" Weapons Which Should Make It 2nd World Military Power (Video)

A screenshot from the video

On January 7th, the YouTube channel “Weapons of the World” published a video summing up the UK’s upcoming “super weapons.” They will allegedly put Great Britain on top of the military food chain, following the US.

The video begins by showing future submarine concepts and showing what they could look like, with sleek designs, some of them resembling the forms of various fish.

An operator is shown working on a holographic, touch-screen panel, presumably controlling the underwater vessel.

The designs were made by “a team of engineers,” and are simply an imagining of the “future fleet of the Royal Navy.”

One submarine looks like a manta ray, while another one resembles an eel. The eel-submarine would have “individual sensor pods that use lasers.”

Taking it one step further into the future, “scientists also came up with flying fish drones,” which would be powered by plasma batteries.

One would presume that with such designs they would try to mingle with the underwater inhabitants or possibly “fool” enemy vessels that they’re simply a fish or other part of the underwater flora or fauna.

Another concept is the Tempest Fighter Jet. It was revealed in July 2018 and the plan is for it to be a 6th-generation fighter, to even surpass the F-35. One would imagine it wouldn’t be too hard, since the F-35 is plagued by constant issues.

“One of Tempest’s most important technologies is optional manning, meaning it will be able to fly with a human pilot or without one. Tempest also would be able to direct a group swarming drones, complicating the enemy’s defense and enhancing the plane’s survivability.

Another piece of tech being designed into Tempest (and likely to become standard in future fighters) is so-called “cooperative engagement capability.” That is, the ability to cooperate on the battlefield, sharing sensor data and messages to coordinate attack or defense.

Tempest will have hypersonic weapons that travel Mach 5 or faster at its disposal, presumably in both air-to-air and air-to-ground configurations. The British fighter will also have directed energy weapons with “non-kinetic effects.””

Next up is the “UK Dragon Fire Laser,” components for which arrived in early 2018 and will presumably be assembled and tested soon.

Dragonfire will demonstrate a fiber laser with a 50 kW output in 2019 tests. Laser will put a focused beam the size of an English penny 5 km away and will possibly be equipped onto future combat aircraft.

Following that, it shows the UK’s next-generation stealth hypersonic missile. The video shows a UAV locating some enemy warships. Then an operator launches a guided missile that is to strike the enemy. The missile however is conventional and fails, it is destroyed.

The operator then has to employ the CVS401 Perseus. The very-fashionable red missile is developed in a joint UK-France project. The missile is described as a “Unique multi-role, multi-Platform weapon system to be integrated on all major weapon platforms such as; warships, submarines, aircraft and land-based platforms.”

The stealthy Perseus missile is planned to have capabilities similar to Brahmos, with a range of 300 km reaching speeds of Mach 3. It is powered by a ramjet motor. The missile is 5 metres in length and weighs around 800 kg, with a 200 kg “main” warhead. In addition to the main warhead, Perseus is equipped with 2x 40–50 kg inertially guided effectors.

Naturally in the video, such a conceptually sound weapon devastates the enemy vessels.

Following is the “Royal Navy type 31e super frigate.” Despite being called “super” in the video, the type 31e is to be a scaled-down frigate that the UK wants to be able to both export and buy in numbers to eventually grow the size of the fleet.

The U.K. plans to initially build five of the frigates, with a top-line budget of £1.25 billion for the whole program.

In December 2018, the shortlist of three candidates for the Type 31e frigate was released. It includes:

  • The Arrowhead is expected to sit at 5,700 tonnes and 138.7 metres in length, the ships company is around 100 with space for an embarked military force of 60. Babcock’s Team 31 has selected the proven in-service Iver Huitfeldt frigate design as the baseline for their T31e product;
  • Leander is expected to be around 4,000 tonnes and 120 metres in length with a ship’s company of about 120 with space for an embarked military force of 30. The Leander design has evolved from the Khareef class corvettes built by BAE Systems.
  • The third bid is from the Atlas Elektronik UK / Thyssenkrup Marine Systems, it is supposed to be based on the MEKO A-200 which is already in service with the South African and Algerian navies.

The first of the “super frigates” is expected to be commissioned in 2023.

Another upcoming warship is the “Royal Navy Type 26 Super Frigate.” The Type 26 is “a 21st Century warship that will replace the Type 23 frigate as the workhorse of the Fleet, undertaking the Royal Navy’s three core roles – warfighting, maritime security and international engagement – on the world stage.”

Its program is called the “Global Combat Ship,” and it is aimed at creating a City-class frigate. Its main capabilities, according to the manufacturer BAE Systems will be:

“Versatility of roles is enabled by the Integrated Mission Bay and Hanger, capable of supporting multiple helicopters, UUVs, boats, mission loads and disaster relief stores. A launcher can be provided for fixed wing UAV operation and the Flight Deck is capable of landing a Chinook helicopter for transport of embarked forces.”

It has a top speed of more than 26 knots, a crew of 157 and has a range in excess of 7,000 nautical miles. The first one is named HMS Glasgow and it is to enter into service in the mid-2020s.

Finally, it ends with the “UK’s F-35 Super Fighter Jets.” It is questionable if it is really “super,” there’s really no need to go into too much detail about the most expensive military project of all time, which also appears to be becoming more and more expensive overtime, mostly due to its endless issues.

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First things first. UK need to build a very large scrapyard.

AM Hants

We send our $multi million refits, to the Turkish scrapyard, to make sure nothing benefits the UK tax payer. Wonder what they then flog on the black market, to the terrorists we fund?


We did send some useless APC’s to Poroshenko’s thugs if you remember AM.


They were a danger to all who travelled in them and about as much use as a Chocolate Teapot.

Then we have the recent and multi million pound fiasco of the UK’s ‘fantastic’ new destroyers that were not designed to operate on fairly hot climates. The repair entails cutting out a side of the vessels to replace the engines :)

AM Hants

The Saxon so comes to mind, before I check out the link. We had to decommission them, owing to how dangerous they were, but, had no problems gifting them to Ukraine.

Don’t forget the aircraft carrier with no planes. She had to go through a refit programme, before they even commissioned her. Faulty pipework, with serious leakage problems.

HMS Queen Elizabeth leak: Navy’s new £3.1bn warship ‘takes on 200 litres of sea water an hour’… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/12/18/hms-queen-elizabeth-britains-new-31bn-aircraft-carrier-has-leak/

AIR SCARE UK grounds £120m F-35 fighter jets as investigation launched into faulty fuel tube that caused US crash
The multi-million pound jets are being checked to see if they have a faulty fuel tube after the crash of a US Marine Corps F-35B in September… https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7475026/raf-f35-fighter-jets-gounded-design-fault-crash/


The SA80 infantry rifle was tested in action by Special Forces in the Falklands campaign. It had many faults that took over 25 years to overcome. One of them was that the plastic used in the weapons construction actually melted when in contact with the official issue military mosquito repellant .

I still have some :)

AM Hants

Ouch, fortunately, I assume the Falklands was not known for their mosquito population? Thought we got things right, back then, however, didn’t the military go through severe cutbacks, just before the Falklands? I remember the cruise liners going out as hospital ships, during the times we had decent military hospitals, fully serving the Forces.


All the UK civilian cruise ships ships and merchant ships that could be adapted to military use were, and possibly still are, given money by the MOD to build design features into the vessels that can be quickly adapted facilitate helicopter landing pads etc.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Yeah that mosquito repellant freaking works!
We had it in Iraq and we where told NEVER to get it on the skin, we applied it on the outside of jackets, trousers and rucksack.

We also tried it on those cheap plastic magazine we where issued, and it made the soft and rubbery.

But not a single person got bit by those awful sandfleas after using that Stuff


Its Deet insect repellant . I also have a bottle for my horse when there are a lot of files about. Its quite expensive. I apply it with my bare hands and have no problem.
Some got onto a plastic battery meter. It buggered that .

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I cant remember the name or brand, but it came in a soft 2oz OD green plastic bottle.
Maybe its the petroleum in the plastic it reacts with?


The military repellant I was issued with before your time was in a clear plastic bottle and even before the SA80 was issued we were advised that contact with certain plastics was not advisable.

Knowing this , the muppets that made the SA80 were negligent.

AM Hants

Will the new toys come in on budget?
Will they come in on time?
Will they be in full working order, once delivered?
Will they have the crews to support them?

Doubt it, meanwhile, how many further generations, will Russia be ahead of the game at a fraction of the cost?


Will believe the following, when something starts to happen. Not till then.

2019: The Year Deep State Gets Demolished… http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/01/2019-the-year-deep-state-gets-demolished/#more-73935

You can call me Al

It is all nonsense as usual, part propaganda and part absolute bllx.

It looks like our military design engineers have been talking to their idle – Mr Tesla.


The UK is a second rate country run by third rate grifters.

Tommy Jensen

I were the first who said that years ago, but alt media remained silent.
CIA/M16 will again become the worlds most superior secret warfare team, specialised in super modern colour revolutions, regime change operations, sniper killings and false flags to win business, with the most advanced plasma and nano technology weapons, generations ahead of Russia and China.
So now you listen to what I said.

AM Hants

They are many generations behind. Not forgetting Russia, plus, China are still moving forward, with their new toys for the future.


I laughed when I read that Heathrow was shut down due to a small drone flying in or near the airport airspace. It appears that the many millions of pounds the government has recently spent on Drone protection and the involvement of the Army , has not worked :)

‘Fiddling whilst Rome Burns’ it seems .

AM Hants

Gatwick, didn’t they shut down the airport for two days, the week before Christmas? Then found the drone belonged to the local police force?

Ironic the timing, when they are stressing ‘Integrity Initiative’ have been exposed, together with demolishing the house of Skripal? How many times have the UK tax payers, paid for the house? How come, none of the neighbours were evacuated, if it was so toxic?


It appears that the scaffolders preparing the house for demolition were not wearing protective gear either. Apart of course from , the correct type of gloves for scaffolders and the obligatory Gillets Jeunes.

I thought the US was a madhouse . The UK is equal I think.

How will all this national mania end AM ?

AM Hants

Just been reading about the ambulance station, which also has to be demolished. Yet, the Dr, who arrived on the scene, who carried out ‘first aid’, had no health problems, which you would expect, when coming across a military strength nerve agent. We are seriously led by the insane.


Yes, the criminally insane AM.


We need to form an International Cynics Club Tommy.

Its gets embarrassing when we are always proved right :)


All those engineers envisioning future weapon systems are probably influenced by the Lockheed’s culture to seek the newest technologies and produce white elephants.
UK does not have the money nor the economic infrastructure to support such ambitions, UK is a US poodle and it’s future is tied to it.

Manuel Flores Escobar

The last time Brits showed its advance weapons was during Malvinas war ( Falklands)..then they had the most modern ship in NATO the Sheffield class…well both of them ( Sheffield and Coventry) were sunk by Armada Argentina and Air Force!…aldo they lost 10 Harriers…. another 7 Brit Tornado( then the most modern jet of the RAF) were shot down during first gulf war!….


The HMS Sheffield did not ‘sink as such, it was struck above decks by an Exocet missile. The missile failed to explode, but the engine kept burning and this set fire to the aluminium superstructure. When the fire was extinguished, the steel hull was fully intact and perfectly salvageable, but they towed her out into deep water and scuttled her. This led to speculation that she was irradiated as she had been carrying nuclear depth charges (the Navy was very concerned about submarines, had they managed to sink the aircraft carrier the operation would have ended in fiasco). Carrying nuclear munitions into a conflict would’ve been against international law so they got rid of the evidence – or so the speculation goes.

What we do know is that the Argentine navy had a sister ship to the Sheffield in their fleet (none of which left port during the conflict). This had been built by the same privately owned British shipyard, and the sale was underwritten by a UK government department called the Export Credit Guarantees Department (ECGD). They underwrite any export deal involving a UK company, so when all financial transactions between the two countries were suspended by Thatcher (24 hours after Lloyds Bank had moved all of their capital out of the country) it meant the British government was paying for a ship in the Argentine navy!

The Exocet was a French made missile, but the guidance system had components made in the UK. What is war good for? It’s good for business!

Manuel Flores Escobar

NoT…Exocet missile hit Sheffield and exploded..21 crew members death!..none brittish warships had nuclear weapons during falkland war as US media told!..surely under pressure of USA!…Coventry destroyer was sunk by airstrike with unguide bombs launched by Mirage 5 and Skyhawk jets!


Thanks for that. I was unaware of the ship deal and the suspicions of nuclear munitions.

I would also add that the reason that so many sailors on the British ships were burned so badly, was due to the use of man made fibres in their uniforms that had replaced the traditional cotton and wool uniforms. The man made fibres just melted in seconds but they were cheaper :)


Yes, and the daft military logistics planners during the Falklands war thought it would not matter if ALL the tentage and heavy lift Chinook helicopters were loaded onto one civilian cargo ship , the Atlantic Conveyor, that was sunk with the captain going down with his ship.

If the Argentines had not replaced manny of their regular soldiers with conscripts on the islands, the outcome would likely have been rather different.

Today , such a war would not even happen, as the UK Military has largely been LGBT’d and Health and Safety commissars would not allow such a dangerous operation. Especially during the rather cold and nasty Falkland Winter :)

Tudor Miron

I had a good lough. English humor is still alive :)


Those ridiculous submarine concepts look as if they belong in the 22nd century.


I have never seen imaginary weapons win a war…


They do in comic boots Vertov.


LOL.. Does anyone take the yesterday empire called the UK seriously?


For scifi fans. ?? :-D
Now in reality masters :-D

AM Hants

Off topic, but, if ‘Integrity Initiative’ disband, no doubt it will not be long, before they regroup, under a different name. Love them having a hard time, dealing with the exposure. Hope the alt, media keep it up.

‘They made a mess & are fighting fires’: UK academic says Integrity Initiative fatally hurt by leaks… https://www.rt.com/news/448325-integrity-initiative-shut-down-leaks/


Dirty secrets like these have been the standard operation procedures of the UK for generations as we are both well aware AM. The problem for the UK now, is that few of the propagandist puppeteers are intelligent enough to get away with it in the age of instant opinion and information sharing at the press of a few buttons on a keyboard. If the UK does what China and Turkey have done at times, to name but two and shut down internet access, even the most gullible in the UK would realise they live in a De Facto totalitarian regime.

I must find my yellow jacket :)


This is also off topic, but I thought that you might find it to be interesting. History in the making.

Just before the State of the Union Speech this evening, there was a statement released from the President. It looks like the ever so secret files of the C_A Civil Rights cold cases are going to be allowed to be queried (within common sense parameters). The dates listed for these cold cases are between 1940-1980.

Some of the topic that pop to mind are JFK, MKUltra, …. you get the idea. I hope that even it it takes a bit of time, that this bring the entire C_A crashing down.


AM Hants

Thanks for the link. Wonder if it will help General Flynn, considering how he was treated? Plus, as you so much more under time.


The rumor that I am hearing about General Flynn is that in the end he will make out just fine. He has been hounded by his associations and business that he had with Turkey. He is in the position to be able to testify and not be silenced by Non-disclosure agreements. Apparently he has tales that others would rather have kept swept under the rug.

…and perhaps we will be able to hear them. :-)

AM Hants

Seriously hope him and his family stay safe.


LOL, UK dreams of being the second best!


The devil as an anglo


Wow, that was some real 80’s retro. They even made it extra special with 90’s graphics. What can’t a country with just Indian engineers do?!!

Django de Reynaerde

I’ve got cocaine, cocaine, running around my brain
I’ve got cocaine running around my brain … London city makes itself greetings, … ! LOL !!!


The UK has a very long and proud history of shooting itself in the foot when it comes to defense projects. Where in the US defense contractors have placed their hooks into government via a network of lobbyists and bought Congressmen, in the UK it’s usually been the government itself which has again and again killed off promising programs, in favor of supposedly better alternatives, which then turned out to be more expensive. As unlike in the US, whose DoD had almost a license to print money, the UK’s MoD was almost last in line when it came to spending, and whose biggest enemy was never the Germans, or the Soviets, and currently the Russians, but the UK Treasury. This was probably why so much effort went into multi-national defense projects. Not because they provided better results for less, often the contrary, but more because they proved harder to kill for the UK Treasury, thanks to all sorts of built in punishment clauses which made it even more expensive to quit these programs then to continue them.

So I’m sure that while British industry can design and build these new super weapons, British politicians will inevitable find ways to muck them up, cancellations and massive cost overruns. It’s what they do best. Find ways to muck things up.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Allready anouncing the F-35 replacement?

If that does not signal that the F-35 is utter poop then i dont know what.

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