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JUNE 2023

Ukrainian Radicals Sabotage Disengagement Of Troops In Region Of Donbass

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Ukrainian Radicals Sabotage Disengagement Of Troops In Region Of Donbass

On October 6th, a protest took place in Kiev, against President Volodymyr Zelensky’s agreement with the Steinmeier formula.

Participants of the rally protested against the “capitulation”.

As per police estimates, about 10 thousand people took part in the rally. No violations of public order were recorded.

Participants in the protest are against holding elections in the region of Donbas and assigning a special status to these territories because it allegedly contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine. They demand that Russia “leaves” Crimea and Donbas unconditionally, while Ukrainian authorities should not be accepting any compromises.

The protest was dubbed “Steinmeier-Maidan” and protesters were urged to bring yellow tape and ribbons as a symbol of “surrender resistance.”

Its organizers declared a certain “Resistance of Surrender” movement, which included various radicals that participated in the conflict in eastern Ukraine on the side of the kiev regime.

Dmitry Yarosh, a founder of the well-known neo-Nazi organization Right Sector, also expressed support of the protest.

This coalition is coordinated by ex-deputies Dmitry Linko, Andrey Teteruk, Sergey Vysotsky and Andrey Levus.

“Ukraine is one step away from surrender in the war with Russia. Holding elections in Eastern Ukraine opens the door to the autonomy of the region, the legalization of terrorists as politicians and the “people’s militia” and, ultimately, the loss of Ukraine’s sovereignty. In order to systematically counter surrender, we announce the creation of resistance to surrender”, – the event page said prior to the protest.

According to the Strana.UA’s sources in the SBU and the Police, negotiations were held with many nationalists over the past few days, as a result of which some of them significantly reduced their activity.

On October 7th, the disengagement of troops was planned to take place Zolote and Petrovske in Luhansk region. It didn’t happen.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko “Russian-backed militants” fired upon the cities and made it impossible to disengage.

“The disengagement was supposed to start today, indeed it was agreed upon in Minsk by our negotiation team. (…) Unfortunately, a few days ago Petrivske and Zolote came under fire. As you may remember our decision was that the disengagement starts on the seventh day after peace stands on a particular site and there are no attacks,” Prystaiko said.

He recalled that, by agreement, the withdrawal of troops begins on the seventh day after peace is maintained at a particular site and there is no shelling. This means that 7 days need to pass from October 7th during which “the militants must prove that they are serious and ready for further steps, such as disengagement.”

On October 1 the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk agreed to disengage forces outside Petrivske and Zolote. As the next step the date for the Normandy Four meeting should be set, the Kremlin stated. Because the disengagement failed, the next Normandy Four meeting is postponed.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said that the Armed Forces are technically ready to the disengagement of troops in Petrivske and Zolote.

The October 6th protest also requested to not withdraw troops from Petrivske and Zolote. The representatives of the volunteer battalions promise to take the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and continue the fight if the troops withdrew.

Moscow has not yet commented on Ukraine’s refusal to withdraw troops. The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said that in the agreed disengagement format there is no prerequisite for seven days of calm.

According to the DPR, on October 7th the parties were to notify the OSCE of the whereabouts of their positions in Petrovsky and Zolotoy.

“On our part, this obligation has already been fulfilled. But Kiev, instead of following the schedule, decided to fill the media space with completely destructive statements about the alleged shelling of pilot sites and the need to observe 7 days of calm,” the DPR said in a statement.

According to them, “Ukrainian diplomats, either intentionally or by oversight, overlooked the fact that a seven-day calm regime is not necessary to eliminate violations and restore disengagement in these areas. It is this approach that the OSCE also supports.”

The next possible date, if these 7 days need to be observed is October 14th, the Day of the Defender of Ukraine and the Armed Forces.

But if the protests continue and if the nationalists start being violent, it is likely that even more violations are recorded and the disengagement continues being postponed.


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I am told that the Zionazi Ukie protesters for More War all went home with a stale ‘cookie’ left over from 2014, that they thoroughly enjoyed :)


The EU is getting their collective face rubbed into this UE mess. The “Steinmeier formula” is it. Then we will have the Asterix and Obelix formula. Then we will the macaroni formula. And the PL pierogi formula. RU will just sit and wait while these fools burn their budgets for UE. The EU becoming a mirror image of the UE.

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