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Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate Organizing Pseudo-Terrorist Attacks With European Funding: WarGonzo Report

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Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate Organizing Pseudo-Terrorist Attacks With European Funding: WarGonzo Report

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On February 19th, the War Gonzo project revealed an investigation it had carried out into one of the schemes for financing the illegal operations of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR MOU).

It turned out that the pseudo-terrorist actions that the GUR MOU and its agents are organizing on the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic and the Crimea are sponsored, among other things, by European funds.

For example, it was possible to establish that the Demining team of Ukraine (DTU) from the Humanitarian Demining Center, created in Ukraine in 2016, receives funding directly from Switzerland.

Specifically, through the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (Switzerland) within the framework of the Regional Cooperation Program for Mine Action in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

This would be all good and well, if the Ukrainian DTU created with Swiss money, was really engaged in humanitarian demining and was not completely controlled by the GUR MOU.

Which, in turn, has access through the DTU to financial European flows allocated for humanitarian grants. Naturally, the GUR MOU uses these funds to pursue its own interests.

According to War Gonzo, the recent explosion of a car with one of the well-known battalion commanders in Gorlovka was also funded by European grants.

The IED hit the car of a battalion commander of the Donetsk People’s Republic forces. He is only referred to with the nickname “Dlinniy” (Tall Guy), Sergei Popov. His battalion reportedly caused significant issues for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Eastern Ukraine.

At the same time, it is not possible to call this action a sabotage against the enemy. The explosion took place in a crowded place, next to a kindergarten and a school. Such actions that endanger the lives of children and civilians, according to all international standards, are qualified as a terrorist act.

War Gonzo said that it would publish the facts proving a direct connection between DTU and GUR MOU in the second part of the investigation.

So stay tuned.


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johnny rotten

The Fourth Reich Financing Terrorism? nothing new, we have already seen it all over the MENA and beyond, all over the world to tell the truth.

Veritas Vincit

There are various reports indicating the Ukrainian regime (integrated into NATO standards following a US-NATO sponsored coup involving active offensive operations with US-NATO-allied involvement against ethnic Russian populations) is moving towards a war scenario:

– “According to the representative of the negotiating group on the Donbass, Aleksey Arestovich, a full-scale armed conflict in this region should be expected closer to summer. “I believe that it is not just possible, it is almost inevitable. Inevitably, sooner or later, because the Kremlin will not abandon its attempts to push us through by force. I do not presume to name the exact date, but although there are signs that this spring may be closer to summer. “- said Arestovich. One of the reasons for such a statement was a very serious aggravation in Donbass in recent weeks, in particular, we are talking about shelling of the outskirts of Donetsk from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as retaliatory attacks by militias on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, Ukraine continues to deploy its heavy military equipment capable of operating at long ranges to Donbas. This includes tanks, self-propelled guns, field artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, and, according to some reports, even tactical missile weapons. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his readiness to support Donbass, however, he did not specify exactly how.” (Arestovich: full-fledged hostilities in Donbass are scheduled for spring-summer, Avia Pro, 16/02/2021)

Importantly, US-NATO military exercises and mobilisations/deployments indicate preparations to forcefully change the status of Crimea (that voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia). The NATO bloc expansion project (based on the concept of the former Soviet Union military bloc but in opposition to Russia) is not only in violation of former agreements but is moving towards a world war scenario:

– “if data on Russia-NATO power balance at the Western direction is analyzed, as well as military activity build-up rate at our borders, scale of combat equipment deployment, if the grade of Russia’s demonization is estimated, one can say that preparation to a real war is taking place. [Such] acts are usually undertaken at the forefront of a war [and it is evident] the US is preparing for a [potential] nuclear conflict……” [Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, President of the International Centre of Geopolitical Analysis]

– “NATO should’ve been buried at the end of the cold war: instead, the NATO-crats went on the offensive – breaching the understanding reached by Western leaders with then Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev – and expanded into most of eastern Europe….. The seeds of World War III are being planted…” (Our Cold War With Russia Could Turn Hot, by Justin Raimondo, September 03, 2014), etc……


The war should have been taken to Kiev a very long time ago,they should start bombing SBU bastards and Ukrainian military and political leaders in Kiev.

Lone Ranger


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