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Ukrainian Parliament Approved Increase In Number Of US, NATO Troops Deployed ‘For Drills’

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Ukrainian Parliament Approved Increase In Number Of US, NATO Troops Deployed 'For Drills'


On January 26, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law that approved the decision of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to allow units and subdivisions of the armed forces of other states into the country to ‘participate in exercises’ in 2021.

The adopted law allows a long-term presence in Ukraine of up to 2,000 US soldiers and the same number from other NATO countries. This is 1000 more than it was allowed in 2020. The also allows foreign military equipment and ten NATO aircraft to stay in Ukraine all year round.

In other words, under pretext of holding ‘multinational exercises’, the US and NATO have been steadily increasing their permanent military presence in Ukraine.


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DNR and LNR will drill them nice holes in novorusian soil – 2x1x1m.. No more business like in Debalcevo..




Hotter blooded peoples Soviets always smashed the traitors/fascists to ass ends of breakfast,no real need for russia todays tech either,Nato don’t rate even against nazis.

Damien C

Zelensky seems to think he’s a serious politician, i think he’s forgotten he was elected as a protest joke for entertainment purposes. Hope he’s good at music because NATO will play him like a fiddle


They try to sneak in discretely little by little ALL NATO ARMY without even being NATO member. There is surprise for ALL of them. Soon Russia will recognize Donbass and Russian Army will directly face enemy by entering in Donbass. Russian paratroopers will be on stand by for invasion of Russo-phone Ukraine(Novorussia)+ Transnistria. RUSSIAN PATIENCE AND TIME OF NEGOTIATION WITH THE WEST IS OVER !! If the NATO wants to start the war they better be ready!!! http://www.geocurrents.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/New-Novorossiya-map-1024×731.png

viktor ziv

Yup, many people from Novorossiya got Russian citizenship (including Ukrainians) and are living in LNR&DNR. They still does. So, if Ukrops with NATO masters attack Novorossiya, where de iuri russian passport holders live, Russian army must intervene. Another option is deja-vu, as with Crimea. People of Novorossiya gets election to stay in Ukraina or go back to Rodina.


I think everything is moving towards more radical option. There will be no “referendum” once Russia recognizes (and Russian army enters) Donbass. It will be instant full blown Cold War equal to Cuban crisis Russian passport holders=Russian citizens can ask for direct intervention of Russian army to protect them from Ukrainian neo-Nazi’s and occupation of NATO – LGBT queer’s.

Novorossiya will be liberated before NATO understands what is happening and Russia will be out-flanking (Kalinigrad, Novorossiya) NATO and waiting for NATO to attack


Europe’s court condemns Russia over 2008 war with Georgia Europe’s top human rights court on Thursday found Russia responsible for a swath of violations in Georgia’s breakaway regions after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. https://apnews.com/article/europe-georgia-salome-zurabishvili-moscow-russia-854c37a67adc9cda0920a00e931efc09




Didn’t PAVLOV (pro Zivot, not Jakov and his house!) win in Kryvyi Rih (Rog)? So Dnipro in play, and from personal experience, Kirovograd city and all but the northwest rim of rural counties in Kirovograd Oblast (really, the old name also is being used here in real life). Nikolaev in the west (labeled in the lime green ne Odessa) is at about the same level of support for good Russia relations as Donbass. That is just subjective experience.


I am not an expert on Russia or Ukraine relations and this is certainly not the place or the moment to enter complexity and all the intricacies of Russian social cohesion in different regions

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I’m sure the leaders of the Donbass (DPR/LPR) could authorize 250, 000 Russian soldiers into Ukraine on exercises if ever the need arises or is required.

cechas vodobenikov

ukraine blyads need customers


chechas mom will be very busy

Harry Smith

Looks like “Outside The Wire” is a preplanned scenario for Ukrops.


Outside the barbed wire of Russian gulag

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