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Ukrainians Returning From Vietnam Escaped Quarantine, As Land Reform Bill Gets Passed


Ukrainians Returning From Vietnam Escaped Quarantine, As Land Reform Bill Gets Passed

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On March 30th, Ukrainian tourists who returned from Vietnam to Kiev broke through the cordon and broke free without adhering to any quarantine.

The footage the situation showed the tourists who had a rest in Vietnam, not wanting to be under observation, open the locked doors of the arrivals hall and run away from the airport building with their suitcases at the ready.

The person taking the video, provided a comment on the escape from Boryspil International Airport with the words “broke through the defense, b***h, … Ukraine”.

As of March 31st, Ukraine has 549 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 13 fatalities.

The Ukrainian parliament approved the provision of additional social and economic guarantees due to the spread of the coronavirus.

In particular, it introduces support for employees and employers in the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus spread, expands grounds for extending the procedural time limits established by court or law, enforces court decisions, and introduces liability for committing socially dangerous acts amid the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

It also provides for the temporary simplification of the production of goods needed to fight the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and the simplification of their procurement procedure; ensuring the payment of social assistance, extending the period of application for social assistance and the payment of social assistance, as well as postponing the submission of reports, statistical information to the controlling authorities.

Notably, however, the Ukrainian MPs used the chance to also pass the land market bill, as well as bill that changes the banking system.

According to Ukrinform, the banking system change is called the “Anti-Kolomoisky Law” after Igor Kolomoisky, and dubbed as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s “puppet master.”

The banking sector bill introduces strong safeguards into Ukrainian legislation that will prevent the bank from being returned to its previous owners. This bill will apply equally to any similar future situation. It was voted through in the first reading on March 30th. By Ukrainian law, one more reading will need to take place, but this is already a huge step forward. It offers the Ukrainian people genuine protection against the rule of oligarchs.

The land reform bill, which also passed, stipulates that only Ukrainians will be able to buy agricultural land; one individual should not own more than 10 thousand hectares; a land plot can be bought exclusively with a cash-free payment with verification of the origin of funds; it is forbidden to buy land within a 50 km border zone; a minimum price for a land plot is set; banks will not be able to buy land plots, only take as a pledge; part of the proceeds from the sale of state and municipal property will be spent on the establishment of the Rural Development Fund.

Ukrainian presidential spokesperson Iuliia Mendel wrote an article for the Atlantic Council as a sort of advertisement for how positive both laws will be.

“Accordingly, we banned the purchase of land by foreigners until the Ukrainian people decide otherwise in a referendum; we reduced the amount of land that can be bought by individuals from 200,000 hectares to only 100 hectares; we banned the purchase of public land and delayed reform implementation until July 2021. It was vital to overcome three key fears: of foreigners, of oligarchs, and of small corporate “raiders” who, in people’s nightmares, could steal away their “sacred land”.”

The COVID-19 quarantine is an ideal time to vote laws such as the land reform, as there were riots back in December 2019, when it was supposed to be voted initially.




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