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Ukrainian Researcher “Proves” Jewish And Ancient Greek Heroes And Gods Originated In Ukraine


Ukrainian Researcher "Proves" Jewish And Ancient Greek Heroes And Gods Originated In Ukraine

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On July 19th, the Director General of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky discovered the book “The glorious forefathers of Ukrainians” by Sergiy Piddubniy.

Among other things it claims that the flood for which Noah (from the Bible) built his Ark took place in modern day Ukraine, and that is where his family found survival and revived life on Earth.

“Noah’s flood took place at the modern Ukraine’s territory, here his family found survival and revived life on Earth.

Greeks have no relations to myths, heroes and science, this is our, Ukrainian history,” are some of the entirely non-ironic quotes in the book.

“The second part of the name of the biblical Nimrod – his clan – unambiguously indicates its pro-Ukrainian origin, and the first, at the beginning, was” nip “, which together constitutes” niprod “- the Dnieper clan.”

The Ukrainian historian ends his epic work with an unprecedented scale – in courage, the writer assures that the ancient Greek myths, and even the ancient Greeks, who gave the world science, heroes, etc., are the myth itself. Because all this is the history of the Ukrainians.

The annotation in the book then says:

“Do you still think that Ukrainians pray to gods and saints invented by Jews?

Researcher of pre-Ukrainian history and language Sergey Poddubny gives iron arguments that, on the contrary, gods and prophets of Jews were ancestors of Ukrainians.

The same applies to Greeks who allegedly gave the world myths, heroes and science. In fact, they have nothing to do with them. This is our, Ukrainians, history.

This is our truth, glory and strength!”

He further praises the ancient Ukrainians’ skills and initiative.

“The book tells about a mighty people – a people who are creators, a people who are victors and a people who sowed knowledge with at least three thousand years of history.”

It should also be reminded that in February 2020 it was reported that the modern American actor Keanu Reeves got into the Ukrainian textbooks on world history.

The textbook with Keanu Reeves was released in 2018 and recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Netizens discovered a funny mistake in the Ukrainian textbook on world history. In the historical photo “Lunch on a skyscraper” in 1932, sad Keanu Reeves (from the viral meme) is sitting next to the workers.




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