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Ukraine’s Defense Minister On Chopping Block Over Army Contract Scandal

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Ukraine's Defense Minister On Chopping Block Over Army Contract Scandal

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The fate of Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov continues to be unclear, with Kiev sending mixed signals about his role in corruption scandals which in recent weeks has resulted in several top resignations. 

President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated Monday that no major personnel changes in the defense sector will take place this week, despite the country’s ruling political party, Servant of the People, on Sunday issuing a statement saying Reznikov is being replaced as defense minister.

However, the statement indicated Reznikov will still remain in the Zelensky government after removal from the defense ministry.

The Washington Post on Monday detailed the confusion and conflicting signals over Reznikov’s fate in the following:

Ukraine’s current military intelligence chief, Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov, is slated to replace Oleksii Reznikov as defense minister, David Arakhamia, leader of Zelensky’s party in parliament and a close ally to the president, said on his Telegram channel.

On Monday morning, however, Arakhamia posted another message on Telegram saying no change would take place this week.

“We are waiting for the appointment of the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine,” he wrote. “Personnel changes in the field of defense will not take place this week.”

The defense ministry’s number two, deputy minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov, was forced to resign his post in late January. Crucially, he had been in charge of the army’s logistical support, and in that role was caught signing food contracts at inflated prices.

Shapovalov also had no small part in overseeing the billions of dollars flowing from the pockets of US and European taxpayers as authorized defense aid. He purchased military rations at inflated prices in what appears a scheme to line the pockets of contractors, and potentially involving kickbacks to himself. But Reznikov had tried to explain away the scandal by calling it a mere “technical mistake”.

Reznikov throughout the war has been favored in Western capitals, and has also made himself very friendly to Western defense companies, at one point even calling his country a “testing ground” for weapons manufacturers. Most recently, he’s led the Zelensky government’s push for fighter jets, after securing main battle tanks upon the approval of Washington and Berlin. It could be his allies in the West don’t want to see him go, despite the embarrassment of him as defense minister having overseen the army food contract scandal.


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According to Business Insider – Germany has given the green light for the export of 187 Leopard 1 from Rheinmetall (88 🐆)and Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (99 🐆). Official announcement should be on Tuesday.


Have to build them first…..ready sometime in 2024 perhaps, without modern electronics, classified softward or special armour. They wouldn’t want the russians to find out about them. As if they didn’t already know.

jens holm

Another funny version. Anyone here can see how many old Leopards we have and Your version how bad they are is usual Russian propaganda as well.

No wonder Your people live and cat as dummies.

Danes has well registrated old Abrams1. Several of them are spreparts but not all.

AND they within few monts can be ready. They also easy match most of the old crap the Rusticans, where very much even ready is very bad maintained.

ein Herz für Tsar Bomba

and? They will ALL be destroyed. Like the 1000s of deutsche Panzer were destroyed in WW2. Some Nazis never learn.

jens holm

Another funny version of the world of today.

Romanian whore

Krasnopol is waiting for the first of them….

jens holm

Thats nice. We heard they have a new fishing gear supply line.


Yet another Ukrainian triumph! Canada had to rent Leopard 2 tanks from Holland because the Leopard 1 was already obsolete almost twenty years ago. I cannot stress enough the pathetic nature of you Ukretards. Day in and day out on SF, either babbling about Russian incompetence or wickedness or crowing about the latest welfare from your US owners. No effort whatsoever to address the current state of your country nor to ask why it is this way now. Crazy does not even begin to describe your detachment from reality.

jens holm

They get what we have. Telling those Abrams are worth nothing makes no sense.

It mskes a lot of sense to descriebe both sides and add and subtract, if You want to know more.

It seemes You instead of realisme want to go bindfolded and very surpriced by Your own.


Why would ukroniggers care about their shithole country? They outsourced all that responsibility and morality to US. While in US, politicians never bothered to look up where is that shithole on the map. It is somewhere between Libya and Nigeria. Might as well be on Venus.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ψξρτβα
ein Herz für Tsar Bomba

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Last edited 1 month ago by anni44

Shiny silver suitcases full of large denomination bills lol

jens holm

My suitcases has no machineguns and a canon – yet.

jens holm

Very good they at least try to do something about the corruption and their oligarcs.

Its as I was veryil a few years ago and alone. It was only possible for me to clean my sleeping room, the kitchen and the toilet facilities.

It was better, but now its much better.

Yupeng Gu

You mean the guy who went to a negotiation trip wearing outfits stolen from a 511 shop? Yeah he’s definitely corrupt.

jens holm

I am now required to anounce that my versions are spnonsored by the following entitys:

Pfizer, Baalenciaga, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, moderna, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Democratic Party, German Green Party, The Stanic Temple, Right Sektor, World Economic Forum.

Last edited 1 month ago by jens holm

They are just shuffling the rotten apples to a different part of the bushel..


So this is what democracy looks like ???


When you put ratZ in charge of da cheeeZ then you get Natostan’s collapsing Ukrap project. Z

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Isser Harel

What a thief among them. Move him to a different office to continue with and expand his knowledge of how to steal more of the ukrainian peoples monies.

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