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Ukrainian Military Deploys Large Number Of Battle Tanks, Other Equipment Near Contact Line With DPR, LPR Forces (Video)

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Ukrainian Military Deploys Large Number Of Battle Tanks, Other Equipment Near Contact Line With DPR, LPR Forces (Video)

A screenshot from the video

The Ukrainian military is massively deploying military equipment, including battle tanks, to a contact line with forces of the Donetsk and Luganks People’s Republics, according to a video obtained by ANNA-NEWS.

The video shows a train with heavy military equipment (about 30 battle tanks, 5-6 BMP vehicles and other) and troops are moving in the direction of the city of Donetsk. The video was filmed in the Kiev-controlled town of Zaporojie.

At the same time, sporadic clashes and artillery duels continued between pro-Kiev and DRP/LPR forces in the region of Donbass.

Earlier, DPR and LPR representatives claimed that the Ukrainian military had already concentrated an armoured striking group to advance in the region.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Air Force deployed Su-25 attack aircraft in the region of the Sea of Azov and the Ukrainian Navy started “drills” near its seaports in the sea. These drills are linked to the recent tensions between Ukraine and Russia in the region.

According to some pro-DRP/LPR experts and Russian parliamentary members, the Ukrainian military may start a military operation against the DPR and the LPR or may carry out military provocations in the region of Donbass amid the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

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Nigel Maund

Hope the Russians have supplied the Donetsk and Lugansk armies with plenty of ATGM’s and MANPAD equivalents. These tanks are not as good as the new upgraded T90’s and don’t have the latest Russian protective – reactive armour. In the Ukraine, these tanks should make nice juicy targets in open country for well trained and determined infantry armed with ATGM’s coupled with a smattering of good snipers to take out any support mechanised infantry. Well placed mines and IED’s should also wreak appropriate havoc amongst the ranks of the Ukraine army. Perhaps some special forces commando action would also be profitable against choice targets.


True all that except “special forces commando action” .
Too much risk for something they can do on distance without risking any lives. They have drones and they can hit with artillery (and destroy) any tank formation before they even have time to deploy on the front line…

Nigel Maund

Fair comment Jako!

Joe Dirt

You should Google “Russians military posture”. For the past few years russia has built up it military around Donetsk and Lugansk. It is even of a built up NATO have shit there pants thinking Russia will invade. Yes that is how much hardware Russia has on the Ukraine boarder. Mattis has asked NATO and major EU powers to have “on the ready” 30 battalions of Air, ground, and sea “ready to fight” in a 30 day notice.

Nigel Maund

Thanks for this Joe! Appreciated! I have done that and downloaded the report. Very interesting and recommended reading. Your comments make absolute sense in the light of the contents.


What MATTIS wants is one thing and what hisb European vassals agree with, is another thing.

Europe doesn’t want to finance a CIA-sh*t in Kiev (and to be blackmailed in WINTER with GAS-delivery-stops, like they use to do in behalf or4 their REAl MASTERS, The Wall-Street-Rockefeller-Connection)
Kiev’s Ukraine is a win only for the SOROS & Joe Biden-Connection… with some traces of ISRAELI moves that became unprofitable and endanger the Bibi-Putin business in SYRIA.
So.. KIEV is rather f*cked-up than helped, if ISRAEL doesn’t really want them to win.


I agree. It is a certainty that the Ukranian leaders will seek a provocation during the World Cup in my opinion.

However ,irrespective of the devious plans the NATO advisers will have laid, I am confident that planners of the Donetsk and Lugansk will have planned various responses.

The greatest risk I think is from the well worn CIA playbook that uses bribery to subvert key figures within their targets, this would also include the logistics of their targets as well.

This tactic was used in Guatamala in 1953 and many times since.

Wise Gandalf

Russia OFFICIALLY does not supply them. :P


Well, the Ukrainians got some armored plates from NATO and some jamming systems, even armoired infatery-vehicles. The NATO pumped in them a few Billions to improve their military capacities.
We’ll see WHO gave more to his “protegees”, PUTIN or the CIA-NATO-SOROS-Globalist-gang?


We all know that it is coming soon….. The return of Novorossija to Russia will be the consequence of UA attack.

Promitheas Apollonious

Let us hope that when the time come for Russia to react she dont stop until Ukraine, is no longer controlled by the psychopaths in UK/Usrael. Cleaning ones back yard once and for all it bring peace to the region and properly give the right message, to the morons of the west.


what about the OSCE blind pigeons?

chris chuba

Ever try reading the OSCE reports, they are so precise and detailed as to be useless.
It reads like … ‘Arrived in town X, heard 14 heavy mortar rounds fired, encountered 3 armed guards who fired weapons …’

If the OSCE was at Pearl Harbor and did the reports you would never be able to figure out that the Japanese started the attack. It would get lost in the details.


Here is a Novel idea.
Have a Victory day Parade in Crimea.. all Soldiers wave Russian and Ukranian Flags.
If Ukraine actually does something Stupid, the Russians can Show the whole world, How they tried peace, How Russian People are in fact Victims of a Nazi regime.
Clearly Ukrainian Neighbors will all be overjoyed, knowing the Russians will Bribe everybody with Chunks of Land.
Boy I know the Pols would love Lvov.


London, CIA, Poland want to ruin Putin’s Soccer World Championship.
At least to take advantage of an allegedly “Lame-Duck”-PUTIN, that cannot bomb the sh*t out of the NATO-dogs in Kiev, has to play the friendly noble HOST
The same sh*t like with the SOROS/Victoria Nuland Kiev-Maidan, during the SOCI-Olympics.

Hope only that PUTIN thought in advance to this NATO-scam and pumped full the DONBAS-boys with weapons and ammo and at least PANTSIR-systems against the Ukrainian (Soviet-made)-obsolete Sukhoi-bombers, to repeal any attempt and to hit them so hard that they run-away and don’t try it again.


In the summer heat IR signatures become vaguer. If close quarters combat with WWII type losses are acceptable and you think you can over whelm the enemy, then this is the best time to fight. In the winter heat signatures become very distinct and battle is better for the side that shoots best, moves the fastest. The wounded are subjected to triage of the cold.. Summer can produce more long term hate as the wounded can live but suffer horribly.


Let’s not jump to conclusions, and while the know movements are no joke they might not be ‘massive.’ It’s eastern Europe, it may be nothing or a little spark can cause a chain reaction.

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