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Ukrainian authorities criticized for the investigations about Odessa tragedy.

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Until now it’s been proven that the investigations over the events occurred in May 2014 have not been independent and effective.

Ukrainian authorities criticized for the investigations about Odessa tragedy.

A protester walks past a burning pro-Russian tent camp near the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. REUTERS/Yevgeny Volokin


The European Council has expressed its concerns due to the lack of advances regarding the investigation of the crimes happened in Odessa last year, when riots and further incidents in the Ukrainian port city left 48 people dead and hundreds more injured.

The International Advisory Panel of the Council of Europe presented in Kiev a report about Odessa’s events, where they informed of the lack of experience of the city’s police to prevent massive disturbance, failing to anticipate the tragic shift of events.

Specialists agree that Ukrainian government participation in Odessa tragedy is clear as it’s also clear that European public’s reconsideration of Kiev’s role in the conflict in the southeast of the country has influenced the situation a great deal.

However, a change in the opinion coming from the West over the ongoing situation in Ukraine has been happening. In the outset, media became the perfect platform for propaganda praising ultra-nationalism in the country, but it seems that now, Western handlers and patrons have been trying to put greater pressures on Kiev to make the regime more decent-looking. This is why mass media has started to criticize certain underperformances of Ukrainian government, but still the truth is not fully being said.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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