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Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

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Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Written by Ben Norton; Originally appeared at The Gray Zone

Ukrainian fascists who previously fought in a US-backed neo-Nazi militia joined the anti-China protests in Hong Kong, sharing their tactics and showing off their tattoos.

Neo-Nazis from Ukraine have flown to Hong Kong to participate in the anti-Chinese insurgency, which has been widely praised by Western corporate media and portrayed as a peaceful pro-democracy movement.

Since March 2019, Hong Kong has been the site of often-violent protests and riots that have run the city’s economy into the ground. The US government has funded many of the groups leading the pro-Western and anti-Beijing movement, and opposition leaders have coordinated closely with conservative political figures in Washington like Marco Rubio and Steve Bannon, lobbying for sanctions and other punitive measures against China.

Numerous delegations of far-right groups from across the world have traveled to Hong Kong to join the violent insurgency against Beijing, in which secessionists have attacked police with bows and arrows, shot gasoline bombs out of catapults, and burned numerous people alive.

With their flamboyant waving of US and British colonial flags and tendency to belt out the American national anthem on megaphones, anti-China separatists in Hong Kong have made themselves a magnet for the US far-right. Staff of the website InfoWars, right-wing social media personality Paul Joseph Watson, and the ultra-conservative group Patriot Prayer are among those who have made pilgrimages to the protests.

The latest collection of extreme-right activists to reinforce the ranks of the Hong Kong separatists are from Ukraine. They call themselves Gonor and have tattoos on their upper torsos with undeniable symbols of white supremacy and neo-Nazism.

These extremists previously fought in a notoriously brutal neo-Nazi militia called the Azov Battalion, in Ukraine’s war against pro-Russian militants.

The Azov Battalion is an explicitly fascist paramilitary group that organizes around neo-Nazi ideology. After a Western-backed 2014 coup against Ukraine’s democratically elected government, Azov was incorporated into the Ukrainian national guard. It has received support from the US government, which has armed and advised the neo-Nazis in their fight against Moscow.

Azov has also helped train American white supremacists, who have plotted terrorist attacks back at home in the United States.

While Western governments and corporate media outlets portray China as an authoritarian regime that treats Hong Kong like a colony, these violent Ukrainian fascists took advantage of the region’s autonomy to gain entry through its borders. It is unlikely they would have been admitted to mainland China, or to the Western European countries that routinely refuse visas to political extremists.

The presence of Ukrainian regime-change activists in the Hong Kong protests is further evidence of the alliances that anti-Chinese activists in Hong Kong are building with other right-wing, US-backed movements around the world, sharing tactics to weaken and destabilize countries targeted by NATO.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Ukrainian fascists join Hong Kong insurgency

On December 1, the far-right activist Serhii Filimonov posted photos on Facebook showing himself and three Ukrainian friends upon their arrival in Hong Kong. The images were accompanied by the anti-Beijing’s unofficial slogan: “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong!!”

Stand With Hong Kong is also the name of a Western-backed organization that has been lobbying the governments of the US, Britain, Germany, Canada, and Australia to impose sanctions and take punitive action against China.

In a video they posted on social media, the Ukrainian white supremacists revealed that they had obtained a press pass, misleadingly portraying themselves as journalists.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Joining Filimonov on the trip to Hong Kong was a notorious extreme-right Ukrainian activist who goes by the name Maliar. Maliar is popular on Instagram, under the name xgadzillax, where he has more than 23,000 followers. (Maliar has a distinctive scar on the left side of the neck, which makes him easy to recognize in photos.)

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Besides the swastikas inked into his skull, Maliar had the Nazi symbols tattooed on his right leg, next to an algiz rune, another common white supremacist emblem.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Several photos show that at least two of the Ukrainian fascists in Hong Kong have tattoos reading “Victory or Valhalla,” the title of a compilation of writings by the notorious American white supremacist David Lane, whose neo-fascist terrorist group The Order murdered a liberal Jewish radio host and planned more assassinations of left-wing Jews.

Several photos show that at least two of the Ukrainian fascists in Hong Kong have tattoos reading “Victory or Valhalla,” the title of a compilation of writings by the notorious American white supremacist David Lane, whose neo-fascist terrorist group The Order murdered a liberal Jewish radio host and planned more assassinations of left-wing Jews.

Lane, who was convicted to 190 years in a US prison for numerous crimes, created the most famous white supremacist slogan, known as the 14 Words — which inspired the name of another Ukrainian neo-Nazi group called C14.

Filimonov, who also has a large following on Instagram, where he uses the name Sunperuna, published a photo showing the phrase “Victory or Valahalla” emblazoned on his chest.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

The book “Victory or Valhalla” is dedicated to “Aryankind.” In its pages, its author says he is committed to preventing the “imminent extinction facing the White Race” and the “Judeo-American/Judeo-Christian murder of the White race.” The screed is replete with homages to Nazis, and the back cover shows a photo of Lane’s body in his coffin, wrapped in a Confederate flag.

These Ukrainian fascists were such fans of the book that they permanently tattooed its title on their bodies.

Maliar, the other member of Gonor who joined the Hong Kong protests, has “Victory or Valhalla” inscribed conspicuously on his neck.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Journalist Morgan Artyukhina identified another member of the far-right Ukrainian contingent in Hong Kong as Serhii Sternenko. Artyukhina noted that Sternenko is a former leader of the Ukrainian fascist group Right Sector, which burned down a trade union building in Odessa during the 2014 coup, killing 42 people.

Neo-Nazis take campus

On December 2, the Ukrainian fascist visitors posted photos of themselves on the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), a site of violent protests.

PolyU has been a crucial base of operation for the separatist uprising. A total of 3,989 petrol bombs, 1,339 pieces of explosives, and 601 bottles of corrosive liquid were recovered at the school, as of December 2, according to reports.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Serhii Filimonov (the first on the left in the photo above) has faced legal troubles in the past, appearing in court for allegedly brawling with police.

The photos Filimonov posts on social media make two things abundantly clear: He is a Nazi and wants as many people as possible to see him shirtless while bearing heavy weapons.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Other members of Gonor have published photos on Instagram holding guns.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

A video posted on Instagram in 2015 shows Maliar and a friend in a “White Rebel” Confederate flag t-shirt surrounded by guns and tasers.

Gonor’s symbol draws on many of the same far-right ultra-nationalist themes, with three white knives centered on a black flag.

Gonor’s Telegram channel offers members a front row seat to an orgy of violence. It has published dozens of videos of Hong Kong insurgents, heroizing them for shooting arrows and carrying out brutal attacks on state security forces.

Both Filimonov and Maliar previously fought in the US-backed neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. Maliar has posted photos on Instagram showing the two armed and in military uniform, wearing Azov patches.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

And Filimonov has published several photos showing him and his friends wearing Azov t-shirts.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Ukrainian regime-changers build networks with Hong Kong secessionists

Despite all of this publicly available evidence demonstrating the open fascism of the Ukrainian hooligans in Hong Kong, the Kiev-based Free Hong Kong Center published a statement on Facebook defending and whitewashing Gonor.

The organization confirmed that the extremists did indeed fight with Azov “during the first period of the war” against pro-Russian separatists, but claimed that they have been unaffiliated since 2015.

The Free Hong Kong Center described the neo-fascists as “activists of the Revolution of Dignity and as well as veterans of the defending war with Russia.” Absurdly, the center declared that they “assured us they are really against nazism and another kind of alt-right ideology.”

“A lot of people were disappointed by the tattoos of these guys,” the Free Hong Kong Center conceded. But they insisted “that all symbols are from Slavic paganism.”

The Free Hong Kong Center is a project of an NGO called the Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine. In addition to building links with anti-Beijing forces in Hong Kong, the project says its mission is to “counter Chinese threats to Ukraine.”

The Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine is a pro-European Union advocacy organization which is a member of the European Liberal Youth and the International Federation of Liberal Youth, both of which are funded by the EU.

The main coordinator of the Free Hong Kong Center is a Ukrainian activist named Arthur Kharytonov, who is also the president of the Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine. Kharytonov was deeply involved in the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, which led to the 2014 US-backed coup. He then set up the league in 2015.

Kharytonov and his organization have been frequently amplified in US government-funded Ukrainian media outlets such as Hromadske. In these softball interviews with a highly sympathetic press, Kharytonov likens the anti-Russia protests in Ukraine to the anti-China protests in Hong Kong, and calls for closer bonds between them.

Kharytonov and these Western government-backed organizations are part of a growing network of Ukrainian regime-change activists who are organizing with secessionists in Hong Kong, holding and sharing insurgency tactics.

As the US and NATO-led unipolar hegemonic order that has dominated the world since the end of the Cold War begins to crumble, and as a rising China and Russia seek to restore a multipolar global system, Washington and European nations are constructing a latticework of movements to undermine their adversaries on their frontiers.

This global network is marketed as the advance guard of global liberalism, but as events from Ukraine to Hong Kong have revealed, fascism is festering at its base.

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PLA please!


It’s getting more serious now..! Hong Kong’s “peaceful pro-democracy movement” gets help from Ukraine. Ukrainian troops parade on the streets of hong kong”: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c9e2d9b4086e20229e6b2c9b5a43d246f331b131e5fd42335f9e5af177bf04d2.gif

Hasbara Hunter

It’s getting more bizarre by the day….one good thing about it:



Well said, HH, and the last few months if US attempts to create mayhem in non-aligned US nations are indicative of a planned US operation. For example, the Bolton boast earlier this year that the ‘Iranian regime ( elected government) would fall by the end of 2019’.

China’s patience will be rewarded by the defeat of US/UK imperialism with a fair wind.

Hasbara Hunter

The AngloZioNazi-Parasites are desperately in need for a new host to suck bone-dry…they will continue doing this until they found a new victim…Them Russians had a good answer in the Venezuela case…just send a contingent of Russian troops to keep AngloZioNazis out…

Tudor Miron

“Technology transfer”.


Very true.


This is nothing new. Last year one Serb servant of Soros and NED was cought in Cairo during the riots. Another example are Georgians in Ukraine during the Maidan coup and also later etc. etc.. So U.S. is using those “color revolution” mercenaries for quite some time already all over the place. Why don’t they go to Moscow and see how’s that going to work out for them. Specially with that “PRESS” pass they use.

Tudor Miron

They are here. Ukrainian citizens were spotted numerous times during those weak maidan attempts in Moscow last summer.


Yes I saw them on photos …in reports. I remember a young guy from Ukraine who said openly that he came to the demonstration to change “regime” in Russia. If Russia dosn’t have adequate laws to put people like him behind bars immediately and deport him after that out of Russia. With permanent interdiction to ever come back to Russia again. But these extremist clowns from article, these Hong Kong color revolution tourists are mach more dangerous.


Nazis, uh…… where, I dont see an Nazi at all, what I do see is idiots claiming they are National Socialists, and people actually belive this, when the same people arent mentioned with an single line in the western MSM but the alt sites swallowes everything with hook, sink and line, intresting, because to me, this are everything, but not nationalists, and is used by the Western Gov to create chaos, dont so many times it gets blury. They, children with tatoots, witch for me is an sing of pre-mature mentality, and their cause is to fight enemys, not to restore their own nation, when you attack your own, you are everything but an nationalist, no matter whom the people inside your land is, just take an look at Bolivia, where the same mentality is pimping unhinged racism against 3/4 of the Bolivian people and on top of it claims they are nationalists. Huh. Hurmf, and this morons are lead by Jews, and somehow that slips the medias protraying of this idiots, and the backing of Al-CIAda and the others aka Mossad whom arms them to MI6, and even the EU, whom on top of that dont want the Orcs to join because they know this people are plain nutts, and rotten to their bone marrow. Then when you ask them, what nationalism, like the so called alt-right or rightwinged, whatevers, in Norway, the people burning the Quran, SIAN, against Muslim invasion, but somehow, the same people are die hard friends of ISISrael and try to ask one of them about Palestinians and they punch you in the face, and the same people where extatic when the UssA attacked muslim nations, and they are stil refusing to admit anything, incl the massive influx of refugees, and deines their own role in this run ups to all this decades of wars, in 7 Islacim nations, all wars based upon lies witch most of us knows, but the uh….. neo-nazis refuses to acknolwedge.

There are times I wounder how f….. stupid are people, igorant is one thing, but stupidity is much worse, or simply blinded by years of western propaganda, and then we get this.

I agree with the coment of Hasbara H. they dont even hide it any more, its smack in the open and dont belive for an second Trump is going to be an saviour, that, is an grand ilution, He will be the death angel of our nations and lifes, the same Gov whom have run this wars, are now expanding them, and the MSM is with them, HK is just an sympthome of the cancer indused by the Tribe and Trump will never be anything but their pathetic loudmouth bitch. The weird thing is, regarding this so called Neo-nazis, is their hate of the Russians whom originally was and stil is Slavic and Finnish, along with others since it became an hughe nation, the idiot propaganda is what drives this people to do so, like in Norway, they scream about Russians is coming all the time, but the same people hate Finns, you can call em Pakis, and they will just shurg it off, but call em Finns and they will attack you, I know all about that, and the same eh… rightwinged are like other qujones just pack animals, alone they are nothing, and I also know about that to, since I attack, instatly, no matter how large of an pack the so called viking idiots and this goes to Pakis etc to, are.

Even the histroy they drool is lies (the viking nonsense since they are by large Khazars, like StoltenBerg etc, etc), and this so called Nazis is just an pack of idiots, payed to behave like this, because in reality they are just whores for the western powers, mercs, nothing else, and I bet most of them have never had an real job. I look at them and sees nothing, only young delutional humans, in fact I feel sorry for them because when the purge comes, they will run, like the “vikings” in Norway, just say its an wulf outside and they dont even come out of their houses, they are the ones whining about animals, incl bear and wolfs, hehe, jesus they are f….. wimps, but have no problems with kicking in the face of their own poor and sick, in this PC-infested times, like this Orcs, no brain, no guts, no nothing but violence.

The Russians would simply wipe them out, shooting women and children like their heroes the Jews, dont say anything about been warriors, but when real men comes, armed, they will run. I have nothing but contempt for this so called Nationalists. And I recomend the Chines to hunt them down and impale the alive infront of the UssA ambasy. This scums deserve nothing less, happy hunting. Thats why I try to tell the true Finns, you can dick with whom ever you want, incl the Yankikes, but never dick with the Russians, and they will never dick with us, because we are indeed from the same background since time immemorial, its the lastes centurys that have changed it, due to crusades by the catholics and then the khazars, and our breed is been watered out, I have nothing but respect for the Russian people, along with my own, they where lead astray as we where.

And is comeing back to be what they have been, an empire.



Well said.


Agreed, these are not nationalists, they are volunteer agents of chaos. And likely you are right too about them being commandeered by the Khazarian cabal behind the scenes. In fact, I’d not fall of my chair if one or two of these fighters turned out to be actual israelis, the MO is correct and the blood lust fits.

Karen Bartlett

I like your comment a lot, except I would change “Jews” to Israelis. And if a Jew is a Khazar, it doesn’t matter because Jewishness isn’t determined by genetics, but by religious authorities, according to religious law itself: https://youtu.be/-I9O9RWqdgk?t=527

Karen Bartlett

P.S. This Rabbi in the video is Anti-Zionist. There are many Anti-Zionist Jews, here is another Rabbi who is Anti-Zionist, and why? Because Zionists deny God and the Jewish religion, and because Zionists are like Nazis, completely amoral: https://youtu.be/BBG4biWkT3k?t=44

Karen Bartlett

Further, on the occupation of Palestine:https ://youtu.be/_0Oih7oaPfE?t=26




For Germany. For Germans who still want to be German. For Humanity.

“Sorrow is knowledge; they who know the most, must mourn the deepest o’er the fatal truth, the Tree of Knowledge is not that of Life.”

—Manfred BYRON



(Inspired by the description of the condemnation of Louis XVI)

This book spans the time between 600 BC and the present day, and yet is also a personal journey. By re-interpreting some of the defining moments of history, it tells a terrible story of deception and self-deception; of absurd claims substantiated and pretensions realized, and of worthless beings which have suc- ceeded in dominating the planet through their control of an intrinsically worth- less medium of exchange: money.

Read this book, and all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

In earlier times, there existed a people’s movement. It was, on the one hand, a political, on the other hand, a völkisch (ethnic), populist movement. Today, there are no longer any people’s movements, mainly because there are hardly any cohesive peoples left. There exists only the system. The foundation of this system rests on post-1945 re-education, whose symbol is a kind of hologram, that is to say, a projection. According to this projection, Germany and the Ger- mans were guilty of a particular crime against these beings. The system de- mands, among other things, that all people without exception acknowledge this crime as without comparison and pay tribute to it, by humbling themselves constantly before innumerable shrines to its commemoration, and that Ger- many must eternally pay compensation in various ways, sometimes to the sur- vivors of the crime, of which there seems to be an inexhaustible supply, and sometimes by giving U-boats to Israel.

Whoever rebels against this coercion is punished, imprisoned. He is accused of having denied the projection. Although the accusation of denial is nonsense, as one cannot deny what one does not hold for truth, the concept of “denial” has been upheld.

So it’s about a Belief, just as in the 16th century Protestants were persecuted by Catholics. It’s the modern world-embracing, universally-adhesive religion. Projection-deniers must be punished in order to maintain the system.

Those who reasonably ask for an explanation are rejected on the grounds that the projection cannot be judged, as it has already been judged. Its notoriety (“common knowledge”) has been declared, otherwise Germany is innocent. To propose putting the projection on trial, in whatever way, is a step back towards National Socialism; it would be against the concept of the Federal Republic of Germany, because it places the existing order in the dock. After all, the projec- tion could be discovered to be an invention, if it is put on trial, it could be a lie. Or rather it would be considered to be unproven, until its actuality is proved.


But if the projection is declared to be null and void, what becomes of the system?

This is the purest logic. As re-education has undermined all the foundations of National Socialism, the possibility that the principles of this re-education could be fraudulent implies that the system could be guilty and that the era of National Socialism was not as bad as it is incessantly represented to be. So the system’s “justice” requires imprisonment instead of a just procedure; the sys- tem could not afford to allow the tenets of re-education to be called into ques- tion.

So, since the Nuremberg Trials the principal enemy of truth has mutated and evolved to the extent that the German State itself has been compelled for its own sake for 70 years to maintain a hypocritical system, whose exposure would call into question, not only the legitimacy of the entity called “The Fed- eral Republic of Germany,” but also its entire administrative structure as well.

Nearly all Western countries are caught in the same predicament. Even if they are not responsible for this alleged capital crime, they have paid lip service to it since 1945 and may therefore not free themselves from it.

The Author, February 2016


his dog is a labrador. Seldom barks and is good natured, like most labradors. Now and then, I join its owner for one of his daily rounds to air the animal. He’s a Jehovah’s Witness. Initially, he did his duty by trying to convert me, but I told him that I don’t believe in any- thing I can’t see, so he gave up.

If I needed to worship anything, it would be trees. Trees have this in com- mon with a folk culture and a manufacturing economy: both are rooted in the ground and so are stable. A seasonal or service economy, supplying a mayfly community of consumers, is unstable.

Any tree is worth countless consumers, as they rarely provide anything be- neficial. What they can and often do is to destroy trees. It takes a subhuman with a chainsaw only seconds to cut down what has taken maybe hundreds of years to grow. Picture an oak. This admirable tree stands on a hill and affords a majestic view. Its furrowed trunk towers into the sky. It has seen more sea- sons than any person. It has withstood countless winter storms. Its presence is ennobling even when leafless. It doesn’t have to do anything, it just is. Then along comes a consumer (an organism that obtains what it craves by helping itself to other organisms) with a saw and cuts it down for boards or even for firewood. Which would you rather have, the organism or the oak?

Leading on from the consumer, don’t speak to me about the dignity of man. I haven’t seen a dignified human for a long time, if ever. That is because dignity implies personal responsibility. The Dignity of Man is just like the Rights of Man, an artificial concept, invented by artificial, cosmopolitical bodies like the U.N. or the Court of Human Rights, to displace national laws; intangible clap- trap intended to usurp established rights. Based on the fraudulent Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme of 1789, they exalted the empty excitations Liberté, Frater- nité, Egalité. If the right to clean air and water is not guaranteed, and to freedom of speech and assembly, of what use are these sonorous declarations?

“Books are not memorials of the past,

but weapons

of the present age.”

—Heinrich LAUBE



Tudor Miron

What is really amusing to me is that those creatures are talking about “independence”! Since 2014 Ukraine is constantly standing in a doggy style position being openly governed by foreign powers. Level of sovereignty diminished to non existent. Yet, they brag about independence and dignity…

Karen Bartlett

Just because they use the Confederate flag does not mean the Confederate States of America was white-nationalist or racist. And while white nationalists were present in the Charlottesville protests against removing a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee, most of the protesters were not white nationalists and were not violent. Blumenthal in his article also calls Antifa “anti-racists” instead of Antifa, which has used violence in their demonstrations. Black Lives Matter is also violent and its adherents have killed cops in Dallas in 2016 and Baton Rouge in 2017, for example. Fascism can be both “right” or “left-wing” and no group or ideology has a monopoly on whether violence is used to press their point. See “Left-wing fascism” on Wikipedia.

Karen Bartlett

Further, while Mr.Trump may support white nationalist movements, he is not a Southerner and never was-he’s a Yankee. He has no loyalty to the South and rather is an admirer of Lincoln. He exactly follows Lincoln’s program of sanctions against free trade as punishment for not “toeing the line” of the federal gov’t of the US, and supports a “strong” federal government which in a despotic manner controls the U.S. and tries to control other countries as well.


Well said – you’d never learn that at school.

Karen Bartlett

Thank you, sir. You must be a Southron. Deo Vindice! [><] (Two good resources for anybody on here who wants to learn about the Southern Confederacy and it's attitude to US imperialism are the Abbeville Institute-abbevilleinstitute.org- and the Sons of Confederate Veterans website-official.Both have lists of books, lectures, articles, videos and other documentation about the "Civil" War in the US and more.)


Thanks, not a southron, not even american, but I have heard trickles of information about the “civil” war and how it might not be what we’re told. Thanks for the link, I’ll follow it up.

AM Hants

Check out ‘Hilary’s America’, the documentary by Dinesh D’Souza. Well worth viewing and as you say, not everything is as told.

Karen Bartlett

Well, it’s good to know that people from other countries are interested in the truth about the War. If you want a concise account of the events, the single most informative account that I know of is “Slavery Was Not the Cause of the War Between the States: the Irrefutable Argument” by Gene Kizer, Jr. (2014) Charleston Athaenaum Press, Charleston: SC.It includes a treatise by Charles Ramsdell written in 1930 called “Lincoln and Fort Sumter” which details the events leading up to the start of the War. There are many other books as well, such as “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas J DiLorenzo, Ph.D. Both are well researched with documentation. Both books are available on Amazon.com/books.

Icarus Tanović

Glad to see that you shown your real master, and for who you are working for and which politics. USA and CIA.

AM Hants

Anybody surprised? Who was behind the Maidan and the creation of the Ukraine Nanzis? The same crowd behind the Hong Kong protests. Didn’t the NED turn up in Hong Kong, back in the days that UK Prime Minister and Common Purpose Member, John Major, gave his Common Purpose mate, Chris Patten (who went onto become the Chairman of the BBC Trust, having to leave when Jimmy Saville took over the tabloid headlines), the position of Hong Kong Governor. Why did Major politicalise the position? Why did he place a Common Purpose Member into the role?

Anybody remember how The Maidan was planned out? Over on Stalker Zone, there is a nice article, going back to 2013, when McCain came to town and they were trying to get The Maidan up and running. Funny, but, something similar happened in Georgia, do believe it was September, when the McCain Foundation came to town, to discuss events? Now why did John McCain, who is seriously anti-Russia, send a begging letter to the Russian Embassy in New York, when he needed funding for the US Presidential Election Campaign, back in 2008? Kerry was also running for President and wasn’t his good mate Devon Archer, of the Burisma scandal, his financial mentor, at the time?

McCain and US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, looking down on The Maidan. Remember the ‘Nuland-Pyatt F* EU Phone Call’?

McCain and friends, during the 2013 Maidan Meeting:



McCain’s best friend Lindsey Graham and look how pleased (by the stain on his trousers) he is to see his ISIS buddies? Or are they Al Qaeda/Daesh/White Helmet or whatever they are called today, friends?

Back to the Stalker Zone Article, which is well worth reading, especially when you look at who is behind the crowd in Hong Kong and the roles they play in regime change scripts, involving Clinton Foundation, McCain Foundation, Soros Open Policy Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy NGO, White Helmet NGO funded by the tax payers etc, etc, etc,


Crimea Will Be Russian: SBU Bugging Reveals Secrets of Euromaidan’s “Last Supper”…

‘…Yatsenyuk: “I know many oligarchs, and now almost all of them are against Yanukovych. You know why? Power has changed in Ukraine. The oligarchs of the Kuchma era lived well. Pinchuk, Zhevago, and others. Power changed, Yushchenko came, they continued to live well. After Yushchenko, Yanukovych came. And the good times for these oligarchs are over. New oligarchs came – ‘family’. Now a 26-year-old boy buys all media in Ukraine. He makes money, billions. Nobody knows on what. It seems like everything’s clean. But everyone knows it means ‘connections’. So the oligarchs now say – it has to stop, we lose money. Because they’re afraid of losing their assets. They understand that if we go to Russia, Russian oligarchs with their assets will enter the arena, and then the price of Ukrainian assets will fall.” McCain: “I have another question – Yuliya Tymoshenkon (Gas Princess). We believe she should be allowed to go to Germany for treatment. How important is the problem of Yuliya Tymoshenko (Gas Princess) now, in this situation? Where does her problem stand in terms of importance? After the change of government? Or are you solving this issue in parallel, now? What is her place in our scenario?”…’



Similar meeting in Georgia, September 2019, no doubt discussing regime change and Rose Revolution II.

Georgian Politician Irakli Gogava: US Neocons Seek to Destabilise Georgia and Drag Russia Into Another Conflict… https://www.stalkerzone.org/georgian-politician-irakli-gogava-us-neocons-seek-to-destabilise-georgia-and-drag-russia-into-another-conflict/

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x