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JULY 2022

Ukraine’s Nazi Connection, And The British National Cover-Up

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Ukraine’s Nazi Connection, And The British National Cover-Up

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Written by Brett Redmayne-Titley

The UK government is funding a Nazi regime in Ukraine rather than prioritizing its domestic national interests.

Britain’s parliamentary warlords have to date gladly provided £2.1 Billion to fund the Ukrainian war effort rather than budgeting to fix the UK’s gutted NHS, declining educational system, historic poverty or ever-increasing homeless population. With the deplorable state of the UK in mind, why does the British public continue to ignore this national decline in favour of Ukraine’s factual allegiance to neo-Nazism?

Answer: the lies of the British media.

It is high time to factually challenge the British media cover-up of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi connection by exposing the inconvenient truths regarding its allegiance to Nazi-inspired Ukrainian leader Stepon Bandera, the Ukrainian Right Sector, and the Azov Battalion whose swastikas are steeped in the blood from the slaughter of 14,000 eastern Ukrainians.

The origin of the war in Ukraine and its propagation of neo-Nazism can be traced back to the 2014 Ukrainian “Orange Revolution” that saw America help overthrow the legitimately elected president Viktor Yanukovych and create the terror of Maidan Square. Months before, Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had publicly stated that the US had spent US$5 Billion to support US-style democracy in Ukraine. When that “democracy” spiralled into predictable national violence much to the dismay of European leaders, Nuland famously stated, “Fuck the EU.” A three-word synopsis for US democratic diplomacy then and now.

Regionally and culturally Ukraine is divided East to West, on either side of the Dnieper River with the capital, Kyiv at the north end. Eastern Ukraine is primarily culturally Russian and has been for centuries. The 1939 Molotov/ Ribbentrop Pact divided Ukraine along new borders and today western Ukraine is far more aligned culturally and politically with western Europe and the US. For these reasons, western Ukraine has great animosity towards the East, hence the 2014 election was very close and violent.

Yanukovych was from the Donbas of far eastern Ukraine and until the 2014 election, the people of the city regions of Luhansk (LPR), Donetsk (DPR), and the Donbas had little to fear from the Ukrainian government. These regions are the important industrial, manufacturing and mining centres of Ukraine while the western half is far more agrarian. Regardless, east and west lived in relative harmony post-1939 until 2014. On Feb 20 that year pro-democracy snipers murdered in cold blood forty-nine innocent Ukrainians and four policemen in one night during the US-backed post-election protests against Yanukovych at Maidan Square. 

The murders- falsely blamed on Russia- had the intended effect of sending Ukraine into a tailspin of East vs. West anti-Russian ultra-violence. Yanukovych abandoned the presidency and went to Russia and the parliament installed Arseniy Yatsenyuk as temporary president until new elections brought to power Petro Poroshenko who was aligned with US interests and did nothing to restrict the growing influence of the neo-Nazi Right Sector or Azov Battalion.

Thus began the Ukraine war.

Before 2014 the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) had been rife with anti-Russian/ Jewish sentiment for decades but was held in check by Yanukovych and other Russian aligned leaders. During WW II Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stepon Bandera achieved almost hero status in western Ukraine for his genocide against Ukrainian Russians and Jews and statues were erected in his honour after he was assassinated in 1959. Bandera was unabashedly a neo-Nazi and created his legion of the like-minded. However, his death only galvanized his underground supporters, many of whom remained within, not only the Ukrainian Army but the political structure itself.

This is evidenced by a Ukrainian politician, Andriy Parubiy. He has served as Deputy Speaker and Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament from 2014 to 2019, and Secretary of National Security and the Defence Council of Ukraine. Andriy Parubiy is a Nazi. He has proudly proclaimed this many times before his parliament, before the Ukrainian military and the public on TV.

When Poroshenko was elected, Washington used this opportunity to open the flood gates into Ukraine for US weaponry and military training in preparation for its eventual de facto assault on the East and Russian influence there. As such, Ukraine incrementally became the largest military in Europe. It was also at this time that the previously suppressed “Banderists” dominated the AFU and Ukrainian politics, much to the pleasure of the US and NATO.

The Right Sector is admittedly disciples of Stepon Bandera and exerts neo-Nazi influence as they act as a political watchdog propagating their philosophy across Ukraine. The AFU is not exclusively Banderist but the massive Azov battalion stationed in the east is predominately so. Like Bandera, they hate Ukrainian Russians and Jews. The United Nations Human Rights Commission reported that the Azovs have killed over 14,000 eastern Ukrainians since 2014, as the East begged Russia for military assistance to help their regional militias fight back.

To stop this slaughter in 2014 Russia brokered a truce called the Minsk Protocols which the AFU ignored. This was followed in 2015 by Minsk II which also had no practical effect on the AFU genocide. For seven years this terror continued unchecked as Washington salivated in the wings for more dead Russians.

In 2019 Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a comedian and actor famous for his role in the TV series, Servant of the People, defeated Poroshenko in a landslide by promising peace by honouring the Minsk accords and controlling corruption and the rising violence of the Right Sector.  But it took mere months for the Ukrainians to become the brunt of this comedian’s dark joke that saw him become, not a leader for peace, but a US and Banderist puppet.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and its divestiture of its many satellite countries in 1990, NATO had promised not to expand into these countries. However, almost without exception NATO expanded and began to ring Russia with US weapons and NATO influence. With Ukraine being the launching point for past wars against Russia, the Kremlin had made it clear to the US that Ukraine joining NATO was a red line.

For the UK media to suggest that Russia was not incrementally provoked into defending both eastern Ukraine and its own national interests is to turn the truth on its head. With Spring being historically the best time to begin a war, during February Zelensky ordered the Azov Battalion and the AFU to begin amassing 100,000 troops and munitions towards the east in preparation for a massive attack designed to take back the autonomous eastern regions.

The DPR, LPR and Donbas militias again begged Russia for intervention but Putin still refused. Instead, the Russians tried diplomacy and repeatedly contacted Washington and Kyiv in an effort not to militarily intervene. The demands were simple and rational: Abide my Minsk I & II; not attack the East; de-Nazify the AFU and not join NATO.

The US and Kyiv did not so much as respond. In an effort to get a negotiated response, and with the AFU continuing to amass forces eastward, Russia began to prepare its army on the Russian/ Ukraine border. Instead of negotiating with Russia for peace, Ukraine and the western media falsely screamed “Russian aggression.”

Then on the last week of February Zelensky did the unthinkable. He informed the US that he was now willing to allow US nuclear weapons into Ukraine.

The next day, February 24th, the Russian army crossed into eastern Ukraine.  Thus began the Russian / Ukrainian war and the incredible barbarity of the AFU.

For the western media to cover up the neo-Nazi connection in Ukraine is the biggest lie of this war. I have recently returned from two months of reporting in and around Ukraine. Certainly, both sides are guilty of atrocity but I have seen a different kind of barbarity by the AFU that is beyond the pale of war because the AFU and the Avovs consider and treat all Ukrainian Russians, Jews and even peace advocates as vermin. They have given up all morality. I can bear witness to the killings of the innocent, the torture and killings of prisoners, the firing on civilian targets, the mining of the humanitarian corridors to prevent escape, and the execution of anyone who suggests peace much less negotiation, and I have seen the Swastikas and pro-Nazi tattoos scrawled on the hands, arms, necks and chests of the AFU killers.

Many facts are being covered up such as the network of US bio-weapons labs discovered across Ukraine and that the Ukrainian army is not winning this war, it is being decimated. Air Force, Navy, fuel refineries, supply and railway lines destroyed. 50,000 men dead with so many surrendering that the Russians are building larger POW camps. All men16-60 being- by law- conscripted as replacements. NATO munitions supplies destroyed as soon as they cross the polish border, and command and control communications centres are in ruins.

This day Boris Johnson’s favourite democratic champion, President Zelensky signed a new law banning all opposition parties from existence after already arresting five generals and the main opposition leader, Viktor Medvedchuk as “anti-heroes” for the treasonous crime of suggesting peace.

Thus factually challenged here, the neo-Nazi connection properly exposed and the big lie of this war properly exposed is it not  time for an increasingly impoverished Britain to now demand of Mr Johnson, their parliament, and the British media the most fundamental, important and intelligent of age-old questions:

What… The… Fuck?!

                                                -The End-

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last decade travelling and documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” An archive of his many articles can be found at watchingromeburn.uk. He can be contacted at live-on-scene ((@))gmx.com


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“Thanks for all the free money losers!” -Ukraine

Last edited 1 month ago by paul
Americano Whisky and Soda

The money we gave Ukraine was never about ending the war, it was about giving stock profits to the military industrial complex! American Jews love war more than a fish loves water as long as others are dying! Zelensky is the same, sits in a basement and tells Slavs to kill each other. He even has a NAZI SWASTIKA T-shirt.


Not a cent of all these billions will ever leave USA. Ukraine will get military junk which was destine to be decommissioned shortly. All the money will go to modernize US army plus finance the “assistance” for Ukraine (CIA, US military’s bases) plus lots of pockets everywhere

Ukraine will pay this land-lease with grains (yellow color on the flag. Ukraine will keep the blue color – sky). I expect that Ukraine will pay it off in two or three generations

10 Dead Generals

Sending that ‘junk’ wreaked havoc since Russia desperately calls almost daily to chase it, now pretending to fight the whole NATO because of that ‘junk’


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Last edited 1 month ago by Brooklyn

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Last edited 1 month ago by Loralee
Jens Holm.

Very good its not Your money. You should be happy about it. mabee the dollar will colpase next week too.

Jens Holm.

Thats not junk. Most artillery is much better the most of the russian stuff. The drones are maore and better and all the big RPG s seeme to be doinbg well.

Its a tradition for Your kind never to be sober and talk our thing down as junk. You tal up Your own rel junk. And the result is big surprice.

The surprice of course is expalines by far out propaganda

Vlad the Imposter

“Most artillery is much better the most of the russian stuff.”


Instead of arguing whether Fords are better than Chevy’s what matters is that you get deadly rounds down range in large volumes accurately and if you do it with rockets, missiles, artillery shells, mortars or aerial bombs it doesn’t matter as long as the method you use is protected, dependable and usable by your soldiers.

The very best Made in USA, gold plated, artillery gun with custom paint, chrome grill, running boards, paint protection and cow catcher driven it out in the open in full sight of a drone to get blown up before getting a single round off it’s not the equal of a Russian infantry mortar.

jens holm

You can all of them at the internet and compare yoiurself. You never has. You cant. Putin has told You go to prison if. .

Jens Holm.

bork bork


Has EVERYONE in Scandinavia completely lost their tiny effing minds!

jens holm

You can say so.

Enough is enough. No more. Russia has to be reduced into its correct seize.

We are well aware of those money flows. As long as its not Yours or his money, You should say ha ha and be happy or something.


Bigotries of any kind dishonour and defame Russia’s noble efforts and the heroic resistance of the Republics.

Michael J Snider

he is a NA-tional ZI-ionst catching on yet

Michael J Snider

it is about the ((( jews)))) diminishing the white races numbers so the jews can take over

10 Dead Generals

Gelly much?


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), 1936: ‘We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace – business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.’ Ninety years later nothing has changed in US-NAYOYO countries.

Most of the money will never leave the US for any place but secret accounts. Ukrainian defence is based in Switzerland and designed to protect oligarch money. Like all other US-NAYOYO collaborators, constant whining for support is just a way get more money from aid flow ‘skim’ before defeat ends the good times. As the whining gets louder, the war’s end gets closer.

Ernest Hemingway: “Anyone who loves freedom owes such a debt to the Red Army that it can never be repaid.”

jens holm

Another copy paste from You. Is Your service dog a parrot?

Anne-Marie Suckling

The Corporate Pyramid, where 6 corporations own the media and when you get to the top of the pyramid, you just have Blackrock and Vanguard. Who created the National Socialists, including the German Worker’s Party, that Bandera was linked to and also who created the National Communists, aka Bolsheviks? In fact who also created the Fascist Parties and why were so many Fascists also members of the elite Socialist Fabian Society?

1913, the creation of the FED Reserve and who owns the Fed Reserve? 1913, Rockerfeller teams up with the two Dublin brothers, who ran the left and right media in Great Britain, Lord Northcliffe ran the Daily Mail and his brother Lord Rothermere ran the left leaning Daily Mirror. The late Seventies, you had Murdoch running the Sun and the Times and his rival and close friend was Robert Maxwell, who ran the Daily Mirror. It had to look like they were foes rather than mates, but, no doubt had a similar relationship as the two Press Barons, back in the early 20th Century.

Going back to Rockerfeller, Rothermere and Northcliffe, the two Irish brothers and how they linked together in 1913, four years prior to the creation of the IRA and the Bolsheviks overthrowing the Russian Empire. A few years before the destruction of a few Empires of the time, including the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian Prussian and Russian Empires, etc, etc, etc. The three of them, and allegedly the Monarchy of Great Britain, came together to create the Tavistock Institute of Human Behaviour, based on ‘mind control of the masses’. At the time, both the United States of America as well as Great Britain, the people were pacifist in nature, and would not have wished to support a World War, which was being planned. So in order to switch the mindset of the masses, ‘mind control’ was required. It worked so well, that they have never changed the script, as they never thought they would ever be found out.

Urkaine, reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, where ‘Toto’ the dog, goes snooping and unveils the ‘Mighty Wizard’, who is no more than a little and ineffectual man, staging events for his own benefit. I guess sort of similar to Zelinsky. Guess the 21st century version, where the old Wizard of Oz, is no more than a bi-sexual, lap dancer, with a craving for penis led piano recitals, whilst dressed in stiletos and performing on stage. How does such a dancer end up with a $billion investment portfolio and President of one of Europe’s most corrupt nations? Why are the City of London, The Vatican and Washington DC the main cheerleaders of Zelinsky and the Nazis running Ukraine?

Jens Holm.

So You are the fat reserve or what.

Pamfil Military Academy

Yea, suck the fat reserve cock, monkey shit. Don’t cope with the truth ? No problem: fuck your LGBTQ idiot partner and feel better, asshole..

Last edited 1 month ago by Pamfil Military Academy
jens holm

We all do here. We also feel better. According to some comparing we even are the happiest contry in the world.

But is a lot we dont have:

We have lack of corruption. We has lack of debt. The Americans buy too much of Our stuff. We can trust the police and the court systems. We have lack of poor people. We have no problems with Jews, they are like us.


Because the crown will incorporate Russia into Crown Lands .With the moral authority from the Pope. And “America is our barracks “Churchill .


Well said,AM.

History has always been a problem for thieves and the UK history has many thousands of examples of looting and pillaging other people’s homelands for centuries.

Anne-Marie Suckling

Cheers Florian.

I am just listening to Pepe Escobar, over in the Greek Press Project. It has got nothing to do with the above, but, there again it has everything to do with the above. With regards how we are moving from the ‘uni-polar’ world to the ‘multi-polar’ world. Why does the Wicked Witch of the West, from the Wizard of Oz, keep me entertained? As I have visions of Boris, with a green face, screaming ‘I’m Melting’ as he looks at the image of a smiling Vlad? Competing to ‘Wicked Witch Boris’, there is also Ursula, the sea witch from Hans Christian Anderson ‘Little Mermaid’, the Disney version, as nightmares of EU Ursula come to mind. Wasn’t she the German Defence Minister, prior to EU promotion, being a tad corrupt? Then to finish off the trio, bring in Zelinsky, the bi-sexual, penis piano player, in his stiletos and a modern version of the Wizard of Oz, when Toto pulls back the curtain. Not sure what gives me the most nightmares, my imagination or the Daily Mail Russian Tribute Section.


Whatever is happening at the moment, the West is a headless snake, thrashing out, unable to comprehend the fact that the City of London, Washington DC and The Vatican have lost their power, whether they admit it or not. When you look at the union between Russia and China, plus the fact that over 80% of the population, with just 20% of World Debt are ignoring the mouthy politicians of the EU, Japan, US and other ‘5 Eye’ Nations, who own 80% World Debt, and only occupy 20% of the planet. Getting past the frustration of the frenzied hysteria of the Blackrock/Vanguard Media, there is a lot of comedy with what they are coming out with.

Over on the DM, and before getting there, my search engine sent me to Sky News.

Sky News comments, ‘Richard Dearlove (why does Dr Strangelove so come to mind, whenever his name pops up?). Anyway, the retired head of UK Security Services, pay to play channel, is stating that President Putin’s team are going to be sending him to a Sanatorium, before the year is out, owing to him refusing to accept events. The Daily Mail, are saying, using Christopher Steel (Russia Gate) as a source, that the team around President Putin, cannot handle having to have their daily briefs interrupted, owing to President Putin requiring treatment for his Cancer. Christopher Steel – I choked laughing, when they used him as a source and not forgetting John Durham, the Special Adviser, with regards the Steele Dossier, is in court this week, courtesy of Hilary’s involvement in funding the Steel Dossier and making sure the intelligence agencies took it as clarified intelligence.

There is so much on the DM, which basically winds me up, till I am patient enough to laugh about it. I do believe one of the US Senators is using another video game, to highlight that Ukraine is winning.

By the end of the year, will there be a NATO or even an EU for Ukraine to move into?

Pamfil Military Academy

UK was the biggest oppressor of the world for many many centuries. Its imperialistic agenda accumulate a cosmic amount of wealth stolen from vassals, colonies and client states throw the ages and then boasting with the ‘industrial revolution’. What a perversion !

Last edited 1 month ago by Pamfil Military Academy

It’s the Jews. Jews are in the top positions in America, run the British banks, and run Ukraine. To blame or point the finger at the Nazis is a diversion and cover for the real culprits behind this. Jews. Jews caused this war.


Yes, that is the sad truth.

jens holm

Putin is a nice man telling You that. So far 25.000 Russians has been killed. Hurah Hurah.

And You have the whole taiga for coffin making. That will improve the imployment rate for the ones still alive and the dead ones are not in the statistics as unimployed as well.

AM Hants

Who created the Nazis? Wasn’t it the Khazarians, that adopted Christianity, Judaism, Islam and learnt to speak Hebrew. The crowd, over in the Middle East, that actually lack semetic DNA, but, demanded territory in the middle of all those oil fields? Wasn’t the script devised over in the City of London, when they were preparing the Balfour Agreement?

jens holm

es. And 2 bottles of beer.

jens holm

Thats because many educate themself well helped by their parents. Here they find their skills and work hard as well.

Thats rewarded paid by the hour and not after family crap(only).

Who cares about who started this. As long as Your kind gor killed, You wont come here.

We will send coffins to inspire You. .


Like most western countries UK no longer has any control over our politicians, Boris Jonson ( who in early 2017 was still an American Citizen ) thinks he is a new Churchill. As well as getting involved in Ukraine he is illegally arming Kosovo ( god knows what for but it will be nothing good ). He constantly tells lies, and would sell the UK down the river in the blink of an eye for personal gain.


Its the same in Finland, and much other places too. I think they and many other leaders work for the british crown corporation, which is a corporation. It does not belong to any country, not even Britain, it just has that name. They want to print empty money and own much of the world. I bet they own these super corporations, as Rothschildts, rockefellers etc. as just aliases for british royalty. Zelensky to my knowledge is played by a dutch actor-prince. Remember hoh the Netherlands got their gold back from the US during MH17 when they did the false enquiry of events.

Jens Holm.

Finland is by their book. Its in their constituion thet if a President for health ha sto reasin the Majoity of the Prlament elect the new one until the next ordinary President election..

The rest is the usual crap where parts are partly correct. As always You dont link to better solutions.


It’s privately owned ,but the owners are as secretive as Vanguard

Anne-Marie Suckling

Didn’t Yats send the Ukraine gold to the US, when he was temporary President and one of his first duties? Then the US handed it over to the Dutch, after MH17, in order to hand back what they were meant to be storing post 40s? Then Ukraine, doing an audit, found lots of led bricks, in their vaults, that just happened to be painted the colour of gold?

There was an interesting article on it all, back in 2014, if memories serve me correct.

Jens Holm.

You dont understand adavanced countries. Just because Johnson and some others are nut in important matters it does not say the rest is in malfunction and stop working.

Brittian in no hand to mouth country.

Yu probarly is one of those Erb Erb Erb ones still demanding to rule the whole Youghurtslavia because You are born to.

Anne-Marie Suckling

The way things are going, we are a hand to mouth nation, unless you happen to be a dinghy tourist or sent over on the Ukrainian Neighbourly Friendship Project. How many UK families are reliant on Food Banks, because the Government of the Day, is happily handing out cash to Vanguard/Blackrock organisations, under NGO pretext?

jens holm

There are several things in that.

When so many has those kinds of problems, they actually are enough to change things to the better.

Next the main problems are the many, which has arrived from the outside to an already filled up jobmarket.

GHer Johnsom and the anti-EU are correct. But the solution should have been to force thoise many stupidist to leave their own crap culture not usefull at home.

In Denmark we have much better solutions. Even so 45% of Our mulsim invaders after 210 years has no jobs. So its is posible to do much better then John & Co.

Bur we dont see how we should pay 2 billion pouns as help for those incommers and many of their children, grandchildren a.s.o. You can add it up in English inhabitants. We are 5,7 miliion danes.

Thats why we hope for the Ukrainian incommers(mainly mothers with children). We already has many Ukras here. 100% are in jobs. They take the low paid jobs our own musims wont take.

I add that 55% of the muslims are doing well. Its also fair to pay for people in the muslim sector, which for good reasons cant work. That give some 10-20% more, whcih are excused.

But UK need reforms in the lection system, som Britts can be educated and do well in the more advanced jobs.


He’s descended from English royalty Princess Caroline if Brunswick maybe Hes one of them .

Pamfil Military Academy

The ‘royalty’ phenomenon through history is one of the most evil things which happened to the entire world in its existence. A whole exploiting parasitic class, source of all kind of human wars and injustices.

Pamfil Military Academy

He’s another jew owned CIA/Mossad asset like many other high profiles of EU countries.

jens holm

In that country they has the right to elect someone else. Its their choise.

jens holm

Dual citizenship is well known for many countries. Its accepted for 25 countries in the world.

Boris was born by English parents in New York. By that he automatic got double membership. His parent moved to London with him, when he was 5 years old and they stayd.

You probatly has non Yourself.


Catholics are pagans!

Any thinking person can see that. (But the Catholic Church has billions of people who didn’t go to school, so they can count on these people. No intelligent person can join this club, except for profit.)

But it is different. Rome and the small Latin people are emigrants from the city of Troy. Catholic Church has two important statues: Madonna and Apostle Peter.

Madonna is actually the goddess Venus, and the child in her arms is Aeneas and not Christ. Goddess Venus was the goddess of prostitution and preying on humans. A devil and his child Aeneas is the first Antichrist.

Statue of the Apostle Peter is actually the father of Rome, the god Mars, god of war. The greatest devilish god. Satan himself. Son of Mars was Romulus and Remus. Romulus built Rome and for the first time in history abducted and enslaved thousands of women and forced them into sex slavery. Romulus was the second Antichrist.

Caesar conquered the Belgian people in 50 BC and adopted their culture. The culture of the Belgians, Britons and Frisians and Vikings was based on human offerings to gods. People were tortured and then burned alive or thrown alive in the bog.

Caesar conquered the Roman Empire with Belgium and he became the first emperor: he was the first priest of Rome and the first ruler of Rome.

Since Caesar all rulers/emperors of Rome have tortured people and burned them alive. Even the Pope of Rome in his 1000-year career has always burned people alive.


And the present CE and BCE that historians all use since AD is gone ,the Common Era is the date when Caesar became hereditary not elected.Everything is based on that date Everything Nothing about Christ at all. Hereditary Emperor is the centre if history now .

Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

The Vikings did not sacrifice people to gods.

It happened that some slaves were killed to follow a chief into the realm of the dead.

The Viking “gods” were linked to natural phenomena.

The Vikings fought against the Christians until they themselves were Christianized by force.


Very good article. I just want post part of it that I found interesting:

“Certainly, both sides are guilty of atrocity but I have seen a different kind of barbarity by the AFU that is beyond the pale of war because the AFU and the Avovs consider and treat all Ukrainian Russians, Jews and even peace advocates as vermin. They have given up all morality. I can bear witness to the killings of the innocent, the torture and killings of prisoners, the firing on civilian targets, the mining of the humanitarian corridors to prevent escape, and the execution of anyone who suggests peace much less negotiation, and I have see n the Swastikas and pro-Nazi tattoos scrawled on the hands, arms, necks and chests of the AFU killers.”

So there we have it, the Russians and their allies are not fighting a civilized enemy or an enemy that can be reasoned with. I actually believe that they are capable of doing anything to win, even if it means having their own country totally destroyed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Hjalmar
Jens Holm.

You are upside down. Are You in magnetic shoes in new Zealand.

Its high morale to be their own only or die.

Jens Holm.

Its low morale big brother slashing the little ones because they can.

Its psycopats with no ears or they are sitting on them. Next geneartion will have none or the voemn hasleft making no children with no ears.

Jens Holm.

The last couple of month has show how little Russia knows about Ukraine. They still only believe in old thngs and lies created after that.

Putin has united west and most of the world more and better then Biden. Thank You Putin.


Just remember that there is far less Nazis in Ukraine than in Russia. Russia is a fascist state currently.


Zapomniał wspomnieć o 200 000 zamordowanych w bestialski sposób Polakach. Do dzisiaj Ukraina nie pozwala na ekshumację zwłok pomordowanych i godny pogrzeb ich szczątków.

Jens Holm.

You are right so many died there. The Russians has had time for it and didnt do it as well.

You all has to make some cleaning about it. I am a total outsider. When I go to funerals we often say, You should take more care of the ones, which are there and in the future.

I also know poleslost most people in WW2 pr capita apart from the many Jews You also killed. The Ukras suffred a lot too. Many Russians died.

The job for all should be more historic realisme and a total new non infected book about it. You seemes to have forgotten how many time Ukraine has been runned over by Poles as well as Russians.

Improve You relations to the Ukras in a realistic way. That relative open borders, trade, Ukras working for You. Thats the same way EU try to help You up. A good start is to be openminded and nice Yourself.

Its seemes You love unwanted children Yourself. Whats the status for unwanted children in Poland. And their mothers? Fathers of course almost is free for that.

Pilsutsky was a beast himself agains the West Ukrainians. So what do You expect come back?

Jens Holm.

I also will remind You it was 70-80 years ago. Som blame some of the Ukrain men 90 to 100 years old.

And for Pilsutsky also defeating the red army. Well thats 100 years ago. The Ukras then should blame poles being at least 120 years ago. They might find some in Your museums.


Ukraine President is a lying bullshitting rich kike clown, so is Boris Johnson, so no surprise really!

Jens Holm.

Very good if thats the only ones.

My Grandmother got wings and flew to heaven by herself. I still gets mail and chocolate from her.


I think when they decided to restore the old world ,back to pre revolution Paris ,which is what they are doing ,then they accepted their will be no public utilities ,no democratic government of the people .Feudalism doesn’t have that Their will be peasants and beggars and kings and queens princes dukes barons and their servants fawning sycophants and whores .That’s why they national trusted all the mansions and used taxpayer monies to restore them for the new upper class to move into soon after Russia’s conquered .The royals will be back on their thrones and everyone will own nothing except for the Sovereigns And you will be happy ,or else.


This is a good summary of the events in Ukraine, thank you. I have a friend who still believes that Russia and Putin are evil. He needs educating.


He needs to be sent to Lvov. After being bound to a pole and tortured while his ass is saying hello to the wind, he will change attitude.


The Anglo American Jews will side with any radical extremists as long as they’re gentiles killing other gentiles. Hence why they allied with ISIS and funneled weapons to them. As soon as the pinky of one Jew is harmed, then they’ll flip the script. It’s sad that most writers wont comment on that obvious observation, but they either work for Jews, or are afraid of the ADL.

Leslie Russell

The same thing is happening in the USA. The corrupt lying media is the greatest enemy of We The People. It is only a matter of time until the world learns the truth. Ukraine is run by Nazis. In the future, Russia will be celebrated as the saviors of the world, along with President Donald J. Trump. We who know the truth owe a debt of gratitude to Russia, the brave Russian military and President Putin. God Bless all of you.

Gneaus stapo

Lol Trump?

With his kike Loving daughther and eastern european Bitch wifes!?

Oven fodder

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Gneaus stapo

Celebrated for what?

Car,planes, medince? Anything the world needs coming? DüFaZ Putin’s shit country is nothing more than 3 world Gas Station


I guess the Ukronazis figured that murdering an average of 4 to 5 Ukrainian Russians per day for 8 years was just enough to terrify them without the travesty being noticed. Well Mother Russia noticed and those Ukronazis are just going to be roadkill on Russia’s road to a multipolar world order.

jens holm

The nazis in Ukraine are 2,15% in Ukriane and not even in the parlament. The problems already are well descriebed for the ones, which want to now.

This is total misleading.

Most likely elephants has 5 legs too

helene matz

because the limey elites are nazi huggers and have always been what ho poking the eisbein and sauerkraut efficiently forever the sigging and heiling is part of the familys regalia


14 thousand are the total casualties for 7 years of the Donbass war including military personel and civilians not the people killed by Azov regiment. This is simply a lie.

Michael J Snider

NA-tional ZI-onist

Michael J Snider

look up the Haavara Agreement in google images look for the commemorative coin minted by Joseph Goebbels himself……when the lies begin to crumble there’s nowhere left to hide


The political conflicts are so convoluted with lies distortions and accusations I wonder if anyone knows wtfreak is really happening. American citizens are all over the fed government on a host of issues and we most assuredly do NOT support money laundering or child sex trafficking – in other words foreign and domestic enemies. Praying for justice.

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