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Ukraine’s Interior Ministry Issues Arrest Warrant For Vladimir Tsemakh After Releasing Him As Part Of Prisoner Exchange


Ukraine's Interior Ministry Issues Arrest Warrant For Vladimir Tsemakh After Releasing Him As Part Of Prisoner Exchange

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On December 2nd, the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior published an arrest warrant for Vladimir Tsemakh. Tsemakh is accused of being involved in a terrorist group and committing a terrorist act that led to the deaths of people. He is also accused of going into hiding and avoiding the Dutch-led investigation team that’s looking into the MH17 tragedy.

On December 2nd, the Netherlands Prosecutor’s Office stated that Russia refused to extradite Tsemakh and allowed him to leave the country.

It is well known that Vladimir Tsemakh has returned to his home in the Donetsk People’s Republic, since he is entirely innocent of these accusations. As it became apparent after he was kidnapped, interrogated and tortured.

The Ukrainian side maintains that Tsemakh confessed on video that he hid the BUK rocket launcher, which was used to launch the rocket that downed the MH17 flight. Furthermore, the Russian side, allegedly in an attempt to hide all evidence began deleting all videos of the situation.

Tsemakh was kidnapped from his home in June 2019 by servicemen from Ukraine’s security service – the SBU. After approximately 3 months of imprisonment, torture, threats and interrogations, it was established that he knew nothing and he wasn’t a suspect in the incident, he wasn’t even a witness.

Despite that the Netherlands still wants to interrogate him.

Notably, the date on the arrest warrant is September 23rd, which is the date when Ukraine itself gave Vladimir Tsemakh over the Russia in the 35:35 prisoner exchange.

It’s not out of the question for Ukraine to publish arrest warrants for other prisoners it released in the exchange. It should also be noted that Tsemakh, along with 21 others of the 35 released prisoners are Ukrainian citizens and not Russians.

The situation is ripe with hypocrisy and irony, as the SBU deemed Tsemakh knew nothing of the MH17 incident and couldn’t even be considered a witness, let alone a suspect. However, that would go counter to the narrative that the Dutch-led investigation team is attempting to establish.

Thus, any past actions are “forgotten” and Russia is simply blamed for everything that happened. No evidence needed.




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