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Ukrainian Armed Forces Destroyed Headquarters Of Azov Nationalist Battalion In Mariupol – Report

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Ukrainian Armed Forces Destroyed Headquarters Of Azov Nationalist Battalion In Mariupol - Report

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The headquarters of the Azov special detachment in Mariupol were hit with the Tochka-U tactical missile system by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to the DPR People’s Militia.

According to the report, more than 20 militants were killed.

“The location of the headquarters of a separate special purpose detachment “Azov” in the south-west of Mariupol was struck by the armed forces of Ukrainewith the “Tochka-U” tactical missile system. As a result of the strike, more than 20 militants and 10 pieces of equipment were destroyed,” the report says.

The attack was a result of the contradictions between the UAF command and commanders of the Azov battalion.

Members of the Azov nationalist battalion, who are now blockaded in the city of Mariupol, reportedly refuse to obey and coordinate their actions with the command of the Ukrainian Army.

The nationalist battalions pose a big threat not only to the Russian soldiers, but also to the local civilians, who were kept in hostage in the city, as well as to the current regime in Kiev and President Volodymir Zelenskiy. The crowds of armed nationalists have gained power in Ukraine during the last few years. Today, when the Russian troops have taken control over several major cities and continue their advance, these members of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions would point their guns at Mr. Zelenskiy if he accepts the defeat of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the numbers of casualties are growing in the ranks of the both warring sides, as well as among the civilians.


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Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

UKROBOTS killing Azovisis? Oy vey?


Ukrobot and azovis civil war soon. Well played move now russian forces only need to sit and watch them kill each other.


Yes I’ve been predicting this since day 3 of the operation. Now do you guys see how this will play out. The nazis have backed themselves into a corner. The ordinary Ukrainians will turn on the Nazis.


don’t be so bad, Ingrid.

Chris Gr

Azov hates Jews.


And Zionists hate everybody, including a few Jews.

Julius Vanko

who doesn’t


If they stick together, as they always do, they will die together, that ´s for sure. No matter where. Future holocaust will be global, therefore ther will be no escape for them. Or, as their beloved fuehrer once said, “mitgefangen, mitgehangen”. Oh vey…Weep, Shlomo. The legion of Titus are battering the walls of fortress Antonia and will set the Temple in Washington on fire again.

Bobby Dazzler

But were sponsored and financed by Jewish Ukrainian-Isreali oligarch Kolomisky from outset!

Icarus Tanović

They’re paid by worst of them.

Chris Gr

Neonazis and antifas are both supported by secret groups in order to accomplish the strategy of tension.

Icarus Tanović

They’re paid by worst of zionists, such are you.

Chris Gr

I am not paid.

Cyric Vigilius

How do they reconcile Zelensky or Poroshenko? All the ruling Billionaire Oligarghs are Jewish.

Robert Blake

Indeed. Post-2014 Ukraine is a Jewish (Khazarian) money laundering and looting operation, in connection with international oligarchs and the western deep state apparatus (CIA, NATO, US State Dept, Nuland/Kagan/Wolfowitz/etc.)

Chris Gr



I have always pondered about a funny thing. You have the Ashke(nazi) and the nationalsocialists are curiously called nazi.

I am not saying it is fishy, but it is really fishy :D

Seeing that in Ukraine nazis obey jews, my doubts have been reinforced.

Last edited 1 year ago by ricco
Chris Gr

Nazism is an ideology not a race. Idi Amin was Ugandan nazi. Plinio Delgado was Brazilian nazi. Milan Nedic was Serbian nazi. Lehi and Stern gang were Jewish nazis.

Icarus Tanović

And zander the bander is english wannabe sefard nazi.

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović
Chris Gr

You don’t know how to talk.


Ariel charoon golda meir, Menahem Bégin, Livio liquide, and many leaders from the apartheid state, the entity in Palestine are criminal nazis

Chris Gr

These were liberals.


Obama is also a NAZI, & so is Biden. NAT-SOCI… AKA: National Socialists… AKA: NAZI, is an ideology, not race based, but they absolutely use race to get themselves going on the road to power… ANY RACE! A nation divided cannot stand, so they use division to trigger their rise to power. They’ll use any race to get the job done. Biden set up AZOV with funding since 2014, to eradicate any & all natural born Ukrainian families who were there from the times when Ukraine was Russian, back in the U.S.S.R days, who will never vote to let Ukraine join NATO…. Donbass region has been getting killed for 8 whole years now by them.


Looks like operation Valkyrie LOL!!


Lol they can’t control ‘antifa’, we had the same issues. They gave them so much methamphetamine most of them are psychotic. Probably doing nasty things after dark to each other, too. Not surprised at all.


Probably doing nasty things after dark to each other, too ha ha ha good one

Chris Gr


Porc halal

Actualy they are profag ;) … remember, after dark, they do nasty things to each other …

Chris Gr

There are good gays though. Antifas are Soros backed terrorists.


There are no Ukrainians in Ukraine, only good Russians and bad Russians

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

And Poles and Hungarians and Romanians…

Porc halal

Well said …


Are you there, in Ukraine, or not? A simple question. And a simple direct silogism from the potatoe logic of the history: full it by yourself, ___________

Chris Gr

There are but some of them are either nazis or American backed puppets.


Nasty things would include rifle barrels, lots of lube and a modified version of Russian roulette 😂😂🤣🤣

Timmy Temperance

I want to belief this but I shall wait for further proof. Any destruction of Azov makes me happy but I feel like Ukraine forces would not destroy any anti-Russian resistance movement. Surely any missile aiming towards Mariupol would be targeted for intercept by the surrounding Russian forces? But however it happens, F* Azov.


Take a look at US antifa. You cannot control the little psychos. They need to pin war crimes on Russia. How can they if proof exists of what these skinhead losers have done? Everyone looks the same, they could use the bodies for more propaganda too. Also, they couldn’t hide that nazi logo, scandalous really. They moved Putin for saying nazis, then bam nazi soldiers they can’t deny. Oops




Maybe they have seen the writing on the wall and decided to take action,then they can negotiate with the Russians to prevent anymore loss of life,thats what any sane person would do,but are they sane,they may decide to go down the Berlin 1945 road.


You have to consider the idea that as the nazis become increasingly desperate, their violence and oppression against ordinary Ukrainians increases. This will lead to the separation of nazis from Ordinary Ukrainians who want no part of the conflict.


Fascists and liberals killing each other has always been a thing. But an exceptional thing nonetheless. I wouldn’t count on this happening much more. With any luck this was just desperate Ukros finding their best chance at a good surrender is by taking the most dangerous of themselves out.


Not following the orders of military leadership, and especially so in a battle situation, gets you executed in many armies. If a whole grouping disobeys orders a missile amongst them does not seem so unlikely.



Marcelo Rodriguez

Si esto es verdad es una gran noticia para las fuerzas Rusas que de ahora en adelante tendrían que explotar este tipo de diferencias entre el ejército Ucraniano y las fuerzas Nacionalistas. Prometiendoles que si el ejército Ucraniano lucha del lado de los Rusos y toman el poder en Kiev, serán ellos mismos los que compartirán el poder con las nuevas autoridades políticas que surjan.

Arch Bungle

Dafaq is going on with this report? Friendly fire ?

Peppe il Sicario

Send the scum to Israhell and let their misdeeds backfire on their handlers.




Haha I TOLD YOU. The Ordinary UKRAINIANS will TURN on the Nazis. Peace will be enforced.

Carl Johnson

the real case was when, back in 2014, the commanders of the LPR and DPR were called from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and given the coordinates of the nationalists (“Aidar”, “Azov”, etc.) to strike there. at that time there was a commander with the call sign “Abhaz” (he is still alive), and he did not refuse such an offer, he was even surprised that he was politely asked. This says a lot, doesn’t it, about the relations of the APU and the nationalists among themselves. Everyone does not like them because they have the ideology of the Nazis and they are cruel even towards their own, civilians are afraid of them. There are many videos in the public domain of how they torture prisoners. While the Russians treat the prisoners with respect


Are the Ukrainian Armed Forces also going to attack the neo nazis and ultra right wingers the west has send to Ukraine…..if not, than this is just a PR. stunt.


OH OH! Trouble in Paradise?


for nazi bacon paradise is Omaha


This would be a very very risky move by the Ukrainian military. After all, not every fascist gangster is in Mariupol. If they feel threatened and Kiev continues to lose ground, the hardliners could try to overthrow the government. I’d like to see a followup report on this after Mariupol is taken and we have more information as it would certainly be in Russia’s interest to make such evidence public.

Brother Ma

which gov? the one that is hijacked by both the nazis and US? the average ukro army or civilian, should give up as did Italy in WWII and fight UKRO nazis. it will thus be saved and go into the history books in a possibly redeeming positive light as did italy.


Italians were heroic. When the Germans invaded, they were able to retake power so fast that when the US invaded Italy, the further north they got, the more it was communists instead of nazis that they were having to kill to take the country.

Tom Bombadillo

Ah yes, the ‘vaunted’ but short-lived Italian Social Republic.


Zelensky is already in Poland. You forgot what is his promised land is and to whom he has the utmost loyalty. A hint – not to Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Volodymyr Zelensky is dancing in heels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv_WWzjrUrI


The Nazis wouldn’t last long if they took power. Fascism needs a LOT of factors to align to be sustainable if you’re not an imperialist nation. And even as imperialist nations, you need luck. The US was able to maintain its fascism abroad because it was left intact from WW2 and got lucky again when the USSR was about to surpass it but was putsched instead. And now it’s already going down again.


Good, lets denazifie.


I am not sure, was this friendly fire – or these two groups are also battling?


The 4th and 5 the Reich resides in BruZZels , Tel Aviv and Washington.

JP Moregone

They trying to give credibility to the corrupt zelensky government. Chances are the Russians already took care of the Azov.


Excellent news, I must say. Better late than never.

Red Admiral

Really, Good News in fact the Best News since last Thursday week. At last we have the UAF deciding to fight for their country. The next step is to arrange a pact with UAR and regain control of the Political system that has distorted and perverted Ukraine. Turning it into a Natzi tool for the Empire of Lies. Ukraine should be Brothers in Arms with Russia and Belarus There is at last light emanating from the soul of Ukraine which will hopefully shine stronger and stronger day by day and will eventually focus on those who decided to sell out their country for a few pieces of silver. It will also expose the US and it’s NATO lap dogs for what they really are and with just a tiny bit of Luck bring this war mongering cabal crashing down. Yes we can have Nuremberg 2.0 in Nuremberg.


“Ukraine should be Brothers in Arms with Russia and Belarus” This is not what the US zionists have decided for Ukraine. They wanted to make a sacrificial lamb out of Ukrainians to achieve their zionist Russophobic goals. When Nuland-Kagan run regime change in Kiev in 2014 (with the help of Israeli snipers) the Jewish Lobby went into exposing the direct Jewish-Nazi collaboration.

Florian Geyer

It will be also necessary to arrest or kill every US/NATO mercenary in Ukraine.

Red Admiral

Yes, indeed Florian. I see a few of the old guard re-engaging. Unfortunately, not all constructively


This could backfire if not done with some nuance and delicacy, but the local commander(s) of the Russian forces should send a public note of congratulations to the Ukraine unit that did this. They should note that Russia and some Ukraine authority both agree that these Ultra-nationalists are brutal and anti-democratic and are not good for Ukraine, or any civilization and that Russia intends to eliminate them from Ukraine, and that as Russian soldiers they are open to collaborate with Ukraine on that any and every other objective that is mutually beneficial to both Ukraine and Russia, and the restoration of peace and justice in Ukraine_Russia relations.

Brockland A.T.

… The UAF had to do it, not the Russians??

Probably payback for Azov killings of UAF troops, if so.


Got my popcorn ready, sitting in my favourite armchair got my feet up ready for the show 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Joe Adams

If the Ukrainian armed forces realized that Zelensky is directing everything from Florida, they’d probably lay down their arms tomorrow.

Tom Bombadillo

He’s in Poland right now. That’s even worse.

jens hoIm

Most of them are closet nazis like mee and my husband Magnus.

jens hoIm

To understands whats Iam talking is verry difficult. Even for me.


must upvote nazi Jen for growing self awareness

Tom Bombadillo

Maybe he is drinking.

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