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Ukrainian Air Force Deployed Combat Drones To Carry Out Chemical Provocation In Donbass: DPR Military


Ukrainian Air Force Deployed Combat Drones To Carry Out Chemical Provocation In Donbass: DPR Military


The Kiev government delivered a large shipment of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) to the frontline near the town of Gorlovka, the head of the press service of the Office of the People’s Militia of the Donetks People’s Republic (DPR), Daniel Bezsonov said on November 9th.

According to Bezsonov, using these UAVs, the Ukrainian Air Force is going to stage a chemical provocation in the Donbass and deliver attacks on critical facilities of the DPR.

“Our intelligence obtained reliable data on the arrival at the Gorlovka direction by the train of a large number of drone UAVs like the Warmate-1 and Bayraktar TB2. The latter is a joint production of Ukraine and Turkey, which can carry up to 70 kilograms of payload. The Ukrainian authorities recently boasted about the purchase of this UAV,” Bezsonov said.

He also added that, according to anonymous sources at the operation headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Joint Forces Operation, the new attack drones will be used to conduct a chemical provocation in the Donbass, in addition to precision strikes on critical objects of the DPR during a massive rocket-air strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Also, Ukrainian and British military experts have prepared several production videos using computer graphics intended to “doctor” information resources, after conducting a chemical provocation. The fakes would be used as evidence of the alleged involvement of servicemen of the People’s Militia in the use of chemical weapons by the UAVs,” the head of the press service said.

In this regard, Bezsonov appealed to the world community with a warning that “such video materials are a blatant fake, aimed at discrediting the leadership of the Republic.”

Earlier it was reported that military experts from the UK arrived in the Donbass to conduct chemical weapon attacks, and also that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing a sabotage at the Stirol chemical plant in Gorlovka, the goal of which is to create a diversion and strike at another point in the DPR.

On December 1st, EurAsia Daily cited the deputy chief of the People’s Militia of the DPR Eduard Basurin who said that Kiev is preparing for a large-scale invasion against Donetsk.

“Training of the shock group is underway. This is evidenced by the concentration on the Mariupol tactical direction of three brigades – 79 separate assault and assault brigades, 36 separate brigades of marines and 128 separate mountain assault brigades, who received the task of conducting offensive operations in the Novoazovsk region in early December with access to the border with Russia,” he said.

According to him, breaking through the first line of defense was entrusted to elite formations of paratroopers and marines. Basurin considers this a tactical mistake of Kiev and the “incompetence of the Commander of the Combined Forces Sergey Naev, who for the sake of devotion to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is ready to sacrifice personnel for the sake of achieving dubious goals.”

The Kremlin warned that the imposition of martial law in the regions bordering Russia and the DPR may lead to an escalation in the Donbass. It appears that if the claims by the DPR command are legitimate, that may as well be Kiev’s plan.



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