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Ukrainian Researcher “Proves” Jewish And Ancient Greek Heroes And Gods Originated In Ukraine

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Ukrainian Researcher "Proves" Jewish And Ancient Greek Heroes And Gods Originated In Ukraine

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On July 19th, the Director General of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky discovered the book “The glorious forefathers of Ukrainians” by Sergiy Piddubniy.

Among other things it claims that the flood for which Noah (from the Bible) built his Ark took place in modern day Ukraine, and that is where his family found survival and revived life on Earth.

“Noah’s flood took place at the modern Ukraine’s territory, here his family found survival and revived life on Earth.

Greeks have no relations to myths, heroes and science, this is our, Ukrainian history,” are some of the entirely non-ironic quotes in the book.

“The second part of the name of the biblical Nimrod – his clan – unambiguously indicates its pro-Ukrainian origin, and the first, at the beginning, was” nip “, which together constitutes” niprod “- the Dnieper clan.”

The Ukrainian historian ends his epic work with an unprecedented scale – in courage, the writer assures that the ancient Greek myths, and even the ancient Greeks, who gave the world science, heroes, etc., are the myth itself. Because all this is the history of the Ukrainians.

The annotation in the book then says:

“Do you still think that Ukrainians pray to gods and saints invented by Jews?

Researcher of pre-Ukrainian history and language Sergey Poddubny gives iron arguments that, on the contrary, gods and prophets of Jews were ancestors of Ukrainians.

The same applies to Greeks who allegedly gave the world myths, heroes and science. In fact, they have nothing to do with them. This is our, Ukrainians, history.

This is our truth, glory and strength!”

He further praises the ancient Ukrainians’ skills and initiative.

“The book tells about a mighty people – a people who are creators, a people who are victors and a people who sowed knowledge with at least three thousand years of history.”

It should also be reminded that in February 2020 it was reported that the modern American actor Keanu Reeves got into the Ukrainian textbooks on world history.

The textbook with Keanu Reeves was released in 2018 and recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Netizens discovered a funny mistake in the Ukrainian textbook on world history. In the historical photo “Lunch on a skyscraper” in 1932, sad Keanu Reeves (from the viral meme) is sitting next to the workers.


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rightiswrong rightiswrong

Mickey Mouse state, they probably invented him also.

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, 42 million prefare to live together cant be true when 22 million Syrians fight all the time and You are better then them maybee supported by Russian Tzarisme and Uncle Marx.

In WW1 and even WW2 they showed most of them was very different from Tzarisme and even would fight Bolsjevisme.

Now they are amputations very semilar to Russia. It no wonder so many as a contrast has become even nazis and fascits to allow themselves some ID.

It shoulf have been a normal renewed country after WW1, where is was possible. Many others did and then the Neocolinialistic landgrabbers came back all the way to Berlin.

Andwhat do I see for Russia. Even a public elected almost gascist cant be elected and are in jail even he has cleaned the Region for corruption and misguidense.


You are such an ass clown. Why do you even bother?

Even if you were to write everything in MS Word and fixed the thousands of errors, it still would not be intelligible.

Jens Holm

I just tell they and others should decide themselves and not some randoms from a crashlanding declining collapse.

I bother very much because we always has traded and have had good connections to the Baltics since before the Vikings. Tallin even means they town of danes – and the Estonias has not changed it.

Comming from a small country which also was relative big, I do prefare smaller states connected, so we instead of infighting are cousins, so we also has our own and can make it as we wish.

Today we Scandinavians are good neigbors and all are doing fine by Our systems. The Norweigians are their own. The Icelandics are. Swedes are. And between us we also have Greenland, Faroe Islands and Ålands Islands having selfrule as they wish.

So I wish the same for all Ukraine included. No more Empires and less Neocolonialisme taken or kept by force. People in Ukraine has to choose.

Ypu seemes to deny them that right or even the possibility to devellop them taking and replacing the bad communist parts, so Ukraine easy can have at least an option to change taking in the good things we have in Our systems.

I many times has asked for a voting, so the Russian/Russian part could go back to Russia. We Danes did that after WW1 and got back half of, what Preussen with Krup and Mauser took. But the dividing was succesfull and Germany and Denmark could support the different cultures in each land.

By that we today has Danish schools, education, churches and old and new traditions. Germans there like the danish way and many go to schools with the danes, learn the laguage well. There are no confrontations and we even gets more tourist here telling they are proud because they see Windpower Systems named Siemens Windpower.

Its the same the other way. We share a hospital and connected ambulances are from both sides of the border. The police are allowed to follow criminals into both countries until the German or Danish police can take over. They are well connected by Radio.

People cross that border every day. No control. Its about having the best house and job and sometimes about paying lower tax

So thats what I propose instead of all Your lack of respect for people actually living there. That goes for both Moscow and Kiev. Here You are exact the same. None of You see how low the rest of the world see You.

I will remind You Ukraine became as it became in a very big trade. By that Russia somehow has to compensate for Crimera and those 2 counties and maybee a little more.

So I do recognize Your stubberness. I met it first time in East Berlin where the Russioan there behaved mich worse then any American upperclass Tourist. Those Russians behaved as they were above all other and as if they even had invented the whole world.

I have no respect for that. By that I support to keep the russians in their own big territory never expanding anymore for territory and neocolonialisme.

A start would be they develloped themselves and very much their history books. Now there seemes to be a kind of war in Caucasus again. Who brings the fuel for free.

Captain Freedom

seriuosly, I doubt that you are an actual person. You sound like a screwed up, malfunctioning AI. So many paragraphs of incoherent ramblings that no one can bother to understand

John Wallace

I don’t even bother attempting to read his shit anymore. I know I will just end up pulling my hair out trying to work out what the F.. is this shit about. That AI bit is interesting . Maybe a prototype that failed but they took the lessons learnt to improve the next version. Pity when they threw it on the scrap heap they didn’t pull the plug.


Dude, do you have dyslexia? Seriously asking, no jokes.

Jens Holm

A very normal comment. If You dont like what I write, You dont like my language even You understand what I write and fx disagree in historical facts by self made censurship.

This is no spelling test. To me its a fast media and not a site for lawers in court or doctors in hospitals.

So my writings are doing fine being a mix of verbal and written english and also no spelling test. I probatly used the same kind of language as You, when I was 16 to 18 years old and in school.

The world has changed by facebook, twitter and like that Grandpa. You probatly prefare letter with stamps. We hardly do that anymore, where I live. My last letter was 5 years ago and the stamp was from my stampcollection.

It will come to You. Denmark is just named as one of the most digitlalized countries. We also are named as in the top about using enlish well in Our dayli life. Thats how it much later will come to Your country. Adventures from Your countries always start with “One upon a time there probatly will come…”

I just how it is. I am only proud of we are number one in low corruption and hard working teachers and their pupils build the first windpower plant and that very good system now will replace even smoke from Kutnezov.


The problem is, most of the times I can’t see the point in your comments. I never said I expect an A level English to anyone, I often make mistakes too.

For instance, I was reading this comment and suddenly you started to mention about Denmark…. Dude I am just asking you to use clearer sentences so that we can see your point!

John Wallace

No one else can understand it either and pointless trying to ask for it to improve as it doesn’t comprehend. I really mean it just doesn’t understand. I don’t bother even trying to read his mindless crap anymore. Pointless.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

What he got is called ” thought disorder ” , the khokhol researcher in the article above suffers from the same condition as well but manifests in a different way.


LOL. Mup da doo didda po mo gub vidushniye zhopmordyi zhid bix nood… We wuz Olympian Godz.

Lone Ranger

This only proves radiation can cause dementia…

Jens Holm

At least they didnt do it themselves. So many Russian inventions are cheep because they have zero to none safety for any accidents.

Kutznesof has about 10 toilets to 2000 marines and probatly can only come around in a wet dry dock.

Lone Ranger

Disney called, they want you back Trollstoy…

Jens Holm

And Your real name is Miss Foster.

Lone Ranger

And yours Karen…

Lone Ranger

P.S. they did it to themselves.
According to the UN Atomic Energy Agency Chernobyl was caused by Human operating error.
Guess whom were the operators…you guessed it right, ukrops…
Interestingly dozens of reactors of the same design keep fuctioning with zero accidents in multiple countries to this very day.
Better luck next time…

Jens Holm

I wont comment You in this. You too often invent things as if they were heard from a senile grandmother in her last days.

Just as many other things in Russia the constrution was made cheep with no safety system. Much like You blame the driver for using a bad car.

Russians dont produce bad cars anymore. Very good.

Lone Ranger

Truth hurts doesnt it Jens…
Adjust your meds and take english lessons….


He’s better off sticking to his Scythian lineage, it’s certainly better than coming from Hebrews with their scam artists like Joseph or prophets like Abraham the schizo who nearly killed his own son Isaac because a voice in his head claiming to be “god” told him so.

Jens Holm

Haha. I forgot that. Scytians certainly makes more sense then the proposed Jewish fingerprint)

Lazy Gamer

” This is insane “?

Jens Holm

Yes, it look like a try for more ID making.

Jens Holm

Thats a very thin base. But we see that kind of guessing based on harldy nothing as a normal old way to ID countries. Ukraine might need that, but thats no solution.

With no more dokumantation I can only see its true Bosperus several times has been closed and the black sea by that wass much bigger. By that You get a big ocean for Noah and his winetransportation.

My hopes for the Black Sea and improved high tech is they find more about who lived there when it was almost dry as well as people there slowly or fast had to leave.

If I look at the pushing from East I would say Poles and tribes as same kind of them arrived to Poland and spread out to Tjekkia and very much to Yoguslavia. They can have been and stayedand remained there. Next might be the Hungarians and next Bulgars.

…And then the frontrunners of the “Russian slaves divided into the 3 we see today with the Belrussians as frontrunners.

Hard to see Jews in that as well as Noah and for that matter Adam and Eva was no Jews because Jewisme was not invented yet.

Finally its true Greeks didnt invent a lot of the things they became known for. Their strenght compared with most arabs of today as well were, their culture was openminded in many things and they by trade took in already new things and added them and sometimes in a very innovative way.

Right here I fx can write. They did not invent it It seemes Phoenesians and maybee philisters did, but they did spread it out to most parts of the world.

So far its a very small maybee here in the less then 00/1000 area.

Porc Halal

There is no such thing as “ucrainian history”…the “ucrainian history” pretended by the ucrainians is a fake/ fabricated one and the vast majority of the today’s ucraine teritory was always inhabitated by christian romanians and before them by their ancestors “geto-daci” until couple of centuries ago when those teritories were conquered and massively colonized by slavs, tatars and jews…even now there is a large self declared romanian population overthere, not talking about even larger population segment which was completely rusified or ucrainized but by romanian origins…ucranians, jews and turkish (muslims) are the most despicable and horible creatures on the face of the world by the evil they had done to romanians…

The main backers of this filthy group of people ie ucrainians are the islamist turkey and israel…

Jens Holm

Its a matter of definitions. The Kiev state actually was a ong term state and Russia actually are named after Russ, which more or less was rulers keeping the state safe for the people living there.

You are right about the many in- and outcommers, but You can include them and tell what happend for the different parts.

I will remind me the alternative, the socalled Russian history book, is filled with lies, bias and creations of the worst.

So I hope they make a sober version with a good timeline for it.

A very good example is, that those new countries dont see themselves as Russia is their father taking well care of them. They all and Ukraine too had hoped to be countries again just as in west and many other countries in the world being at least much more their own.

From a military point it was a good idea to have defended the well build Stalin line. Germans by that probatly had collapsed much sooner and millions extra was kept alive.

Harry Smith

To make your theory trustworthy you have to do something with Scythia. And I do agree with you about Bucovina and South Danube.

johnny rotten

They are not the smartest for sure but they are the funniest and craziest in the contemporary world, this merit should be recognized, a prize should be or could be established just for them.

Traiano Welcome

Wait for it … The Egyptian Pharaohs were of Ukrainian Jewish descent …

Assad must stay

Lmao what a loon

chris chuba

Every bad and loony thing the Ukrainians do, once they become known in the U.S. / Canada will be attributed to Russian misinformation. Case and point, neo-fascism.

It’s a lose / lose. I am convinced that the CIA has a list of quotes ready to go for the MSM for every situation. If A happens say X, if the opposite of A happens then say X prime.


Years ago I came across a website which claimed that ancient Ukrainians were the first people to invent houses! Apparently they built them out of mammoth tusks. It all adds to our amusement and bemusement. With apologies to Pliny, one may state that out of Ukraine there is always something old.

good american
Tom Tom

Ukraine is good country. Also invent baseball.

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