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Ukrainian Security Service Liquidated Channel Smuggling ISIS Terrorists to Europe

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) states that it has revealed and liquidated a channel smuggling the Islamic State (IS) terrorists from Russia and Ukraine to Europe.

Ukrainian Security Service Liquidated Channel Smuggling ISIS Terrorists to Europe

Photo: youbrink.ru

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said that it has revealed a channel for illegal transfer of people across the border of Russia and Ukraine, which was used by supporters of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

“The SBU has liquidated a criminal group that smuggled people across the border with Russia,” the press service of the department stated.

According to the security service, the illegal channel’s organizer was an operating officer of the eastern regional management of the Ukrainian Border Service, who covered the illegal activities of his accomplices, using his official position. The group also included four other people: citizens of Ukraine and Caucasus countries. The channel of illegal migration was used in reverse mode – both from Russia to Ukraine, and in the opposite direction.

According to the SBU, the department’s staff detained one of the members of the group in Velikopisarevskiy district of Sumskaya region on Monday, while he was trying to smuggle two Ukrainian citizens in Russia. Other members of the group, including the organizer, were detained by law enforcement officials in Kharkov at the same day.

“The special service’s agents have already found that supporters of the Islamic State international terrorist group used this way for transit of terrorists from the territory of Russia in Europe,” the department’s statement read.

Police has opened a criminal proceeding, the investigation is currently underway.

The situation looks like Ukraine has decided to close its channels of transportation of terrorists to Syria and Europe, amid improvement of Russian-Turkish relations. Nevertheless, Crimean Tatar radicals and the Grey Wolves, Turkish ultranationalists associated with Erdogan’s regime, still stay in Kherson region on the border with Crimea, as well as Chechen militants, remnants of the terrorist underground, defeated in the Caucasus, continue to participate in Ukrainian operations in Donbass region on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Turkey’s Islamist dictator Erdogan’s regime still funds terrorist against everyday Russian people and people of the Donetsk Republic and against Syrians.
And still Putin defends Erdogan’s regime at all cost. Hmm.
Putin should take that shrill Erdogan out into the streets and let the Turkish population deal with him permanently,

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