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JUNE 2023

Ukrainian Military Advancing in Donbass Region

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The situation has drammatically escalated in Donbass as the Ukrainian military is advancing on the positions of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) forces at the village of Uglegorsk, located northwest of the city of Debaltsevo, local sources reported on June 28.

Pro-DPR sources argue that the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have already lost few T64 battle tanks while pro-Kiev media outlets are disseminating info that the UAF has seized the village of Logvinovo – these reports have not been confirmed, yet.

Clashes are ongoing in the area.

We remember, recently, the Kiev side has increased usage of artillery and heavy military equipment against people’s militias of the Donbass region.

Ukrainian Military Advancing in Donbass Region

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chris chuba

So Kiev is bragging about its success while still claiming that it is the DPR that is responsible for all ceasefire violations. This is known as having your cake and eating it too.

Of course, no one in the western MSM will take note of this, they will just cheer them on unless it doesn’t end well for the UKA, then they will just blame everything on Russian intervention.


NATO is exercising in Ukraine !? Russia will not allow the fall of Donetsk! Furthermore Turkey make up with Russia ,and the Netherlands has just signed the association treaty Option 1 Russia send a lot of volunteers to fight , and keep the status quo ! Option 2 Russia intervene and liberates the south eastern part of Ukraine ,which induce a retaliation from the EU ( boycott of Russian gas) ==> import of US and Qatari gas by ship Option 3 Operation dr strangelove ” merkwuurdige lieeeeeebe” how I learned to love the bomb


i ask now and then on the novorussian and dpr sites and fb pages- why don’t you fight back? when will you do something? no one ever replies.


They have kicked ukrainian asses already. Who do you think won last year’s war?


i know but it seems like they take daily shelling, so what are they waiting for to beat them back again?


Because they don’t want to break the Minsk 2 agreements and blamed by the whole world for it

Zuzana Rehakova

How desperate nazijews in Kiev are.

Mgr. Tomáš Bouzek

Kill them, no POWs!


The excrement of the American bloodthirsty rat can be found all around Europe and the Middle East. There’s no other way to keep Europeans subjugated but to spark a major clash between NATO and Russia. Cowboys, with a noticeable eagerness, have been working on it since Brexit pushing humanity on the verge of extinction.

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