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Ukraine’s Puzzling Enthusiasm In Inviting U.S.-Led Nuclear War On Its Territory


Ukraine's Puzzling Enthusiasm In Inviting U.S.-Led Nuclear War On Its Territory

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On September 4th, US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers flew over Ukrainian airspace, and along Crimea and the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

They were escorted by Ukrainian Air Force Su-27’s and they were a very apparent warning to Russia, and a sort of sizing up of potential strikes if the need were to arise.

Alongside the bombers, a number of NATO reconnaissance aircraft, but also NATO warplanes, also made flights over the Black Sea.

Some of them took place within the territory controlled by Ukraine.

A British Typhoon fighter circled over Nikolaev.

The flights were enthusiastically confirmed by Ukraine. Having specified that there were three B-52H Stratofortresses.

Such a formation of American B-52H missile carriers and Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters seriously agitated the Russian “invaders”, who immediately raised 8 fighter jets – 4 Su-27 and 4 Su-30 – to intercept and transferred the air defense to full combat readiness Southern Military District.

NATO reconnaissance planes have successfully used this and received all the necessary information about the air defense of a potential enemy, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said.

“Two of the three bombers turned on the Mode-S transponder, which allowed them to be tracked during the flight through the Black Sea region. Interestingly, the plane flew towards the Sea of Azov, then orbited for several minutes before flying north towards Kiev “, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that the flight was carried out in order to work out the military coordination of the Ukrainian and NATO aviation, and similar flights will be repeated.

This is significant, since for the first time US long-range strategic bombers flew near the Russian borders from the territory of Ukraine.

To a certain extent, this mission is concerning. The B-52H is a strategic bomber. And its purpose is not reconnaissance, but the delivery of missile and bomb strikes – moreover, the Stratofortress is designed specifically for nuclear weapons.

That is, Ukraine helped to practice possible attacks by weapons of mass destruction on a region it considers its own territory – in this case, on Crimea. Also, strikes in the south of Russia proper were probably practiced.

It is obvious that in a real war scenario, American bombers entering Ukrainian airspace will become a target for the Russian Federation. In other words, a nuclear war will go on in the skies over Ukraine. With all the ensuing consequences.

And in this sense, the enthusiasm of the Ukrainian military is not entirely clear.

This story does not bode well for modern Ukraine either. Russia is ready to go far enough to prevent NATO infrastructure from approaching its borders. This is also in part why Russia was rather keen in accepting Crimea into its borders.

And if Kiev demonstrates a desire to become a base for an American attack against Russia, this could dramatically change Moscow’s entire strategy in Ukraine.

It is one thing when Ukraine is perceived as a weak adversary who, on the whole, does not threaten the security of the Russian Federation.

In the other scenario is as a country from whose territory a nuclear strike can be delivered against Russia. It is unlikely that any sanctions could impact Moscow’s actions.

In the present, a demonstration of a nuclear threat from the territory of Ukraine can achieve at least the goal of disrupting any agreements – for example, in Eastern Ukraine, where a somewhat stable ceasefire has been going on for more than a month. Obviously, Moscow isn’t allowing Ukraine to integrate the region, which is helping the United States plan a nuclear strike against Russia.

One question should be asked, are the citizens of Ukraine themselves aware that they may be involved in a nuclear war with Russian, and it is led by the United States, but on Kiev’s territory?

Were they asked? And the answer is obvious: it is unlikely that the “colonial administration” ask the opinion of the “natives” on what actions to undertake.




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