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Ukrainian Forces Targeted Russian Belgorod With US-made HARM Missiles

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Ukrainian Forces Targeted Russian Belgorod With US-made HARM Missiles

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On December 18, the Russian of city of Belgorod and several other settlement located near the Ukrainian border came under massive attack of Ukrainian forces.

Yesterday was an “extremely difficult day” for the Belgorod region, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said.

The AFU targeted the residential areas and civilian facilities in the city of Belgorod and nearby. According to the local reports, at least 12 explosions sounded over the city. The city was reportedly targeted with missiles and UAVs.

All the missiles were reportedly shot down by Russian air defense systems, but the debris that fell on the city caused some damaged.

As a result of the attack on a local poultry farm, at least one civilian was killed and several others were wounded. In total, as a result of Ukrainian attempts to hit the city of Belgorod, 1 civilian was killed, 10 others were wounded, 75 residential, industrial buildings and apartments, as well as 40 cars were damaged during the shelling.

About 14 thousand people were left without electricity in the Belgorod region after the shelling, the Governor said.

“As a result of the shelling of the AFU in the Shebekinsky city district, the power supply was disrupted. About 14 thousand residents remain without electricity. Emergency crews are starting to reconnect to backup power sources,” he wrote on his telegram channel.

The Russian settlements located near the Ukrainian border are also constantly shelled by the Ukrainian military.

At night, the AFU shelled the village of Krasnaya Yaruga in the Belgorod region. As a result of the attack, two civilians were wounded.





On December 18th, the local sources shared to photos of the debris that fell in the area after the targets were intercepted by Russian air defence means.

One of the published photo shows the marking BSU-59/B, which marks the US-made AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missile.

Ukrainian Forces Targeted Russian Belgorod With US-made HARM Missiles

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On December 19th, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that 4 US-made HARM missiles were shot down in the airspace of the Russian Belgorod region.

The AFU had already used these foreign missiles to attack the Russian Belgorod region in October.

Ukrainian Air Force fighters with American AGM-88 HARM missiles likely took off from the Mirgorod airbase in the Poltava region, which is located 150 kilometers from the border with the Belgorod region. It was earlier reported that Ukrainian HARM carriers are working from the airbase.

The Ukrainian Mirgorod airfield has already been hit by Russian forces. However, the recent strikes confirm that the damage to the military facility was not enough to prevent the Ukrainian Air Force from using the airfield to launch the strikes on Russian territory.


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Russia Is Looking Like A Fool, No REALLY!

Can someone please tell me if the Russians will ever Win, it’s going on a whole year now, I thought 💭 this Military Invasion, no scratch that, Special Operation,🧐was suppose to take just a Month: So what’s going on here?😔


And what about Ukraine? are they winning?..without electricity and part of its country is now Russia?..


Can you imagine what a loss would look like according to Russiaphobes?


Belgorod City is not safe anymore because of laziness from the Russian side. A working airport near the border still after 10 months is unbelievable. And HIMARS active like forever, when will they be destroyed? Doesn’t Russia have satellite reconnaissance over Ukraine at all? It’s about time to target the fascist regime administration in Kiev, Russia should do it now when they still can. All administration buildings to debris and the clown’s palace too. When will it happen, how long must we still wait for it to happen?


I do believe the airport is not functioning. If you are able to look at very recent satellite images, all runways are littered with potholes. These aircraft most likely took off from small airports, roads, etc. Remember, most soviet aircraft can take off from rough roads and even unpaved roads in certain conditions. I recall a video from early this year of 2 Ukrainian jets landing on a road, before being taken into a nearby barn for servicing. This is most likely the case. You couldn’t do that with Western Aircraft by the way.


This war is lead from Washington because of weakness from the Russian side. Washington sends more advanced weapons to test if Russia will do something about it and what’s the response? Usually silence. Then Washington considers even more deadly weapons. Is that a proper way to defend your Motherland, Russia? Russia is now under attack for the first time since the German Nazis attacked you 80 years ago. Destroy all administration buildings in Kiev, all defense and propaganda offices, and destroy fascists Rada and SBU terrorists too (remember Crimean bridge plus Moscow attack?) And on the battlefields, how about doing what Ramzan Kadyrov already supported, using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine’s batallions? A change has to come otherwise the evil corrupt forces in USA NATO EU will win.

Joe Bidet Is A Senile Pedo

Time to make Kiev the new Dresden, stop arsing about Russia and just erase it!


Ukrainians are loosing to the Americans more than to Russia as they depopulate the country … US corporations buy more than 30% of farmland … leaders get rich from selling weapons and receiving money from EU and US aid …. the country runs up a huge debt to globalist banks which will allow them to own Ukraine in the future.


Why they are attacking Russia cities?

Ukraine can’t use their HIMARS systems against Russia force in Ukraine at all – one, they can’t reach Russia troops/sites without risking their systems get destroy – two, air defence systems of Russia are active in Ukraine – three, Ukraine can’t hit moving targets. Like when was the last time Ukraine hit Russia troops with HIMARS in Ukraine? Remember they did try it when they got them and they lost half of their systems for it, now they are hiding them and attack Russian cities (LPR/DPR) with them.

Ukraine going to be gone during this winter – go job Ukraine give more reasons for Russia/others to destroy all your civilians infrastructure. Russia should target government building in Ukraine… the orders came from there after all, to attack Russia cities/civilians.


This is the ukrainian way to wage war. In World War 2 they did the same. Avoid the sowjet army and hide in the woods. Then come out of the woods kill as many civilians as possible and run back into the woods.

Many ethnic armys who were asociated with the nazigermans did the same. The croats, the bosnian SS Handshar, the Albanian SS Skanderbeg. And their Baltic equivalents and of course the UPA and UAM of Bandera and his pals in Ukraine.

Thats what their great prophet Stepan Bandera did and thats what every ukrainian means when they say “Slava Ukraini – Heroima Slava”.

Bandera and his troops of terrorists and murderers are those “heroes” the ukrainians and all those western media and polititians touting “Slava Ukraini” mean when they say it.

V for victory

Flat the ukro airbases ASAP.


great News – Go Further – ITS Just war.

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