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Democracy In Action: Ukrainian Wikipedia Censors Several Ukrainian And Russian Outlets, Publishes Absurd Articles

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Democracy In Action: Ukrainian Wikipedia Censors Several Ukrainian And Russian Outlets, Publishes Absurd Articles

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Recently, the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia announced that it would block links to a number of Ukrainian media outlets, Strana.ua reported. These outlets were declared as anti-Ukrainain propaganda.

Strana reported that “ultra-right activists were entrusted to moderate the online encyclopedia in Ukraine.” They receive money from the United States, and they censor articles together with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

The situation is similar to the story with the Ukrainian segment of Facebook, which was also at the mercy of nationalists from the StopFake organization. Which was repeatedly accused of distributing “bans” for “wrong” political position.

“From today on the Ukrainian Wikipedia, any change using propaganda sites will issue a warning before saving. If this does not affect the statistics, the next step may be blocking. Concerns 112, zik, newsone, our, country, Politeka (26 sites in total).” wrote the administrator of the network encyclopedia Nazar Tokar on September 24th.

He also posted a list of “banned” sites. It draws attention to the presence of well-known Ukrainian media – in addition to “Strana”, “KP in Ukraine”, the sites of TV channels 112, Newsone, ZiK, “Nash” got there.

Democracy In Action: Ukrainian Wikipedia Censors Several Ukrainian And Russian Outlets, Publishes Absurd Articles

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Also some Russian outlets, such as state-owned RIA Novosti, Izvestia, RBC and others.

Former Member of Ukrainian Parliament Vitaly Zhuravsky was outraged at the undertaking.

“The fact that the Ukrainian Wiki is a garbage dump, and its administrators – with one-sided tendentious thinking, has been quite clear to me for a while.

Back in 2014, these bastards stupidly rewrote my page, stuffing it with outright lies and deprived of the opportunity to write the truth.

Now this cesspool will restrict the use of links to 26 sites, including very popular ones – Strana.ua, 112, ZIK, NASH and Newsone!

And this is called freedom of speech.”

The Ukrainian Wiki covers controversial issues in an extremely biased manner. And it is rather a platform for expressing the political views of the administration of the resource, and not a source of objective information.

Below is some of the content of the Ukrainian Wikipedia.

  1. For example, the site named Svetlana Tikhanovskaya the President of Belarus.
  2. In an article about the May 2 tragedy in Odessa, the Wiki declares that the nationalists were opposed by “pro-Russian collaborators.” Collaborator is a purely wartime term used to refer to those who have gone over to the side of the enemy army. At the same time, in the Russian version, they are more neutrally called “pro-Russian activists” or “Antimaydan”. Needless to say, the article suggests that the victims of the Odessa tragedy set themselves on fire – although there are photos and videos showing how nationalists poured Molotov cocktails under the walls of the burned down House of Trade Unions. They also shot at the windows.
  3. It is also interesting how Volodymyr Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko are described. In the article about Zelensky, he is heavily criticized, such as that the president for “humiliating Ukrainians” and “disrespectful attitude to the Ukrainian language.” He is also called a “defendant in scandals with offshore companies” and is even reproached for using the Russian language in everyday communication.
  4. As for Poroshenko, there is not a word of criticism about him in the introduction. On the contrary, it is said that he stopped Russian aggression, achieved visa-free travel and autocephaly for the ‘independent’ Orthdox Church of Ukraine. Although it is common knowledge that offshore scandals have long become Poroshenko’s calling card. And he uses the Russian language in the same way in everyday life as Zelensky. It also does not say in the preamble that, as president, Pyotr Alekseevich earned for three years at the Russian factory “Roshen”, paying taxes to the Russian budget. At the same time, the successes of the Kiev government in the creation of its own ‘independent’ Orthodox Church was mostly limited to religious discrimination of followers of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and attempts to seize various church properties under the pretext of restoring  the ‘historical justice’.
  5. An article about the USSR’s war with the Nazis contains the assertion that the war was characterized by “extreme cruelty on both sides.” At the same time, even the English-language Wiki is limited to simply recognizing the fact of cruelty – the Ukrainian one equates the Nazis and the Soviet troops. Almost half of the article in the Ukrainian Wiki is devoted to “exposing Soviet myths.” At the same time, there is generally no section on genocide in the Soviet territories occupied by the Germans. Although it is, for example, even in a similar article on the English-language Wiki.
  6. The Ukrainian version does not even mention such a symbolic character for Ukraine as Gauleiter Erich Koch, known for the quote: “I am known as a brutal dog … Our job is to suck out everything that we can get from Ukraine … I expect from you maximum severity in relation to the indigenous population. ” He was found guilty of the death of 4 million Ukrainians.

The staff of the Ukrainian Wikipedia are some interesting characters, most of which have some interesting ties to right-wing organizations.

For example, Evgeniy Buket, chairman of the Wikimedia Ukraine NGO.

On his Facebook page, Buket indicated that he works as an editor at Ukrainian Wikipedia.

Democracy In Action: Ukrainian Wikipedia Censors Several Ukrainian And Russian Outlets, Publishes Absurd Articles

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Also, Bouquet is a co-founder of a number of public organizations associated with “right-wing” views. Namely: the public association “Moloda prosvita” and “Moloda prosvita” of the Kiev region, which adheres to the nationalist ideas of the development of society. The public association “Moloda prosvita” closely cooperates with other “right-wing” organizations “Trident” named after Stepan Banderi, “Plast”, Molodiy Rukh”.


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gotta block them propoganda sites

Lone Ranger

Start with Clown News Network and British BS Corp…


Im thinking more like the ones saying Navalny cooked novichok in the kitchen:)))))

Lone Ranger

Sounds like Faux News…


i know, right?:)))


Navalny cooked crack. And crack is very unhealthy.


feels great though

Jim Allen

Don’t stop there, all Western media, motion picture industry, is owned by 5 Globalists, including Wikiwhatever.
If I recall they’re Groupe LCF Rothschild.
I keep hoping President Putin can find it in his heart to do to The City of London, what it did to WTC. Only more effectively.
The secret societies, as well.


Check this out; notice the date, Jan. 29th, before it was even declared a ‘pandemic’.

How to fight an infodemic – The Lancet

Jim Allen

The West is is one large US military propaganda site


yes yes of course

cechas vodobenikov

only idiots believe wiki—180 + employees funded by 3$ donations from the CIA and their 16 other unintelligence agencies, yet believed

Vox Populi

US and NATO are preparing for war against Russia via Ukraine and Putin’s vacillation in Armenia will seal the deal.

Lone Ranger

U.S. already lost the war.
They will be lucky if they can avoid balkanization.


They cannot. Trump will win in November and civil war will start. They are trying to change the inevitable through ballot fraud, but real americans are enraged. They will vote Trump en masse.

Bogusław Bogdanoff

Who cares who will Americans vote for? Foreign-worker loving Trump let in more immigrants than Obama. Both parties take part in demographic displacement of white people. Republicans want to do it “legally”, democrats don’t care. Both will result in a non-white dictatorship in the next 2 decades.

Jim Allen

Civil War isn’t the war US citizens need. That’s the worst thing that can happen. The Zionist Khazars have the people as divided as is possible with their illusion of the two party pollutical system. It’s all bullshit, left wing, right wing, same buzzard. It nests in The City of London.
A Civil War (which is why the Globalist’s are pushing it. Very good for them, very bad for the people.
The Banking Cabal’s PsyOps indoctrination program is so unbelievably effective after three generations of 24/7 intense brainwashing from cradle to grave, it may not be possible to get through to the sheeples. They know nothing else, or that there ever was. The censorship has all but blacked out any kind of actual world news, I don’t think they even know about the “Yellow Vests.”
They’ve no idea what’s going on in New Zealand, and Austrailia, and even with the Doctors, and scientists, (real credible) that have started raising Hell over Governments insistence on ploughing on with this “lockdown”, and
“second wave” of COVID-19 (SARS2/HIV) that goes against all known medical practices worldwide.
Despite their virus fizzled out on them.
The arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics are accelerating the destruction of the country, advancing their digital currency, and bio-weapon vaccines.
That I’ve learned are much more toxic than was first thought. (Deadly)
I know what Russia stated what it believed to be the way the world should run, Putin explained. Russia has moved in that direction, in all respects, and Russia is held in high regard in most countries around the world. Notably Central, and South America’s. The Globalist West is destroying the world, along with US Government, and others. Deagle.com has the de-population schedule for UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainability Development Guidelines all listed out in terms of countries, and the number of people to be killed, in a clear accurate listing. If the site is still up.
The fake “pandemic is only one means being implemented to reach their objectives. 5G, and others.
If Russia intends to have a world left that can support what it’s been leading by example, Russia going to be forced to take the initiative, and put a permanent stop to the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal.
Unfortunately Russia, and it’s allies, are pretty much stuck with doing this.
Fortunately Russia is prepared. In the prevailing conditions, time is critical, if retaining the current world economy is desired. Russia’s position on World governance is not wrong. It has no desire to take over the world.
Besides, after what Putin told Jacob Rothschild to his face, on the topic of one world Government,, followed by some metaphorical slaps to the face, he’s really no other choice.
(Crimea, the rebuild, the Kerch Strait Bridge, Syria, The Donbass region,, Venezuela, now Belarus. (not Putin’s doing) Arming all Western enemies, as he said he would. He told Trump to knock off the bullshit in the Donbass, bringing in heavy weapons, but Trump continued. Russia began arming US Government’s enemies.
That Russia’s economy is growing, and has plenty of reserves must really frost Rothschilds balls.

Lone Ranger

How can you take people serious whom are doing book burning rallies in Waffen SS uniforms.
They also teach Ukraine is older than Russia, eventho Ukraine didn’t exist before 1918.
They also teach that Greek civilisation and the Gods of Olympus were Ukrainians…
And the U.S. supports these trolls…?

Антон С

Jesus, pharaos and Buddah were ukrs also, said by ukrohistorian (professor and local academician) Valeriy Bebik. Their history schoolbook says that the most ancient period in history of U. has started 140 thousand years ago, though the modern type of humans (cromagnonians, cavemen from Cro-Magnon cave) appeared 40 thousand years ago. They should add a word “of modern” or “on the territory of”: “the most ancient period in history of modern/on the territory of U. has started…” But they didn’t, because want to have the most ancient history. This is their level – pure aggressive stupidity.

Lone Ranger

Oh my….
Ukropnazis went full retard….

Антон С

Full retardness is on the video with two young soldiers. One asks another:
-Let’s count on fingers. Bend your fingers.
-1,2,3 … 11,12… how so? Can’t be! 6+6 = 12, but not 7+5!


Lone Ranger

You guys should have nuked that place a long time ago.

Антон С

Hohols are idiots, they blocked even liberal (anti-russian) MSM such as RBC and “Rain”. Ouroboros eating its own tail.

Neo Onh

But there is no “Ukraine” – only Novorossiya and Banderastan, and Novorossiya will be liberated!

cechas vodobenikov

ukraine nazis—Azov, praviya sektor, swoboda–all funded trained by USA/Canada


They certainly don’t have the intellect of schindler the very least,not much choice in poland back then:

AM Hants

Ukraine and twisting words, with mega help from the media, now why does it take me back to 2014? Or even 2016 and the Presidential Elections. Clintons, Pedesta. Brothers and Crowd Strike.

Just reading an article on Zero Hedge, ‘How The DNC Hired CrowdStrike to Frame Russia For The Hack: Excerpt’. It brings back so many memories including Yatsenyuk, one of the 2014 nightmares.

The article is based on declassified information, relating to the CIA and how they obtained evidence blaming Russia.

So who is mentioned in the article, besides CIA Director John Brennan and why did he covertly fly to Ukraine, with a set of instructions, just before the Odessa Trade Union Massacre, back in April 2014? His visit, not the date of the massacre.

Then you have the Clinton Foundation and Obama, who was allegedly fully unto speed with the ‘Russian False Flag’, the Clinton Foundation was setting up, in order to hide her classified E Mails, on her personal server, to the media.

March 2016 – Podesta hands over his security password, to his computer in a simple ‘phishing scam’.

What was in the E Mails, besides election fraud, and media cooperation, connected to old ‘Lakeside Manor’ Bernie.

In comes CrowdStrike and Senior Atlantic Council Member Dmitry Alperovic. How much does Burisma Holdings and $ koror $ Open Society Foundation provide to the Atlantic Council?

What other significant contributors fund the Atlantic Council (NATO Nanzi Think Tank), besides Victor Punchuk? How much does Punchuk donate to the Clinton Foundation?

Did Punchuk’s father-in-law originally set up ‘Burisma Holdings’ and wasn’t ‘pa-in-law’ the President of Ukraine, when the Clintons turned up, back in 2004. Just before the first Orange Revolution kicked off?

How did Burisma Holdings end up under the umbrella of Igor Kolomoisky’s Privatt Group, which was later nationalised? What did Kolomoisky do to upset Georgie $ bro $? Why did Burisma want Hunter Biden on board and what did the Biden family get out of it all? Both then and now?

Why did old Yatsenyuk end up visiting the Nanzi Atlantic Council Offices, over in Washington, just after the coup d’erat?

The Clinton Foundation, why were they so needy with regards Foreign Donations, including over $25 million that Punchuk donated? What does one get for that type of money Bill Gates? Why has Gates so many investments in Ukraine? Whether it be bio-weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity, that the US Forces set up and also Monsanto-Beyer, which moved in to take control of all that rich, black soil, over in Ukraine?

CrowdStrike and why does Google invest heavily in CrowdStrike?

What was the connection between CrowdStrike, ‘Prop or Not’ and the Chalupa Sisters, besides Open Society Foundation and the Clinton Foundation?

Why are so many Western politicians, including Nick Clegg, in Senior Management Positions, over in Facebook?

What are the connections between Common Purpose, Atlantic Council, Google, Facebook, UK Intelligence, and Westminster? How many UK politicians and ex-Prime Ministers are members of Common Purpose?

Why are all the same old characters involved in the Iraq War and spinning the lies, involved in Covid, and all the colour revolutions/regime change scripts?

Take each story apart and exactly the same people are involved and using exactly the same scripts that have been around for centuries. They even repeat the same old exercises, such as ‘Gladio’ ‘Mockingbird’ and so many more, but, we are not meant to notice.

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