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MAY 2021

Ukrainian Refugees Are Not Welcome In The EU

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The flow of refugees from Ukraine to the EU countries increased, however, European governments are reluctant to accept them. This is stated in the article published on Saturday in the electronic version of the AmeUkrainian Refugees Are Not Welcome In The EUrican newspaper The New York Times.

The article notes that ever since the beginning of last year in Ukraine conflict broke out, the flow of immigrants seeking refugee status in Poland and other European countries is increasing. However, these countries are in no hurry to meet them with open arms.

“Poland, Germany, Italy and other countries where most Ukrainians rush trying to get refugee status, for the most part rejected their requests or delay the process of consideration, – the newspaper writes. – Countries that do not want to open the border for a possible new thread seekers migrant work, indicate that large swathes of territory in western Ukraine have not been affected by the conflict.”

According to the newspaper, the EU authorities allowed the Ukrainians to obtain asylum significantly less than people coming from other countries where have been armed conflicts. For example, the status of refugees in the countries of the European Union was granted to achieve 95% of immigrants from Syria and 89% in Eritrea among those who applied for such status. For Ukrainians it was only about 22%.

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