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JUNE 2023

Ukrainian Radicals Move to Montenegro

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Ukrainian Radicals Move to Montenegro

SouthFront: Analysis & intelligence has information that the Montenegrin and Ukrainian authorities reached an agreement last month to send Ukrainian radicals and participants of the clashes in Odessa and Kiev to Montenegro. Negotiations were exercised under the patronage of the US.

According to this plan, Ukrainian radicals and participants of the clashes in Odessa and Kiev should oppose protesters physically, take part in provocations and other government’s efforts to hold the power in the country.

Thus, the Montenegrin leadership has drifted into criminal activity by analogy with the Kiev government’s actions. Moreover, it’s ready to participate in a criminal deal against its nation. The government has passed a barrier after which it’s ready to kill people on the altar of the interests of the destructive groups in the US authorities.

According to our information, not all but just a part of the US government supports this kind of actions. Indeed, the developments in Montenegro are based on the US State Department’s aproach.

We call Montenegro citizens to be careful and point out the people hardly speaking Serbian or speaking only English.

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Doom Sternz

In the Donbass we see all our futures, in the end we will all stand against this tyranny.

Черногорцы, уничтожайте украинских фашистов безо всякой жалости, они вас жалеть не станут.

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