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JULY 2020

Ukrainian MP Injured, His Bodyguard Killed In Explosion In Kiev


Ukrainian MP Injured, His Bodyguard Killed In Explosion In Kiev

On October 25, Ukrainian MP Igor Mosiychuk was injured in an explosion near the TV Espresso building in the center of the Ukranian capital, Kiev, according to Espersso TV.

Ukrainian sources also reported that the political analyst Vitaliy Byala was injured in the explosion.

The press service of Mosiychuk said in statement that the MP injure is life threatening. However, the press service didn’t release any other info about the attack, or accuse any side of planning it.

“Igor Mosiychuk is currently in hospital. The operation is ongoing. His condition is not life-threatening,” Mosiychuk’s press service said on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced that a single person was killed in the explosion. Ukrainian MP Dmitri Linko revealed that the victim is was the bodyguard of Mosiychuk.

“According to preliminary data, four people with bodily injuries were taken from the scene to hospital. Also there was a message from doctors that one of the victims died on the way to the hospital. The condition of the other wounded is unknown,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said.

Initial reports suggest that the attack was either carried by an IED placed near Mosiychuk car or by an booby-trapped motorcycle. So far it’s not clear if the explosion targeted Mosiychuk or Espresso TV building.

The recent developments show the real security situation in the one of the “best” US-backed European democracies.



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  • Solomon Krupacek

    what is MP? miltary policeman, metal phagotycizer?

    • Brother Ma

      Minister of parliament. Anglosaxon usage.

      • Solomon Krupacek


    • Jakke1899

      I must correct that. It actually means “Member of parliament”, or Poslanci Parlamentu .

      • Solomon Krupacek