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Ukrainian Diplomat Says Kiev Is Preparing For Military Confrontation With Russia

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Ukrainian Diplomat Says Kiev Is Preparing For Military Confrontation With Russia

Oksana Markarova

According to Ukrainian Ambassador to the US, the West has a Plan B in case of failure of diplomacy with Russia.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

Kiev’s aggressive anti-Russian rhetoric continues. In a recent statement, a Ukrainian diplomat said her country – along with the US and the entire West – is working on two plans to deal with the Russian issue. While the first plan would be a diplomatic solution through dialogue and negotiation, option B possibly refers to a chance of military confrontation. The official’s words are really serious and can have catastrophic effects on global security and peace.

In a recent interview, Ukrainian Ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, made it clear that Kiev has a non-diplomatic option to deal with Russia in case the negotiations currently underway do not generate good results. Markarova cited an alleged Plan B for relations between Russia and the West, as follows: “Now we are all: Ukraine, the United States, the West – we are working on option A – diplomatic containment, so we do not have to switch to option B, for which everyone is also actively preparing”.

The diplomat did give details about what exactly this Plan B would be, but she confirmed the possibility of a military confrontation and emphasized that the West is prepared for such a situation, if it really becomes necessary. In fact, this kind of rhetoric sounds like a real affront to Russia because, beyond mere provocation, public threats of war are being made against Moscow in the western media.

Interestingly, the Western media constantly accuses Moscow of planning an invasion against the Ukrainian territory, but such allegations are always made based on dubious investigations and without scientific validity. In the same sense, there has never been any threat from the Russian state or any official pronouncement that could somehow indicate something like the existence of an invasion plan. On the contrary, Russian officials constantly deny the unfounded accusations made by the West. But, on the other hand, the same side that claims to be threatened by Russia is precisely the one that threatens Russia itself – as we can see with Ukraine, whose ambassador to the US claims to have a plan for a military confrontation with Moscow.

While NATO’s accusations against Russia sound unsubstantiated and seem to be merely an excuse to increase the presence of Western troops in Eastern Europe, for Moscow, there are situations that seem to actually indicate an escalation of tensions so significant that it could result in a new military conflict. Ukraine and NATO boost a constant wave of tensions, which does not seem expected to end anytime soon. Recently, the US announced the imposition of unprecedented sanctions on Russia and sent financial assistance of 24.5 million dollars to Kiev, with the amount expected to be applied to investments in defense and security in the region bordering Russia.

Now, the Ukrainian ambassador to Washington officially says her country—and the entire West—has a plan B for Russia and is signaling that such a plan has a military aspect. If all these factors are taken into account, what we have is a scenario in which Russia can claim to be suffering invasion threats, which would be casus belli.

It is common for states with war intentions to create narratives to justify provocative maneuvers in regions close to the territory of their enemy states, motivating them to act in response, initiating conflicts. This is what the West has wanted to do with Russia for a long time. The purpose of creating rumors about a possible Russian invasion plan is to justify maneuvers on the western border that instigate Moscow to retaliate and thus start a conflict. The central problem – which Kiev still does not seem to understand – is that NATO does not want to go to war with Russia, but simply convinces Ukraine that it can do so.

Kiev serves as a great human shield for NATO plans. The Ukrainian government is urged to provoke Russia and is convinced that it has sufficient capacity to deal with such a conflict. This conviction comes from the promise to Kiev of immediate help by the US and the entire aliance in case of war, which certainly will not happen, as a war between Russia and NATO would mean a nuclear conflict, which is not in the interests of any state in the world. The aim of the West is to destabilize the Russian strategic environment, possibly creating wars and conflicts in the region, but never engaging in such situations of armed combat. Ukraine is out of NATO’s game with Russia, serving only as a disposable instrument. If one day Moscow decides to put an end to Kiev’s provocations, the Ukrainian government will have to deal with this situation alone, without any external support.

Certainly, Markarova’s words were not previously authorized by American and NATO officials, who probably felt uncomfortable with the diplomatic tension generated by the ambassador at a time when the West and Russia are preparing for a historic dialogue. Indeed, Ukraine wants war, but NATO does not (at least not as a fighting party). With each provocation made by Kiev, the more vulnerable Ukraine is to a change of strategy on the part of Russia. Moscow currently has a well-defined tactic on the Ukrainian issue, based on a search for peaceful resolution.

But, like any state policy, this scenario could change anytime, with Russians responding to Kiev’s call to war – a war in which the Ukrainians will be abandoned by those who now claim to be Kiev’s allies. Russia may also be considering a “plan B” to respond to the provocations, in case they do not end soon.

Only Ukraine tends to lose by maintaining its current policy of provocations and, incredibly, only Ukrainians remain unaware of this.


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Lone Ranger

Bye bye Kiev.
It wasn’t nice to know you…




This article is non-sense. Both sides have “plan A” and “plan B”. Of course they do. The military leadership of each side would be remiss for not preparing to respond militarily to an attack by the other side. To suggest that an official articulating this could sabotage the on going negotiations is also non-sense. Putin himself threatened WWIII if NATO put nukes on its border with Ukraine.

So quit the drivel. Let the military men do their jobs and prepare for war, because for these negotiations to be productive each side must fully appreciate and internalize the full cost of the alternative.


Its simple Putin should tell Nato and their US master if they try putting Missiles on Russia’s border they won’t be there long,they will either be destroyed or removed by force and a chunk of Ukraine will vanish

Last edited 19 days ago by Cromwell
Peter Wallace

He has already hasn’t he. NATO not one step closer and then one of the idiots in Ukraine waffled on about no way the US would embarrass itself by agreeing to the demands. Looks like the Chihuahua is doing all the barking and yapping expecting the big dogs to save it. Lesson No 1 . Big dogs don’t bite big dogs , they bite little dogs and they will be the first to be ripped apart while the US cries to the world ” look at those nasty Russians and what they have done to Ukraine. ” without douing a thing other than stir the pot.


Maidan terrorists don’t really care about Ukraine, the first thing they did was to burn down Kiev in their bloodbath “revoluCIA”. They were eager to start a civil war. They obey whatever their masters from Washington DC tell them and they obviously have no moral problems with destroying their own country with this suicidal lunacy. It even easier for this ugly fat b$tch Oksana Marakova/whatever (sound like a russian name btw), she is in Washington not on the frontline.

Peter Wallace

Yes , nothing like a war mongering woman baying for the spilling of men’s blood while safely ensconced in a bunker well out of harms way. One look at that face should inspire more Ukrainians to say FYou, go do it yourself ,hore. There was an Oksana on RT who was as sharp as a razor doing interviews. I haven’t watched RT for some time so not sure if she is still there. Oksana Boyko ?? or similar. I saw video of when some group stopped the buses returning to Crimea or Odessa from Kiev . Brutal with no rules is probably the kindest way to describe them. Much the same as those that happily set fire to the people in Odessa and immediately pounced on and beat to death anyone that tried to escape.


Ha ha dream about that you filthy Comunist pig


That’s childish posing. Putin knows that.


Agree with Jon here. Ukraine is saying that to deter Russia from going full-out against Ukraine, and to calm their own people. In reality, the deal is already done: Russia will take the two eastern districts (they already have, de facto). Ukraine will acquiesce, still posing as a strong man (or woman). In the end, it will be between Russia and the US as to missiles.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Presumably she is getting laundered a fresh pair of Kiev’s knickers for when it happens?

Red Admiral

I imagine there will be some sort of conflict between Ukraine and Russia by Easter. I can neither see fukus nor it’s larger fallow nato fucktards capable of doing anything except blowing off hot steam in their self gratifying media outlets. When Russia decides to act it will be quick and decisive. Expect the NAZI clique who quequed up to give McCain multible blow jobs will have their heads on spikes within hours, when this festering ulcer is surgically lanced by the Spetsnaz. There is little or nothing in western Ukraine that Russia needs or wants, nonetheless would expect Russia  to; 1 Consolidate DPR position and probably incorporate other eastern areas into it. 2. Offer the poisoned chalice of rump Ukraine to a known  supporter who would bring a quick election and sign off on new borders and and the cessation of Crimea. Rasmussen, Austin and let’s not forget Victoria Nuland who started this shit storm will have plenty to say. But when it comes to having a shit all of the above along with that Senator Wicker from Arizona will get off the pot, pull up their knickers and go for a walk. And that will be the end of not just NATO expansion but we will see it’s disintegration within 5 to 10 years. And of course this will also bring to an end of the Great Reset and all the other NWO bullshit………

Karl Wolfe

What breed of Fugly Pig-Dog is it? Talk about swilling up on too much Western food. Easy for such fat pigs to start wars while they rummage at the public Trough and living the Good Life at the very expense of the people of her country who will die if a war begins.
Put the enormous Swine into an animal box car and ship it back to the Stye it came from.

christodoulou Anastasis

WARSAW, December 12. /TASS/. The Normandy format (Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and France) will be needed to de-escalate the situation around Ukraine and this topic will be discussed at the European level, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday after talks with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Warsaw.


The more I saw this kind news its kiev will attack first, what kiev will do later its more like what georgian did in the 2008 by attacking russian part after got promised help by west, then after they attack then suddenly everyone silence and kiev got rolled back and lost more territory then they should had. Hope they end up this way because its sure will broke them up to the smaller states that easier to contain


When the real reset happens women like her will be put in their place.

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