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Ukrainian Military Lost 2,700 Servicemen As Irrecoverable Nonbattle Casualties In Donbass Conflict

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Ukrainian Military Lost 2,700 Servicemen As Irrecoverable Nonbattle Casualties In Donbass Conflict

Source: RIA Novosti

On October 27, the Ukrainian military revealed details on its irrecoverable non-battle casualties since the start of the conflict in the eastern region of Donbass in 2014.

According to Ukraine’s Chief Military Procurator, the total number of non-battle casualties is 2,700, including 891 because of diseases, 318 – road accidents, 177 – other accidents, 175 – poisonings by alcohol and drugs, 172 – mishandling of weapons, 101 – violations of the safety rules, 228 – killings, 615 – suicides.

A third of the suicides took place in the area where the Ukrainian military is carrying out a military operation against forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. The rest suicides happened after troops involved in the oepration had been withdrawn from the combat area.

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The sad reality of war. During WWII just as many planes were lost to accident as were to battle, too.
What sort of casualties did the Donbasers take?


Those figures may have made sense in a time when combat pacing was high, technology unreliable and modern medicine barely existing, but 891 dead because of diseases? Hell, even during WW2 they already had penicillin. This puts the Ukrainian army at WW1 levels of battlefield medicine.


First I wouldn’t be to sure of the exact figure because it’s coming from a pro-Russian source. More importantly technology doesn’t solve everything and the circumstance of the battle are more important. In the early days it was a large paramilitary battle which then evolved into trench warfare and then froze like that into what we know today.
Have you see the pictures from the front? The frontlines are pretty comfortable considering everyone is living in bombed out buildings and holes in the ground.

Pave Way IV

What goes around, comes around.

Timing and place of U.S. Maidan riots/citizen crack-down was chosen months ago. The U.S. Deep State psychopaths are using the ‘spontaneous’ Central American Immigrant Caravan and U.S. troops (in defiance of the U.S. Constitution) to make sure that happens. Armed, implanted spook assets (or mentally unstable proxies with pistols) in the caravan, heroic U.S. armed troops ‘defending themselves and the homeland borders’, maybe some armed ‘patriots’ and/or Antifa in the wings …and plenty of fed/mil snipers on both sides to make sure the blood starts to flow. You think you’ve seen any real internet censorship yet? Think again.

Most importantly – just like in Maidan Square – the side that ‘wins’ is insignificant, as long as there is more power/control to be had, and a few shekels of profit for the effort. You didn’t think that was YOUR 401K, did you, peon?

The U.S. will have nothing like a Ukrainian government revolution, but it will be all the bad things about U.S. government on sterioids. Once power is ceded to the state, it is never given back. Voting is useless. Oblivious middle-class Americans will have a bigger, heavier boot on their necks next year while the Deep State continues to rape them. Nobody cares if it’s a Democrat or Republican boot except CNN, WaPo and the NYT.

How do I know this? Because psychopaths stick with what worked for them in the past.


It is not a violation of the Constitution for troops to repel invasion. What higher sovereign responsibility is there than to keep hostile foreigners out? Read Art. IV, Sect.4.

“Voting is useless” is the manta of slaves. Republicans who don’t vote elect Democrats. Get it?

You usually have intelligent comments but this one covers everything except sunspots and the Spanish-American War.

Doom Sternz

I am tired of Kiev’s fascism, Kiev’s lies, Kiev’s mass rape, Kiev’s torture, Kiev’s assassinations and Kiev’s murder. Most of all i am tired of Kiev blaming the victims for the crimes committed against them. There is a holocaust occurring in the Donbass, at least the Eastern Ukrainians are defending themselves against the Western Ukrainian Nazi fascist militia’s.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

615 suicides

“…The rest suicides happened after troops involved in the oepration had been withdrawn from the combat area.”

It has PTSD fingerprints all over it…


They probably have zero psychological support programs for Ukrainian soldiers. Considering that even more died from accidents, diseases and alcohol and drugs related abuse I’d say that pretty much any support for the troops is basically non-existent. I feel sorry for these grunts.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So do i, and here colors and sides does not matter.

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