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Ukrainization Of Russian Politics? Khabarovsk Protests Demand Release Of Governor Detained For Organizing Murders

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On July 9, authorities detained Sergei Furgal, the governor of the Khabarovsk region in Russia’s Far East. He was flown to Moscow for interrogation that lasted nearly until midnight. On July 10, Moscow’s Basmanny District Court ruled he should be held behind bars for two months as the investigation continues.

The Investigative Committee said Furgal is accused of organazing murders of several businessmen in the region and nearby territories in 2004 and 2005. Testimony against the governor was given by his other business partner, Nikolai Mistryukov, who was arrested in 2019. Earlier, authorities detained 4 other suspects. All of them named Furgal as the organizer of these crimes.

The investigation is still ongoing. The Investigative Committee is checking the possible involvement of Furgal in other grave crimes.

On the same day, authorities detained 2 members of the local parliament – Dmitry Kozlov and Sergey Kuznetsov. They are accused of a large scale fraud. Both persons earlier were members of the management of ‘Amurstal’ metallurgic plant. 25% of ‘Amurstal’ belongs to the wife of Furgal.

The 50-year-old governor denied the charges. His supporters claim that the investigation of murders is somehow ‘politically motivated’.  Furgal is a member of the Liberal Democrat Party of Russia, which formally remains in the opposition, but in fact almost always supports the policy of the government. Therefore, some ‘political motivation’ behind the detention of the governor is very unlikely.

Despite this, the elite group that supports Furgal was able to mobilize thousands of people to take part in protests in the support of the detained governor. They marched to the regional government in Khabarovsk shouting anti-government slogans and demanding to ‘return’ (free) Furgal to Khabarovsk. Estimates by local media put the number of demonstrators at between 5,000-7,000, in the city of about 600,000 inhabitants. These protests were widely supported by the pro-Western part of the Russian opposition, known for its destructive actions against the Russian state.

The current situation in Russia’s far east demonstrates how shaky the current political stability and the governance system in Russia. Anti-government forces paint attempts of the authorities to investigate grave crime as ‘politically-motivated’ actions and attempt to undermine the investigation by politizing it.

Earlier, the same situation happened with the detention of the aide to the head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos Ivan Safronov for treason. According to the FSB, he was working for intelligence agencies of one of the NATO member states. The Russian neo-lbieral, pro-Western opposition also attempted to paint the case as a ‘politically motivated move’ not linked with the act of treason made by Safronov.

The state of chaos, which became a common state of Ukraine since 2014, also started with the destruction of the governance system and the collapse of the law enforcement that appeared to be unable to put an end to the violence and the expansion of neo-Nazi militants across the country. The regime that came to power in Kiev during these events only made the situation eve further supporting neo-Nazi terrorists.

Elite groups and forces destabilizing the sitaution in Khabarosvk in an attempt to impact the investigation of murders supposedly organized by Furgal seek to turn Russia into Ukraine 2.0.


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AM Hants

What was it Cookie Nuland (involved in The Maidan) said about influencing the minds of those outside Moscow and the kids? Why does the century old ‘regime change script’, work time and time again? Do we learn nought?


Here’s your cookiecomment image

Harry Smith

Please allow me to recommend you read this:


Sorry, what is this for?

Harry Smith

Keep calm. Most of the protestors are workers of Amurstal’ which is owned by Furgal’s family. Russian FSB has enough experience to handle such kind of payed protests.

Ralph London

Hey AM, good news: brit govt in MASSIVE panic! Trump demands that ‘This man [steele] should be extradited, tried, and thrown into jail.’ I agree with him, and if I were PM, I would say to Trump you can have steele if you back off Assange, deal?

AM Hants

I read it over on the awful Daily Mail, whilst singing Hallelujah. Bet Dominic Cummings would put him on the plane, believe there might be some history there. However, Boris was Foreign Secretary, I believe, when it all kicked off and no doubt is not communication friendly.

It has been going on so long, hence the riots in the US, owing to Clinton having to testify on the E Mails in September. They are so desperate to hold everything till they can fake the November election.

So hope Steele is forced on the flight.

Ralph London

Wot? You knew about it and didn’t tell me???
And it looks like to me, that you wear TWO face masks? What’re you hiding, AM?

Tommy Jensen

The Brits will handle the Steele request easily.
The Brits have 300 years of sophisticated experience with how to subdue all kind of cultures.
The continent owes Britain, and Britain owes Wall Street, and they are not gonna get it.

AM Hants

Haha, just the two? Had not got round to sharing the story, owing to it being late showing up. Plus, comments bored me. Troll farm out, ignoring Julian, but, wanting to swap with the wife of the spy who took out the teenager, courtesy dangerous driving. Plus, so bored with US completely refusing to do anything about it.

MSM hysteria over Trump commuting Stone, who got caught up in the Mueller frame up. Together with MSM hysteria, over how they framed General Flynn. Four years later and zero has been done about any of it and will not get done, before November. Sick and tired of ‘Showtime’ and the masses being played.

Just seems like being a spectator on another planet and sick and tired of the ignorant masses running the show. If World War III led by zombies is what they want, well getting to the stage, let them have what they wish for. Tired of fighting mass stupidity.

Guess rant over, ha-ha.

Ralph London

Well AM, that’s all I can see on your avatar, you got in early, huh? But you didn’t pre-warn anybody.
Maybe next, in addition to dog muzzles, they will want us to wear ear muffs and goggles, or rather, blacked out ones, then we can copy the dumb morons of the SMM.

AM Hants

Haha, happy with comedy and tragedy, whilst munching on the popcorn, wondering what it is all about.

With regards next part of day wear, why does a Max Moseley dungeon so come to mind? Sure he will team up with Hugo Boss to design what we can and cannot wear. No doubt Boris will get Osbourne’s approval, before giving 100% support.

Ralph London

Oh I see now AM, you’re trying to sound all posh and intellectual by mentioning ‘comedy and tragedy’, trying to score points with dimwits. Erm, I mean less cultured? But I’ll have you know I don’t think much – anything – of shakespeare, much overrated.

AM Hants

The Avatar says it all. Personally I am more into Jacqueline Suzanne than Shakespeare, however have a naturally theatric personality.

AM Hants

Before you tell me off again, for not passing on gossip. There is a story on The Duran concerning Moldova and getting rid of a good friend of $oro$. How much did he hand over for the Moldova coup, that has now been cancelled? Was it Moldova who saw off NATO, when they were planning something dodgy at the Victory Parade in 2016? Sure there was a mega story that MSM ignored, but, people of Moldova prevented. Will have to find out more and remind myself.

Ralph London

AM, it’s cos you poss read more than me and you save me the bother; what would you say if I was on a Carribean island beach instead?


There is a delicate ballance of giving these common criminals enough rope before they are able to marshall the Western 5th Column.

Social media is the 21 century Western Neo-Church and methods of controlling neo-liberal sermons need to be found quickly.

AM Hants

Talking of Social Media, just been reading Dan Hodges, over on the Daily Mail. With regards Labour looking down on their working class base. It started with a Pizza Shop owner, not agreeing with their soundbite of the day and how the masses were rounded up on Social Media, to basically shut him down. Followed by other tales. It is Social Media Fascism that is running the world, with zero complaints. Followed by another story on Gateway Pundit. A 24 year old mother and fiance going for a 4th July walk. Come across a group of $oro$ funded BLM fascists, who were ranting Black Lives Matter. Young Mother Responds All Lives Matter. Causing an argument. Result, the nursing assistant with 3 year old child gets fatally shot in the head, with zero MSM interest.

Satanic Zombie Driven Social Media has a lot to answer to, whatever nation.


The recent events in the US and UK have shown how fickle the ‘zombie’s’ can be, and always have been throughout history.

The unthinking zombie beasts in full ‘retard anger’ have never been easily controlled.

Many school teachers today will testify to that :)

AM Hants

Do feel as though we are living in the age of the Zombie.

Tommy Jensen

The reason why Furgal’s wife has a 25% stake in Amurstal is if she didnt had a stake in it, another shithole mafioso would have it. Therefore it is better Furgal’s wife has it.

Dont be surprised by the sheeple. They always support mass murderers, pedos and thieves. Why do the they do that? Because the sheeple would do the exact same if they had the chance…………LOL.

By the way, nice job by the Russian Police!


Or ppl are bored after the lockdown and since protesting against Putler is a NO-NO they found this little frame to escape

Tommy Jensen

It seems pretty organised.
A typical liberal protest against something completely idiotic…”our rights to walk around naked in public parks with a trumpet in our butt”….m.m.


Are you afraid?

Tommy Jensen



Be no more, the Putler ending is near.

Lone Ranger

Few two digit neo liberal trolls, they should move to Ukropisstan.
Would be a good deal.
Ethnic Russians should move to Russia, braindead zombies should move to Ukraine.
Fair fair…


So Ukraine is now the boogieman government threatens the citizens with? Khabarovsk and Ukraine? Whoever thought of this should have considered Japan as a better boogieman than Ukraine. Witchhunt in Russia just like in US, hand me my popcorn.

M.A. Lamett

Russia is and has always been a semi-mafia state. I am not that much surprised.


No ukrainization – exactly the opposite: mopping up of the western supported oligarchs, murderers and spies ..


rusha has a deep state also?

Rhodium 10

People of Khabarovsk vote LDPR Governor like people of Irkust and Novosibirsk vote comunist party Governors!..the problem is that they consider that the hand of Putin’s party that lost there the elections seek to discredit them with the purpose to avoid that Siberia and Far East end up being an opposition to Putin United Russia Party!….pro western opposition dont have any chance in Russia…but other thing is Comunist Party and LDPR especially far from Moscow and close to China!

Tommy Jensen

Dear Rhodium. Murder is murder yes?? Conspiricy is conspiricy yes??
Conficts of interests between public servance and private profit is conflict of interests yes??
There is absolutely no valid excuse!

Icarus Tanović

Nice work by best police in the World.

cechas vodobenikov

in Russia they described Vladivistock as the SF of Russia due to the hills–you tube Mumiyia Trolls’ “vladivostock”….There are many North Koreans and Chinese there—this where much of the trade with Japan exists…it is expected that there is discomfort; border closure w Japan, N. Korea, china has reduced commerce, travel…likley true of this Far East city

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