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Ukraine’s SBU Clams It Detained Driver Of Towing Truck That Transported MH17 Case’s ‘Buk Launcher’


Ukraine's SBU Clams It Detained Driver Of Towing Truck That Transported MH17 Case's 'Buk Launcher'


Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU) has detained the driver of a towing truck that transported Buk missile involved in the incident with Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines (flight MH17) over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, Deputy Head of SBU’s Chief Investigation Department Vitaliy Mayakov claimed on July 17, according to UNN news agency.

The SBU official claimed that the missile launcher was belonging to Russia-backed rebels and was moved across the region of Donetsk.

“We detained him, currently he serves time here, in Ukraine”, Mayakov said adding that the people responsible for the Buk missile launcher will be judged as terrorists.

According to the version provided by Mayakov, the SBU suspects 150 people who could be more or less involved in the crime. He further claimed that the SBU has obtained a phone video showing the Buk launcher moving through Donetsk.

The fresh SBU claims took place five years after the incident and seem especially suspicious because of the allegation that the person allegedly involved in the incident had been detained earlier.

According to Ukrainian sources, the SBU statement may have been linked to the recent incident in the Donetsk People’s Republic where Ukrainian special services kidnapped Vladimir Tsemakh, the former chief of the Air Defense of the Slavic Brigade, from the village of Snejnoe.

Ukrainian special services reportedly captured Tsemakh on June 27 and then moved him to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on June 28. On June 29, Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev arrested Tesemakh for two months.

Ukrainian and pro-Ukrainian media outlets immidiately started speculating that the operation may be linked to the MH17 tragedy because the Slavic Brigade was deployed near the incident site, in Snejnoe. Nonetheless, this version ignores the fact that, according to DPR sources, Tsemah became the chief of the brigade’s air defense in October 2014. The MH17 tragedy happened in July 2014.

If Tsemakh is the ‘truck driver’ detained by the SBU, the entire story is another blatant fake used by the Kiev regime to hide own involvement in the tragedy.

The mainstream media narrative designed to blame Russia and local resistance forces from eastern Ukraine for the MH17 tragedy is openly crumbling. Malaysia, including its Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, has repeatedly questioned this ‘Russia is guilty’ narrative. According to the Malaysian side, the ongoing ‘investigation’ is politically motivated and lacks any evidence.

The position of the main victim of the MH17 incident almost fully corresponds with those one of Russia. Nonetheless, ‘independent investigators’ continue to push the narrative that plays into the hands of the Washington establishment and its proxies in the Ukrainian government.

On July 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry released an official statement on the MH17 tragedy (source):

Five years ago, on July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines ‘Boeing’, a civilian aircraft operating flight МН17 from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur, crashed in eastern Ukraine. All 298 people on board died.

Unfortunately, this tragedy became a tool in a dirty political game. Within only hours, if not minutes, after the crash, as if prompted by someone, media and then Western political leaders launched a salvo of accusations against Russia for the killing of innocent people. Two investigations were opened into the crash: a technical investigation to identify the causes of the Boeing’s crash, and a criminal inquiry to identify the individuals responsible for what had happened. In both cases, the provisional assumptions were made for the sole purpose of substantiating accusations of Russia’s involvement in the crash. The interpretation of all the facts obtained during these investigations was biased and designed to incriminate Russia, while facts that did not fit the original assumptions were quietly swept under the carpet or dismissed under far-fetched pretexts. Russia was also accused of refusing to fully cooperate with the investigation and obstructing it.

We all know that this is not true. In keeping with UN Security Council Resolution 2166, Russia has always sought to facilitate efforts to find out the truth and to hold the actual perpetrators accountable rather than those who were designated in advance as the initiators of what had happened. We remain committed to doing so in the future.

While Russia was not permitted to take part in the investigation, from the very first day it worked with the Netherlands, the Dutch Safety Board and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), sharing all the information it had on the MH17 crash. We submitted the results of a full-scale experiment carried out by the Almaz-Antei Corporation, the original radio location data refuting the possibility of launching a missile from a specific area designated by the technical investigation into the reasons of the crash, and now shared by the JIT. At the request of the investigators, Russia declassified for the first time ever documents on the Buk surface-to-air missile complex, proved that the missile that downed the aircraft, according to the JIT, belonged to Ukraine, and many other things. Unfortunately, all these unique data are insistently ignored and not taken into consideration by the investigation or silenced during JIT’s news events that increasingly resemble political propaganda shows.

At the same time, evidence is based on sources that are quite questionable: social media, poor quality photo images and video footage, data from Ukrainian special services with nothing to back them, and investigations by would-be independent bloggers. It is no surprise that guided by an approach of this kind it took some time before the JIT allowed Malaysia to join the investigation. The latest statements made by this country’s officials and experts show that Malaysia is not inclined to make any hasty accusations. The prohibition to publish any data without the approval from all the participants in the group, including Ukraine, also raises eyebrows.

This can easily explain the absence of any alternative versions of the crash, as well as the fact that five years on after the crash tangible progress has yet to be achieved, despite the optimism displayed by the JIT at a recent news conference.

At the same time, there were no accusations against Ukraine for failing to close its airspace above an area affected by an armed conflict, despite the fact that lawsuits to this effect against Ukraine have already been referred to the ECHR.

Nevertheless and despite this biased attitude toward Russia, we remain open to cooperation. Russia strongly believes that the path to the truth lies through dialogue and cooperation.

We note that had the investigation been guided by the same approach and listened to our critique while fully taking into account our proposals, the quality of both the technical and criminal investigations could have been much higher.

Russia has first-hand experience in dealing with horrible tragedies of this kind, and knows all too well how to cope with immense loss. Russian nationals suffered in air crashes on multiple occasions. We remember very well the tragedy above the Black Sea in 2001, when a Sibir plane was downed by a surface-to-air missile launched by the Ukrainian military.

As deplorable as it is, in doing so the Dutch authorities are playing on the feelings as well as the sorrow of the relatives of MH17 victims. While calling for justice and for holding the perpetrators accountable, they use associations and unions formed by these people to spread the message of Russia’s involvement within the international public opinion and place the responsibility for paying the corresponding compensation on Russia.

We strongly believe that only by conducting the investigation in a truly politics-free and professional manner can we identify what caused the crash and obtain the truth once and for all.

Russia calls on the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to focus on its main task which is to impartially analyse all the available data in order to identify the true causes of what happened there and find those who are behind this tragic event. However, considering how the investigation was and is conducted, we cannot regard it as impartial or unbiased. The quality of the so-called evidence that was demonstrated at JIT’s news conferences tends to prove the contrary, i.e. the determination to adjust facts that are actually far-fetched speculation and fakes in order to fit them into the original assumptions accusing Russia.




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  • iosongasingsing

    All true as September 11th, Saddam’s atomic bomb, the USS Lberty, just ask Israel for confirmation.

    • S Melanson

      Yes, those are an excellent selection from my favourite book written by Brothers Bolton-Pompeo: Folk and Faerie Tales, SBU House, 2014

      SBU House is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIA Publishing.

      The CIA has the best credentials for publishing faerie tales, after all, it is what we do best –

      Our mantra is from our hero Pompeo about being director of CIA

      “we lied, we cheated, we stole…”

  • michael Harrison

    Any progress made in the prosecution of the people that shot down Iran Air Flight 655 in 1988?

  • jm74

    How convenient. Must be a good bribe to take the fall.

  • Toronto Tonto

    He sang like a songbird , the trash is going down and we know who you are .

    • ColinNZ

      He would put his hand up to it only they cut that off during questioning.

    • John Wallace

      The only songbird was John McCain but he is no longer able to take the fall. You know what a fall is ? , Like when Silver tried to mount your horse Scout or White Feller , can’t remember which , and you fell off and smashed your head which is why you don’t know WTF you are talking about.

    • S Melanson

      Well I certainly hope you enjoy the ride down the trash chute. And when you come out the end, your Ukrainian friends are all there, to welcome you to the land of spewing trash (commenting).

    • J Ramirez

      Canadians, Right :}

    • Luke Hemmming

      And we know who they REALLY are too…Ukraine jet fighters shot it down…why hasn’t someone ever gone forward with the video of the massive smoke trail the buk missile would have left behind as it was launched. They make such a huge trail it would have been hard to miss.

  • ColinNZ

    The SBU also claimed that a 2nd man, Santa Niklas, whose uniform is entirely consistent with Red Army issue, delivered the payload via a large sack …. Santa’s legal aide ‘Rudolf’ was unable to deny the charges.

  • John Wallace

    Of course they know who was driving the truck as they are the ones that directed him to do it.

  • S Melanson

    Practicing for the press conference where the driver ‘confesses’.

    Driver: I drove the truck with the Russian BUK system to deliver to the terrorists in Donetsk. I revelled knowing the evil purpose was a Russian plot to shoot down civilian air craft, killing many innocent women and children. I was so excited I nearly crashed the gate leaving the Ukrainian military base just out side Kiev…

    SBU Agent: NO NO NO! It is Russian military base you idiot…

  • cechas vodobenikov

    SBU= CIA adjunct

  • Rodger

    The Malaysian PM wiped his behind with the findings of the absurd JIT (why include 1 of the 2 possible culprits in the investigation?) so now the Ukraine is fabricating more ‘evidence’ to convince him. Such an idiotic move to immediately provide more ‘evidence’ when your fabricated stories are being laughed at.