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Ukrainian nationalists celebrate Rostov plane crash

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Ukrainian nationalists celebrate Rostov plane crash

Original by Aleksandr Grishin published by Komsomolskaya Pravda; translation by J.Hawk

A passenger plane crashed in Rostov. There were no survivors. Many Ukrainian social network visitors were overjoyed by that fact. Alas, there is nothing surprising here. It would have been surprising if the reaction were anything different.

The comments vary from simply favorable to openly joyous. Orthography and punctuation as in the original:

–Glory to the Turkish Air Force!

–I don’t know what will happen to you next )))o) You ready?))) Take a deep breath!!!o)))The airplane is making a second landing approach o))) QUIET!!! DON’T LAUGH!!! I see the back rows already suspect what’s up o)))o))) Now, the plane was trying to land and IT FELL APART IN MID-AIR!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! BECAUSE IT WAS HEAVIER THAN AIR!!!0)))))))))

–A most wonderful piece of news, so much Russian scum died all at once. earth has become cleaner.

–Glory to UKRAINE! and that’s for you))))hahahahahahahhahaahahhaaa)))

–Not sorry for for the katsaps…sorry the traffic control wasted a plane like that…but let them croak, even like that

–The katsaps probably crapped themselves, the right sector is attacking…


–Hurrah hurrah hurrah! The reason is clearly drunk Russian pilots.

–Sorry for the Boeing, not sorry for the moskals.

–Good, good news! Too bad foreigners died, of course, but they shouldn’t be flying on Russist airplanes! And the Russian pigs should burn in Hell. And nobody will feel sorry for your human cattle, will not express condolences!
–Where is your sense of shame…There are also good katsaps…THE GOOD ONES ARE IN GOOD COFFINS…AND BAD ONES IN BAD COFFINS…
The management of leading Ukrainian news portals such as cenzor.net and korrespondent.net apparently felt a sense of embarrassment at so many of their compatriots expressing joy in their comments on the catastrophe that they closed down the comments sections and erased the already posted comments.
But Ukraine’s current government and journalists have done all they could to promote such depravity in their citizens’ minds. By blaming Russia for all the thinkable and unthinkable sins for two years already, by creating an atmosphere of hatred toward the Big Neighbor, they succeeded in planting this attitude toward Russians in people’s heads. Moreover, the official Kiev rhetoric is no different from what is written by Ukrainian bloggers, except maybe in the level of erudition. But the content is the same. The nationalists and oligarchs who have come to power in Kiev thought doing so would make it easier for them to hold on to power, to the feeding trough. But they fell into their own trap. Now they are forced to outdo the internet activists in the level of hatred. Otherwise Ukraine’s whole ideological base will collapse. Because this is all it rests on.
Ukrainian internet users are not at all troubled that the plane did not belong to a Russian airline but a UAE one. They are ready to lie on that score too, as if they were a gaggle of village idiots cackling over a corpse of a drowned woman.
They did not doubt their rightness for a second and did not even stop to express condolences for the relatives of eight citizens of Ukraine who were on the doomed flight.
–In wartime, Ukrainians don’t fly the Dubai-Rashka route, those are avatars with Ukrainian passports.
–Well, if they were in Rostov, after two years of war, it means they can hardly be called Ukrainians, you’ll surely agree…
–They were all ukro-vatniks, 100:1.
–It’s all good–no PEOPLE were hurt.
One really wants to respond in kind. If not with profanity then at least with outrage. But that would mean lowering oneself to their level, to the same lower and lower rungs to which they themselves are falling. Those are the same non-people who are eager to wipe out the Donbass and to force Crimea to be “friends” with them. It is they who assaulted the elderly on March 17th who went to the park to note an anniversary of the referendum on preserving the USSR. They did not hesitate to film the attack by the depraved youngsters and put it out in the internet with pride.
Do you still want to use elevated or even neutral language when discussing them?
But they shouldn’t hope that we’ll forget any part of what they said.

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How can they celebrate this when there were Ukrainians on the plane as well?

Bebenčiukas Ber

they said……Well, if they were in Rostov, after two years of war, it means they can hardly be called Ukrainians, you’ll surely agree…

–They were all ukro(Donbass)-vatniks…..:((


Glory to Ukraine! Glory to imbeciles!


It is not true! Many people brought flowers to the Russian Embassy. Ukrainians expressed their condolences to Russia. Despite the fact that Russia is waging war with Ukraine and invaded its territory.

Alberto Campos

The people who did it don’t share your uneducated thoughts.

Alberto Campos

Those are not the average citizen. Those are the ones who join or play around paramilitary nazi groups.

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