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Ukrainian Interior Minister’s Death Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

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Ukrainian Interior Minister’s Death Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

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Possibility of sabotage or attack by Ukrainian artillery raises suspicions.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

On January 18, a helicopter carrying senior Ukrainian officials crashed on the suburbs of Kiev, killing 14 people, including interior minister Denys Monastyrsky and his first deputy Yevgeny Enin. There are different narrations of what happened. At first, media said that the incident occurred due to a malfunction in the helicopter’s engine, but there are a number of contradictions between the versions, with people believing that it was a planned sabotage.

The helicopter crashed at 8:20 am on January 18, in Brovary, a city of the Kiev oblast. The site was in foggy conditions according to local informants, but so far there is no data to prove that the weather could really disturb the flight. The fall took place near a kindergarten, which led the tragedy to reach even greater proportions, as dozens of children were affected – three of them dying. As many people, including several children, remain hospitalized, it is possible that the number of deaths will increase in the coming days.

The helicopter was a French Airbus H225 (also known as Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma) and belonged to the Ukrainian emergency service since 2018. The reasons for its collapse are still being investigated. The most commented hypothesis is that there has been a technical malfunction, although all possibilities are considered – including sabotage. A report from the local Ukrainian media states that it was already known that this helicopter model had many technical difficulties:

“The helicopter that crashed today in Brovary was from a batch of helicopters purchased from France in 2018. The EC225 (or H225) model, the fall of which the authorities confirmed today, had a number of technical problems. At that time, Airbus Helicopters had several lawsuits over ‘inherent’ malfunction”.

Indeed, one question remains: if it was already known that there were technical problems with the equipment, why did the Ukrainian authorities continue to use it to attend important officers?

This is why many unofficial narratives about the possibility of deliberate assassination have emerged on the internet. The Ukrainian government admits the possibility, claiming to be investigating a hypothesis of sabotage against the Minister, but obviously it does so based on the idea that there would be an intention on the part of the Russian forces to kill him – which is doubtful, considering the low military relevance of such an act.

However, an even more curious fact is that several residents of Brovary commented that they saw a missile in the air hitting the airbus. The rumors have been reported by independent channels on social media, mainly through on the ground journalists who are investigating the case unofficially. The news raises a series of other possibilities.

It is important to remember that the Ukrainian air defense system has made serious mistakes recently, destroying civilian areas and killing innocent people due to the inaccuracy of its attacks. There are many factors that help to understand this process. First, since the beginning of the conflict, Kiev has shown that it does not have a military doctrine concerned with civilians, so there does not seem to be any special care on the part of artillery operators to avoid non-military casualties.

Second, there is the technical issue. Currently, due to significant losses on the battlefield, Kiev is recruiting personnel without military qualifications, incompetent to operate the war equipment that is being used in the conflict. The case becomes even more serious considering that the neo-Nazi regime is receiving NATO’s weapons with which its soldiers are even less familiar, increasing the possibility of errors.

It is important to remember that Monastyrsky was the second major official that the Zelensky government lost in less than twenty-four hours. Earlier, top adviser Alexey Arestovich had resigned precisely for accidentally revealing mistakes made by the Ukrainian artillery.

The fact is that if a projectile did hit the Ukrainian helicopter, it is much more likely that it came from Kiev’s own artillery – accidentally or intentionally – than from Russian artillery, which was not shelling the place at the time. Furthermore, the mere point that Kiev was allowing a top official to fly over a country at war using an unsafe airbus already shows that either the government simply did not care about his safety.

It is important to mention that Monastyrsky, as Interior Minister, was the head of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias, as since 2014 the ultranationalist gangs have been incorporated into the Kiev’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. So, he certainly had sensitive information about how the neo-Nazi regime manages its security forces.

In July, Kiev bombed a Russian prison in Olenivka where Azov’s militants were placed after their surrender in Azovstal. On that occasion, 50 neo-Nazi soldiers died in what was probably an attempt by Kiev to avoid confessions that could threaten the confidentiality of some data. Ukraine obviously tries to hide information about the practices of its neo-Nazi troops, such as war crimes, training camps for children, arms trafficking, terrorism, among others. In this sense, considering that Monastyrsky had much more concrete information about these same crimes, it is possible that there was an intention to eliminate him, in case Zelensky was really promoting a purge.

So far, the data are uncertain, and many questions remain unanswered. But the evidence seems to point to yet another criminal incident.


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Based US Vet

Questions that must and will be answered, on behalf of the Ukrainian people. Zelensky will one day pay for ALL of his war crimes against Russians AND Ukrainians (like here the case).


The puppet is only allowed by its owners. America and its vassals need to fall!


There is no doubt that Zelensky will eventually pay for his evil deeds, no man can escape his karma. He won’t however face a trial nor will he be thrown in jail just look at all the war criminals from the empire of lies, all still walking free, from Poroshenko to G W Bush to Obama to Tony Blair etc. They are all puppets anyways, their handlers reign is finally coming to an end don’t worry—-Z—–

Sissy Nigha

He is a Kolomoisky’s bitch. Somehow I do not hear hicks and niggers demanding for oligarkhs to be stringed 😆😆😆😆


There is an enormous amount of western direct cash and derived cash through arms resales in Ukraine. No one wants to reform anything in that environment who is feeding from the trough – and ALL Ukrainian elite is feeding from the trough. Indeed Ukraine is really a contract job, launder what you can, prepare for a life in the west and get out before the Russian tanks are on the highways in Kiev. No one knows exactly what principles this guy had or what he was doing regarding the mass theft in Ukraine. However, its highly likely either way, that his death is linked to corruption in Ukraine, as indeed the whole continuance of the conflict there is a derivative of that corruption in some way.

V for victory

Techical faults? What were those faults? The helicopter spread fuel for hundreds of meters, there cannot be any worse ‘accident’ near a kindergarden (for the purpuse: during a war you leave open the schools, with missiles all around???). Never heard about an helicopter/airplane crash with a so huge area involved! Just look to the videos published from high rise building, an hellish place all around.

And the EC 225 is the descendent of the glorious Puma/Super Puma family. Never heard of those helicopters being hinerently unsafe.

So, what the fuck led this helicopter to blow up and crash??? A ‘technical fault????”’ Caused by missiles?!?


It seems that Dugina revenge has worked…

Sissy Nigha

Probably was blown up into pieces in the air before hitting the ground.


I haven’t seen a logical explanation for the large area affected by the fire. Even if the helicopter was carrying large amounts of fuel. How come this fuel was spread over such large area? If you wanted to intentionally use fuel to light up such large area you would need a large volume of fuel. Another option is that something on the ground was highly inflammable. But what could that have been?


It sounds like his peers wanted him gone, I suspect the person who is chosen to take his place will be a good initial suspect.


What was the altitude of the helicopter at the time of the malfunction because rifle bullets happen…


Chin in armor I said on here whence it happen.

Something strange this way arrives.



Reading on here somewhere today made me think as Mr Putin is but a chabad sort as he sign law recently of eye contact to make bank.

So very sad really as there seems to be no great leaders in our world today.

So very sad…


Just all of those billions of people in our world and we the people of our world lack but one person of jurispudiance of our world.

Just one person of billions.

One wonders, one wonders?

M. Paraplu

I disagree and argue it leaves many questions answered. Questions like how do we know for sure Ukraine is losing? Is it safe to fly by helicopter to Kiev? When will the people surrounding Zelensky’s start fleeing or dying? And many more.

Last edited 18 days ago by M. Paraplu

Good article


Bringing the whirly bird down on a kinder garden at opening time was a particularly nasty touch that Al CIAduh specialiZes in. If anyone imagines this wasn’t a case of chucking a no longer USeful naZi idiot under the bUS…they need to think again.



It’s ok, even if the ukrops did shoot down thier own ukrop, it was probably just a misunderstanding, so forgetaboutit…..much like the “Hero of Ukraine ” getting shot in the head by the SBU 5 minutes after picking him up for a chat…total misunderstanding… LMFAO

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