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JUNE 2023

Ukrainian Parliament Passes Resolution For the Celebration of Nazi Anniversaries

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Ukrainian Parliament Passes Resolution For the Celebration of Nazi Anniversaries

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The Ukrainian parliament voted to pass a resolution on the celebration anniversaries of Ukrainian “national heroes” many of which appear to be Nazis. In addition, the resolution also sets out the celebration of events of shame, such as the Warsaw Pact.

“Celebrating the anniversaries of important events in the socio-political life of Ukraine and the anniversaries of prominent people is an important component of the state policy regarding national memory and contributes to the consolidation of society,” the explanatory note to the text of the resolution says.

Thanks to the decision of the deputies on April 21, Ukraine will celebrate the centenary of the Treaty of Warsaw, which has always been considered an act of national shame. Under the pact, the Ukrainian People’s Republic (that temporarily existed on a small chunk of modern Ukraine after the collapse of the Russian Empire) transferred a large part of territories of modern Western Ukraine – Galicia, Prykarpattya, Volyn, Nadsyanie and Kholmshchina under the control of revived Poland.

The Ukrainian MPs apparently fail to understand that the celebration of the centenary of the Treaty of Warsaw will be a ridiculous and shameful celebration of the betrayal of Western Ukrainians.

In addition, Eduard Dolinsky, the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee provided a list of the individuals whose anniversaries will be celebrated.

As per the decision, Ukrainians in 2020 will celebrate the anniversary of Volodymyr Kubiyovich and his colleagues in the photo below:

Ukrainian Parliament Passes Resolution For the Celebration of Nazi Anniversaries

A group photo of Ukrainian national heroes. The circled individual is Volodymyr Kubiyovich. Click to see full-size image.

These are as follows, with all of the information being a direct citation from Dolinsky:

  • 280 years since the birth of Maxim Zheleznyak – the head of the Koliv region, the organizer of the Jewish pogroms and the mass murderer of the Jews of Uman.
  • 130 years since the birth of Ivan Poltavets-Ostrianytsa – Nazi collaborator, head of UNAKOR – the organization of Ukrainian Nazi Cossacks. As part of UNAKOR, battalions of the Ukrainian auxiliary police took part in the massacres of many thousands of Jews in Volyn, in Zhytomyr, Bila Tserkva, Vinnitsa.
  • February 6th is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vasyl Levkovich, a Nazi collaborator, a war criminal from the Ukrainian auxiliary police Dubno, an organizer and participant in the massacre of 5,000 Dubno Jews and many thousands of Rivne Jews.
  • February 20th is the 115th anniversary of the birth of Ulas Samchuk, a Nazi collaborator, editor-in-chief of the pro-Nazi Rivne anti-Semitic newspaper Volyn. He published anti-Semitic articles calling for the extermination of Jews. An accomplice in the extermination of 25 thousand Jews in Rivne.
  • February 24th is the 110th anniversary of the birth of Vasyl Sidor, a Nazi collaborator and war criminal, serving in the Nachtigal battalion and the 201st auxiliary police battalion. He took part in the massacres of Jews, Poles and punitive operations against partisans and civilians in Belarus.
  • May 16th is the 130th anniversary of the birth of Kiril Osmak, a Nazi collaborator, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian National Council in Kiev in 1941-43, under the leadership of a war criminal, Andriy Melnyk.
  • August 12 is the 130th anniversary of the birth of Oleksandr Vyshnivskyi, a Nazi collaborator, one of the organizers of the SS Galicia division.
  • September 23rd – the 120th anniversary of the birth of Volodymyr Kubiyovich, a Nazi collaborator, organizer of the SS Galicia division.
  • November 12 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vasyl Galasy, an activist of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which established the Ukrainian Insurgent Army)), one of the organizers and participants in the Jewish pogroms in the Ternopil region, a member of the UPA (the Ukrainian Insurgent Army), an organizer and participant in the massacres of Poles.
  • November 17th is the 110th anniversary of the birth of Yaroslav Starukh – an activist of the OUN, the organizer of Jewish pogroms in Western Ukraine in the summer of 1941.
  • December 12th is the 130th anniversary of the birth of Andriy Melnyk – head of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), a Nazi collaborator and a war criminal, the organizer of the Ukrainian auxiliary police units, the organizer of mass killings of Jews, in particular in Babi Yar.

According to the decree, to celebrate the birth of these Ukrainian heroes, the Cabinet of Ministers should form an organizing committee for the celebrations, approve the plan and financing.

The Ministry of Education needs to organize lessons and educational hours on the topic.

The National Bank – to cast commemorative coins, and the National Postal Service – to print stamps and issue envelopes to commemorate the prominent Ukrainians.

If there were any doubts that Ukraine has become the world’s premier “Nazi tourism” destination – they should have been abolished.

The irony of the situation that the Israeli government, the country of the Jews – Israel, openly supports the modern Kiev regime diplomatically and by selling it weapons. Therefore, Tel Aviv, that exploits the WW2 tragedy all aroudn the world to pursue own diplomatic and media goas, decided to ‘forget’ about it in the case of Ukraine.


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Jens Holm

Wrong word using celebrate any of that.

They should put flowers on the many many graves only and also remember, that towns like Donetsk and Kharkow had 30% Jews, which immiciatly was killed.

The Bolsjevik didnt take a single Jew with them, when Stalin amputated Ukraine b taling machenery and mainly party members.

That what added with total destruction of almost anything there inclusive roads, bridges railway lines and burning food on the fields and stored.

Then Nazis took over “cleaned” Russians for any kind of non supporters or even very light red ones.

The USSR came back and made revenge by killing many 1000s and sending even mor in prison, deporation and even worse.

Nothing to celebrate as different from East to West there.

I only see this as another try for dirty nationalisme of the worst kind having need of the opposite. I do understand parts of it, but its as unclever as it can bee.

We see the churh disputes as well making more dark.

Ukrainiens should build in light and for the future whatever socalled side they are on. LIght is a very producvtive and mocern cpountry for all peopleliving there.

I many times has asked for, people there voted back some 2-3 provinces to Russia. Those never was any kind of Ukrainians and the border was moved by a pen to make a Russian minority in Ukraine, that USSR could use for scapegoeat agaiunst any oppisition in KIev.

And that scapegoat makes a “no change” and everlasting disputes and worse only. Nazis and look a likes are given heavy support by that, where all are lossers and Ukraine cant be cleaned for a lot of bad attitudes and other kinds of stuff.

Flowers to the dead. Parts of people there as well as in theArabic world should remeber why so many Jews went to Israel from the KZ camps instead of rejoining the children and Stalin we see right here.

Tudor Miron

What is really funny is that Ukraine IS led by the Jews (Poroshenko fare was Jew), Zelensky is “pure” Jew. All this farse should lead us goyim and ordinary Jews to start to understand a simple thing – not all Jews are equal. Better say that some Jews are much more equal than the others :) It is interesting to see that “elite” Jews have no problems and more than that – actively participate in massacres against their own tribe. What is even more funny is Polish “elites” being in love with ukro banderites. And even more funny is western “democrats” boasting about “values” while actively supporting openly nazi ukro regime. Very few understand that actual Zionism is not about Jews and Goyims (those are simply tools to divide and conquer) it is about about concentration of productive powers of humanity in the hands of a few. This couple of video’s may help in understanding how this systems is working through centuries: https://youtu.be/5bWq-KyZ8uA https://youtu.be/Qh1c0Hn1jOA


It is fair to say I think, that all ‘isms’ including Zionism are, and always have been ,effectively cults created by bandits in order to control their devout or subjugated followers.


Good find ,Tudor. I remember looking at this or a very similar video some years ago.I have saved it now into my ‘ Oppression ‘ collection.


If this was a fictional plot in a book or a film , it would be a failure.

However the reality is that NATO supports Ukraine, and Kazar Jews directly control the pro-EU ‘Nazi’ Ukraine along with its mercenary murder gangs.

Whereas in the UK the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, is being smeared by the circa 50% of his Labour MP’s who accuse Corbyn as being anti-semitic. This tired jewish trope is because the Zionist faction seek to control all of the Labour party, as they do in the US ( absurdly named) Democratic Party.

There is of course a common denominator in all of this charade. :)


Look at the Ukrainian situation from this perspective;- Namely, it suits the ” Usual Suspects” to use their so-called ” Nazi” terrorists to carry out the dirty work on their behalf…………thus affording them a la Pontius Pilate stratagem;- to wring their hands and plead “It wasn’t us, it was those naughty Nazis”………. this is cynicism of the ultimate magnitude. This mirrors the Corbyn saga perfectly. Well what can you expect from the spawn of satan. When you are confronted with their undiluted cruelty and hubris on a daily basis, 24/7, as the Palestinians are, then you can be assured that within their empty shell, not a trace of humanity can be found.


Very true ans slowly the goyim are opening their eyes and ears. When they clamour for change in the millions with their mouths, the long overdue pogrom will begin.


It also understands a retarded mentality that Israel condemns Nazism only for the anti-Jewish part that is contrary to the power of the Jews, while it goes hand in hand with the gangs of bloodthirsty who hate Russia. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c3f7d8635fd4b90354a10e5a484050c781bad1386a8a035fd3be55f53461232.png

Tom Tom

The SS had a unit of Palestinians. The Mufti of Jerusalem loved the Nazi’s.

n a

Sadly, rehabilitating nazi collaborators is nothing new. These scumbags have done nothing to improve the countries they’ve ruined and have partaken in historical revisionism. The Balkans is just one example.

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