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Ukrainian Losses In Military Equipment (Infographics)

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Ukrainian Losses In Military Equipment (Infographics)

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And your source? You obviously doubt the claims because you have been brainwashed by your sources.


Breaking NATO sends gay volunteers to Ukraine under command Conchita Wurst (sources)




rainbow army group.


Azov are used to taking it up the arse, theyre all repressed homos anyway, but conchita will have to wait cos right now theyre all getting fucked by Russians

Florian Geyer

NATO takes it’s role in warfare ‘very seriously’ and all NATO troops deployed to Ukraine will all have passed diversity and gender awareness training.

Tommy Lee

I would like to know what “special” military vehicles are.


Non-armoured vehicles, usually transports, tanker trucks and command vehicles.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Condolences to the fallen CIAisis and Azovisis operators. May they rest in pieces…


Posted Feb 27, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

I have been warning the West should not mess with Putin. It is so obvious that the West has made the same fatal as that of Rome. It has weakened its economy with COVID and it is so obsessed with trying to force Russia and China to comply with their Climate Change directives set out by the UN, that they have lost sight of the fact that there is no qualified leadership in any of the major countries and they have weakened their entire military establishment demanding vaccines or you are out. If there was ever a PERFECT time for World War III – this is it.

I have been warning that if China and Russia combined, the West will be defeated. Reliable sources have confirmed that China has entered into a “friendly” relationship with North Korea for mutual benefit. North Korea has one of the largest armies since 2018 it stands at 1,469,000.00. North Korea has been also demonized by the West so they too have a grudge match that has never been settled. With rising shortages of food, the North has never been the breadbasket of Korea and that also provides an incentive to join a triumvirate against the West with Russia and China. Cyclically, North Korea could even start its aggression by January 2023 at the latest.

Additionally, Putin has just dramatically just upped the stakes ordering Russian nuclear deterrent forces put on high alert today because of the boasting of the West and the “aggressive statements” by leading NATO powers. Lost in all of this is the fact that Putin has also made a direct threat to Europe that if Sweden and Finland join NATO there will be “detrimental military and political consequences.”

Putin is playing chess while the rest of the world was playing checkers. When America wages war, they seek to destroy all the infrastructure, take down the power grid, and destroy the water supply. US troops then move in as more of a mop-up operation. The West is judging Putin by the same way the US wages war and they are so wrong. Putin is not using that strategy for he wants to take Ukrain intact for it also has the richest land in the world for food production – hence Stalin stole all the food and killed 7 million by starvation.

Putin is NOT backing away from resistance, he is encircling it the classic way war is traditionally fought – you laid “siege” to the city by surrounding it, and starvation forces their surrender. That often takes time, but you then have the city and the people. You do not raze it to the ground and kill everyone. Anyone who has studied ancient war strategies should see what Putin is doing and the Western press is either deliberately putting out propaganda, or they are complete idiots. Putin seeks to install a new government with minimal casualties to civilians. Every dead civilian creates a blood enemy of their survivors. But the US way means it then costs billions in aid to rebuild what they destroyed – i.e. Iraq. Putin is not using that strategy and the Western press is judging him by American standards of destroying everything and winning in a few days.

Putin is not seeking to destroy the Ukrainian Army. He wants to capture it and once a new government is installed, they will then become allies. This is the very strategy of Alexander the Great. He conquered the known world, but those who were once his enemy joined his army. In Babylon, he defeated Darius III but he left the infrastructure intact and he installed Persian satraps (governors) who poured what would have been Darius’s taxes into Alexander’s coffers. This is the strategy of Putin – not obliterate your enemy and then pour billions in to restore it. Put has wiped out the air force and owns the skies over Ukraine. He could annihilate the country in less than 3 days, but he is not doing that.


Yeah Putin’s strategy is a painful one but he should not be negotiating with Zelensky. Guys, we might just have World War 3 in our hands cuz Western politicians never learn. They are making things worse for Ukraine and all the civilians in those countries ”marching in solidarity for Ukraine” have no idea their politicians are sleep-walking them into a war, they have no idea how a war looks like, let alone a nuclear one. Very soon a war will be in the heart of Berlin or DC so they witness first-hand what they were ”marching for”

b losa

this didn’t age well


In reality, is becaming more clear, that this isn t a war of Russian army against Ukraine, but of Russian army against NATO


The Russian Military is taking losses, especially in armor but are not doing half badly. It’s been a couple days and all the noise from Kuleba, Zelensky, Klitschko and the MSM is expected. The Russian Defense Ministry is never in the habit of controlling the narrative and winning the information war.

Ukraine says 13 defenders on Snake Island were killed, turns out there were at least 80 captured alive. They didn’t know there were at least 80 soldiers or seem to either reduce or amplify everything by a factor of 10?


Any estimation of the personnel losses of the Ukrainian forces??


With officially 1000 plus military targets destroyed it should be in the thousands.. Russia is prob taking a good beating too.


God bless Russia. And judge the homosexual west.


Of course, I don’t think anyone knows the truth of whats happening, but I do beleive that the Russian objective is to destroy as much if hte military infrastructure as possible. That includes the Antonov program. I think the objective is to send the Ukraines military machine back to the stone age like what has happened in Iraq etc. Once thats done they’ll leave and the Twitter Trolls will call it a victory. Its a win win really. I don’t think they are to occupy Kyiv etc.

Arch Bungle

“Oh, so you say we invaded? … M***cker, THIS is what INVASION looks like!”

Tommy Jensen

That means we will double down and send the following to Ukraine………………………….LOL. 2134 military objects more will now be delivered to Ukraine plus 62 aircrafts plus 92 MLRS and 254 tanks 206 artillery and mortar launchers 328 military vehicles 1 million boots plus 14 anti-aircraft systems and 4 military drones, we will send to Ukraine from the American people……LOL.

Florian Geyer



CNN, ABC, Fox, BBC,sky news don’t agree. Everything I know I get from mainstream media, that’s why I’m so smart.







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