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Ukrainian Pedophile, Affiliated To Greek-Catholic Church, Goes Unpunished For 15 Years

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Ukrainian Pedophile, Affiliated To Greek-Catholic Church, Goes Unpunished For 15 Years

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In Lviv, Ukraine, a story recently surfaced of a 46-year-old supervisor at a children’s camp who molested and raped girls between 11 and 14 years of age.

This took place over the last 15 years, and some of his victims, now adults, dared to testify against the pedophile.

Six statements were given from women who were raped as minors in this camp, which, as it turned out, worked underground.

But in fact, the number of victims, investigators say, is at least twice as many. And everything dragged on since 2005. The rapist faces 15 years, however, now he is a patient in a psychiatric hospital.

Strana.ua published testimony from one of the victims, who wished to remain anonymous.

The young woman is in her early 20s and cannot heal from childhood trauma.

The camp, where children were systematically raped for years, was created under the guise of very specious goals – to educate young people in a religious spirit.

Actually, the pedophile “recruited” children there from schools and sports clubs, posing as a clergyman and founder of the youth Christian community.

The pupils read religious literature, studied the Bible, prayed and took gifts to orphanages. Children went to “classes” every week.

Some of them were from dysfunctional families, and the pedophile used this to lure them into their “circle”.

The woman giving the testimony was brought to the “Christian camp” by a “sister.”

“This man gave us toys, clothes, treated us to sweets – and demanded closeness for this, made us sleep with him. At first, he said that this was such a game. All the girls were silent, they were afraid to tell someone, they were ashamed. And this is not a person. But the animal. How all this was combined with the teaching about Christ and prayers, it does not fit in my head. What he got up to us, filmed and recorded on video. Some girls wanted to commit suicide, ” the victim said.

Law enforcement officers reported that the first cases of rape and corruption of children aged 11 to 14 years old came back in 2005.

“The victims of the attacker were identified, today – young women. But at that time, they were still children, because the first facts of corruption and rape date back to 2005. Many of them did not want to remember these events – and they can be understood. However, law enforcement officers, thanks to their painstaking and well-coordinated work, we have collected a sufficient evidence base so that we can inform the attacker about the suspicion of committing eleven crimes, ” said the chief of police of the Lviv region Vasyl Vikonsky.

The alleged pedophile and rapist is Roman Moskovchenko, who is close to the Greek Catholic church circles in Lviv. He has never married and had no children of his own.

The rapist faces 15 years, he is under arrest without the right to bail.

11 women from Lviv, who 10-15 years ago were his wards in the “Christian camp” and whom he took advantage of in their early childhood, testified against him. The victims, as sources in the investigation said that it may turn out to be ten times more – after all, he was engaged in “work with children” right up to his arrest.

Moskovchenko, who called himself a Christian preacher, headed the charitable organization “Children of Christ” at the Church of Archangel Michael in Lviv, which took care of orphans and is listed in the catalog of parish organizations of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

This is a monastery church where the courtyard of the most influential Greek Catholic (Uniate) monastery of the Univ Lavra operates.

In addition, Moskovchenko worked at the private Catholic school of St. Sophia, where he was responsible for external relations, and also headed another charitable school fund “Sophia”.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) does not comment on the pedophile’s case, referring to the fact that an investigation is underway, and at the school of St. Sophia they have already disowned the rapist and justify that he did not work with the children (at the same time, the parents of the students say that there are children’s camps at the school).

The founder of the school, Oksana Kochergan, is also an advisor to the Commission on Education and Upbringing of the UGCC.

“It was with great horror that the school community read the article on violence against minors. We express our deep condolences to the victims of these tragic events. As Christians, we condemn behavior that destroys human dignity and the image of God in a person, causing mental trauma for life and changing the course of a person’s life. Pope Francis and the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC call on all people of goodwill to cooperate with the investigation and establish justice in the investigation of cases of violence against minors,” reads a message on the school’s Facebook page.

After the resonance of the case of the “serial Christian pedophile”, Lviv residents began to share their stories about Moskovchenko, whom the charges called “brother Roman”.

“My daughter visited his organization several times nine years ago and went on trips with him twice. After one of the trips, she told me that my brother Roman was massaging the girls’ feet and jokingly slapping them on the buttocks. This immediately alerted me.

I called him and asked, what kind of massage is this in a Christian organization. He, of course, moved out. I had the idea to inform the clergy about it. Unfortunately, I did not.

I hoped that after talking with me he would be afraid to continue it. And I hoped that it was not more than massage. Furthermore, about the trips. Very budget. Bought the cheapest tickets, rode a train with gypsies, slept in some kind of boarding school, it is not clear where, fed the children with mivina, the child returned from the trip with lice. The child did not want to go to this anymore. community. What a pity that I still did not raise the question of who allowed him to see the children,” said Olga Bagdai from Lviv.

Ukrainian Pedophile, Affiliated To Greek-Catholic Church, Goes Unpunished For 15 Years

Click to see full-size image

Ukrainian Pedophile, Affiliated To Greek-Catholic Church, Goes Unpunished For 15 Years

Click to see full-size image

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (a Byzantine Rite Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with the Pope and the worldwide Catholic Church) has been an active supporter of the 2014 coup and further Western-backed offensive on the canonic Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It also supports the pseudo-church organization created on the territory of Ukraine during the Poroshenko presidency – the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


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Lone Ranger

Your usual CIA/Soros funded ukropnazi.
Standard procedure…

Антон С

One kind of perversion attracts others.

Lone Ranger


AM Hants

Didn’t they set up a children’s brothel in Odessa, when NATO arrived and close to the ‘Azov’ Battalion HQ? Might have mistaken Odessa with another town, closely with Port facilities.

Lone Ranger

Lot of young girls went missing in Ukraine.
NAZIATO doing the same when Germans arrived in 1941.


He should join Gleb Grozovsky

johnny rotten

Surely behind the long protection of this pedophile there are the dirty hands of the obanana-bidet duo.

Антон С

The land of liberal democracy! In our “totalitarian Mordor” pedophile got 3,5 years. He is a liberal and “human rights defender”. His hobby – to make photos with naked kids. His liberal friends from “Memorial” organization where he’s working (which is marked as foreign agent for taking money from foreign sponsors) were angry. They filed the appeal, appellation court changed the sentence from 3 years to 12, ha-ha-ha!

AM Hants

Reminds me of Human Rights Activist Peter Thatchell. He started off in Pedo Information Exchange, which went underground and had to rebrand as Stonewall. Owing to UK Childcare Horror Stories and snuff videos, back in the early 80s/late 70s. Many Labour politicians cut their teeth on PIE.

PIE came back as Stonewall and Blair turned them into the LGBT and 62 other varieties movement, with full lobbyist bonuses. Blair, who shutdown ‘Operation Ore’, the VIP Pedo investigation. Why did Blair’s good mate and Defence Secretary, give a glowing reference to Thomas Hamilton, a Boy Scout leader behind the Dunblane Massacre? Why did same good mate of Blair, then go on to take charge of NATO? A peace campaigner, when Cathy Ashton, who ended up in charge of EU Foreign Minister and Defence Agency Head, was living with her UK Communist Party Lover, working as a social worker and looking after CND accounts?

Then you had Mark Dutroux, over in Belgium and his arrest, which led to ‘Operation Ore’, which Blair shutdown. Funny how the NATO HQ is based in Brussels and where are those redundant Belgian politicians now? NATO HQ in Brussels, EU Parliament, in Brussels and so many other globalist institutions, operating in Brussels, screaming out for redundant Belgian MPs, no doubt.

Антон С

Tatchell is “human rights activist” and Jeffrey Epstein is “philanthropist” (loving people in translation). Same as baron Rothschild from 19th century. He’s mentioned as philanthropist on the memorial plate.

AM Hants

Their version of human rights and philanthropy is different to ours, I guess.

Антон С

That’s why I call them human lefts defenders.


Sure this is a problem, undoubtedly connected to a bigger problem. Which probably involves Jews, the CIA and Mossad.

He got caught and convicted, great. How about catching and convicting Jews who do this ritually 7 days a week and abolishing this evil cult? That would be real progress.

AM Hants

Why are so many connected to politics, religion and Government/Globalist controlled institutions? They have just pulled a Pedo ring in France, finding around 62 members.

Why does this story remind me of the crowd behind Russia Gate? Which leads me to a story on Sputnik. Why has Nancy Pelosi and hubby invested over $500,000 into Crowdstrike? Do most public servants have that amount of cash to spare?

Crowdstrike, using Ukranian malware, to blame Russia for cyber hacking.
Crowdstrike who were given the contract by the DNC, to inspect the DNC servers, rather than the FBI.

Crowdstrike, who were given the White House Cyber Security contract, when Obama lived there.

Dmitry Alperovich, co-founder of Crowd Strike and Senior Member of Atlantic Council.

Alexandra Chalupa, Ukrainian Nationalist, working for Clinton Presidential Campaign, back in 2016 and linked into ‘Russia Gate Fairy Tale’. Also running the $ Oro $ funded ‘Prop or Not’ fake news list.

Crowd Strike, who also receive funding from Google.

Google, which also works closely with $ Oro $>

Atlantic Council, NATO Think Tank, which relies heavily on $ Oro $ and Burisma Holding Donations.

Burisma Holdings, founded by the father-in-law of Victor Punchuk, and President of Ukraine when the Clinton’s turned up for the 2004 Orange Revolution. Created by $ Oro $.

Victor Punchuk, who donates over $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. How much does the wife of Victor Punchuk and daughter of ex-President of Ukraine, hand over from her AIDS Foundation, to the Clinton Foundation? Why does the Elton John AIDS Foundation also donate to the Clinton Foundation?

Igor Kholomoisky, who ran the Private Group, before nationalisation, which was the parent company of Burisma Holding. Oleg Kholomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community in Ukraine, who founded the Nanzi ‘Azov’ Battalion.

Why are so many NED Directors (Government funded think tank) also Atlantic Council members and anti-Russia?

Why do the NED and $ Oro $ Open Society Foundation, work in parallel, wher colour revolution, regime change is required?

George $ oro $ , the Hungarian born of Jewish faith. Who openly brags about the best times of his life, being a Nanzi Collaborator, back in Hungary, in 1944. He also, in same interview brags about being an atheist, not believing in God, as he believes himself to be God. Now he runs on the anti-Semitic ticket, or seeks shelter behind it, despite having zero semetic DNA.

Why do they all link into White Helmets, Gates Vaccine, Monsanto-Beyer, US 400+ bio-weapons labs, with full diplomatic immunity, Israel Intelligence led PR Management and Tech led corporations?

Such a small crowd, but, in control of so much.

So why is Pelosi investing in Crowd Strike, whilst Biden, Romney and Kerry are focused on their investments in Burisma Holdings?

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