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Ukrainian Army Is Being Supplied With Russian Spare Parts


Ukrainian Army Is Being Supplied With Russian Spare Parts


A new corruption scandal is developing in Ukraine. It appears that high-ranking Ukrainian officials have been involved in smuggling Russian spare parts from military hardware of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On February 25, journalists from the Ukrainian TV program “Our Money” specializing in corruption investigations reported that spare parts were being smuggled to Ukraine for defense enterprises.

According to the report, some officials in Ukraine have been selling spare parts for military hardware to Ukrainian defense enterprises with a markup of up to 300% since 2016, smuggling them either from Russia, or from the depots of Ukrainian military units. The deals were worth around $9.3 million.

The investigation pointed out that officials close to Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko are involved in the scheme, in particular, the son of First Deputy Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Oleg Gladkovsky, Igor, his business partner Vitaly Zhukov, a certain Andrei Logoza, and also the country’s defense conglomerate Ukroboronprom.

The journalists also reported about another scheme involving the purchase of Russian An-26 altimeters where the profit of the accused was estimated at least US$300,000, which was paid from Ukraine’s national budget. Ukroboronprom paid $580,000 for the equipment whose purchasing price was about $85,000, the investigation says.

The important thing is that this investigation publicly revealed that since the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have systematically been receiving large numbers of Russian spare parts, components and packaged systems. The Ukrainian side reportedly used UAE-registered firms to buy these things in Russia. However, at least a part of these spare parts, components and packaged systems were smuggled directly from Russia.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces depend on Russia-made spare parts, components and packaged systems because of the type of its military equipment, most of which were made designed in the USSR. It employs various measures to obtain them in Russia where main production sites are located as well as from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, which buy large numbers of Russian equipment, and some storage facilities in eastern European states. The Ukrainian behaviour is logical and expected.

The main issue is actions of Russian comanies and security forces. Apparently, Russian sppecial services are informed about types and number of Ukrainian miltiary equipment. Therefore, the amount of needed spare parts, components and packaged systems needed for the Ukrainian Armed Forces can be estimated to a high degree of accuracy. The Russian side is also aware how many supplies of this type are needed for the UAE. In this situation the question arises: Why did the Russian side allow and international companies and intermediator firms to buy military supplies, which then are being delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces?




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  • BMWA1

    When Ukraine turns again, it would be good to have at least a few operational tanks.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    “Why did the Russian side allow and international companies
    and intermediator firms to buy military supplies, which then are being
    delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces?”

    It’s not the “Russian side.” Its the Jew side. The whole “Ukrainian” thing from the very beginning was (and still is) a Jew project. Scratch this parts smuggling operation and Jews will percolate to the surface.

    • Harry Smith

      Too bad you don’t speak Russian. If you’ll find somebody who can translate you a video in Russian, I can publish the link to the YouTube video where the documents are shown. The scheme is much more interesting then in the video of the “Our Money”

      • Harry Smith

        Just in case you’ll find a translator:

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The Jew oligarchs and Putin’s cronies have transferred over $50 billion to Cyprus alone in the last 3 years. The plunder of Russia is in full swing as the poor Russian peasants sell their daughters to Jew human trafficking gangs just to survive.

        • Harry Smith

          Man, where did you get this info? It’s not logic at all to transfer money in other countries which are vassals of the USA because of sanctions. Do not think Putin or his friends are so stupid.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Google Russians buying property in UK and Cyprus. I can’t do all the work for you guys :)

          • Harry Smith

            Well, first you said about the money, now about the property. When you were saying the truth?

            Jew oligarchs and Putin’s cronies have transferred over $50 billion to Cyprus alone in the last 3 years

            Google Russians buying property in UK and Cyprus.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Exactly, you are truth teller like me and that makes the shallow folks squirm. Jews are destroying Russia from within and without. You need to watch McMafia.

  • RGtz98

    Idk if SF has reported but many insiders in the ukrain army also Support Russia more than NATO , hence why thd national guard hates the army and receives most of the equipment since they don’t respond to anyone other than themselves (The Azov regiment and other ‘volunteers’ are in the guard) as they get better equipment, money and have even more authority in most areas. It has also been reported some of the army stopped many attacks and provocations before , thats why the national guard is mostly in the frontline as the army is more reluctant to do such attacks and provocations

  • Kandinski

    They should be supplied with Iskander missiles, on their heads.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Ukraine is destroyed by USA NATO appointed Homosexual chocolate boy trumpet Poroshenko.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Ukraine and Poland are now the forward bases for NATO’s destabilization of hapless Russia. Jews have infested every orifice in the dumb Uki hohols.

  • Harry Smith

    First, the author is not competent. You can not export any weapons part from Russia without permission of the Federal Service of Technical Export Control or smth like that. Just google for ФСТЭК. And not only weapons parts but also parts of dual usage. I.E. components which can be used in both military and civil devices. A man I know wanted to deliver to EU some components for green power supplies and had to make special permission from ФСТЭК because of dual usage.

    And second, ukrainian blogger Anatoliy Shariy already published the documents, which shows that many spare parts were taken from the ukrainian army as second hand, then sold through a chain of firms as brand new to a Kievian tank repair plant. The most of parts were sold from a plant “Leninskaya Kuznya” who’s owner is Poroshenko.

    • Harry Smith
    • BMWA1

      He (AS) is very good, see his commentary on Parity removing judges in Rada.

      • Harry Smith

        I watch him since Odessa tragedy.

        • BMWA1

          Sorry about “auto-correct I had written Pariuby, not Parity, DISCUS seems to not recognize Ukrainian war criminal names. And I think he had a hand in the 2 May 14 event too.

  • Smaug

    It would not be surprising if this was partially true, there are enough abandoned tanks to put together a scrap armored division, and there is a war going on. The reasons not to believe this entirely are that before 2014 Kiev was still courting an alliance with Russia, there is already enough Soviet era tanks sitting in Ukraine to provide spare parts for some time already.

  • Albert Pike

    Why did during the second world war the American Standard Oil company supply the German Company IG-Farben with octane booster for fuel. Well same thing here with Russian Spare parts – business must go on, and war is business…